The Islamic State Strikes in Melbourne

An ISIS-inspired stabbing attack took place today (yesterday, if you’re in Australia) in Melbourne.

There’s no indication in this news story of the ethnicity of the victim, but given that he was renting the perp a room, I’d be willing to bet he’s a fellow culture-enricher. Maybe even a Hindu from the subcontinent, which would explain the murderous rage of a new arrival from Bangladesh.

From ABC (Australia):

Woman Charged Over ‘Islamic State-Inspired’ Stabbing in Melbourne

A 24-year-old Bangladeshi woman will appear in court, charged over an “Islamic State-inspired attack” following a stabbing incident at Mill Park, in Melbourne’s north on Friday.

Police were called to a home in Callistemon Rise about 4:20pm on Friday where they found a 56-year-old man who had been stabbed in the neck while he was asleep.

The man will undergo surgery today but his injuries were not life-threatening.

His young child was present at the time but was not injured.

Police allege the woman is a Bangladeshi national who travelled to Melbourne on February 1 on a student visa.

She was renting a room at the man’s home while she was studying.


Ian McCartney, the acting Australian Federal Police Deputy Commissioner, said police are not looking for anyone else in connection with the incident.

“We will allege this was a stand-alone, Islamic State-inspired attack, designed to cause harm to our community,” acting Deputy Commissioner McCartney said.

Since September 2014, when the national terrorism threat level was raised, police have charged 85 people, including this woman, following 36 counter-terrorism operations around Australia.

13 thoughts on “The Islamic State Strikes in Melbourne

  1. News reports are now calling him ‘Roger’–suggests not his real name, but aimed at not making him a culture enricher.

    • Just “Roger”? No initial for his surname?

      That’s like when the Pakistani telephone solicitor phones here and identifies himself as “Chuck”!

      • Phone rings.
        Lady with a heavy South-East Asian accent;

        Hello Sir I’m calling from Mirosoft there seems to be a problem with your computer.

        Wat zegt u?
        [what are you saying?]

        Sorry Sir but I can’t hear what you are saying.

        Dat heb ik ook wel eens na een paar biertjes.
        [got the same problem after a few beers]

        Sorry Sir but can you speak English please?

        Ja dat kan ik wel maar daar heb ik nou geen zin in.
        [yes I can but I don’t feel like it right now]

        ??? …………….

        Sir? ……………

        Are you still there Sir? ………….

        tuut tuut tuut tuut tuut tuut tuut

        • Goddelijk! (very funny..). I tend to speak Irish to them….shuts them up double quick.

        • Got it–his name IS Roger–Roger Singaravelu. So he’s a non-Muslim Indian. He’s a nurse.
          He and his wife regularly hosted international students.

          “The agency asked Roger if they could take her in for 10 days,” Mary said.

          “When he saw her he said he didn’t feel comfortable … there was just something about her that made him feel uneasy. He was really reluctant.”

          But he was convinced by his wife who “felt sorry for her”.

          • Hah! So my intuition was right — I thought he must be a non-Muslim Indian. I also thought he would be a Hindu, but I can’t identify his religion based on his name. If his name had included “Raj-” or “Rama-“, we would be certain that he is a Hindu.

  2. ‘Islamic State-Inspired’ Stabbing…
    I wonder.
    Girl goes to Australia to study. Rents a room with a fellow countryman. Fellow countryman molested or even raped her. Girl grabs a knife and takes revenge.
    Islamic State doesn’t even come into it.

    Authorities have knack for turning things around. Terrorist attacks are “have nothing to do with terrorism”. Non-terrorist attacks are “Islamic State-Inspired” whatever that means.

  3. A “stand alone” event.
    Makes a creative change from “completely isolated”.
    How do they know?
    Is it because it is just like all the other “stand alone” events?

  4. The vic will turn out to be a white upper middle class Aussie, helping to enrich his country. Look for him to speak for clemency for the perp.

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