Illegal Immigrants in Paris Rally Against Borders

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:04   Let’s be united, let’s be in solidarity.
00:08   We are all similar, whatever our relationship.
00:12   We are here today
00:16   to fight against the asylum law,
00:20   the law “asylum and immigration”.
00:24   It’s a law which has to be voted on, and which has to pass in the Assembly today.
00:28   It’s a law that we have to
00:32   counter with all our strength!
00:36   Because it’s a law that
00:40   reduces our liberties. We are saying NO to this law.
00:45   We are saying NO, NO to this law!
00:49   It cannot pass. We have to confront it!
00:53   We have to confront it so this law won’t pass!
00:57   Because an “undocumented” has no hope of getting his papers here in France.
01:01   Even though we are here, we are working, we are contributing
01:05   to the economy of this country. All we demand is to be recognized
01:09   and have our rights reestablished. Those are our RIGHTS! We are fighting for those rights!
01:13   Banner: Le Pen thought about it, Columbus did it [meaning the genocide of brown people?]
01:18   Banner: Decenter your point of view
01:22   Banner: Nobody is illegal
01:34   No border, no nation, stop deportation.
01:42   Banner: Respect Human Rights
01:46   A good immigrant is a fiscal escapee or exonerated.
02:03   Banner: Strike of the National Court of the Right to Asylum
02:24   Chant : The right of asylum… [unintelligible]
02:32   Banner: Papers for all or no papers at all
02:44   Banner: No to the law on immigration
02:57   Chant: Third generation, we are all
03:01   children of immigrants!
03:13   Banners: Liberty, equality, fraternity; Dublin everywhere, welcome nowhere
03:26   Banner: Nobody is born illegal
03:55   Chant: Mayor, open the borders!
03:59   Chant: What do we want? Our papers!
04:03   For whom? For all!
04:20   Chant: Solidarity with the undocumented!
04:45   Banner: RIP Geneva Convention
04:49   Chant: solidarity with the immigrants! Solidarity with the undocumented!
05:18   Banner: Nobody is illegal
05:22   Banner: Shame
05:47   I represent
05:51   the court of justice. I am an agent of the National Court of the Right to Asylum,
05:55   and today is the ninth day of our strike, because we are fighting
05:59   against this law project, which represents above all the policy of numbers.
06:07   And today we want a justice that
06:11   would be the justice of quality, and not the justice of accountants, and this is why
06:15   we’ll continue our fight together, and we have a lot to do.
06:20   It’s our ninth day of strike, and it’s quite hard, and we are very happy to see such big crowd.
06:24   Which is also fighting against this law project.
06:32   So tonight we voted for continuing the strike.
06:36   Tomorrow will be our tenth day, and we are pleased to see so many people.
06:40   Because
06:44   our fight continues, for a justice and for the honor
06:49   of the French, and so that we could represent the justice you are asking for,
06:53   for the asylum seekers; so voilà; the battle continues, and
06:57   we are very proud of having this many people and to be in this fight.
07:01   Thanks to all!
10:42   Chant in Italian: we are all anti-fascists!

6 thoughts on “Illegal Immigrants in Paris Rally Against Borders

  1. I am sure “work” is a relative term for those invaders. They don’t seem to be working too hard if they have time to protest for nine days in a row.

  2. It would have been more appropriate for those illegal immigrants to protest in their countries of origin.

    They should protest in countries such as Arab, Africa, Asia where legal migrants as well as illegal migrants are frequently being alienated, discriminated, mistreated, ignored, abused by their own governments.

  3. One can’t be sure of the exact employment duties of the man on strike, the “agent of the National Court of the Right to Asylum”, but if his job involves making decisions regarding the granting or refusal of asylum, he isn’t doing his job impartially and is thus unfit for post.

    Come to think of it, that reminds me of a good number of judges and magistrates – or whatever they’re called – in Germany. Some of them are not doing their job impartially, either. Decisions can depend on religion and ethnicity. No need to ask how the dice falls there. We know well.

  4. My only consolation is an Ayn Rand quote…you can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality….reality is going to hit these people hard….borders exist in reality for very good reasons

  5. These invaders are too stupid to realize that the prosperity they perceive in Europe didn’t grow on trees. It’s the product of minds–minds that share a culture and a set of values. Hence, the imperative of borders. As posted on my Goodreads blog some time ago “Opportunity doesn’t lie in the landscape but in the minds of those who inhabit it.”

    These civilization killers will ruin Europe, and then turn–where?

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