Ahmad and his Three Wives

Last week we posted about Ahmad, a Syrian “refugee” who was permitted to bring two wives and numerous children with him to Germany. The whole polygamous family is being housed and maintained under congenial conditions, at the expense of the state.

Below is a longer video about the fecund Ahmad and his culture-enriching brood. Anton, who translated the video for subtitles, includes this introduction:

“ As far as emancipation is concerned, the refugee wave has not brought only progress to Germany.[1].

“Instead, our reporter Andrew Musa found the Syrian family living in a form of mini-harem…. apparently without legal difficulties, although so-called polygamy is prohibited in this country.”[2]

1.   I resent also that SPIEGEL TV suggests there is any progress whatsoever. There isn’t.
2.   Any polygamy is not “so-called” as the TV presenter suggests. It is polygamy. And polygamy is illegal.
3.   They headed straight for Germany past many safe countries. They entered illegally.
4.   Families of this size get around 13K USD tax free every month. Free maternal care. Free child care. Free medical care. Free housing. Free schooling. Free TV. Free telephone. Free everything.

Costing the tax payer around 150K-180K USD NETT!!! For a bunch of illiterate Bedouins.

They can even travel home on welfare to Syria to visit relatives. No problem.


Note: The average GROSS German wage is around 41K USD per annum.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Good evening and welcome to SPIEGEL TV. A man and his two wives
00:04   live in front of the gates to Hamburg.
00:06   As far as emancipation is concerned, the refugee wave has not brought only progress to Germany.
00:11   Instead, our reporter Andrew Mussa found the Syrian family living in a kind of mini-harem,
00:18   completely without method and apparently without legal difficulties,
00:23   although so-called polygamy is prohibited in this country.
00:28   Insight into a very different family life. A normal day for a Syrian refugee family.
00:36   Ahmad lives with his two wives and six children
00:40   in a small house in the Pinneberg district near Hamburg.
00:43   About two years ago they fled from war in their homeland.
00:46   They came here through Turkey and Greece. Ahmad had always wanted to come to Germany.
00:54   They give me support here and welfare benefits.
00:58   They give us this house. How much do you get per month?
01:01   I do not know that. The money is transferred and I go to the bank and pick it up.
01:06   Lina — here on the right — is Ahmad’s second wife.
01:09   She was 13 when he married her.
01:12   Six years earlier, the unskilled worker had married Batool according to the Sharia.
01:17   Ahmad lives separated from his third wife.
01:20   She is in Syria. Our faith in Allah helps us.
01:23   There is no jealousy among us; there cannot be.
01:27   I also make sure that there is no dispute among us for whatever reasons.
01:32   Only later will Ahmad allow us to interview the wives.
01:39   The house where they live was provided by the community and is paid for by the job center.
01:46   Here is the room for my first wife and, on the other hand, of my second wife.
01:52   Five rooms, two bathrooms and the kitchen. There is only one table
01:55   and two chairs throughout the house, but they are not used.
01:58   The refugee family belongs to a Bedouin tribe that lives rather traditionally.
02:07   Here is the room for my second wife and my children Türki and Ammer.
02:13   Where would a third wife sleep?
02:16   Then the house would have to be bigger.
02:21   32 year old Ahmad lives downstairs on the ground floor.
02:27   Here is the bedroom for me and for my women.
02:32   Do you sleep in a threesome? No, one after the other.
02:36   Shariah, the religious law that the family loves, allows many wives.
02:42   We question Lina, the second wife. Things are different with us.
02:50   Yeah, anyway. But there are no problems? No. No problem.
02:54   The other woman is wife number one, I’m number two.
03:01   Yeah, anyway. You do not have a problem with this? No, no problem. Our husband is good.
03:05   Ahmad picks up the common eldest daughter Noa from kindergarten.
03:11   He’s a practising Sunni Muslim, and would like to thank the woman
03:17   whose motto made the political furore possible with her “We’ll manage this!” [Wir schaffen das]
03:24   Merkel. Mother Merkel. I thank you very, very, very much Mother Merkel.
03:28   She is the only person who felt the suffering of the Syrians.
03:31   I also thank the Germans. Even if there are racists amongst them.
