Alexandre del Valle: “There is a Real Plan for the Destruction of Christian European Civilization”

Alexandre del Valle is an Italo-French lecturer on geopolitics and a researcher for Università Europea di Roma, Institut Choiseul and Daedalos Institute of Cyprus. He specializes in radical Islam, terrorism, and relations between the West and the Rest. He has been an editorialist in Le Figaro, Le Figaro Magazine, France Soir, Israel Magazine, La Une, Il Liberal, etc., and has had articles published in geopolitical magazines and reviews such as Politique Internationale, Herodote, Outre Terre, Geostrategics, Stratégiques, Geopolitical Affairs, Nova Storica, Il Liberal, and many others. Apart from being a geopolitician, he is — together with Rachid Kaci — the founder of the liberal-conservative Right (“Droite Libre”), whose slogan is: “Secularity, defence of the West and Freedom, and struggle against political correctness”. His analysis has influenced French, Spanish and Italian politicians, especially the French party UMP (Republicans). He is the author of nine books.

The video below is Part 1 of excerpts from a talk given by Mr. Del Valle earlier this month for the organization Damoclès. Part 2 will be available soon.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Longtime readers will recall Alexandre del Valle’s speech at the Brussels Conference in July 2012.

Video transcript:

00:00   Frontex and Italian justice are worried about the role of NGOs
00:04   in the migration crisis. Is it a well-founded worry?
00:08   Well, this worry is very, very well-founded. I was in Italy a couple of days ago, in Rome, and
00:12   I often go to Milan for my work, and I am stunned by the way
00:16   France, Spain, the EU,
00:20   the European countries are treating this subject in a rather egoistic way
00:24   without taking into consideration the worry,
00:28   first of Greeks, who not long ago were the one who were enduring most of the flow,
00:32   and today of Italians; and the Italians, just to give you the state, the situation,
00:36   feel totally flooded. You cannot even imagine what is going on
00:40   in Italy today. The south of Italy, in particular Sicily,
00:44   not only Lampedusa, but also Messina and even Palermo, are the cities which are no longer
00:48   recognizable; I used to know Sicily well, since I’m originally from Sicily.
00:52   I knew Sicily well thirty years ago. Twenty years ago, ten years ago, every year you really can see
00:56   an absolutely impressive evolution,
01:00   and you are even under the impression that you are witnessing the actual social-demographic
01:04   evolution of the country. I think that in a couple of years
01:08   Sicily will no longer resemble what it once was. The Italians
01:12   are convinced that they are witnessing a phenomenon of invasion. These are not my words.
01:16   I know that this word has connotations, and it’s not the word I’m using, but you have to hear
01:20   what people are saying. And they say, of course,
01:24   that those are populist subjects; but what struck me in Italy, even outside of populist
01:28   political parties, in particular the center-right former PM Berlusconi,
01:32   the movement Forza Italia and not the old AN [National Alliance],
01:36   but I’m really talking about Forza Italia, because it’s really the center-right, today
01:40   they hold discussions which seemed shocking to me, even I personally was surprised
01:44   by the radicality of the discourse by the party which is the equivalent of my party in
01:48   France, which was the Republican Party and the UMP. I could never possibly
01:52   have witnessed debates of a similar style in the
01:56   equivalent French party. Well, why am I telling you this?
02:00   Inside of the classical Right — I would call it ‘respectable’ non-extremist —
02:04   we have today an ‘enough is enough’, which manifests as
02:08   a surge of radical, extremist, conspiracist visions.
02:12   The Italians feel so much abandoned by the rest of Europe,
02:17   by Brussels, they feel so much — justifiably or not — victims of a true
02:21   plan of demographic flooding, that today they are radicalizing.
02:25   And even the Five Star Movement — which is well-known, it was [founded by]
02:29   the former comedian Beppe Grillo — so even the Five Star Movement is radicalizing.
02:33   Inside it there is a leftist trend and there is a slightly conspiracist trend as well,
02:37   almost extreme right-wing. There is a radicalization
02:41   of the entire political spectrum of Italian society around those questions,
02:45   and the radical Left is radicalizing in the opposite direction,
02:49   saying that the more people are worried by immigration, more of the movement which is called
