Peter Springare is in Trouble Again for Talking About Criminal Migrants

A Swedish cop named Peter Springare got in trouble last year for telling the truth on Facebook about the propensity of third-world immigrants for criminality and violence, especially sexual violence. He dodged a bullet that time, but now he’s in trouble again for saying similar things in front of a private audience.

Many thanks to Tania Groth for translating this Swedish news report, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is an article from Breitbart about the Springare case (hat tip Reader from Chicago):

Swedish Whistleblower Cop Put on Notice for Claiming Gang Rape ‘Cultural Phenomenon’ Linked to Mass Migration

Swedish police officer Peter Springare has been reported to police and will likely be investigated after he said the country’s gang rape problem is linked to migration and was a “cultural phenomenon”.

Springare, who gained global attention after blowing the whistle on the extent of migrant crime in Sweden last year commented on the issue of gang rapes earlier this month claiming such attacks were “new” and were a consequence of the last 10 to 15 years of immigration policy, Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet reports.

“There are also ethnic Swedes engaged in group violence, but not in the same numbers as foreign-born offenders,” Springare said. The comments, which were recorded by broadcaster TV4, have since been reported to Bergslagen police who have announced that an internal investigation will likely take place.

The communications manager for the police in Bergslagen confirmed that the report would be passed on to internal investigators and said that Springare’s comments could potentially harm public trust in the police.

Others were far more critical of the remarks with Secretary General of Sweden’s Law Society Anne Ramberg commenting: “It is remarkable. All civil servants and most policymakers must have better judgement and adhere to our form of government and the value base it expresses. These statements are almost racist.”


Last year, Springare blew the whistle on migrant crime claiming that almost all serious crimes were committed by migrants. Many at the time labelled Springare a racist for his remarks, to which he replied: “If you can’t discuss the problem of crime among immigrants without it being called racist propaganda, things are very bad.”

The accusations of racism went even further when police announced they would be investigating Springare for inciting racial hatred. The investigation was later dropped, but Springare was once again threatened with action as some claimed he had “hacked” into police computers to find statistics he used in a column for a local newspaper.

The levels of migrant crime are largely unknown in Sweden as the government has refused to publish official statistics for over a decade. Some websites that have published court data that shows whether a criminal is foreign-born, like the website Lexbase, have been censored by the government which claims the information should only be made available to lawyers, accredited journalists, and other professionals.

Video transcript:

00:00   Here at the “People’s House” in Gothenburg one could hear the police and
00:03   the Preliminary Investigator Peter Springare,
00:06   who was giving a talk about immigrants and criminality.
00:10   The gathering kept secret from everyone but the participants,
00:14   and they were not presented by name but rather by their internet alias.
00:18   Peter Springare spoke about rapes and immigrants.
00:22   We see when we investigate these crimes that they speak in a wholly different manner.
00:29   They carry on with their twisted views on women and what they think about all this.
00:36   They just shrug their shoulders. They think it’s amusing, and quite a few of them even laugh.
00:42   Peter is the police officer who became a well-known face a year ago when he wrote on Facebook,
00:46   claiming that most criminals had foreign names.
00:50   The police charged him with discrimination against an ethnic minority, but the prosecutor closed
00:56   down the investigation. In his talk this past Sunday he went into more depth about his opinions.
01:00   There ARE some Swedes who practice gang rapes,
01:03   but not at all to the degree we see with foreign-born perpetrators.
01:06   That is a cultural phenomenon.
01:09   It has to do with their overall views about people.
01:12   There is no doubt, and one can hear it when we interrogate them.
01:16   There is talk about “whores” or “they are whores” and the like.
01:19   I think it is worth noting
01:22   that all men in public service and especially the police
01:26   have to have an above-average reputation. They must first and foremost
01:31   follow our government’s views and adhere to the values that our government stands for.
01:35   And these opinions (he expresses) do not do that, they are close to being racist!
01:39   The police have to be objective and not let personal opinions,
01:43   or other things that are not within the law, to affect their work.
01:47   If you have preconceived opinions then you are not objective in the execution of the job,
01:56   or rather you risk not being objective in the execution of your job.
02:00   The leadership of the police do not wish to comment on Peter Springare’s statements.
02:03   He himself wrote in an SMS to TV4 News that these are
02:07   his personal opinions, and as a private person he is not bound by any obligation of objectivity.
02:11   When he talks, for example, about group rapes. —It is a pretty new phenomenon
02:16   that has escalated in the last 12-15 years,
02:20   and is naturally a result of the many immigrants — as a result
02:28   of the many criminal immigrants who have come into the country this has naturally escalated.
02:32   That’s the way it is.
02:35   If we look at the Crime Prevention Council’s report from 2000,
02:39   we see that already between 1991 and 1998 there
02:43   were an average of 30 to 60 gang rapes a year.
02:47   The police have freedom of speech just like everybody else,
02:52   but if you talk in this way — when you have the opinions
02:56   that the person in question currently holds as a police officer —
03:00   then we have special standards. —But shouldn’t we able to talk about criminality?
03:03   Yes, we should, but if we have to have this talk, then it has to be done soberly,
03:07   and it must be done in a manner that is orderly and correct when you talk about these cases.
03:15   Here we see statements that are very general and completely without merit.
03:22   If it is the case that the police cannot stay objective,
03:26   then it would affect the process of the law.
03:29   It certainly would.