03:35   But the Germans have already experienced war, and show great sympathy for the Syrians.
03:42   Ahmad’s family comes from Aleppo; they experienced the cruelties of the war up close.
03:48   Family members were killed, too. Ahmed fled in 2015
03:52   with the two women and — at that time — five children.
03:56   Smugglers took her via Turkey to Greece. Because the money was not enough for a joint trip.
04:03   Batool, who married at age 14, was very pregnant and had to stay in Athens.
04:08   The youngest daughter Najer was born there prematurely.
04:17   This is in Greece, this is a very… look there, the small one.
04:23   This one is Fatima. My wife stayed there for three months
04:27   without Sleeping, without clothes or anything else.
04:30   She waited there and did not eat anything so she could feed the children.
04:35   During this time she suffered a lot, very much. How exactly
04:39   the first wife Batool came to Germany with the children is unclear.
04:43   The federal office responsible refuses to comment — for privacy reasons.
04:47   Apparently Ahmed had sued for family reunification and won.
04:54   The judge told me, “We’ll help you bring your wife here,
04:58   because we know you are Muslim, and you are allowed to marry one, two or three women”.
05:03   There is no resistance on the part of the court to his bringing your second wife as well.
05:10   The Pinneberg district office does not want to give an interview,
05:13   either, but reports in writing, quote:
05:16   “The second family was assigned to the Pinneberg area
05:21   by the federal office under the provisions of the Dublin Regulation”.
05:26   Among other things, Dublin III governs family reunification.
05:30   The children should be with the father.
05:33   Ahmed has not yet finished his planned family. Currently child number seven is on its way.
05:40   How many kids do you want to have? Ten. Twenty.
05:44   No problem. And how many wives? Four. Thank Allah! Peace be upon him.
05:49   Could you marry a German? Of course, If one accepts me and we understand each other.
05:58   Does she have to be Muslim? Yes. she must be a Muslim.
06:04   The daughter Najer will soon be two years old.
06:07   Because she can walk, her father Ahmed plays a little traditional game with all the children.
06:14   You have to tear the thread. Whoever tears the thread gets sweets. Whoever does not gets nothing.
06:22   Meanwhile, the family has filed for refugee status by court decision.
06:27   Valid for three years, so that Ahmed could also go to work or at least take a German course.
06:34   But the illiterate man wants to be with the children.
06:43   In the evening, a last conversation with Lina and Batool, Ahmad’s two wives.
06:50   Do not you sometimes wish you had a husband to yourself? No, I do not wish that.
06:57   That’s our fate. God wants us to be together. And you agreed to this from the start?
07:08   Yes. I am the only child of my family, and I agreed to marry a married man.
07:13   Nobody forced me. How about Ahmad’s marrying a third wife?
07:19   We’ll marry him. We’ll marry him; he should not worry.
07:25   He does not think about it now, but when we return to Syria he marries a third wife.
07:28   Do you not have a problem with that? No, just marry him with the third and fourth.
07:34   Insights into another world with different standards, different values.
07:39   But with a unifying life goal: to be happy in peace.

26 thoughts on “Ahmad and his Three Wives

  1. “Insights into another world with different standards, different values.”

    Indeed. And a world that should be in its own place, its own space, with a national community which shares those standards and values.

    There is no place for this in Germany. Apart from anything else it is very, very, very unfair that this man and all those living with him receive for free all the wonderful benefits being bestowed upon them.

    GoV is a wonderful site. It tells the truth, it shines a light into places that many prefer should remain in the dark. But the price of this, for me, is that it’s spoiling my days. I am very, very angry about this. It is so wrong. It is being forced upon Germans and will end, one way or another, in terrible disaster.

    • Your words ring true.

      Gates of Vienna is one of the very few greatly informative sites about the current situation of massive Muslim immigration to the west. It is angering, and it also spoils my mood reading and seeing the gross unfairness of Muslim newcomers who have no shame in milking a country’s benefit system dry, and whose end-goal is to change the wonderful Christian country they moved to into the Islamic hellhole country they had fled.

