Germany is Being Transformed Into a Multi-Ethnic State

Well, in a way it’s nice to have it all out in the open: a member of the German academic elite states matter-of-factly that a gigantic experiment is currently underway that aims to transform Germany into a multi-ethnic state. Furthermore, the esteemed professor (Harvard, no less!) who explains all this is OK with it — he thinks it’ll all work out.

Anton, who did the bulk translation of the video below, includes this introduction:

Last night German State Television Channel 1 news reporter Karen Mioska interviewed Yascha Mounck, a German Professor of Politics at Harvard University.

During the conversation, Mr. Mounck stated that Germany was carrying out a unique, never before seen transformation of a mono-cultural, mono-ethnical society into a multi-ethnic one.

In light of this, more and more Germans have begun voting for the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany).

State TV’s Karen Mioska asked: Why the voters have lost trust in the established politicians?

This policy has been dictated by German Dictator Angela Merkel. The Parliament never agreed to this. And the German people were never asked.

Three million predominantly young Arabs and Africans — functionally analphabetic Muslims — have flooded the state welfare system since 2013. Murders, rapes, child rapes and other crimes have exploded.

Merkel firmly intends to import a MINIMUM of 200,000 more every year into the welfare system. This is the equivalent to a large German city.

This is costing the German taxpayer €50 billion each year.

Many thanks to Anton and Egri Nök for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   Yascha Mounck teaches political theory at Harvard,
00:05   and worries about the continued existence of democracy.
00:08   Good evening, Mr. Mounck. —Good evening.
00:11   Do you personally wish that in Germany the members of the SPD [Socialists]
00:14   would vote for a grand coalition?
00:17   I honestly do not know the answer to that.
00:20   Because I think we have narrowed the discussion in recent months.
00:25   Since September of last year, the political situation in Germany
00:29   has changed much more than the media and politicians want to believe.
00:33   Because in the meantime, two of the main accusations of the populists have actually come true.
00:39   First, there is no big difference between the established parties, anyway.
00:44   Because if you constantly have coalitions with each other,
00:47   at some point there are no big differences anymore.
00:50   And secondly, the only way to really vote out the government is to vote for extremists.
00:55   Because right now you are given a choice of Green or CDU/CSU [Conservatives] or FDP [Liberals].
01:00   You can not predict which government you will ultimately get.
01:04   And that means for us that we will get a grand coalition.
01:09   If we have a minority government, or coalition between
01:12   Greens and Conservatives, we have the same problems.
01:15   What caused this development? Why has the basic trust in established politics declined?
01:23   The populists have been rising for many years in many countries,
01:26   which means that you have to look more closely.
01:29   And there are three very important reasons.
01:32   Firstly, the economic stagnation. Even when the country is doing well, many people have the feeling
01:38   that “we are not better off than our parents; my children may have it even worse than me.”
01:42   Secondly, that we are daring to conduct a unique historical experiment.
01:45   To transform a mono-ethnic, monocultural democracy into a multi-ethnic one.
01:52   That can work. —I think that it will work out, too, but of course there are too many rejections.
01:57   And thirdly, that this anger towards the politicians is bundled through the Internet.
02:02   It is just easier to release hate comments, spread propaganda
02:06   and organize politically, even for extreme politicians.
02:10   Yes, we have just seen this the previous clip.
02:13   What do the parties — especially the [large] people’s parties — have to do to regain trust?
02:17   To stop what you call the decay of democracy?
02:22   I’m currently living in the USA, and that’s when you saw that in the last election campaign,
02:26   when an extremist policy of change competes with
02:30   a moderate status-quo policy, the extremist policy of change can win.
02:35   I do not believe that most people are extremists, but they yearn for a political change.
02:40   And now even established parties have to finally stop going on like this.
02:45   The next government, whether it’s a grand coalition or a minority government,
02:49   must make it clear to the citizens that the politicians can deliver for them, too.
02:53   And that they can imagine a different kind of politics,
02:56   in a very different way than has been practiced before.

