Cottbus: The Resistance Marches Against Immigration

Cottbus is a city in eastern Germany, close to the Polish border in what used to be the DDR. Over the last few months there have been multiple stabbing attacks against native Germans in Cottbus by “Syrian” “refugees”. Local residents are less reticent about expressing their anti-immigrant sentiments than their Western counterparts, and have mounted several protest marches in recent weeks. The video below shows footage of one such march.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating the chants and banners, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript (chants and banners):

00:00   [Chant] We are the people!
00:16   [Banner] Secure borders — secure land. Draw boundaries. Future — Homeland.
00:20   [Banner] Cottbus is standing together
00:24   [Banner] Islam can stay where the pepper grows [far far away]
00:28   [Banner] Danger is everywhere. We demand protection and security.
00:32   [Banners] We’ve had it! Enough is enough!
00:37   [Banner] Multiculti last station.
00:45   [Banner] The voice of the citizens is our program. AfD.
00:49   [Chant] [unintelligible]Europe close your borders!
00:53   [Banner] Merkel has to go We wont give up our Homeland.
00:57   [Banner] Cottbus salutes Kandel.
01:01   [Banner] Looking for Orban, offering Merkel
01:06   [Banners] We’ve had it — Not my Chancellor
01:10   [Banner] Please flee further! We are full. Refugees not welcome.
01:14   [Banner] Enough is enough
01:18   [Banner] Kick NATO out!
01:35   [Banner] Alternative for Germany
01:47   [Banner] Resistance for the Homeland
01:51   [Banner] Protect the Homeland, keep the traditions
01:55   [Banner] We’ve had it
01:59   [Banner] We won’t give up our Homeland
02:03   [Banner] Kandel, Cottbus, one nation
02:16   [Banner] — Yes we can — destroy the nation?
02:20   [Banner] Whoever abuses his welcome has to return to his own country
02:24   [Banner] Question for Merkel cronies: is the fear of the uncertain future of OUR Homeland — hatred of foreigners and Nazism?
02:28   [Banner] It’s your Germany. Don’t let them take it away from you!
02:32   [Banner] Love of your country isn’t a crime
02:41   [Banner] We are the people
02:45   [Banner] Weisswasser salutes Cottbus patriots
02:49   [Banners] Cottbus stands united — We are the people
02:53   [Banner] Enough is enough
02:57   [Chant] Merkel has to go! [Banner] What boils for a long time turns to anger
03:01   [Banner] Association of Havelland citizens — Rathenover opposition. Non-violent — Independent —Impartial
03:04   [Banner]Cottbus salutes Hamburg
03:12   [Banner] The election losers keep ruling
03:16   [Banner] When those who were sentenced to be deported don’t have to leave,
03:19   why do the taxpayers have to keep paying taxes?
03:28   [Banner] Its impossible to forbid resistance
03:32   [Banner] Cottbus is rising up
03:37   [Banner] —Yes we can— destroy the nation?
03:41   [Banner] Cottbus salutes Kandel
03:45   [Banners] Seal the borders Who protects us from Merkel?
03:49   [Banner] Do I close my house door, because I hate people outside? NO, I close it because I LOVE the people inside
03:53   they are important to me and I want to protect them. FOR THAT REASON doors have locks and countries have borders.
03:57   [Banner] What trust? A country leader who doesn’t love his people, who isn’t fighting for them, and doesn’t have their wellbeing at heart, is worth less than horse poop
04:01   [Banner] Alternative for Germany
04:24   [Banner] Dresden Folk Songs Association. Long live German songs!
04:28   [Chant] Resistance!
05:21   [Chant] (Your) Homeland, your Tradition!
06:07   [Banner] Whoever doesn’t want to respect the law should leave the area where it’s applicable
06:11   [Banner] — Yes we can — destroy the nation?
06:15   [Banner] Stop illegal immigration
06:28   [Banner] Germany

9 thoughts on “Cottbus: The Resistance Marches Against Immigration

    • NATO’s long-time adversary was the old Warsaw Pact. Most of those countries are now NATO members themselves since the fall of the USSR. But NATO still needs a boogeyman to validate its existence. Guess who that is today? Russia. NATO, a proxy for the US, keeps poking at Russia in various ways hoping to elicit a military response from them. Putin so far hasn’t fallen for it and any sane person should hope he continues that way.

  1. The great inertia has been overcome. The movement is picking up pace and is unstoppable – though the establishment will continue to do whatever it can to maintain its grip. But by doing so it will further galvanise the opposition and ensure its own downfall. That’s what happens.

    • Yes, all the signs are there but there is a way to go yet before it becomes a mass, unstoppable movement. There remains a significant, indoctrinated demographic out there that has not yet enjoyed the benefits of enrichment and are thus blind to and in no way discomforted by the realities that so many others have to live with on a day to day basis.

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