      Those who are to blame for all this self-created trouble in the west are the political “leaders” who have allowed this massive movement of unskilled, usually deadbeat, Third World migrants to happen over the decades; I see the results of this criminally incompetent “leadership” everyday here in Brussels (25% Muslim) where, for example, our local welfare Moroccan-“Belgians,” in Molenbeek cheered fellow Moroccan-“Belgian” ISIS terrorists as they heard the news that they were responsible for the murder of 30 people at the Brussels airport and at a Brussels metro station.

      Imagine, fellow citizens cheering their Muslim “brothers” who commit mass murder on other fellow citizens. Imagine fellow citizens considering these mass-murderers as heroes. The west has invited in the enemy and has fed, clothed, and housed them – this is a new reality. This behaviour of “citizens” has never happened before because we have never had massive Muslim immigration before – yet the west keeps bring in more a Muslims (by the millions) to support for life, like our friend Ahmed, in the video above, who wants twenty children, four wives, and the German government (i.e. the German people) to pay for it all while he, as he said, stays at home to play with his twenty Muslim children.

      You are right, this will all end, as you said, “in terrible disaster.”

    • Do not forget that most muslim countries can’t support their own population. They are by the nature of this political cult, parasites. Like locusts they always migrating to new “fields” to feed on.
      In some degree, the only exception are the oil rich countries, but they are also buying themselves into Europe… as they getting ready when their oil runs out.

      • Most Moslem countries are incapable of improving themselves other than parasiting from Westen advancement or Western aid and Western countries. Many of them are also extremely selfish in the resources that were given to them to manage. Many of them tend to be over ambitious and tend be extremely greedy while at the same time lazily doing nothing to produce anything of quality other breeding more inferiority, filth, retardation, oppressive environment, etc. Thsy are even too dumb to understand the meaning of meritocracy. There is just too many layers of filth, hate, hypocrisy and oppression in their societies that they tend to inflict on outsiders. Perhaps, that is why Islam is so popular within their own aggressive and abusive societies as well as with Islamic migrants who frequently use their Islamic political clout to grab more land from the Western civilization.

        • A lot of the problems are fundamental to the Islamic ideology and can never be reformed. Like the idea that asking questions is something that only people possessed by the devil do.

          Islam also does a great job creating societies with endemic childhood malnourishment. It has been repeatedly shown that condition impedes frontal lobe development and thus overall mental capacity. This majority of the 1.6 billion Muslims in the world literally lack the physical brain capacity that would permit them to think about anything other than….wait for it…Islam….

  2. The German benefits system explained, in one simple chart!

    If I may suggest one small change, perhaps some of the daughters could also have their heads covered, while the very small sons could wear a suicide vest?

    But apart from all those Euros, they can get: free driving lessons, VIP status among German gutmenschen and, if Daddy ever finds himself on the wrong side of the law, a very lenient prison sentence… so he can get himself even more Euros via a career in drug dealing, grooming or whatever else suits his fancy, without too much risk.

    So what’s not to like? I’m just surprised the whole Muslim world hasn’t (yet) embarked on a Hijra to Merkelistan…

  3. It would not be surprising if these type of attention seeking, ambitious migrants end up taking take over their adopted country with a majority in a short time if the state allow their polygamous tribes to continuously exploit the state in this manner.

    Shocking that a Western(?) state is pandering to these types of savages.

  4. Time for that old nursery rhyme again (updated).\

    As I was going to St. Ives,
    I met a man with seven wives,
    Followed, too, by seven ex-wives.
    Each wife had seven kids.
    All were giving on benefits.
    Wives, ex-wives, kids and man,
    How much gold must taxpayers pan?

  5. Germany is committing suicide. It seems other Western countries are not far behind. Christians, Jews and other religious minorities are being persecuted in Muslim countries and here we are bringing those same Muslims to Western Christian countries. For the benefit of those of us living in the West? Immigration should benefit those who already reside in the country. Mass migration of Muslims to the West will mean the end of Western culture and civilization.

