Intelligence, Integrity, Politics and Ethnocide

Intelligence, Integrity, Politics and Ethnocide

by Seneca III

Intelligence and integrity are not a prerequisite for a political career. Personal ambition and acquisitiveness, deviousness, moral turpitude and a surfeit of treacherous ideological baggage yes, but not necessarily intelligence and integrity.

In Western democracies those few intelligent and ethical men and women who do achieve some sort of prominence in politics are ridiculed, then demonized and eventually then destroyed by the overwhelming majority of corrupt and fearful intellectual dwarves who surround them.

Furthermore, the metropolitan chatterati, scrabbling for a ride on the shirttails of influential plutocrats and kleptocrats and fawning, attention-seeking and often bodyguarded ‘celebrities — few of the latter having more than two neurons to rub together — cry wolf as the deplorable sheep cry for help. Yet those same sheep that make up the ill-informed electorate consistently aid and abet their tormenters via the ballot box. As a consequence all are lumbered with governments (in the UK those determined by a first-past-the-post system) which are representative only of a noisy and influential minority, not the so effectively disenfranchised majority.

However, history shows us that bread and circuses do serve a purpose, and this purpose comes to dangerous prominence when a body politic ignores, fails to understand or fails to correct the fundamental flaw in the theory of democracy.

“Where there exists a superimposed universal franchise, based on citizenship awarded through the happenstance of parentage and nativity — or simply for being a member of an imported and protected alien sub-culture — rather than upon the value of one’s contributions to the overall welfare and stable continuity of the collective entity, then eventually a tipping point is reached where the voting biomass of predators and parasites comes to outnumber the net contributors.

“Then no government so elected has any other option but to bleed the latter dry and to subsidise the former so as to sustain their electoral base. It is by such a process that the moral, cultural, social and fiscal wealth of nations hemorrhages away and the descent into conflict and chaos begins.”

This has come about because the people now in charge in most Western countries have dangerous fantasies about the future of society and the nature of man. The sycophantic mass media are just a virulent propaganda arm for those fantasists. Fellow travelers without a functional moral compass between them, they consistently deny that race is real, ethnicity is real and evolution is real, and that in the main humans prefer to live with their own kind for good reason, because all the evidence shows that diversity leads to conflict, always. And the current conflict that is all about us is illustrated by one defining characteristic.

“We in the West are a previously homogenous ethno-cultural entity that has been forced down by its ruling classes to such a moral nadir that it must turn a blind eye to the serial predation against its women and children whilst protecting and nurturing the predators. This is now the defining characteristic of the European entity as we totter on the precipice of extinction.”

Yet this righteous self-delusion in the name of Multiculturalism is not accidental, but the result of a sustained campaign of reverse social engineering, the aim of which has been to destabilise us by slowly eroding and eventually curetting our core socio-moral determinants. It is a process that will destroy our civilisation within a very short period, because it directly attacks and undermines the foundations of our nation states.

This is how it came about and continues to work: Over thirty years ago the NWO/Globalist fraternity began penetrating the protective outer fabric of Western society through a myriad of insignificant wormholes. It did not use frontal attacks with banners and bugles, but inflicted small, deep incisions artfully designed to wound below our perceptual horizon. Through these holes they then drip-fed us a hallucinogenic broth of disinformation and in addition engineered paradigm shifts in established wisdom by appealing to the reflexive liberal angst and pathological altruism of our chattering classes, academia and our consequently brainwashed younger generations.

These things, together with the constant pornogrification of our historic way of life, induced a state of collective cognitive dissonance where every outrageous oxymoron and categorical error was blindly absorbed without being subjected to rational analysis. We became intellectually destitute and morally obese — the fatted calf. Blair, Merkel, Obama, Cameron, Trudeau, their predecessors and the roiling cesspit of those who hope to benefit thereby have induced a terminal osteoporosis of the conceptual skeletons of our societies, skeletons to which the sinews of our once strong, functional homelands are now so tenuously anchored.

We are in deep trouble because our fatally weakened condition is not widely appreciated, and will only become fully apparent when something breaks. By then the globalists hope that both our will and means to resist will have been so sapped that we complacent masses will find ourselves unarmed and unorganised, naked, easy prey in the face of our enemies.

Let us hope that we wake up, tool up and move out soon before it really is too late.

— Seneca III, Middle England, as the green shoots of daffodils, the first harbingers of spring, poke their heads above the chill soil this 17th day of February 2018.

