Paul Weston’s Cri de Coeur

I am tardy in posting Paul Weston’s response to the by-now infamous take-down of Ms. Newman by Dr. Peterson on Channel Four. The views on what I think of as the “We’re All Lobsters Now, Kathy” “interview” are up to five-and-a-half million by now and I’m sure that’s not the end of it.

Paul sent his response to us right after he posted it on YouTube, and I was quite taken by his own verbal evisceration of the crabby Inquisitor Newman. Nobody does it as well as the English, eh?

But beyond that, Paul’s despair over Britain’s current state was a sentiment I’ve often shared about the overwhelmingly ugly condition of our MSM mafia. [They were out in full force after President Trump’s State of the Union speech. And during his speech, the Democrats sat there like stone gnomes.]

Meanwhile, Dr. Peterson’s book continues to sell well.

I don’t know the total numbers of books sold, but I’ve little doubt they’re waaay up in that Pareto distribution Dr. Peterson likes to quote.

After the ugly attack against a Canadian professor simply trying to hawk his book, his London publisher arranged an evening’s talk for him. Or perhaps it had already been arranged as part of his publicity tour. But anyone familiar with the Peterson Effect could have told his publicists that one talk wouldn’t be enough. They ended up holding three events, each one successively larger. And they sold his autographed books at all of them. JBP might still be there, had his schedule not required him to move on to the Netherlands.

Below the fold is the third lecture in the London series. As usual, he demonstrates a firm grasp of his subject. He speaks without notes though he admits he can’t always remember the chapter titles for his book, which is why he had his own copy.

This is the place for long videos. We usually limit our videos to a maximum of thirty minutes. This one is about three times that.

Be sure to watch the introduction. That fellow carried off a difficult job with aplomb. I mean would you want to be in his place when the whole audience is waiting for the guy they came to see?

If our readers have their own favorite Peterson videos, by all means post them in the comments. And if anyone remembers the segment in which he describes his young daughter’s severe juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, please leave it for me. That’s an excellent exegesis on suffering, done off-the-cuff.

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  1. I’ve been starting to listen to some of his talks/classes/interviews on YouTube–just beginning to listen. And it appears to me that he speaks psychological truths which sometimes resonate deeply and which, surprisingly for me, are sometimes echoes of spiritual truths or truths from a higher level. So interesting.

    I’m not a hero worshiper and I’m appropriately cynical, but I think he’s a real psychologist (rare) and he’s what college level teachers should be but so seldom are.

    • Agreed. He’s now the English-speaking world’s favorite “public intellectual”. If you read the comments section on any of his many videos and clips, you’ll see that people are generally respectful and/or admiring. Surprisingly little snark. I think it may be the case that he is able to reach “the angels of our better nature” in a way few people have in our postmodern world.

      He certainly makes ennui out-of-date. Thank heavens.

      • That was an impressive takedown by Paul. Following by some serious ground and pound. If there was a referee they would have stopped it, because the opposition was no longer intelligently defending themselves.

  2. Kathy Newman was certainly exposed as lacking both the intelligence to follow the arguments presented by Peterson, with repeated squirmingly-abysmal failed attempts to talk over him when she couldn’t keep up, but also refusing to accept facts which she had lazily not researched prior to the interview. She looked plain dumb at times and was actually struck dumb for almost a minute. She failed to follow, failed to mount any counter arguments and failed to research. She does not deserve her position. Well done Prof!

    • I disagree, because if She wasn’t on the right spot at the right time, this interview wouldn’t happen to be one of the most popular things on the internet. Cathy is not alone in her world view, and seeing her struggling is just natural for someone who encountered some ground-breaking truths that actually uproot his or her old vorldview. Changing outlooks on specific matters is difficult for everybody.

      The problem is that the captains of showbusiness industry keep the likes of Jordan Petterson out of the air – that is the problem, not some SJW who struggle with truth…

      • Peterson has mentioned in some interviews that he met her before the beatdown began – in the green room – and that she was pleasant and courteous. He wasn’t prepared for the “persona” (his word) that she used on camera in her attempt to crucify him. In that interview, she was unpleasant, discourteous, and closed off. She understood nothing; her worldview is intact.

        She and her acolytes tried to smear his “followers” as having threatened her. You have only to read the comment sections of some of his videos to know that there were few (if any) threats made. The claim that “security” had been hired to “investigate” the threats was airy-fairy chatter to cover her deep loss of face.

  3. Among Peterson’s excellent YouTube videos you can find The Bible Series, an ambitious undertaking of psychological explanation. The first season of 15 2+ hour lectures held in a packed theater covers the Book of Genesis. Exodus should be started this Spring.

