Bad Moon a-Risin’

Looks like we’re in for nasty weather.

There’s a nor’-easter coming up the coast right now. We’re not in the crosshairs for the snow and heavy rain — Boston and New York will get those — but we are supposed to get strong winds tonight and tomorrow, with gusts as high as 50-60 mph (60-95 kmh). I can hear the howling starting outside the window even now.

The weather alert is warning about widespread power outages, so if we disappear from view for a while tomorrow, you’ll know why.

Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks!

8 thoughts on “Bad Moon a-Risin’

  1. Blow ye winds o’ mornin’, blow ye winds hi ho!
    Haul away your runnin’ gear and blow, boys, blow.

    The Skipper’s on the after deck a lookin’ at the sails,
    When up above the lookout spots a mighty school of whales.

    From: Blow ye Winds – The Kingston Trio – 1959…
    …so keep an eye open for them thar whales, Baron.

  2. Same here, on the other side of the Atlantic (Lat: 38°43′00″ N
    Long: 9°07′59″ O) and sea waves of 12 m. Wind has gone softer. Yet yellow alert.

  3. prayers for y’all, I am embarrassed to discuss our weather in SoCal.
    Do you think that all this weather might be somebody trying to tell us something?

      • I know, ‘just’ like how it rains.
        Back to back storms of tjis magnitude centered on one area goes a bit beyond the realm of coincidence, at least to my way of thinking.

        • well, acuara, I don’t know how you’d fare in Florida during hurricane season. Some years people just keep the boards up on their windows.

    • March equinox storms. And the atlantic is a wild Ocean. It’s usual, we are still in winter

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