30 thoughts on “Germany is Being Transformed Into a Multi-Ethnic State

  1. This visiting ” German” professor at Harvard with the non German name and appearance…. I wonder how many of his young Harvard students even know what a German or German culture really is. Many of those kids probably just think Germany is a multi-ethnic country and culture like the US. In America, everyone is “American”- even those who just got “off the boat”. Well, in Germany today, apparently it’s the same.
    There is no stopping the train now, as we all know. Welcome to the multicultural club Germany.

    • It appears that prof. Mounk is supportive of the 1941 plan proposed by his fellow tribesman Theodore Kaufman in his unambiguously titled book: “Germany Must Perish!” In this sinister little work, Kaufman devised a plan aimed at “preventing the people of Germany from ever again reproducing their kind.”

      Kaufman’s plan was taken up and somewhat refined two years later by physical anthropologist Ernest Hooton who proposed “to destroy the national framework” by “the immigration and settlement in the German states of non-German nationals, especially males.”

      While the “Kaufman Plan” was never executed strictly according to the points set out in the book, the spirit that animated the plan is alive and actively working toward reaching the demand of its title: Germany must perish!

  2. Glossary of the German Left:

    Populist — adj. (pejorative) of or pertaining to a democratic result or movement which I disagree with

    Extremist — adj. (pejorative) opposed to mass immigration and/or the rapid transformation of Germany into a multi-ethnic state

    Far right — adj. (pejorative) opposed to mass immigration and/or the rapid transformation of Germany into a multi-ethnic state

    xenophobic — adj (pejorative) opposed to mass immigration and/or the rapid transformation of Germany into a multi-ethnic state

    • Extremist – anyone exercising common sense and logic to project the consequence and impact of actions taken.

  3. Merkel has destroyed Germany and I see no way back for a true Germany. The sin in this is that the German people had no say or vote on this. She should burn in hell forever.

    • Of course they had a say. People who see what is going on and vote for more of it anyway do not deserve sympathy or support.

      • But they don’t see it. They are like the citizens of the World State of “Brave New World”.

        • Yes, Germans have, undoubtedly, had their say. Enough of them voted for Merkel in the most recent election. I would like to understand more about the psychology behind this phenomenon.

          • It’s called “re-education” or “Stockholm Syndrome”.

            I read a Blogpost recently, where a middle aged German man lamented the verbal abuse his teen daughter and the physical abuse his teen son experience. But he immediately made clear that he’d never, NEVER vote for the AfD, because someone, somewhere called someone else a “Half-Negro”.

            I mean, how twisted are your priorities if you are happier to have your own children abused than that some poor little negro is called a bad word…?

            That’s some impressive brainwashing.

    • I Disagree:

      I firmly believe that a People get the government they deserve. This is the ultimate political battle in a democracy; each person must look themselves in the mirror and ask, “Am I willing to pay the price of saying NO?”.

      The only vote that requires courage in a democracy is the NO vote. It is always easier to vote yes for free stuff, tolerance, no conflict or group approval. These are the things that popular/progressive/socialist politicians always offer. “NO, I will suffer through life without the ‘benefits’ of unicorn magic,” is always the hardest, but it is the ONLY moral vote.

      I pity Europeans, but they have made their bed and I can not save them (I think it is inevitable that Europe as a Western Civilization enclave will disappear); I have enough to do to try to stave off socialist slavery for my children here in America.

      • What about Asianization of America?

        Anyway, a multi-ethnic states that comprised mainly of White Europeans that share similar Western culture or Western values would not be so problematic when compared to problems brought by multi-ethnics from predominantly non-white regions such as Middle East, Asia and Africa which tend to be much more different in terms of outlook, mentality, culture, beliefs, etc.

