Identitaires Protest Mosque Construction in Augsburg

The following report by Egri Nök was published last night at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

Photo: Silvio Wyszengrad

Germany: Protests Over New Mosque Construction Sites

by Egri Nök

The local press independently reports two apparently unconnected instances of resistance against current mosque construction projects, both in the state of Bavaria, in southern Germany.

Someone in Augsburg spray-painted the facade of an Ahmadiyya mosque construction site with the words:

“Anyone building Churches in Turkey
Germans wake up”,

And in Regensburg, unknown people have erected 26 crosses displaying the names of terror victims on the construction grounds for a planned Turkish Ditib Mosque:

Screenshot Bayerischer Rundfunk

Augsburger Allgemeine report on the spray-painted mosque that

“Raziq Ahmad Tariq, a member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jemaat, finds the message behind the graffiti terrible. “It is sad that there is such thinking in Germany.” […] Tariq finds it problematic that people have a wrong impression of Islam. The community wants to provide educational work. He says there are afternoon coffee parties planned. On these occasions, they want to introduce themselves to the people of Augsburg. “We want people to get to know us.”

Tariq, when you will hold these coffee parties to give the good people of Augsburg the right impression of Islam, do mention the barbaric “honor” killings that Ahmadiyya have committed in Germany, will you?

At least Augsburger Allgemeine have the integrity to mention that despite propagating an allegedly peaceful, “true” Islam; “the inner rules are said to be strict, headscarf is mandatory, and gender segregation is strict.”

Meanwhile, in Regensburg, Bayerischer Rundfunk report that the mosque association Ditib (Erdogan’s extension in Germany) lamented that the construction site “looked like a graveyard”, and called it an “attack on the peaceful coexistence of Christians and Muslims”, and demanded a stronger presence of the security authorities to be “better protected from abuse like that in the future.”

So a peaceful, creative protest is an attack, and we kafirs being killed in terror attacks and suffering daily abuse is “peaceful coexistence”.

Update: The Identitäre Bewegung Bayern (the Identitarian Movement Bavaria) today (Feb. 14) announced that the crosses were their initiative. While acknowledging that Ditib are not directly responsible for terrorism, the Identitären criticize that Ditib in general is an extension of Erdogan, and that Ditib Regensburg in particular featured the radical convert and Salafist Pierre Vogel, and other radical Salafists, as guest speakers.

17 thoughts on “Identitaires Protest Mosque Construction in Augsburg

  1. I would be afraid to go to an Ahmadiyya Islamic coffee klatch. The sect is considered even more heretic than Shiites and are murdered and blown up by their peaceful fellow Muslims in Pakistan etc. They are out and out heretics of Islam but still shilling for those who would kill them.

    • The thing is, in all aspects that are of interest for us they don`t differ from any other Islamic group.
      While the reasons they are viewed as heretics by other Muslims are of no concern to us.

      Because I couldn`t care less if the Ahmadiyya believe in Prophets who succeeded Muhammed or not.
      But I do care if they say it`s ok to kill someone who leaves Islam, and that the Christian West must be destroyed.

      • They may not say it’s ok to kill non muslims. But they don’t actively protect non Muslims either. Mosques, Ahmadiyah or not, is a military barack.

  2. Peaceful living together… those Ahmadiyya Muslims believe that the Christian West is the personification of Dajjal (a kind of Muslim Antichrist or Anti-Mahdi at the end of times).

  3. Ahmadiyya Muslims are persecuted by most other Muslim Sects, as heretical. The Muslim shopkeeper whose throat was slit in Scotland because he wished his Christian customers a Happy Easter, was an Ahmadiyya Muslim. Almost all Muslims who show up at true interfaith tolerance shows of support, are Ahmadiyya.

    Gates of Vienna, check your information. I rely on you for news no one else will print, but you are entitled to be human, and get it wrong sometimes. That’s what you have an educated readership for.

    And while we are at it, please correct the piece on the premiere Imam of Australia telling the Muslim Ummah that Integration is good – in Arabic. It was not ironic, but very brave Of him. Culturally, a Muslim can use Taqiyya when addressing the West – in English. But if he is addressing the faithful, announcing something in their own holy tongue, he is signaling to them that he is being sincere, is not lying and means what he says.

