A Hate Speech Conviction for Calling Somalis Names

While you’re in Sweden, better watch what you say about Somalis. It’s worth noting that the penalty imposed on the defendant in this case is more severe than those handed out for many real crimes in Sweden, especially when they are committed by culture-enrichers.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Fria Tider:

Compared Somalis with Roma — Convicted

February 18, 2018

A 61-year-old man in Gothenburg has been convicted of an opinion crime after criticizing Somalis on Facebook.

The two posts the man was convicted for were published as comments on links on Facebook in May and July of 2017.

In both posts, he compared the African people, Somalis, with Roma.

“Somalis are comparable to Europe’s Roma: Criminals.dishonest.Lazy.disrespectful.no IQ, Damn slimebags!!!” was posted in May.

“Seriously speaking …. Somalis are Europe’s response to the Roma … dishonest, (have no) empathy, lazy, no IQ, damn slimebags! They have no damn business being here at all!” wrote the man in July.

The prosecutor felt that the 61-year-old in the posts was guilty of agitation against an ethnic group (hets mot folkgrupp) by “expressing derogatory (statements) about Somalis in terms of national origin.”

The man acknowledged that he wrote the comments and was convicted on Friday for 60 daily fines of 200 kronor for the actual opinion crime.

21 thoughts on “A Hate Speech Conviction for Calling Somalis Names

  1. “Criminals.dishonest.Lazy.disrespectful.no IQ, Damn slimebags!!!”

    He wasn’t disparaging Muslims.

    He was simply describing them.

    • So you mean that in Evil Russia, there is today more freedom of speech than in most of the West.

      Says somethin’, doesn’t it?


      • Simply in Russia, a different situation with migrants. In Russia they are not freeloaders, but disenfranchised slaves. And they are a buffer between the government and the population. The security forces that control the country do not give them much will.
        Among migrants, revanchist sentiments are very strong, because they have to submit to the hated kuffars, although “Muslims are the best of people”.
        In Russian history there was already a similar situation.
        In the First World War, Russian men were sent to the front, and the Chinese were brought in for work. And then they became the chasteners of the Bolsheviks. The Chinese were not sorry to terrorize the Russian population.

  2. 60 daily fines of 200 kronor total 12,000 kronor.
    That is £1,062, or $1,478.

    What happens if you cite the Koran referring to Jews and Christians as “apes and pigs”?

  3. Funny how he doesn’t get done for the comments made about Roma, but only about Somalians.

    I guess that tells who you really is the Protected Class, indeed.

  4. “…convicted of an opinion crime…” If that doesn’t send a chill down your spine you must be a totalitarian.

  5. He should have said the opposite. Like “compared to NAZIs, these are wonderful people”. Need to have a dictionary for the common people and one for the idiots who “lead” Sweden.

  6. Here in Finland we had a court verdict of guilty in a case where basic lines were:
    – Somalis were moving in to an apartment
    – Finnish couple were coming home from shopping
    – Strong odor in the stairwell prompted husband to warn wife “It smells in here.” since strong odors gave her migraine.
    – Someone from behind said to the finnish husband “You smell.”
    – Police came later and took the husband to lockup

    – Guilty of insult
    – 1000€ in fines
    – 750€ in compensation for the sufferings of the insult to the father of the somali family.

    ‘Scania hurts only once. Scars of racism hurt forever.’

  7. It is not a crime to have an opinion, no matter how unfavorable it is of any group, even though it may not apply to every individuals in that group.

  8. This is why every real American and other right-thinking person out there who loves freedom need to stand fast against the Marxist gun-grabbers that would see it erased from the Constitution.

  9. I tried a search to identify this man and hopefully his judge and prosecutor. What I found was five or six such cases, several around Gothenburg. Most were elderly, male and female, posting on the web.

    I value the web for the information source that it can be, but in Sweden, as in all other modern places, it does enable all information and opinion sources to be monitored as well. At the same time it has to an extent minimized the old ways by which people communicated.

    It may be that the internet will eventually prove to have been a force for evil rather than good.

    • It is not fair that those uncivilized savages to give themselves endless privileges to dominate publicly with even more hate speech while others/us have limited place to speak freely or openly on things that concerned us.

      Look forward for the day where we can criticize them freely and openly not only on the internet but in front of them without fear of being attacked by them.

      We need to have a safe and secure environment that value free speech to voice our opinions and at the moment, internet (hopefully)is still the safest place for some of us to voice out our opinions.

      It would be good if one day, all of them return to their backward country of origin and let us speak freely without fear.

    • More likely it will be both, like the proverbial double-edged sword. There is no technological improvement that does not carry with it a shadow side.

      • I am playing a bit on Google’s motto; “Don’t be evil.”

        In the interest of brevity, I will refrain from telling all that I dislike about Google and some others.

    • A probable correction on my earlier comment here at 3:50 pm.

      A couple of those stories may have been the same one, and the pensioneer described as 71 may have been the same one described as 61. Another, a lady of 70 or more, said a bit more that was also true but I am not sure what her penalty was. My search term is NOT repeating the story, but it is the same search term I had used earlier. The GoV and Breitbart stories are there.

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