02:53   in Italy ‘radical chic’, which means the bourgeois Left, immigrationist, but
02:57   by libertarians, as well as the much more Marxist revolutionary
03:01   Left; they add to it. So they say everybody has to be accepted, without
03:05   control, with no limits — “the borders are the instrument
03:09   of torture” as the mayor of Palermo, Leoluca Orlando, said recently —
03:13   all while his people feel flooded… You notice a total disconnect
03:17   between the ruling political elites and the people, who feel flooded.
03:21   Therefore I predict for Italy a surge of Euro-scepticism,
03:25   of the radical Right, of populism and of radicalism in general.
03:29   It’s a country that knew violence, and I think that the society has never been this divided
03:33   since the Years of Lead [time of political extremism]. There will be a movement, perhaps even
03:37   soon, a violent one, against the people with an illegal migration background,
03:41   who become increasingly violent themselves; cases of
03:45   delinquency are growing exponentially in whole of Italy from south to north;
03:49   I even visited in the north-east recently, where
03:53   there are the most… the largest proportion of illegal immigrants
03:57   — I do say ‘illegals’, meaning they’re coming from the rescues
04:01   by the NGOs in a illegal way; people they pick up at the
04:05   Libyan coast. You know that there’s a real nebula/swarm of NGOs financed by,
04:09   especially, by George Soros, not exclusively, but mostly, supported as well by
04:13   Doctors Without Borders, Save the Children, many organizations like that,
04:17   but often financed by American billionaires,
04:21   and most of those organizations are German, Dutch, a few French,
04:25   and they are treating Italy as a kind of laboratory for their project
04:29   of migratory flooding in the
04:34   the leftist ideological context, which says that it is necessary to replace
04:38   the populations, that Europe is evil, the West is evil,
04:42   Christian civilization is horrible; uncontrolled immigration, which
04:46   we [NGOs] will make increasingly uncontrollable, by trying to make the law EVOLVE —that’s the plan
04:50   of Mr. George Soros! — it’s to finance plenty of organizations, whose goal is to create pressure,
04:54   exert pressure in order to, so that it increasingly would be almost
04:58   impossible to control the migratory flow. There’s a real ideological plan which is coherent,
05:02   when one belongs to the radical Left, meaning: a plan for the destruction, the destabilization
05:06   of the West and of the nation state. By the way, the nation state is presented by all those NGOs
05:10   — I’m right now writing a report about it — they are presented as…
05:14   the nation states are presented as the absolute evil. Like, what it
05:18   is necessary to fight against; legality is considered illegitimate; here again we find the rhetoric
05:22   of civil disobedience. So they recognize that the ‘legality’ is the
05:26   borders, is the fact that an immigrant doesn’t have all the rights, but
05:30   they say this ‘legality’ needs to be abolished — which is the foundation of nation state —
05:34   it is an obstacle to, an attack on our [NGOs’] postulate, which is a total opening
05:38   of the borders and limitless immigration, especially
05:42   in the direction of the European countries, which have to be flooded. They are not proposing
05:46   that all those masses, primarily Muslim, emigrate in the direction of Qatar of Saudi Arabia.
05:50   They aren’t crazy. They want, essentially… — because there is a real plan
05:54   For the destruction of Christian European civilization. The ideal situation would be that
05:58   Europe would not only be multicultural but that its Christian European character be destroyed.
06:02   So today we know that a number of organizations openly
06:06   admit that they’re fighting against legality, against the very foundations
06:10   of the nation state, with the subversive goal
06:15   — in the etymological sense of the word — which would mean turning the nation states
06:19   against themselves and destroying their identity.

14 thoughts on “Alexandre del Valle: “There is a Real Plan for the Destruction of Christian European Civilization”

  1. Italy doesn`t suffer from this as a passive victim. It`s the Italian Government under Renzi who actively brings these invad… err, refugees into the country. And they started doing so on a big scale since the so called sea rescue operation Mare Nostrum (Our Sea), even before Germanys refugee insanity.

    I pity those Italian citizens who rejected this kind of lunacy from the beginning, but the country and the Italian government as a whole can`t expect any sympathy.