    • I really appreciate your input .Very important to have critics here .
      It seems mostly like a chorus

      • That’s because it *is* a chorus, except when people disagree.

        We don’t pretend to be diverse, but we do aim for truth. Thus we tend to attract commenters who value the same thing.

      • BTW, mfe, we have no problem with criticism at GoV. It simply has to be courteous – a quantity in short supply since cultural Marxism took over the microphone. We’ve had many people leave mad because they couldn’t (as me mither used to say) “keep a civil tongue in their head”.

    • None of those things are mine to “correct”. They were written by other people. You are welcome to send me links for articles or essays that have a different take on the Ahmadiyyah, and I can put them in the news feed.

    • Just because they are persecuted, that does not mean that they are entitled to set up base or mosques for one of their many Islamic sects in Europe. By now, one should know that they only seek integration when they are weak or in need of support from us nonbelievers. Being tolerant does not mean one have to accept their various Islamic sects setting up base or mosques in the West.
      Why can’t their various sects of Islamic communities live peacefully with each other in Middle East? After all, they are culturally very similar, even though they are of different strain of Islam.
      Europe has always been open to various culture and various race and ethnicities but there should be a limit with regard being involved with various sects of Islam that are in reality is fighting for dominance and destruction of our Western culture.

    • A simple question for defenders of the Ahmadiyya:
      Which Koran do they read? Is it any different from the Sunni or Shiite Koran? If so, in what way?

    • As I worte this short piece (the parts that are not a direct translation), please tell me what I “got wrong”. I know of two atrocious Ahmadiyya “honor” killings in Germany from the top of my head.

    • What`s the point?
      Shiites also are heretics for Sunnis, and vice versa.
      And for Ahmadiyya-Muslims all others are heretics too (us Nonmuslims anyway).
      The Ahmadis today are just to weak to suppress others.

      Leftists fought and killed each other, Fascists fought and killed each other.
      It`s not a valid argument to say someone is harmless just because he himself is hated by someone radical.
      Better look at what he is actually believing and preaching.

  4. The Ahmadiyya, like all Muslims, believe that the “prophet” Mohammad is the ultimate role model for all mankind. As he was a mass murdering, child abusing, sex-slave owning rapist and robber who tortured prisoners, they have to be insane, like all the rest. In addition, they also believe that wife-beating is OK and that punishments such as crucifixion and lopping off hands and feet can be justified – because their god says so in the Koran. It’s quite obvious that nobody who holds these barbaric views should be allowed to live in a civilised country. It’s just way too risky.

  5. The Ahmadiyyah are the Trojan horse of Islam.

    Ahmadiyyah communities are generally peaceful. There appears to have been an honor killing by Ahmadiyyahs in Germany
    but this is not typical, at least not for now.

    The Ahmadiyyah, like all Muslims, claim their particular version of Islam is the only “true” Islam. Thus, the Ahmadiyyahs don’t say there is a problem inherent in Islam, but that Islam is good, and all the terrorists, murderers, rapists and the like, are not true Muslims. But, of course, the Ahmadiyyah never get around to formal excommunication proceedings against violent Muslims, because that would result in serious blow back against the Ahmadiyyahs…and perhaps, because theologically, there is not really a case to be made that terrorists, rapists and the like are not Muslims.

    The Ahmadiyyahs push “tolerance” and even have a presence in Israel. They are not so quick to talk about the fact that the head of the Ahmadiyyahs called for formal jihad against Israel in 1948 when Israel declared its independence as a country.

    What the Ahmadiyyahs do do is to put pressure, publicity-wise and politically, against any anti-jihadists warning of the dangers of Islam. They take their own brand of Islam, larded with restrictions against the worst abuses, and cite these qualifications as evidence that Islam itself is benign. It’s a typical Muslim mindset that your view is not only the best view, but the only view. In my opinion, Ahmadiyyah Muslims ought to be barred from immigration, just as all Muslims ought to be barred.

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