  4. Democracy is not a end in itself. This worry about “the decay of democracy” is always a red flag (pun intended). One should be more concerned about the decay of rights, such as those outlined in the American Bill of Rights.

    Good governance, the consistent application of the law, protection of the country, its people and culture, is the traditional legitimacy of a government; its form isn’t the fundamental issue. Certain forms of government are inimical to these ends, however, such as communism and its socialism sibling, which both seek to remake a society and create the new man (and, consequently, a new culture). The Progressives wedded to such “isms” have no interest in preserving existing cultures and the ethnos that constitute them; they’re more concerned with social experiments “[t]o transform a mono-ethnic, monocultural democracy into a multi-ethnic one,” as professor Mounck reveals. Leftist go on and on about democracy because they know it will eventually lead to tyranny of the majority — their majority.

    The fetishization of democracy is dangerous.

    • Marcus Aurelius proves you can have outstanding governance without a whiff of democracy.

      I’ve always found it depressing that his reign was so star-crossed. I wonder what he could have achieved during a time of peace and plenty.

  5. You might be able to transform Germany into a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural society just as you might survive a gun shot wound to the head. The question is why would you want to try? Neither Ms Merkel or her party or the SPD or the Greens have really even tried to make the argument of why it is a good idea. In fact as near as I can tell merkel arguement boils down to Germany should do it because it can do it. i.e. “We can do this!”

    The German political system is obviously broken. The two parties that got slaughtered in the last election simply put the same coalition back together as if the people had never spoken. The voters said change direction and the politicians said no and this nutty professors says the problem here is the voters don’t trust the politicians rather than the politicians don’t trust or listen to the voters.

      • The buttons had to be removed because they constituted a security hole, through which a DoS attack could be mounted. I don’t understand it, but that’s what Henrik (our tech boss) said.

        We have a more sophisticated firewall now. I’ll talk to him, and see if we can reinstate the button bar.

  6. Merkel accelerated the rot, but did not start it. Let’s not forget Germany has been flirting with Islam for a long time. The cozy relationship with Turkey and presence of Turkish guest workers was the start. The Nazi’s snuggled up to Islam, with Hitler and Himmler, the Grand Mufti, Muslim SS divisions, etc. Perhaps those chickens are coming home to roost.

    • I don’t recall Germans being happy when Turks started coming into the country in the late sixties. In 1966 I do not recall a single Turk or discussion of it. People complained ab out too many Gastarbeiter from Greece, Portugal, Spain…
      Germany was under US pressure to accept Hinterland Turks as workers. Nobody really needed them anymore. Nowadays, the young Turks claim they rebuilt the country after the war and the stupid and misled German youth believe it.

      • The Turks morphed into powerful crime families alongside Lebanese, Albanians etc. we are talking ‘Germans’ whose fathers were born in Germany who still identify as Turks or whatever. The ‘Lebanese’ gangs in Australia are three generations old already as well.

    • No German wanted Turks in the country, not even the politicians. But Germany is not a free country, it is an occupied country, and taking the Anatolian population surplus was the price Germany was made to pay for Americans getting Incerlik Airbase.

      An Airbase that the Turks are now aggressively propagandising against and that will not be there any more in twenty years, while the Turks will continue to rape German girls and kill German boys.

  7. “Yascha has written three books: Stranger in My Own Country – A Jewish Family in Modern Germany; The Age of Responsibility – Luck, Choice and the Welfare State; and The People versus Democracy – Why Our Freedom Is in Danger and How to Save It.”

    ​”Born in Germany to Polish parents”

    • It would therefore seem that Yascha Mounck is of the same ethnic origin as “Dany the Red”, Daniel Cohn-Bendit.

      I drew attention to his German Reunification Day speech of a couple of years ago enthusing about mixed-race sexual relations in the EU, on GoV some weeks back.

