Bloody Weekend: Knife Attacks All Over Germany

The following report by Egri Nök was published earlier at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

Bloody Weekend — Knife Attacks All Over Germany

by Egri Nök

The new normal in Germany. An original translation from Bild:

Bloody Weekend: Knife Attacks All Over Germany

[Photo caption (not shown): Sunday afternoon: the handcuffed suspect (17) is taken to the committing magistrate at the Burgwedel District Court]

By S. Sievering
March 25, 2018

Knife attacks on the rise in Germany. Bild document the incidents of just this weekend alone.

Knife rammed into upper thigh

Berlin — Nine men chase a man (26) after visiting a club. One rams a knife into his upper leg — hospital!

Children threatened, youth critically wounded

Hannover — Two attackers spray pepper spray into the face of an 18-year-old, then stab him. His life is in danger! The same night, three masked men stab a 17-year-old in the leg because he refused to hand over his mobile phone. It appears that previously the three, who spoke German without an accent [Hochdeutsch] had threatened two children (14) with the knife.

Neighbor attacked with hunting knife over loud music

Nürnberg — As a woman was complaining over the loud music of her neighbor (51), he attacked her with a hunting knife, with which he also attacked the police. No one was injured, the perpetrator was overpowered.

Knife fight at the station

Hamburg — A German-Tunisian (36) attacked a Tunisian (35) with a knife in the Barmbek subway station. He fought back with a knife, too. Both were wounded.

Man threatened in the street tram

Duisburg — In the street tram, a man (39) draws a knife, spits at, and threatens, a dark-skinned man.

Pupil stabbed down in mass fight

Bochum — A Syrian (16) appears to have stabbed down a 15-year-old in a mass fight near a school. The boy was critically injured; the perpetrator fled.

Knife attack over “trivialities”

Wiesbaden — At the main train station, a knife-stabber wounds three persons out of a group of eight. According to the police, it was about “trivialities”. The perpetrator fled.

Conflict in the refugee accommodation

Neumünster (Schleswig-Holstein) — during a fight in a refugee accommodation, a knife is drawn — three wounded (19-26)!

Large families in a brawl with knives and machetes

Nordhorn (Lower Saxony) — Approximately 40 men from two large Iraqi and Lebanese families attacked each other with knives, machetes, clubs and baseball bats. Only a large police contingent was able to separate them.

Corner shop raided with kitchen knife

Weimar — A robber threatened the employee of a corner shop with a kitchen knife, and fled without booty. Probably the same perpetrator then threatened a bank customer when she was withdrawing cash. When a witness approached, he again fled, without booty.

Boy (17) stabs woman (24) in front of supermarket

Hannover — Saturday evening in a German small town: there is blood on the pavement, officers in white protective suits secure traces. The traces are from an incomprehensible attack, which shows how quick even youths in Germany now draw a knife and stab.

Crime Scene: Burgwedel in Lower Saxony, an idyllic small town of 20,000 people near Hannover. Early Saturday evening, a woman (24) and her partner go shopping in an Edeka supermarket.

Around 7:30pm they meet two brothers, both of them Syrian refugees, according to police, 13 and 14. An argument ensues — it is still unclear why. But everything seems over after a short while; the couple leave the supermarket with their groceries.

[Photo caption (not shown): An investigator is carefully securing blood with a Q-Tip.]

But on their way home, after 100 meters [110 yards], they suddenly find themselves facing the youths again. They fetched their big brother (17) — and a knife.

The argument flares up again. Then, one of the brothers stabs — the 17-year-old, according to the Federal Prosecution. The young woman is wounded, collapses on the open street, critically injured by a stab wound in her abdomen.

The attackers flee. The victim is taken to a hospital. The doctors manage to save the life of the woman with dramatic emergency surgery, but her condition is still critical.

A manhunt gets underway; after a short time police arrest the youths. An arrest warrant for the oldest brother is issued; the two younger ones walk free.

An investigation of the 14-year-old for dangerous battery is initiated. The exact motive for the bloody deed is still unclear.

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  1. Merkel, Gabriel and Maas should be charged with the majority of these atrocities since 2015, when they await their Nurnberg trial, if this will ever take place.

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