    Just like the Greek navy could`ve easily repelled illegal migrants, who came over sea from Turkey.
    The few routes are well known where the majority of them crosses over to Greece.
    But the leftist Greek Government had no intention to stop them in the first place.
    In fact it`s the EU`s Migration-Commissioner (from Greece) who even calls for at least 70 millions more Migrants.
    And he is not the only one…

  2. It is essential for all who read here, to become aware while doing your research (always be suspicious, on the lookout, for pronounced bias, or worse in sites, such as Wikipedia is now clearly doing, as well as facebook, google, et al. All owned or run by severe and pronounced socialists, leftists, communists, central control advocates, NWO, Agenda 21 types. Run identical search phrases on other sites, compare results, one of the better ways for quality check. See evidence at the bottom, jihad watch….

    Such people, (though hotshots in their own minds as billionaires) have not learned the lessons, i.e. “Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution… Quality also marks the search for an ideal after necessity has been satisfied and mere usefulness achieved.” – John Ruskin (1819-1900) English critic

    Rather they tend to subscribe to the “BETTER TO REIGN IN HELL, THAN SERVE IN HEAVEN” Milton, Paradise Lost, Book 1, as illustrated in the brilliant lecture here: Jordan Peterson: A HISTORY LESSON FOR POLITICAL RADICALS 2016 .5hr A CLASSROOM LECTURE, BY PROFESSOR DR. JORDAN PETERSON

    Wiki is now dangerous, for its political, islamic falsehoods, “pronounced hard-Left, pro-jihad bias” …

  3. War is coming- a war like no other in history….
    This is a fight for European man’s very survival.
    These people are freely abusing ordinary people as “Nazis” and “Fascists” but are far worse than either of these ideologies. Killing a billion Europeans is the goal and we sit here like lemons swallowing this PC bile. I despise it all and the scum that are doing it.

    Even as a Bishop I cannot in all conscience pray for their forgiveness as their crimes are potentially so evil and off the scale. I have been an opponent of the Marxists and Trotkyists all my life. We need a new Nurenburg and a demarxisation plan and capital punishment for those responsible. No mercy must be shown or excuses like “insanity”, or good intention. Wilful ignorance is no excuse of the law and the highway to hell is long and brutal.

    Christian charity begins at home and even the “Good Samaritans” know that relief is temporary and merciful.
    Once the victim is treated it must be sent on his way.

    This Socialism is a fetid fatal, megalomaniac sickness and should be rejected in the same manner as Hitler was. All these NGOs are criminal organisations. The Westphalian system has worked since 1648.

    We are also facing a full on Islamic hijra, aimed at turning our countries over to Allah. I worship Jaweh- a far superior Father and His son Jesus. The people responsible for this madness never seem to comprehend of learn from the lessons of history.

    Once the Moslems take power they will butcher these traitors and cultural murderers as Khomeini did in Iran once in power in 1979. Islam suffers not “Useful idiots” as its bloody history shows. Estimates of the numbers of victims of Islam posit around 370,000,000 deaths (Church records), and considering the population of the globe across 1400 years was around one billion or less, the butcher’s bill wiped out the global population. And they are still at it.

    Leftism is a sickness about pursuit of self and personal agendas. Many of them are dysfunctional sociopaths that exist in a hive mentality of group think surrealist megalomaniac nonsense. It take thousands of years to evolve a culture and a few decades and even less to obliterate it.

    In my long career I have studied human nature and many aspects of thought and philosophy. Most humans are at base good and strive for better things for themselves and their fellows. This is the true basis of Christian love. The Left reject this as “Evil”. Read Isaiah 5.20. The Left fail every time because their entire odophilosophy (hatred) is based up false premises- their own fakery and greed.

    Marx said we must escape Nature. How stupid is that? We are creations of Mother Nature and a loving God. What arrogance and utter evil to decide to impose essentially personal world views on the rest of humanity? We live increasingly in a Dystopia where perverted minorities celebrate their own foibles and sexual desires. What kindness can stem from that? Why would a blind man wish to breed blind children or deformed?

    This is a total inversion of the evolutionary plan for Humanity. And as for pushing certain minority demands onto wider Humanity in a massive global social experiment? What can one say to that?

    I am clergy myself and I pray for the punishment of the thugs responsible for the horrendous atrocities in Syria by ISIS thugs, yet our own leaders reward these scum with housing and money, why parishioners of mine face life on the street? Even the Church of England has bought into Marxist perversions and prays for some idiocy called “Gender fluidity”. My priests would be defrocked on the spot and prosecuted.


