8 thoughts on “Geert Wilders: “Our Population is in Danger of Being Replaced”

  1. Which bit of what Wilders says here is not obvious? Which bit is not true?

    Because I want to preserve our European identity, to preserve what it means to be European, and understand something of Islam and don’t want it in Europe, I’ve been called a “hater”. Either I keep my views, beliefs and feelings to myself and keep my friends, or share these and lose my friends. But when I ask them to show me where I’m wrong, the answer is silence.

    • Many declamations and declarations. Everyone is struggling with the consequent.
      “Who is behind this?” “What kind of people hate us so much?” “Why do they want to destroy us?”  Inconvenient questions, right?
      But nevertheless, the correctly posed question is already half the answer.
      Even Gerti does not dare to voice them.

      • He does lay the blame and it is with the liberal political concensus of the EU, who ignore and lie about Islamic doctrine.
        And I would say it is with the voters who want mass immigration slowed or stopped altogether, but keep voting for parties that facilitate it.
        These are things that can still changed with the ballot box, for now but not that much longer.
        There are of course other forces acting upon events, which is why national sovereignty is essential. as a firewall to unaccountable globalists.
        Blaming shadowy forces will get us nowhere, especially when there are so many promoting it openly.
        What is imperative is what Europeans do right now and target the things they can change, like voting out some of the progressive politicians selling utopian lies across the Europe.

  2. For 60 years or more Europe killed her children through contraceptives and massive abortion. Now Europe has no children, no future generation. What is happening is the Great Replacement of Europeans with Muslim children who will be the future of European nations.

    Bat Ye’or spoke of this decades ago. No one listened. Geert Wilders has been saying this for ages. No one listened – until now when they see what population control has done over the long run. It leaves countries with no future generation to carry on so, along with the Kalergi Plan adopted by the EU, Muslims have been imported to take the place of the missing generation of Europe.

    However Islam is evil and is not in Europe to “help”. It’s there to conquer.

    • Many Muslims are in Europe because they seek revenge for the conflicts that happened or is happening in Middle East. They blamed the West even though their own idiotic and exploitive Islamic leaders were the ones provoking conflicts with the West.

  3. And why do you constantly write “the Judeo-Christian heritage” and completely do not mention the ancient (Greek and Roman)? Even in the times of the Baroque, it had more circulation than Christian mythology. It’s not fair.

    • We use “Judeo-Christian heritage” because that’s the basis for our morality. From the Greeks, we received aesthetics and philosophy; from the Romans, the basis of law. But law and morality and morality are different. Morality gives us rules for how to behave toward others (and ourselves, for that matter).

      You come from a country/tradition where tyranny has prevailed. There is no sure basis for private property, for the rule of law, for the very notion of individual liberty or freedom of speech.

      Re the Baroque, I disagree. For example, Bach’s music was drawn from the idea of order and complexity existing in tandem. It was a heady time for science and for religion and for a broad spectrum of belief. In other words, before the pernicious doctrines of Karl Marx.

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