  4. What do you expect from multiculturalist interviewers? One cannot fix stupid. Most of these creatures are devoid of depth and knowledge. I call them “Soap suds”. Better than “snowflake”. I studied real philosophy at Surrey University in 1990s under Dr Arthur Gibson, He took me through Kant etc. A real Oxford Don. Real education back then.

    • Thank you. I can’t imagine the suffering she went through with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. 28 joints were affected and she had to learn early how to do her own injections. That was smart of him: if kids can at least control part of what happens, they can move through the trauma more easily.

  5. It’s rather totalitarian of you to expect congressional Democrats to jump up and down and applaud our Great Leader. And I think that Peterson and West lay it on pretty thick about there being some direct connection between between Maoist mass murder in China and the antics of the Western Bourgeois Left.

    • Totalitarian? Really? You mean we’re not allowed to have opinions? Sheesh.

      Here’s the Merriam-Webster definition of totalitarianism: centralized control by an autocratic authority.

      The only thing we do is present our point of view. Others are free to start their own website and present their own opinions.
      Peterson makes his connection between the two entities very clear: it’s where they both are based on the politics of identity. The far left runs disruptively amuck in the media, entertainment, and college industries. Some “universities” are starting to limit their antics because those behaviors are costing them students. IOW, whenever it affects the bottom line.

      If the roles were reversed and a Dem president were in charge – say, Hillary – they would have been over the top in their enthusiasm. Just because we’re used to such mean-spirited behavior doesn’t mean we won’t mention it.

      Peterson would not be as wildly popular as he is among young men if there were not a crying need for his work. It is scholarly and interesting and deeply intellectual. Yet still, the young guys show up in droves. His talks in Canada, by his own estimate, are 80% male. He is filling a real need.

    • This version is much better than what I found, so I edited the post to use your link.

      Thanks. I got to hear the Dutch national anthem.

  6. Jordan Peterson is God’s gift to all of us who, as Paul Weston rightly describes, often “yell at the telly” (even if one has, like me, chosen not to waste time on watching TV).
    Almost everyone who has a little bit of integrity and ability to think feels highly desperate, because of all the PC lies we are being fed on a daily basis, year in year out, from all the MSM, be it radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, as well as education.
    Thank God, the internet provides us -so far- with access to the alternative media, our only sources of reasonable and reliable information.

    However, becoming known through the alternative media with viewpoints that do not agree with the dogmatic discourse of the PC dictatorship, means that you will never have a chance of being invited to a talk show on the MSM. This in itself wouldn’t be such a problem, weren’t it so that, unfortunately, a majority of citizens in the Western world still seem to rely for their information on these corrupted MSM, tragically oblivious to the fact that they are being lied to on a systematic basis.

    This is why it’s so dangerous to talk about any of the hot issues of today with people around you, colleagues, bosses, neighbours, even family and friends. One might risk losing friends, losing one’s job, problems with one’s family (or in-laws), and even risks being harassed and threatened.

    From the videos of Jordan Peterson I have watched so far, it seems that he has a classical humanistic background, with truly, non-denominational Christian values. This is why, in spite of all the libel and false accusations being thrown at him by the left, he might still be slightly on the verge of ‘acceptability’, since he is not a clear ‘right-winger’, with whom the lefties do not even dare to communicate (however, it doesn’t take much “effort” to get this ‘right-wing’ label from them nowadays).

    Here was a decent, civilized person, whom they do not have to ‘fear’, but who does not share their rigid dogmas, and who they, therefore, thought they could knock down verbally, without having to be afraid of repercussions.

    The left put up a trap and got stuck in it themselves! Jordan’s integrity assures that he will not leave a discussion before it’s over, and his high intelligence and huge frame of reference allows him to tackle all flaws in the reasoning of his opponents and their false accusations.

    It’s the entire neo-marxist left that put the trap and got caught red-handed. Cathy Newman is just a straw woman for them, not even worth bothering much about her as such, and the discussion might as well have been about ‘global warming’, ‘trans-gender identities’, ‘diversity’, mass immigration from the Third World, or the ‘religion’ of -ahem- ‘peace’.

    This was a moment of truth many of us had been waiting for!


    Jordan Peterson is a hero!

    Let there be more of such moments in the future!

    • The left put up a trap and got stuck in it themselves!

      In the old Br’er Rabbit stories (so un-p.c. by now I doubt you can find any in print), those traps were called “tar babies”. Very attractive objects – looking like dolls – lying on the hot road (these tales take place in the rural South). Unsuspecting naifs could be enticed to pick up the tar baby but it was so sticky that any attempt to get out of the hot mess just embroiled the victim further.

  7. Jordan Peterson has genius level intelligence and yet is he very humble. Everything he says rings true. He may just save Western Civilization. As he says, “If we lose the logos, then Western civilization will not survive.

    • Yes… absolutely. All it takes in this world, is for one tiny, “insignificant” event, such as this interview, to take hold…

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