    • I’m not a Christian, Bishop, but I’m puzzled as to how you reconcile your beliefs with the teachings of Christ ( a man I much admire).

      • He summed up his theology here:

        Most humans are at base good and strive for better things for themselves and their fellows. This is the true basis of Christian love.

        I think Christ clearly saw the evil inherent in the human condition and accepted us anyway.

        My favorite theology professor put it this way: “To be a Christian is to know that love is possible, evil is redeemable, and we *can* live freed from our past”. Anyone who has experienced that triumvirate knows freedom.

        In many urban areas of the UK and the US, such an experience would be hard to keep in the forefront of one’s mind.

        He’s right: Marxism is a perversion.

  4. Augmenting 2:22

    Italians feel so much abandoned by the Pope – by the Deep State’s subjection of the universal Church; better, to lay fault where it belongs, by the Church’s submission to the Deep State combine.

    Thisxxx week the Pope’s man in China (*that* Cardinal) announced the new obedience.

    That, hand in glove with the Vatican tasking itself as the beach conductor for Islam’s landing on the shores of Sicily and the Bay of Naples.

    Safer (less taxing) to be strung to a puppetmaster than to be the master of one’s own fate – let alone, custodian of what was put in one’s hand.

  5. I know there are many NGO’s behind this mass invasion, but one in particular is really puzzling to me, and that is IsraAID. Just what gives them the right to come into a foreign country and be instrumental in facilitating and aiding people who are entering a country illegally. Even more galling is that their own Prime Minister has openly said that Israel must control its borders, against illegal migrants and terrorism. Can you imagine what would happen if a European organization rocked up to Israel’s borders and were helping illegals at its shores. It would be halted on day one, and if not, the Israeli soldiers would be ordered to shoot on sight. Why is it that a lot of Jewish organizations seem so very determined to bring as many refugees (mainly young men) into Europe whilst witnessing fist hand the destruction this is causing to the indigenous people. Israel would never allow this so why should we?

  6. I would say civilization is becoming a victim of its own successes.

    The population itself has deteriorated through the devastation of natural selection by medical technology, the ease of obtaining food and shelter, and the welfare state, particularly welfare to any and all mothers. What happens is that the mutations, misfits and damaged individuals are allowed to breed and continue their genetic damage. The population as a whole becomes less intelligent, less creative and in general, less able to work and plan for the future.

    Similar to individuals, the government, through the cushion of technology, has enough wealth that it has grown explosively, with virtually no limitation based on efficiency or even rationality of purpose. The government mechanisms set up to protect and defend the original populations become parodies of themselves and serve only to suck up more wealth and power. An example is the judiciary in the US, which now takes on the power to obstruct an elected President on arbitrary readings of the law and to provide so many legal safeguards for protected classes as to eliminate justice altogether for the average citizen.

    We also have the spectacle of sociopath, narcissist billionaires like Soros systematically funding destruction international organizations. It’s not a well-known fact, but narcissists typically have an active drive to harm other people. If you read most diagnostic manuals, they’ll describe narcissists as being indifferent to the suffering of other people. This is a politically-correct sympathetic slant on patients; the reality is, narcissistic individuals actively seek to damage the people around them. It is an actual drive.

    So, in reference to the Italian, and other situations, we have a deteriorating population, a sclerotic and out-of-control government unable to accomplish anything, and a powerful segment of society actively motivated to destroy the habitat within which it prospers.

    I’ll venture a guess that the most attractive, intelligent, adaptive population as a whole today is the population of North Korea. And I’m not happy about that. But, the North Korean population lives constantly on the edge of starvation, illness, and brutality, so damaged individuals are not going to survive and pass on their offspring. And nobody expects any Africans or Muslims to get into North Korea anytime soon.

    My point is that to have any chance of survival, western countries and peoples are going to have to do away with their old preconceptions and institutions, and adapt to new realities. And the longer they put it off, the less they are likely to like the resulting community in which they have to live, if, indeed, they survive at all.

  7. I wonder if the Progressives are trying to replace the cultures that betrayed them because their ideas weren’t accepted?

    …A final desperate act to be accepted?…hitting the mirror with a hammer?

    Whatever, this peculiar self-immolating obliteration of your own society must be historically unusual.

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