17 thoughts on “Peter Springare is in Trouble Again for Talking About Criminal Migrants

    • It seems as if the entire concept of “TRUTH” is not even considered anymore.
      This attitude seems to have started in EUrope–about the time that the execrable ‘EU’ itself came into being. This is now the handmaiden to the Marxist ‘political correctness’ that crept out from under its rock at the same time.
      ………..and now our truth tellers are ‘racists’ and hence persecuted.

      Ya think this mess ends well?
      Me neither.

      Lock and load, boys and girls.

  1. Am reminded of the French policeman, Sébastien Jallamion, who chose self-exile to Switzerland after the French state closed ranks on him. For Jallamion to do otherwise might have cost him his life. Survival is sometimes a safe destination when navigating political waters in the role of a low-ranking marionette and a totally corrupt and liar media. Will this Swede fight?

    None of this is surprising – across Europe. It’s all politics and nothing to do with justice or rule of law. The Swedes are intent on self nihilism. Hungarians, Italians, others, are getting riled. Will it do any good? The pressures against them may be larger than they can control. The Trilateral Commission had plans to destroy the nation state since 1969 and these side-shows are just a another distraction. Interesting times coming up.

    • “Hungarians, Italians, others, are getting riled. Will it do any good? The pressures against them…”

      In my opinion, at this stage, the survival of the countries you listed, and those like them, depend more on their internal resolve than on external pressures. Even in Hungary, there is a small, but significant grouping favoring immigration and internationalization. The trick is to keep this type of group small and out of power. And to keep the country within its means, financially.

      There’s talk of German or British “migration refugees” wanting to move to the East European countries. I would advise the countries to be very slow on admitting immigrants, as even those who would seem to to favor national identity could carry the ideas that led to the massive immigrant invasions.

  2. I am fascinated listening to that black haired woman calmly spouting utter insanity about ‘objectivity’ as her country crumbles into chaos. Hers is the face of 21st century EVIL. No she is not ‘deluded’ or ‘trying to be nice’ etc. She is deeply and truly EVIL.

    • That’s about the only way I can describe her as well. There is no seeking of truth to be found in anything she says, just obfuscation and intolerance of opposing views. What a political stooge!

      If you think about what tasks the police department actually does, then you rapidly come to the conclusion that discrimination is precisely their job. Their job is to “discriminate” between the guilty and not guilty. What is not their job is to unfairly target or ignore crime in identifiable groups, but what she is asking is precisely that. She asks that the officer not be allowed to present anything contrary to the official position that everything is under their precise control.

      I cannot think of a better way to bring about a civil war then to spew propaganda like this. Pretty soon, no one trusts anything they hear or read anymore. Everyone soon becomes totally enveloped by their own identity, rather than supporting the national group identity.

      • Notice that she says that the discussion about such things has to be done “soberly and correctly”. I translate this, such discussion has to be swept under the rug and not discussed because it is too embarrassing to our political stances.

      • Venezuela is a perfect example of where women like this are headed. Many Venezuelan children are now coming to hospitals there dying of malnutrition. The socialist government has ruled that henceforth, doctors in Venezuela will not be allowed to list ‘malnutrition’ as a cause of death in children. Problem solved.

        • I read recently (and can’t find the reference now) that Venezuela is going to be more or less owned by the Russians soon. It’ll be the South American version of their neighbors in Ukraine.

    • One could make the argument (CS Lewis, for one, has done so) that evil IS madness or blindness: it harms the perpetrator often as much as anyone.

  3. To tell the truth and practice ‘free speech’ will make one an ‘enemy of the state’.

  4. “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” ~ George Orwell

  5. Once more, Fjordman’s research and essays dating back to 2005 are proving prescient. When ambitious public prevaricators like Secretary General of Sweden’s Law Society Anne Ramberg brush off this overwhelming problem in Sweden to go after the messenger, any hope of truth dies.

    It takes a whole lot of ruin to mess up a country and Sweden is busy demonstrating exactly how much ruin it takes.

    Ramberg ought to be made to sit in on interviews of the group rapists. She’s still asleep.

  6. (honest) Statistics are objective. Migrants from other cultures are probably making the statistics appear better than they are.

  7. If the Politically Correct “truths” are so true, then why do they have to be defended in fascistic ways? Why isn’t their truth apparent?

    Nobody makes a big deal out of my claiming that my car is green, though most people think that it’s grey. They just think that I’m wrong, but nobody thinks much of it. I guess the truth is apparent enough (to them) that they don’t need to shut me up…

    When the powers-that-are want to shut you up for saying something, that says enough about where the truth lies…

  8. This Anne Ramberg seems to think the main function of police is to cover up crimes and protect the criminals. Very progressive indeed.

  9. “….that all men in public service and especially the police….They must first and foremost follow our government’s views and adhere to the values that our government stands for. ….”

    Like in the Germany during the 1930’s an 1940’s ?

    Jawohl! Mein Führerin!

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