Czech Security Analyst: European Politicians Do Not Want to Admit the West is in a State of War

The following video is an excerpt from an interview with a military expert named Lukas Visingr that aired earlier this week on the Czech news channel ČT24. According to Mr. Visingr’s analysis, Europe is currently in a holding pattern until the inevitable “Big One” of Islamic terror attacks succeeds. After a mass-casualty event, all the old rules will be thrown out and policies that now seem inconceivable will be implemented.

Many thanks to Xanthippa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

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Video transcript:

44:13   Our topic now is with Lukas Visingr, a military and security analyst.
44:46   Nice evening. Good evening.
44:49   Is it only my impression that, after a few
44:53   ‘spectacular terrorist attacks’ which rather closely followed one after another,
44:56   Western Europe is, after all, enjoying a calm on the jihadist front?
45:02   Well, yes, it may seem so now, because, in a way,
45:06   we may perhaps say that the potential has now been exhausted, to a certain extent,
45:10   shall we say, for a particular wave, or some such,
45:14   let’s say — and now I may be overstating this somewhat — a generation of jihadists
45:18   who were active here. It may also be, in some manner, connected with
45:22   what it [ISIS] suffered, specifically the military losses
45:26   experienced by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria,
45:29   where it is actually approaching defeat. But I do not think we can count
45:33   on any kind of calming. Quite the contrary: intelligence services are giving long-term warnings
45:38   that here, in Europe, there can now be found at least hundreds,
45:42   if not thousands, of truly very well-trained jihadists
45:46   who are prepared to carry out attacks. And we must realize that the vast majority
45:50   of those who have carried out attacks so far were these, shall we say —
45:54   perhaps this is a silly expression, but they were sort of ‘enthusiastic amateurs’.
45:59   These were not people who had any top-level formal training,
46:03   which they had been able to get from the “professionals in the Islamic State”.
46:07   So when this new generation begins attacking,
46:11   I think that we are in for much worse things.
46:14   So you would not be, from a tactical point of view, very excited
46:18   that the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria is slowly disappearing
46:23   as a territorial entity, because those men, these jihadists, fought there.
46:28   When that State disappears, then they will return to fight “back in Europe”.
46:32   I think that the majority of them, the vast majority of them, have perhaps already done this,
46:36   and have continued to carry this return out over a number of recent years.
46:40   Just as I think that the leadership of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria —
46:44   they definitely, they are definitely not stupid. They must have
46:47   anticipated that they will eventually be militarily defeated and have already started
46:51   preparing some escape routes and established bases.
46:54   After all, we now see that the Islamic State has gained a good foothold in,
46:58   for example, Yemen and Libya. Quite likely Libya specifically
47:02   will be its main centre of operations. So, as I say,
47:06   they had to count on this and they simply had prepared a specific future plan
47:10   for the situation that would come about following this military defeat.
47:13   This means that they will start attacking with a renewed and greater intensity elsewhere.
47:18   Whenever there is a terrorist attack that
47:22   suggests it has a jihadist inspiration, then, almost as if using ‘carbon copies’,
47:27   which the media, including our media,
47:30   pull out, about 30 generic questions
47:34   tend to crop up about such events.
47:38   And one is: is there any way to improve the co-ordination of security agencies?
47:41   Let’s consider these over the last, say, three years.
47:45   Do we have a clear shift here in anything?
47:48   From the point of view of the information activity of Western European governments,
47:52   with the view to the co-ordination between individual Western states?
47:56   Of course some shift can be seen here. Western European intelligence services
48:00   are trying as hard as they can, I have no doubt about that.
48:03   I even think that a whole slew of terrorist attacks has been thwarted
48:07   without the public learning about it because, to be honest,
48:11   if there should — if there should, for example, arise a situation in which it is possible to thwart
48:14   a terrorist attack using, for example, chemical weapons,
48:19   then it would perhaps, be really better not to inform the public about it,
48:23   so as not to create unnecessary panic. So I consider it very probable that such big
48:27   ‘spectacular attacks’ have truly already been discovered and stopped.
48:31   But, I would say that the problems, the main problem, is not at all
48:35   at the level of intelligence services. The main problem is political,
48:39   because the majority of European political representatives still do not want
48:43   to admit the fundamental truth that the West is, simply, in a state of war
48:47   and that it should behave accordingly. The intelligence services very often do supply information,
48:51   but the politicians quite evidently do not have the courage
48:55   or the resolve to, neither the nerve nor the guts to, act in any kind of adequate manner.
49:00   Their reactions to the vast majority of events are wholly inadequate.
49:04   Well, but, these reactions may perhaps be… I presume the inspiration to be the actions of
49:08   Mr. Roosevelt in the ’40s, when he interned
49:12   Americas of Japanese heritage. Well, that is nonsense
49:16   in these times! This is an un-doable act and it is unfair to the millions of Muslims
49:19   living on the European continent, who are peace-loving. So, what to do?
49:23   If, according to you, we are in a state of war? I wouldn’t say this is nonsense. I even think that
49:27   when it comes to some ‘spectacular terrorist attack’ that is not successfully
49:31   revealed and stopped, when it really happens,
49:34   then afterwards people will begin to speak out loudly. And I do think that in some countries
49:38   it will come to something like that. I even think that in the end it will
49:42   be inevitable, because objectively the unavoidable fact is that
49:46   the Muslim community, even if the majority of its members do not have
49:50   radical and violent tendencies, still, this community
49:54   simply presents a certain — a certain environment from which these threats emanate.
49:58   And unfortunately, in such an extreme situation, if we want,
50:02   then we will, sort of, have no choice but to impose such… and I admit —
50:06   let’s say in the frame of some such moral rules — “unfair”
50:10   but unfortunately in the context of the state of war, necessary means.
50:14   Would this not be the end of democracy as we know it, on the European continent?
50:18   It is necessary to admit that if we were to reach such a state of war,
50:24   then certain limitations on democratic mechanisms and rules
50:28   may show themselves to be necessary. After all, in the USA and in Great Britain
50:32   during the Second World War, it was simply necessary to reach for something like that.

