Culture-Enrichers Launch Brutal Attack on Two Female Cops in Melbourne

Two female police officers were viciously attacked during a traffic stop in Melbourne. Their assailants were a couple of “New Australians” — brother and sister, as it happens. One can’t help but wonder whether these culture-enrichers would have been so eager to start a fight if the two cops had been men.

But that’s a sexist thought, so I will suppress it…

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this news video:

Excerpts from the accompanying article in Yahoo7News:

Two female police officers kicked in the head in brutal attack

Two female police officers have been kicked in the head and body during a brutal attack in Melbourne’s north.

A brother and sister are accused of launching the alleged attack at South Morang, leaving two female officers injured in hospital.

Just before midnight on Saturday a BMW was seen driving erratically in Mill Park, police allege.

After a short pursuit the vehicle stopped at a house at nearby South Morang, missing a wheel.

Yak Dut, 21, and his sister allegedly got out of the vehicle, before a fight with the two officers broke out.

Police allege Dut kicked both officers while his sister punched at least one of them in the head.

Seven News understands the officers were forced to use capsicum spray to gain control of the accused.

The assault left the officers aged 36 and 57, both hurt, bleeding, bruised and swollen.

The 36-year-old officer had ligaments torn in her neck and a suspected torn bicep from a hard kick to the shoulder.

Dut is facing 24 charges, including: threats to kill, assaulting a police officer, kicking a police officer, reckless conducting, endangering life and drink driving.

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10 thoughts on “Culture-Enrichers Launch Brutal Attack on Two Female Cops in Melbourne

  1. I am guessing cops in Australia don’t carry nightsticks, tasers or guns because someone might get hurt? And isn’t 57 a little long in the tooth for a street cop of either sex? Especially a basically unarmed one.

    • They carry all those things, they just aren’t allowed to use them.

      And the 57 year old is probably one of the new breed of cops being recruited in Victoria. These days if you can stand up on your own they’ll take you, nurse you through the Academy, and put you out on the street.

  2. @Baron and Joe Hill: I submit that the gender of the police and their armed status, or not, are beside the point. A given policeman is not free to use any and all weapons as s/he sees fit. By the way, different police forces in Aust, organised by Federal state, do carry tasers and guns.

    Time and again one reads that German police fire in the air and not at anyone in particular when the Enrichment by the dozen has got too Un-Cultural. So far it has quietened things down, as far as I know.

    Because what is vital in all countries where police are faced with migrant youths from non-Western countries is what Rules of Engagement have been forced on the policeman by his ultimate superior eg Commissioner.

    That person in turn obeys some elected politician if he wants to secure his/her pension, or a sinecure in the Upper House eg UK House of Lords, of the local legislature after retirement (example: the top London cop who suppressed information crucial to the murder of Lady Diana 1997) , or a nice place on the Board of some private security firm living off government contracts .

    The ordinary cop at the front however faces disciplinary action and loss of his job and pension (at least) if he breaches the Rules.

    The politician e.g. Police Minister commanding the police force and that person’s party are pandering to ethnic votes and to financial donors who benefit as businessmen from low-wage migrants who want retail goods and consumer debt: look at the “diverse, inclusive” utterances of Pelosi in the USA or of the mayor of the Minnesota city where the Somali cop, poster child for Somali integration (sic) shot the Australian woman recently.

  3. Certainly a few months in prison for that but no one-way ticket to wherever they came from, which certainly wasn’t Melbourne.

    I’ve lived most of my life abroad, some of it in Arab countries and a bit in Africa. Just imagine (I know, one can’t really): “Canadian engineer arrested for viciously attacking policeman in Amman/Damascus/Cairo/Mogadishu market.”

  4. This story is why placing women who cannot pass the standard physical requirements for police, fire, or infantry training are an enormous PC-driven waste of time and money that endangers lives.

  5. Police in Australia do carry guns. Perhaps they thought they could handle the situation.
    Australia is a strange immigration experiment. I believe I read somewhere only about 20% of Australians were actually born in Australia. The majority came from somewhere else, and it’s a alphabet soup of unrelated and diverse countries and cultures. How you achieve community cohesion from that is a problem they are increasingly grappling with.
    As for Mr Dut he should also have been charged with driving an unsafe vehicle (3 wheels).

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