Abdul Wasn’t Really 15. Who Knew?

The following report by Egri Nök was published earlier today at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

Abdul D. killed Mia. When he applied for asylum, the Afghan lied, saying he was only 14. Photo: personal.

Germany: Mia’s Killer Is 20 Years Old

by Egri Nök

An original translation from Bild, Germany.

Abdul D. Lied About His Age

Scandal about age of Mia’s Killer

February 21, 2018

Kandel — On December 27, Abdul D. ambushed his ex-girlfriend Mia in a supermarket in Kandel (Rhineland-Palatinate) and killed her with a knife thrust in her heart.

[Photo caption (not shown): Mia V. (age 15) was murdered by her ex-boyfriend.]

The killer is an asylum seeker from Afghanistan, and he stated that he was 15 years old. Now an age expert evaluation shows: it was a lie! (no way! E.N.) He was “at least” 17½ years old, more likely 20.

There were early doubts about the Afghan’s age. Photos suggested that he could not possibly be 15 years old.

The background: When Abdul D. came to Germany in April 2016, he stated that he was 14 years old. As he did not state an exact date of birth, the relevant Youth Welfare Office in Frankfurt/Main assigned him January 1, 2002 as his birthday.

For this reason, he and Mia went to the same school. His age was neither verified when he entered the country, nor later — a deadly mistake.

Not until after the deed did the Prosecutor have his carpals, his teeth, and his collarbone x-rayed for an extensive medical report. Yesterday, The Landau prosecutor’s office published the findings.

The press release says: “In his report, the expert comes to the conclusion that the accused is most likely approximately 20 years old. “The expert determines his absolute minimum current age to be 17½ years.”

Politicians demand consequences!

Andrea Lindholz (47, CSU), chairman of the Bundestag home affairs committee, says to Bild: “Age should be examined systematically, and nationwide consistently, in the new anchor centres. Medical examinations must not be taboo. Also, older cases where there is a reasonable doubt about their age should be examined retroactively, and corrected systematically.”

4 thoughts on “Abdul Wasn’t Really 15. Who Knew?

  1. Medical examination to determine age won’t happen, because the left’s go-to tactic, Argumentum Ad Hitlerum, will work too easily. “You want to figure out a migration applicant’s age?! Next you’ll be demanding he submit to the phrenologist’s calipers, you monster of Mengele-esque proportions!”

  2. It’s the usual result of multi-cultural construction. You import tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of people who would be termed as pathological liars in our social constructs, and then give them all the rights and assumptions of a normal, socialized German population.

    The refugees know there are huge benefits to claiming to be underage, including access to barely-pubescent girls, and virtually no downsides. So, any refugee south of 50 and a huge pot belly claims to be under 15, and the refugee administrators hesitate to challenge the claim.

    Once in a while, a case like this will make waves, and the bureaucrats will institute some reform or another on paper, which they will promptly ignore as soon as the publicity dies down. And the more refugees they admit, the stronger the pressures to continue ignoring the obvious abuses. It’s like Maxine Waters in Congress. Logically, she makes no sense whatsoever, but she can always be counted on to cause problems, so anyone in her reach simply avoids making statements concerning the criminal or social behavior of black populations.

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