31 thoughts on “Czech Security Analyst: European Politicians Do Not Want to Admit the West is in a State of War

  1. If a country is fully engaged in defending itself, and the battle is existential, it cannot be voting on many important issues. Therefore, it is temporarily not a democracy.

  2. Part of the reason for the wholly inadequate response by politicians is their persistent failure, as with Theresa May, to recognise the basic doctrines of Islam, such as mandated warfare against non-muslims, and their subjugation to Sharia.

    The learning curve has not been begun.

  3. I have also said many times, all these attacks from now are just a prelude for what will come. Until now we were watching amateurs searching for virgins. The real fighters didn’t act until now. They are planning, they are setting things up. And they will enter the scene. It will be very different. Dirty bombs, chemicals, and large-scale attacks. They will also use information from our politicians, police and services. They will target persons representing the head of public opinion in first moments, extending gradually to other. Tommy Robinson will be one of the first targets, for example. And will be live on FB and YT. Believe me, they will do as their koran says. They will cast real terror in our hearts.

    About our politicians….they are at war with us, Europeans. So, they know about this war, it us who don’t understand the rules of THIS war. We still hope that they are naive or idiots and they don’t understand what is happening. Actually, we are idiots because we can’t accept the fact that our leaders want us vaporized.

    • Agree completely on your statement that the politicians are not idiots and know very well what’s happening – but their motives to behave the way they do might be different than we think – case in point: fear of saying the truth for reasons we do not know or even can’t judge.

      Nevertheless – this is not absolving them from their cowardly deeds; they chose to be politicians and they have responsibility to their voters and nations. So their behavior is patently treasonous, I’d say even beyond that – what they tacitly support is tantamount to civilicide (murder of civilization). Genocide is a “lite version” of civilicide: genocide murders people, civilicide annihilates the whole culture …

      Sad times ahead of us.

      • If you see this, I’d like to know if I can borrow the term “civilicide”? I’d like to use it in an essay some time in the future. (I’ve never seen it before–it captures the current state of things perfectly.)

  4. I see this as hopeful thinking, in that the Ottomans haven’t a plan to conquer Europe without these spectacular events. The continent is terminally infected with mental illness and Islam.

    • Muslims, though consist of various sects and ethnics is mostly a predominantly nonwhite group that is known throughout the history as well until recent times to be over ambitious in their quest to dominate with their cruelty and inferiority. I think they will fail again to conquer the West because they are still many morally upright, educated, analytical, intelligent and brave people in the West who will resist and speak out just like many people here in GoV who are genuinely freedom seekers who are beginning to see the light and truth.

  5. Gradually, the heat under the hemispherical pressure cooker that the Western elites and political classes have created exponentially increases. Yet, all they doing is to desperately screw down the safety valve in the hope that it will not blow.

    They are as deluded as they are self-serving, because both the laws of physics and human affairs are immutable – it will blow, and when it does it will take them with it.

    Thus, will the carnage begin, and the only unknown is what will come out at the other end, though one thing is for sure; the creators and the enablers of this abomination will not be around to see or enjoy the results of their handiwork.

    • “though one thing is for sure; the creators and the enablers of this abomination will not be around to see or enjoy the results of their handiwork.”

      I personally sincerely hope that they are.

      For the trials.
      We can read their then powerless faces as the evidence of what they have wrought is presented to them.

      There is a historical precedent…..

  6. In light of above comments, what does one make of the giant panda sitting in the East, just waiting, acquiring land and “agreements” in Africa, rolling into others in the Pacific, and more I don’t even know?

  7. This makes the case of Israel all the more interesting, as a rare country that has succeeded in remaining a democracy *despite* these kinds of threats and problems. A flawed one, at some times more than others, but never since 1948 one ruled otherwise than by a government elected in a manner whereby all citizens have been able to vote.

    I predict that when and if the pushback comes in Europe, the Muslims living in Israel (and the USA) will be the lucky ones.

    Yes, I’m saying that the current path that we’re on may lead to genocidal war. I’m just not sure which side will be the perpetrators and which side will be the victims, though. But I predict that if Europeans are the perpetrators, those Muslims living in Israel and the USA will be the lucky ones.

