The Islamic State Returns to Sweden

Those rambunctious youths from Gothenburg who went out to Syria to join the jihad are now returning “home”. They were criminals before they left, and they resumed being criminals when they came back. But the Swedish authorities are doing their best to rehabilitate the young miscreants…

Many thanks to Tania Groth for translating this article from Aftonbladet:

The commune has had contact with ISIS “returnees”

February 14, 2018

Nearly 509 people are believed to have returned to Gothenburg after participating in battles for terrorist groups such as the Islamic State. Of these, the municipality has had contact with “a handful”, reports the Gothenburg Post.

One third of the ISIS recruits who returned to Sweden are in Gothenburg, most of whom came from Angered and East Gothenburg.

According to the municipality’s coordinator for the work against violence-inducing extremism, Angered district administration is the only one that clearly has stated that they have been in contact with people who have been in Syria. Several of the ISIS recruits had a criminal background before they left the country and, after they returned, have continued to perpetrate crimes such as theft, violence and drugs, according to local police district manager in northeast Gothenburg.

8 thoughts on “The Islamic State Returns to Sweden

  1. It does not surprise me. This country is going down the gurgler fast. The September election is the last chance to save ourselves……

    • Can you outline the players in the September elections?

      The only ones we’ve had contact with are the Sweden Democrats, but they haven’t fared well in the maelstrom that Sweden has become.

      • I wonder why they haven’t fared well.

        Whichever government assumes power in September, it will -presumably- be the one that a majority of Swedes vote for. If it is the present one, that will indicate – again, presumably – that Swedes “in general” wish to continue further along the present road.

        Why this is so is for me the “big question” . It is “the missing piece” in my jigsaw; I ask the same question about why so many in Germany voted again for Merkel and her party and only some 16 percent, I think it was, for the AfD. Perhaps it is that change doesn’t happen from morning to night, and that the AfD will come to attract 40, 50 or even 60 percent of the voters. There’s something too about “this is the government that has brought us all the good stuff we now enjoy”, and at the same time people are reluctant to change – are indeed (not unnaturally) afraid of radical change. I’m not forgetting that in Germany there are (very?) substantial numbers of *Gutmenschen* (literally “good people”) and
        *Bahnhofschreier * (those who go to the railway station to cheer and welcome the new arrivals) and no doubt something similar is the case in Sweden.

        How bad does it have to get before the people have not only had enough but are willing to do something about the fact that they’ve had enough. Perhaps the present issue in Germany of allowing in that second wife and giving the all those wonderful benefits, paid for of course by Herr Average (and this obviously sets a precedent) is a kind of blessing. Because the faces of ordinary Germans are being rubbed in the muck, and at the same time these people are being given the finger, the big fightback is being brought closer. “Different laws for different people” won’t go down well in Germany. It offends their inherent sense of justice. And offended and humiliated people are the ones who fight hardest when the time comes.

        Just my thoughts in the early hours of another Sunday.

      • One of the reasons is the Swedes have no secret elections.
        When you enter a Swedish polling station you check in as a voter and in plain view there are tables with piles or trays of voting ballots neatly arranged by party. You are supposed to take a ballot card of your favorite party (in plain view) and in the voting booth make your mark behind the name of your favorite candidate before dumping it in the ballot box.

        “Howdy neighbour I just noticed you took out a ballot for that facist Sweden Democrats club, you’re not a facist I may hope…
        Well are you?”

        Another problem are ballot boxes made out of transparant (oh irony) material, you are not to fold the ballot and with a bit of luck your ballot lands face up on the pile.

        One station official to another;
        “Did you see that! That guy is one of those SD facists. Quick get him out of here before the rot spreads. Before you know it he starts waving swastika flags. We’ll deal with his vote tonight when we are counting”'s/people-arrive-at-the-karlskrona-polling-station-in-nieuwsfotos/71909232#karlskrona-sweden-people-arrive-at-the-karlskrona-polling-station-in-picture-id71909232

  2. You should read some of the ‘deradicalization’ programs they have come up with – it would be hilarious if it weren’t so tragic.

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