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38 thoughts on “Intelligence, Integrity, Politics and Ethnocide

  1. This is an excellent essay. It comes to the point, calls a spade a spade, and *tells the truth*. But show this to a “true believer” and what will be the answer? CAN THERE BE an answer which refutes it? I say not, just as there cannot be an answer which denies that the world is round rather than flat. Recently I sought an answer from an ex-friend who calls me now “a hater”. But the answer is silence. If I pushed for an answer, it might be “I don’t discuss with haters/Nazis/people like you/…../…..” but an answer which says that I’m wrong “for the following reasons: (1)………; (2)………….; (3) ……… etc.” is one I’m very, very unlikely to receive. Why? Because there isn’t one. There are, though, in the words of Seneca, those who have “*dangerous fantasies* [my emphasis] about the future of society and the nature of man”. And there are many of them. So many, in fact, that it’s pretty much the norm, the default position.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. Universal suffrage is a truly terrible idea leading inexorably to politicians pandering to the unproductive at the expense of the productive. Western governments have become a malign cancer in the body of Western civilisation.

    • Sorry Roue, but I coudn’t disagree more. There is no guarantee that those who are better educated or informed will make wiser choices at the ballot box; indeed the support for “right wing” parties in the UK and Europe has often come from the “common” people, frustrated at having their concerns ignored by the mainstream parties; the folk dispararaged (in the US) by Hillary Clinton as “deplorables”.

        • My pension doesn’t pay enough for me to be taxed. Should I not be allowed to vote over issues that affect me?

          • If you paid your taxes during your working life and generally contributed the common weal by your behaviour and commitment towards your family and/or your community then, yes, of course you should because you have earned that right.

    • The problem is, there is no ideal form of government, because contradictions always appear. The idea, for example, that only producers should vote is intuitively appealing, but producers as every bit as likely to engage in rent-seeking as dependent classes. By rent-seeking, of course, I mean using government power to get wealth from the economy that one could not get through the providing of services and voluntary exchange.

      I’ll give an example. The wealthy landowners in imperial Rome held the bulk of wealth, and land. They used their wealth and influence to enact legislation truly horrendous against debtors who couldn’t pay their debts, up to imprisonment or enslavement. Laws like these helped to account for the devastation of the small farmer who made the backbone of the Roman Army and the support of the Roman republic. Eventually, vast areas of land became vacant because farmers could not make a living, and migrated to the cities, where they became public charges and dependent on handouts. Sound familiar?

      Law of Civilization and Decay

  3. The European Union:

    466 MEPs who are sychophants of George Soros.

    Twenty eight European Commissioners who work for Soros and Goldman Sachs and who cannot distinguish the difference between glyphosate and a vitamin.

    A bunch of European national leaders who have been hand picked to conform to the current insanity.

    On the western side of Europe we witnessed the assault on the Catalonian people by the Spanish state police. On the eastern side we have The Ukraine supported by our western patriarchs.

    KIEV undertakes the extermination of the ethnic Russian orthodox Christian adopting the Bandera regalia of the WW2 era.

    The KIEV boss, Poroshenko, is made most welcome at the Vienna ball. The Viennese like to forget the past and eagerly await the “harvest” promised by the “experts” who predict good times for the chosen few.

    The West Balkans are now fashionable. They were abandoned for about 16 years after NATO murdered 100,000 of their people.

    The European Union writes its own laws, which, it appears, can be adjusted within 7 days to suit any inconvenient obstacle. Or a politician such as Viktor Orban who seeks to protect his country.

    Mr Orban appears to have annoyed the EU and he has pledged to match the EU at the border should the send a “European Battle Group” to enforce their proprietory laws.

    The European Union employs about 36,000 people. The new Europa building in Brussels is a tremendously strong double Faraday cage with reflectors on the roof and shock absorbers on the vertical pillars.

    Are they expecting something?

    The noon EU weekday press conferences are akin to a private club and rarely do journalists identify themselves. I have no doubt that George Soros views the EU Audio Visual Service avidly every week day.

  4. Bravo Seneca you have succeeded to put a lot of complex words in bits and bites.
    We are all with the mouths open in amazement.

