Traitors to the Motherland

The Dutch parliament recently voted to recognize the 1915 genocide against the Armenians by the Ottoman Empire. The resolution enraged Turkish nationalists, both at home and abroad. Turkish websites have responded by identifying specific members of the Dutch Tweede Kamer (House of Representatives) who are ethnic Turks, and labeling them as traitors to the motherland.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from De Telegraaf:

Called ‘traitors’

Turkish website opens attack on our politicians

by Alexander Bakker

THE HAGUE — A Turkish pro-Erdogan website is calling out five MPs with a Turkish background. They are being called traitors. The reason for this is the recognition of the Armenian genocide by the Tweede Kamer (House of Representatives). Denk alone voted against the proposal.

The website En Son Haber is trying to drag our MPs through the mud name by name. Several photographs of the politicians are also shown. Members of the House Yesilgöz (VVD), Karabulut (SP), Laçin (SP), Özdil (GL) and Özütok (GL) are accused as ‘those who betrayed the motherland’.

The VVD Member of Parliament Yesilgöz is even called the ‘daughter of a terrorist’. The liberal reacts soberly under the barbaric attack: “I am Dutch and I feel totally unaccountable to these types.”

Denk (Think Party) leader Kuzu meanwhile is trying via Turkish Television, a pro-Erdogan medium, to further break through to Turkish-Dutch people. In an interview he calls on council members with a Turkish background to clearly state how they view the recognition of the Armenian genocide.

He calls the decision of the House of Representatives a ‘stunt to win souls for the upcoming local elections’. The politician does not say a word about the horrors during the genocide itself. Kuzu prefers to point to the history of slavery in the Netherlands.

10 thoughts on “Traitors to the Motherland

  1. This is not a Dutch problem.
    This a Turkish problem.
    Furthermore, why is Turkey pushing so many of their Turks to Europe to find jobs or respectability? Why is it that their huge Turkey is unable to provide respectable job for even their own Turkish. It is quite obvious, Turkey is a failure, economically and politically despite their ambitious political/economic expansion and increasingly nationalist tendencies.
    I would like to suggest that Turks return to Middle East or wherever they came from instead of spreading more of their cancer to Europe.

  2. Erdogan is spreading his tentacles into Europe which is why he wants Turks to emigrate there. He needs loyalists there to do his bidding. Erdogan is a dictator with big dreams. Let’s hope the Kurds keep him busy for a very long time.

    • Many Turks also came from ambitious families with great ambition for their Turkish children and hence one see so many Turkish migrating to the West for mainly economic reason. It doesn’t bode well for the Europe or the West because too many Turks in the West would mean more negative unsavoury Orientsl Turkish influence in the West.

      One can also compare to the scenario in UK where so many ambitious Indian Moslems of Asian origin families descended on UK soil post WWII and how within a short time they have acquired so much wealth in many parts of UK and at the same made life extremely unbearable for many people who have nothing in common with their Islamic migrant communities.

  3. It is not that Turkey cannot provide ,it is the Moslem duty to invade , rob ,and enslave the unbeliever. The Turks are invaders ,like all those “refugees”, to suck the system welfare dry, to sow discontent ,to change Western law to Sharia law .To make the unbelievers {the Kafir} into second class citizens to pay the Jizya tax to Moslems in the form of welfare, housing, medical benefits. To make all native Europeans second class citizens subordinate to Islam and its laws.

  4. The five MPs are identified as having Turkish backgrounds and being ethnic Turks. But were they born in Turkey or the Netherlands? If the former, then the label “traitors” is consistent with the way the truth of the Armenian Genocide is suppressed in Turkey—Turkish citizens dare not call the organized campaign of killings a “genocide.” If they were born in the Netherlands then this attack on them shows that the reach of Turkish nationalism is wide, that it attempts to supercede borders, and that it is ruthless in its methods.

    Underlying all this is the fierce refusal of Turkish politicians and public to entertain even the slightest hint that the Armenian Genocide was real.

    • Sadet Karabulut-born in Holland
      Nevin Özütok-came to Holland 12 years old on a re-unification ticket
      Dilan Yeşilgöz-came to Holland in 1984 as a refugee
      Zihni Özdil-came to Holland when he was 2 years old
      Cem Laçin-born in Holland

      • Thanks, copywriter. So, two were born in Holland, yet they cannot escape the long reach of the nationalists. Two others came very young, the other as a refugee, yet still they are pressured to support the motherland, unquestioningly. Erdogan’s government is known for its bullying tactics, as evidenced here.

        • It goes beyond that Jen. If a male is born in Holland out of Turkish parents and has the Dutch nationality the Turkish government consideres him a Turkish national also whether he likes it or not.
          If he were to set one foot on Turkish soil he runs the risk of being arrested for not doing his 15 month stint in the Turkish army.
          This military obligation can be bought off by paying a 6000 Euro lumpsum.
          A nice little extortion racket they have going.

          • Regardless, those Turkish were born in Holland or not, they should not be MP in Holland.

            Can they be trusted to represent the real concern of Dutch, such as stopping immigration from Turkey?

            If I were a Dutch, I would never trust a Turk to represent me regardless what agenda they may have.

            The fact that there are so many MPs that are of Turkish origin in Dutch government is scary indeed.

            I don’t see the point of them representing the Dutch people. If they really want to help the Dutch people, they should for a start go back to Turkey and prevent further spread of Islamization from Turkey.

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