    Note that I’m not at all in *favour* of a genocidal solution. I just think that it’s a likely outcome of the current paradigm, and avoiding it is a great reason to change gears FAST. I’ve heard Muslims say that they’re afraid of a genocide in Europe, and honestly, on this one, I think that they have a legitimate fear. I just think that native Europeans have even more reason to be afraid.

    • “I’m just not sure which side will be the perpetrators and which side will be the victims”.

      Oh I’m quite sure it’ll be a big tit followed by a biblical-level tat.

      “Note that I’m not at all in *favour* of a genocidal solution”. Indeed, in self-aware circles the difference between prophesy and advocacy is appreciated (It’s not how the “narrative” would weave it though). And yes, the majority, perfectly peaceable Muslim population will have some very deep fears at the forces that their minority brethren are generating. Shame they don’t protest in numbers to express these concerns. Curious actually.

      Ah well, matters are now firmly in play and time will just have to do its thing.

      • The so-called silent majority of the Muslims communities are only appearing to be peaceful while they fight for more “power”.
        Every now and then you see their aggressive protest against anyone who disagreed with them in various mass media.

        It is like people can’t be critical of them and have to tip toe around them all the time.

        • When there is SERIOUS pushback on Islamism, then the “Muslims In Name Only” – at least – will be free to leave without fear.

          That is not the case now in most places.
          Even that little bit would be a huge improvement.

        • Moderates have always been, and will always be irrelevant.

          Moderates are akin to sheep, and they will follow the extremist sheepdog/shepherd to the destination the extremists intend for them.

          However, in the West you have the additional problem that most of the moderate normies are also traitors in that they are A-OK with masses of Third World invaders and mosques on every corner in the name of the ‘tolerance’ that has been programmed into them by broken Western culture.

          Resorting to pop psychology, Morpheus explains the concept quite well in the beginning of this clip:

  8. The most interesting part of the interview is this:

    50:18 It is necessary to admit that if we were to reach such a state of war,
    50:24 then certain limitations on democratic mechanisms and rules
    50:28 may show themselves to be necessary.

    Doesn’t it make you wonder if this is the true reason for the political decision to allow mohammedan immigration to Europe?

    In other words, DIVIDE and RULE? Are the mohammedans only the pawns in this game?

  9. Sorry to keep bringing up thishere “history” thingy, but………………………..

    Throughout our recorded (and not-so-recorded) past, genocide and its sub-variants has been a common solution to the problem of populations “in the wrong places”. England’s population (for example) has been replaced several times–1066 only the latest example (I know–“roses” war, etc. and other earlier/later complications.) This after many others, before and after it was an island.
    This a tiny example. The World, after all, is large.

    Today, EUrope’s dancing around the topic of a real civilizational clash whilst clutching one’s pearls is NOT helping, either.
    I’m amused at this pearl-clutching practice–but am FAR from convinced that marks any real departure from historical genocidal practice. Note a European Peoples’ history from late 1944-1948.

    Right now, our powers-that-be think that crushing all opposition to invading isalmics is a necessary form of “preserving the social order”.

    They are WRONG.
    Placing a lid on a volcano is not a solution to the ‘problem’.

    I’d say “sit back and pass the popcorn”, but this will NOT turn out to be funny at all–besides, we have our own problems on this side of the pond with which to deal.

    • Muslims are going to end up the losers because they are the inferior group invading a much more superior Western civilization.

      I think those nonmuslims who out of greed, and who willingly assisted Muslims to oppress and suppress us, should be punished as well.

      More and more people would feel even more frustrated because Muslim invaders would tend to cause more poverty and social disorder, and would find their Islamic intolerance even more unacceptable and their Islamic presence unbearably stifling to our Western societies or our way of lives.

      • Your comment could have been said – probably was – about Roman civilization as the barbarians continued to overrun it. No doubt Roman civilization was far superior, but “superiority” wasn’t sufficient to save it.

  10. That guy gets it, though it will probably take more than just one such incident to reach the stage of necessary measures. The reality is that the ‘ordinary’ framework of law and order, politics and society, is unable to really solve the problem of the progressive Islamization and general collapse of European and even Western civilization and society, in fact it helps to advance them. The only thing that can likely stop and clean the deep rot before it completely kills the body is a period of suspension of ordinary liberties and rules, at least as regards the invader populations and their helpers, and the careful but forceful application of the necessary measures (ie expulsion or incarceration of the large and worse part of them and their native traitor-allies, plus legal/constitutional reform), after which it will be safe to reset the clock and return to a state of adequately modified and safeguarded ‘liberal democracy’. Otherwise it is almost certainly doomed, the problem is also, that that doom appears to be exactly what is desired by a portion of the elites, who seem to have a neo-feudal techno-tyranny in mind, with the invader-hordes as one of their main tools in bringing it about. But as always in history, forces beyond their ken or control will foil their idiot plans, though not before tremendous costs and convulsions.

    • Btw, are all comments here premoderated, or just select cases like mine? It’s been quite a while now.

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