  5. What a well written, articulate and insightful article. Thank you. Anybody who is not blinded by left wing rose-tinted glasses will agree with you. But that is exactly the problem – the average European citizen is not roused from his slumber until something happens in his personal life, to force him to re-examine his values. In the meantime, as long as the salary cheque comes in at the end of the month, and he can be continuously distracted by some form of visual entertainment, he is not inclined to take much notice. It is interesting that hundreds of analysts, philosophers and social commentators cannot rouse the populace, but somebody like Alex Jones can command a huge following. His histrionics strike a chord with the less intellectual among us, and maybe we should learn something from the infowars phenomenon. LibertyGB was a great presence on the internet but, as Paul Weston admitted, they could not resonate with the general public. If Europe is to be saved we have to find a way of reaching all those people shielded from the truth by governments and the mainstream media. I noticed that Generation Identity is trying to talk in the venacular; perhaps they will have more success in getting through to the masses, though I doubt it. Our hopes are increasingly resting on the shoulders of the Eastern European politicians, and it will be interesting to see next month if the Italians follow their lead.

    • The average European citizen, which means about half of us on the Right or Libertarian side of the political ledger, knows EXACTLY what is going on. To stand on a street corner holding a protest sign, or start a blog critical of my country’s immigration policies would destroy my business, and the life of my family members who have not signed up for my sort of dissent. It would also mostly likely result in a visit by the police on my doorstep. Not to include citizen informers. I am not ready to take that step. I prefer quiet preparations for getting the ENTIRE family out of Europe (I give it about five years). You must also remember, for all practical purposes, there is no free speech in the EU.

      And many Europeans do visit and do listen to the Prison Planet or the Alex Jones sites – in many parts of Europe. There are also a growing number of anti-EU websites here.

      • Surely you don’t mean this quote of Jung’s by Copywriter is contradicted by anything resembling common wisdom?? I could add more than mere sentimentality for the things that cover brutality, but that doesn’t make this point by Jung beside the point.

  6. The animals in a zoo are all animals — thus among their own kind — and under like circumstances (caged, fed, etc.). They may even be among their own sub-kind (ape-house or big cats’ house).

    The problem one soon discovers when being among one’s own kind is that there are psychological differences (personal objectives arrived at for whatever reason) and even physical differences that put one more “in tune” with those of another kind. The white man with one leg missing may have more in common with a black man with one leg missing or even a pet dog with just three legs than with white men with two legs even when reared in like circumstances (e.g., same family).

    There’s more to diversity than simply trying to mix ethnic or religious groups.

  7. We are being entertained so much that we don’t have time for important thoughts.

    E.g., A society owes it to itself to spend a lot of time thinking about how it is to mix with other cultures and peoples–immigration. This is important. And complex.

    We should keep talking about war and what should direct us to enter a war. Are there such things as just wars?

    And abortion….at 0 or 4 or 13 or 21 weeks or 26 weeks? And suffrage–should 18 year olds really be allowed to select leaders who formulate drug and alcohol and driving rules?

    And testing or keeping atomic bombs?

    We have important issues. We can’t spend every evening watching trivial entertainment while life slides by unattended. Do we owe anything to future people? …or do we just let them rot in the stew made by our unconscious administrations of the present?

    Do we just want to be a silly and meaningless species?…forever titillating. ourselves?

  8. The problem with voting rights is that once given you can’t take them away.

    You want to have every person under the age of 21 voting against you, no matter their political views? Say you will raise the voting age.

    You want every welfare recipient showing up to vote against you? Say only taxpayers will have the right to vote.

    The two way to cut the number of voters are

    A) prevent more uninformed/parasitic people from voting. This may be done with some combination of the following:

    1. not to lower the voting age even more (I read an article about some loonies in the UK wanting 16 year olds to have the right of vote for parliament)

    2. only give citizenship to immigrants after they have paid in a certain amount in taxes.

    B) disenfranchise the uninformed/uninterested/parasitic:

    1. After a number of elections without voting (5 or less would be the ideal) and without a good reason for it, eliminate the person from the electoral records.
    2. After eliminated the person would have to wait a number of years to be readmitted and would have to pay a certain amount of taxes to be considered for being in the electoral role.

    The way things work in the UK is a bit stupid, to say the least. I moved to England from a southern European country. On the first week I was at my flat I received a letter (for the previous tenant I guess) addressed to the occupant threatening with a 1000£ fine if I didn’t registered to vote. I went to the council and had everything sorted out, they understood the letter was not for me, I would not have to pay anything, but I would have to register. So now I am a registered voter in England and I can vote for the local council. I wonder how many muslim migrants are registered and voting in whoever the imam tells them to.

    I find it stupid that a foreigner gets to vote. And I find it very stupid that you can get to be a naturalized citizen without paying in a certain amount of tax befors.

