6 thoughts on “Blasphemy Laws by the Back Door

  1. What is wrong with the sound track on this video? The speaker’s voice sounds a bit muffled and “fuzzy”. And what is the purpose of the faint weird background sounds that sound like a Satanic message being played backwards to the accompaniment of forward-playing musical instrumentation?

  2. Tommy’s situation is similar to that of Paul Weston a few years back when he was arrested for reading a passage from Winston Churchill’s “The River War.” Please note that hate speech is a statement that runs contrary to the received wisdom handed down by the government.

  3. This new strategy of Tommy to use Speaker’s Corner as a rallying point could be a good one. By framing his protest as a “freedom of speech” event, it puts his political opponents (including Twitter) in the “anti-freedom of speech” camp. Hopefully he will get the numbers he needs on May 6th.

  4. His last point is the most telling. Hamas and other terrorist organization are allowed to operate openly on Twitter. He is not. Muslims are allowed to say vicious, hateful things but UK citizens are not allowed to say that Muslims say vicious and hateful things. It would be funny if it weren’t so horrible.

  5. Englishmen need to read and circulate the Declaration of Independence. Substitute the various lowlifes of the EU establishment and some of your own officials for King George. Thomas Jefferson stated that from time to time the Tree of Liberty should be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants. I am thinking if you have such a tree it is long overdue for refreshment.
    Time to consider upgrading from subject to citizen. Get a written constitution. I’d ask you to consider firing those Windsors but then half of them would wind up on American TV somehow so I won’t go there. CNN and MSNBC are already overstaffed with goofballs.

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