    • Germany not only commits suicide, they try to force anyone around them to drink the poisoned Kool-Aid…

    • Ireland – the Prime Minister, that is – is rushing to catch up.

    • I am in total agreement with your post. And to think my parents were victims of Nazi Germany. Hitler exterminated the wrong people. Now Germany , with their guilt tried to make it up, by bringing in a culture that never evolved beyond the 7th century. They only know how how to trade in camel dung. To think that Germany killed doctors, professors, lawyers. We probably would have a cure for cancer by now if six million Jews were not killed. And now this crazy woman, Angela Merkel thinks she can make it up by bringing in a culture that has nothing in common with the Judeo Christian way of life. These people don’t want to assimilate. What is going in her head. I feel the woman is mentally unstable. I think all of the politicians in the EU are not playing with a full deck. And as history has proven, it repeats itself. Are we to come to Europe’s rescue once again? We saw how Hitler just took over all of Europe. It took the USA to come to the rescue for WW1 and WW2. This is what Islam is doing. Taking over Europe. The Jews are fleeing. Then the Muslims will get rid of the Christians. And then the Sunnis will fight the Shiite’s. It will be the end of Western Civilization as we know it. Unless someone wakes up.

  6. The Biblical book of Judges tells what happens when people turn away from God: foreigners are permitted to wreak havoc until the populace repents and once again seeks the Lord. Today’s West, like the ancient Hebrews, forsook God. I’m afraid the consequent suffering under alien heathens has just begun.

    The ideology of these heathens is definitely Satanic though, so their turn for Divine punishment will eventually come also.

    Be of good cheer: Good wins in the end. In the meantime, blessings on GOV for spreading the truth, trying to bring light to the darkness that is so prevalent in the world today.

    • I had never heard of it. Pretty incredible. Makes perfect sense though. Thank God Donald Trump was elected. That is all I can say. The Europeans are a bunch of [milksops] unfortunately. You have no guns. Look at your police. They are a joke. If the Europeans could elect someone with [manly equipment], they could start deporting the low life’s in jail. And stop immigration immediately. Let Merkel keep them in her country if she wants too. I also would stop welfare after two years. Then let them fend for themselves. If they can’t, then let them move back to where they came from.

  7. American tax payers subsidize this extravagant lifestyle an all it entails (Sharia), by providing the German taxpayer an American military second to none. If the US military had withdrawn from NATO and all the pomp and circumstance that the American tax payers pony up for, undoubtedly German fiscal sensibilities would be more acute. Less carrot more stick!

  8. Germans should be outraged over this flagrant abuse of law and social benefits. Germany is going to fall economically due to this nonsense. It’s only a matter of time before more people are taking from the system than those contributing and then there will be no benefits at all. Obviously that is exactly what has to happen before the masses wake up and take action. By then it will be too late. Thank Mama Merkle for the complete ruin of Germany and give the citizens a pat on the back for being to cowardly to stop her.

  9. Deutschland prides itself on efficiency and organization. Newsflash… dental X-rays and DNA testing can reveal one’s real age and familial connection. Zero tolerance for liars, cheaters, criminals and polygamists!

    Next time I see a Muslim man with multiple wives getting out of a vehicle I’m going to take a digital picture of them and license plate. If it occurs in the United States, I’m sending the “family pictures” to ICE. Oral swabs (DNA) can reveal if Fatima is really Mohamed’s blood relative or multiple wife!

    Deutschland government announced last year their intent to raise retirement age to 70! Hans & Heidi will continue to be taxed and worked to death while Mohamed enjoys staying at home in his government provided dwelling playing with his kinder and making more babies with his 4 wives.

  10. »It’s only a matter of time before more people are taking from the system than those contributing «

    Exactly. This can already be studied in Malmö/Sweden. The most recent and serious study there is by economist Tino Sanandaji (a “western” Iranian who came to Sweden with his mother at an age of 10). He shows that Malmö can’t survive on its own with a population of somewhat more than 50 percent immigrants.

    The Swedendemocrats scored about twice the average in districts close to Malmö in the 2014 elections.

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