A Brief Message for Brussels From Viktor Orbán

Last Thursday, in remarks to the press, Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel issued an ultimatum to the Visegrád Four countries (Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, and Hungary), demanding that they show “solidarity” with other European countries and accept their quota of migrants for resettlement, or the EU would force them to.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán posted the following video on Facebook in response. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this clip:

Mr. Michel’s ultimatum to the V4 has been covered in French by Le Soir, but except for Hungarian English-language outlets, it’s difficult to find reports on it in English.

Here’s a summary from About Hungary:

Hungary’s FM: Government rejects Belgian Prime Minister’s “ultimatum” on migration

Charles Michel’s “ultimatum” is “coercion”, and Hungary will never yield to it, Hungary’s foreign minister said

Hungary’s foreign minister has said the government rejects Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel’s “ultimatum” on migration.

Michel recently told Belgian news site Le Soir that Visegrad countries that “refuse to act in solidarity [with the rest of the EU] are being given an ultimatum”. He added that unless they come to a consensus on the matter at the European Council heads of government by June this year, the debate will be decided by a simple majority.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán took to his Facebook page to post a video about Michel’s comments.

“Our presidency (V4) has taken a stand and we cannot give in to extortion. For us, Hungary is first. We will fight those who want to change the Christian identity of Hungary and Europe,” the prime minister said.

Minister Szijjártó, furthermore, made it clear that Hungary has never been a country of immigrants; neither does it intend to become one.

Prime Minister Michel’s “ultimatum” is “coercion”, and Hungary will never yield to it, he said. Michel’s statement is “shocking” because it is the first occasion when Brussels openly prepares for pushing through the migration quotas, “with complete disregard for certain EU countries’ opinions,” Minister Szijjártó said. “We find this unacceptable and refuse it,” he added.

The minister added that the Visegrad group is concerned by the “27 terrorist attacks perpetrated by people with migration backgrounds in Europe recently and the no-go zones in certain European cities, even if the Belgian prime minister is not concerned by them,” he said.

Minister Szijjártó made the remarks during a press conference in Bratislava, where he met Slovak Foreign Affairs State Secretary Ivan Korcok.

Korcok said the Visegrad group should not once again allow “them to vote over our heads”.

Hat tip: CrossWare (who also verified the accuracy of the video translation).

11 thoughts on “A Brief Message for Brussels From Viktor Orbán

  1. Michel recently told Belgian news site Le Soir that Visegrad countries that “refuse to act in solidarity [with the rest of the EU] are being given an ultimatum”. He added that unless they come to a consensus on the matter at the European Council…

    Consensus? Consensus?? Orban is right: it’s extortion.

    This Belgian forgets his 20th-century history if he thinks the V-4 will *ever* tolerate another boot on their neck. Which of them said they hadn’t gotten free of the USSR boot in order to tolerate an EUSSR boot in its place?

    I’m glad they have four stalwarts who have now been given some months to plan a counter to this despicable threat.

    • The “funny” part is, there is no such agreement between any member countries and the EU about such things. Just the opposite, the basic treaty puts immigration squarely as the member states responsibility. Of course these Globalists think, they can get away with anything. I wonder, either they this delusional, or they know something…

  2. I think they will try to pull the same thing they did with the mandatory migrant quotes: they bypassed the European Council, where the heads of member states must make a unanimous decision and brought it down to a lower level, where simple majority was enough. Hungary and Slovakia attacked that decision in court, but they lost their case, for the same reason why President Trump had to struggle about that six countries ban: ACTIVIST JUDGES.
    This will not end well. The V4 will not accept migrants.

  3. The Nazis at the European Union threaten other countries to promote their Totalitarianism sounds like democracy to me. sarc off/

  4. So Charles Michel apparently said the EU would use force, if necessary, to impose Islam on Hungary and the rest of the Visegrad 4.

    What does “force” mean? Is Charles Michel threatening a military invasion? Or does “force” mean economic starvation?

    If the former, one hopes Orban takes the President Jackson approach to the Supreme Court: let’s see them try to enforce their ruling.

    If the latter, then one hopes to see Hungary and the rest strike bilateral trade agreements with the US. I’m sure DT would be very open to that, and the Visegrad group will do very well. One hopes, a year from now, to see Orban raising a central finger to Brussels.

    The EU is the globalist wet-dream for the whole world: a tyranny of self-selected bureaucratic elites. Early may it fall.

    • don’t hold your breath, the globalists have the support of hell itself. This is only the opening round. The jackboot has a forked tail and horns, along with a few other things that aren’t worth the naming.
      BTW, just who do you think enabled the rapid development of the computer, then internet, and now social media?

    • Charles Michel has already warned countries not to pursue individual trade deals with England “…Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel has warned other countries in the European Union (E.U.) not to be “naïve” as they embark on lengthy and difficult Brexit negotiations, and said they must resist the temptation to engage in parallel trade talks with Britain…”
      I guess I am uninformed but just who is CM besides PM of Belgium?
      He makes inflammatory comments, are they designed to be trial balloons to goad Hungary into making a rash response?
      I cannot understand why it is so hard to find any coverage of this apart from the link to Le Soir which is behind a paywall. Force is threatened against a fellow EU country and there is….nothing? Most strange.

  5. I am 100% for Orban. He is the only politician in Europe that I can truly admire.

    I should confess that I am Hungarian by background but a US Citizen for most of my life (as soon as I was old enough to say so). Anyway I can’t help but admire a man who is willing and able to stand up to the totalitarian (yes, it has become so) EU.

  6. I wonder how long it will be until Poland, Hungary, Czechia, and Slovakia figure out that the EU is run by intransigent elitists hell-bent on uprooting western culture and replacing it with a more compliant slave race.

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