The Food Here Sucks! And we Have to Walk Half a Mile to Get Wi-Fi!

…or: Dumpster-Diving, Italian Style

Many thanks to Elle Bowlly for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:04   What did you find today? —Some salad and some mandarins.
00:09   We want money. This place is not good. Our hotel doesn’t have Wi-Fi.
00:16   We’re forced to go 2/3 km away to find a place with Wi-Fi.
00:20   The food isn’t good. Our breakfast, lunch and dinner aren’t good.
00:25   We’re already making sacrifices, lots of sacrifices!
00:28   It’s not good! The food isn’t good! —…some vegetables maybe, but all the rest I need to buy.
00:40   She says that they don’t like the rice that she just showed you.
00:47   Chestnuts! —You found some chestnuts! Do you like them?
00:50   We might also find a few oranges and clementines. That’s it.
00:55   Today there’s basil but I still have to make the rounds.
00:59   (Signs: The food isn’t good. We immigrated to Italy months ago and we still haven’t been given our residence permits!)
(Incoherent complaints) They want to kill us! The water isn’t good!
01:18   They shop for their groceries by digging through waste and
01:21   picking the least bruised of fruits and the least spoiled of vegetables.
01:24   They’re today’s pensioners who come to the market after the street vendors leave.
01:28   They don’t have the money to buy groceries. Not even in places where groceries cost less,
01:32   so they make do with the waste that’s left on sidewalks.
01:36   Yes, because we want our good meals! Our good life and our good things!
01:42   Because it’s so easy. As we say, we are immigrants
01:47   and we all come from different countries. And it’s because of wars. They can’t make ends meet
01:50   for the month with the retirement income they receive, so they dig through waste
01:52   Sign: Food and water are not good
01:53   to find something that might be edible.
01:57   What’s your retirement income? —€1,100. —I get about €600.
02:02   I’d never have thought that with a pension I’d still have to resort to digging…
02:08   “I’d never have thought that with a pension I’d still have to resort to digging through trash.”
02:12   Does this situation seem normal to you?
02:15   No? Then share this injustice!

8 thoughts on “The Food Here Sucks! And we Have to Walk Half a Mile to Get Wi-Fi!

  1. This injustice is making me so angry, that I could hardly watch the video to the end. People who worked all their life and who built the wonderful society we once had, are being neglected by the government and treated like [dir]t, while pretentious, lazy young men who do not even belong in Europe and have no intention of contributing anything to our societies, get everything for free and are still complaining because they want more.

    This is happening all over the Western world, from Germany, France, Sweden, Holland etc you will find similar situations, but Italy gets the worst hit due to its very unlucky geographic position vis-a-vis Africa.

    The Obama administration, especially Clinton, is also to blame for what we see happening now because they destroyed Libya. Whatever we thought about Khadaffi, in retrospect we miss him, because while he was in power, he protected Europe against the mass-migration from Sub-Saharan Africa, and when this migration takes off big-time (which we can only pray that it will not), it will even dwarf the current one from the Middle-East and North-Africa.

    • Agreed. I nearly choked with rage at the injustice the elderly citizen of Europe face. In Germany they dumpster dive for bottles to make a few pennies.
      A storm is brewing, that is for sure.

    • Mohammedan migrants have been imported to Europe for decades now (see Bat Ye’or, Eurabia), so Libya isn’t very important. The states of Europe are, very truly, failed. That’s what the European Union means. As failed states, Italy and Greece will not sink some boats and imprison those who facilitate the migration.

    • Unlucky geographical position?

      Italians vote their politicians in.

      Those politicians then allow people smugglers to bring africans into Italy.

      They don’t care, they hope most of them migrate north.\

      Italians are responsible for those old people digging through trash, regular Italians.

      Italy could, and it would be cheaper, patrol the north coast of Africa and stop the smugglers by turning their ships around and sending them back to the ports they came from.

      Gaddaffi predicted this, western weapons killed him. Let’s not for a minute believe this hasn’t all been deliberate.

    • These ungrateful 3rd world ingrates will just keep demanding
      More and more because this is the nature of the beast.

      They have sat back on their backsides in their homelands for
      Decades, blaming colonialism for their ills, whilst still sucking
      Greedily from the gullible western nations foreign aid monies.

      Nothing to offer but illiteracy, violence and disease.

      Send them back to where they belong, CUT foreign aid and
      Maybe, just maybe, they will realise that nobody owes them a
      Free ride and benefits they have not paid into will NOT be
      Forthcoming. Shame on the Italians for letting their own
      People suffer such indignities in their old age.

  2. Your own elderly treated like human waste, your daughters and wives living in fear of rape and being endlessly sexually abused…. if you don’t fight back… you DESERVE Islam.

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