      The one theory is that Jews in the West are prominent in multiculturalism because the more fractionated and fractured a society becomes, the safer Jews are from persecution as the only noticeable minority and can make tactical shifting alliances with other newly-arrived groups against the majority population in the host country eg Canada, USA, etc.

      The other holds that Jewish official bodies and intellectuals push Diversity because the more Muslim and anti-semitic the West becomes due to migrants, the more “olim” will “make aliyah”, ie move to Israel, whereby such ingathering can only be for the (Israeli) good.

      An example of such aliyah would be the current greater migration of French Jews to Israel.

      The latter theory, dastardly and cynical as it may sound, would explain why official Jewish bodies in the West are (still) in favour of Muslim immigration.

      This is not to say however that the Jews involved are necessarily aware of their own motives in promoting Israel’s strength at the expense of Jewish suffering and death in the countries from which they flee, as people have an endless SJW-style capacity for moralising self-deception.

      However, Israeli history since 1947 eg David Hirst’s “The Gun and the Olive Branch” lend a certain credence to Theory 2, especially as regards the history of how the sephardim came to be ingathered to Israel by government policy.

      • I’ve heard the first theory expressed in the form that all whites are potential Hitlers, so their power must be minimized or eliminated to prevent another Holocaust.

        Never mind the obvious threat from the Ummah, with their book that explicitly states their intentions for Jews and all infidels.

      • Your first theory is supposed to be the main point of Barbara Lerner Spectre.

        To quote from

        “European anti-Semitism is a reflection of monocultural European societies. Monocultural European societies always take it out on the Jews. Therefore, the solution is to mix European societies to dilute their monocultural and monoreligious nature and thereby create societies that are safer for the Jews. The old Jewish game for a hundred years or so.

        She says that Europe is transitioning from monocultural, monoethnic and monoreligious (and anti-Semitic) to multicultural, multiethnic and multireligious (and implicitly philosemitic). We are in the midst of such a transition right now, though it has not been completed (true). Jews will play a leading role in this transition, not because they want to exterminate the White race, but because they see this as the best way to have safe societies for Jews.”

        On the other Hand: If Europe is antisemitic, how will it become less antisemitic if you import millions of jew-haters?

        So that supports your second point. If all jews leave Europe for Israel then they will encounter no more antisemitism because they are all in Israel.

        But this is shortsighted.
        What happens to the 600 nuclear warheads of Britain and France if those countries turn muslim?
        Yes, I know of the Samson-Option, but has Israel enough nukes to Samson both Europe and the Middle East?

    • there is another one born by polish parents in Poland and now a German, the fabulous Henrik M.Broder.
      He would teach Mr. Mounk a salty lesson.

      • Henryk M. Broder is a torch carrier. As long as he is around and publishing, there is hope (this is at least how I feel deep down and irrationally).
        I haven’t met him in person, but he is like a father figure to me.

  8. Yascha Mounck is Polish-Jewish. I doubt he ever had a strong attachment to Germany, its history, its people, etc…….and I don’t fault him for that. But he should not present himself as a German who is concerned and invested in the security of the German nation.

  9. I do not approve of ” rejection” in minute 1:52 as an accurate translation.
    ” Verwerfung” takes place when earthquakes displace terrain ( hi there, St.Andrews fault!). : turmoil, distortion would render more accurately what takes place in a society and apparently this gentleman likes it.
    Is he seriously teaching political science at Harvard? Then he should know that muslims nowhere on the globe manage to create a ” multiethnic democracy” that he claimes. I will not hold my horses here and invite him to tell this to the people in the land of his forefathers and see what their reaction to his proposals are.

  10. This guy and Elizabeth Swaney are more proof that a Harvard degree has become nothing more than a few sheets of toilet paper.

  11. This fellow is helpful in one of his observations. When the main political parties have become almost identical, they have, as I see it, disrupted functional democracy, until the voters begin to look elsewhere.

    Ah those troublesome voters, just think of it; they might just go to the stores that sell what they want.

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