  9. I – like most awake people – now know what these people are doing. Their lies have been seen through. They must realise they are destroying Europe – the place where everyone else in the world wants to be. Where they themselves must live. They can’t possibly be so stupid they cannot see what the end result of their actions will be.
    The question is – what utterly stupendous reward have they been promised in return for such an act of treachery and destruction?

    • Answer to your question is something I have no idea about and fear that we will never know the full truth.

      Really – what on earth they think and how can they look every morning at themselves in the mirror?

    • Of course they realise they are destroying Europe. That is the plan. Post Modernism must destroy Modernism (“Enlightenment Civilization”) because they hate the “colonialist” powers of Europe. They are going to create their utopia on the bodies of hundreds of millions of people who they hate. Just listen to the Far Left talk. Look at the videos on Youtube where German ‘Greens’ talk about how much they are looking forward to making their fellow citizens a minority in their own country. The Left are insane and evil (from a traditional point of view).

      The Mid Left are little better. They know that the socialist welfare state is a Ponzi scheme that cannot survive without pyramid demographics – hence they import “workers”. Too bad most of the “workers” don’t work and will hasten the destruction of the socialist system, before turning on their hosts.

  10. Stephen Baldwin (the good Baldwin brother) has a show on RT (I must be a Russian colluder) called Great American Pilgrimage. Today in Boston he interviewed two English tourists. These nice old ladies were obsessed with how the Americans elected the embarrassing Trump. Whatever they may think of Trump, to complain about him while ignoring the imminent destruction of their nation and culture is an example of terminal insanity.

    • Maybe their obsession was just a one-off. In the U.S. we have enough problems to keep us from ever looking at the larger world, but somehow we manage to do so anyway.

    • They, like so many I know, were simply parroting what our MSM peddles which in itself parrots almost verbatim what the fake news US MSM peddles, and a lot of them also either employ US anti-Trump journalists or buy op-Eds from UK based US columnists.

      The BBC and its printed arm, the Guardian, have been beyond the pale for years now and the once great ‘The Times’ now resembles little more than the Pravda of old. It’s Sunday edition every week publishes a half page subtly written piece by what appears to be a Never-Trumper by the name of Niall Ferguson, an American academic who makes our home grown Never-Trumpers appear moderates by comparison.

      • Isn’t Ferguson the same one who married Hirsi Ali and is at least somewhat of an Islamo-realist?

        I fear for your country and really hope Anne-Marie Waters can make some headway.

  11. How bracing, Seneca! I haven’t heard fiery truth-to-power like that since they heyday of Takuan Seiyo.

  12. It appears to this market and financial analyst that what is wanted by the Elites is a population that is subservient, easily managed, and predictably consumes that which the corporate bread masters make available at the local grocery, mall, department store, etc. The Elite don’t directly profit by the consumption unless it is constant and continual as everything has become so mechanized that even the best business plan must rely upon the continued use of services and products during a span of at least ten years until loans are repaid and profits generate dividends for the investors.

    Christians, and Christianity, which was found to be rather useful for its mores and societal foundations during the Industrial Revolution that followed the Civil War in the United States, was disposed of during the late 1950s and on into the early 1980s because it was found that the Christians were capable of thinking for themselves and would not support a narrative that contradicted either their faith or good reason, or logically, both.

    That left the Elite scrambling for a replacement to build their Brave New World upon. Aldous Huxley had already warned of the results of hedonism in Brave New World, Ray Bradbury had warned of consumerism for its own sake in Fahrenheit 451, and George Orwell had warned of the end of totalitarianism (communist and otherwise) in his book, 1984, which the Chinese have apparently not read or have ignored.

    The only societal modus that qualified under their plan for a new world order that would resemble in many respects the Roman Empire was Islam. The religion was totalitarian, but in of itself. The adherents dutifully obeyed everything that they were told without checking for themselves as questioning authority was regarded as blasphemy which was punishable by death. An Imam or Cleric could be counted upon to support the narrative and toe the party line in exchange for authority and a mosque of sufficient size. Thus, the Elite had their replacement people, religion, and social controls all wrapped up in a nice neat package.

    Their endgame, which is being played out at this moment, will have the world ruled by these elites who are primarily bankers who inherited what was left of the first Roman Empire after it was mortgaged to the hilt in and around 485AD. These elite took title from the first owners and more than likely held onto the lands and resources ever since. The Magna Carta was their initial attempt to return to the Roman style of governance with the Barons as the Senate and a figurehead puppet as the king or queen. If you have any questions please refer to the revolt of the nobles against Edward V (or was it VI)’s attempt to tax them in the early 1900s.

    Fact of the matter is, we are all debt slaves or low-class plebeians in their sight, and similarly disposable when no longer useful. The price for your place in society is the support of their narrative, which hasn’t changed all that much for 2,000 years. For me and my household, we have been able to see through the charade. Yes, we (my household and immediate family) are dutiful tax-paying citizens (which should be a qualification for citizenship, cf. Alexander Hamilton’s Federalist Papers) who are hard working and law-abiding, but owe our allegiance to the kingdom of heaven as that is where our primary citizenship is to be found.

    I really don’t care to be around for their endgame’s final moves as it won’t and can’t be pleasant.

    • Your dytopian, broad-brush painting of history could use a bit of refining. I’m glad to be a Christian already because if I weren’t your description would find me running from any form of religious belief.

      It’s called the GOOD News, Acura.

      As for where your citizenship is to be found, it’s right here until you receive notice to shuffle off this mortal coil, me boyo.

      • The intent of the essay was to point out how the Elites over time have made use of whatever was at hand to further their own interests. Christianity was vigorously persecuted by Rome until it discovered by Constantine to be useful, with him in charge of course. Out of this came the Holy Roman Empire and the unholy union of church and state in which one nurtured the other while holding the masses in thrall.
        The Reformation 30 Years War was regarded by the Holy Roman Empire and the Catholic Church as a rebellion against the constituted authority of the church and the empire. The told the people what to believe and the state told the people how to behave and there was peace of a sort and the wealthy were enriched. The same was true in England and resulted in the Puritans fleeing to America to escape persecution by the Anglican church which had sworn allegiance to the throne instead of the pope.
        Freedom of conscience along with speech was enshrined as a citizen’s right in the hopes of avoiding the travails of the 16th and 17th centuries in Europe. Even so, there were the proper churches where the respectable people gathered and then the others where the masses assembled. The major denominations saw to the party line being followed and the national narrative being supported. Everything was fine until the Jesus Movement came along during the late 1960s when the respectable churches would have nothing to do with the hippies who were looking for something other than sex, drugs, rock ‘n roll and other cheap thrills to fill their life. The Bible was no longer a coffee table book but (aghast!) something to be studied and taken seriously. Oh, and worst of all, prophecy was studied and taken seriously. The Elites saw their authority and millennia-old narrative being seriously questioned and challenged.
        Hence the PC Pushback of the 1980s and 1990s. Critical thought was still in place and challenging the pushback towards a once-again subservient church. Enter Islam, stage left, as the barbarians who would slaughter those rebellious malcontents.
        Employment and economic survival are now a matter of adherence, allegiance and open support of the PC/Globalist narrative. Christianity is now largely regarded as suspect as it is not PC and is exclusive of other religions while inviting critical thinking and logical thought. The general opinion is that the planet is over-populated and it is time to cull the herds. With tge Elites in charge and fearful of their future it only stands to reason that only those who most vigorously support their programs will be allowed to survive, and that as so many debt slaves and dhimmis. Those who don’t or who allegiance is suspect will be slaughtered.
        It’s end game and I am grateful that my family’s passports to the kingdom of heaven are valid and current

        • Okay. This will be my last response to your long comments. Your selective history and theology are simply more than belong on our website. Just to mention a few glaring examples:

          When the Puritans set up shop in the New World, their sect was every bit as punitive as the one from which they escaped. Witch-burning. anyone? People put in stocks for violating religious laws? Benjamin Franklin was right to escape early to Philadelphia.

          One more: your contention that your *family* has “passports” to heaven is by far the most egregious statement you’ve made so far. Please point to the part of any scripture that purports to show religious belief as a family affair. Besides, do you want to be held responsible for the transgressions of others? What if they fail to measure up? Are you gonna pay for their sins??


  13. When I read racialist claims about people wanting and needing to live “with their own kind,” I get a good laugh, as “one’s own kind” means almost nothing in this context. Most wars occur between people whom we now consider to be of the same race. Even the slightest differences can be seized upon as fundamental, though they be no more important than that between the Montagues and Capulets.

    The only objective measure of one’s “kind” is, literally, one’s “kin.” Kin genetic relatedness drops off rapidly in a geometric progression (.5, .25, etc.)

    If one wants social strife all we need is a government that systematically lessens the life chances of our own kin in favor of another’s.

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