Viktor Orbán: “We do not view these people as Muslim refugees. We view them as Islamic invaders.”

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Interview with Viktor Orbán in the print edition of BILD

Viktor Orbán to the German press: “We do not view these people as Muslim refugees. We view them as Islamic invaders.”

An original translation of the interview in today’s print edition of Bild:

Bild Deutschland
January 8, 2018 — page 2

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in an interview with BILD

“It Was You Who Wanted The Migrants — Not Us”

By N. Blome, Ch. Stenzel and D. Biskup (photos)

He is controversial in Europe, but the guest of honor in Bavaria, at the CSU convention in Seeon. Bild interview with the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán (54).

Bild: Mr. Orbán, the Social Democrat chief Martin Schulz demanded that the CSU chief Seehofer put you in your place.

Viktor Orbán: I have always had great respect for Martin Schulz, because he is a good fighter. But to be amusing as a fighter, and to carry the responsibility for shaping the politics of a country are two different things. What was fine and nice in Brussels — where there are no visible consequences — is a different story from being the chief of a party in Germany and communicating with other countries. We think we deserve more respect.

“We do not want to be coerced”

Bild: For what?

Orbán: Hungary is one of the few success stories of the last decade. Successful West, poor East — those times are over. In 2010, when I entered office, the unemployment rate was 12 percent. Now it is 4 percent. Economic growth is more than 4 percent; in 2009 it was still minus 6 percent. The household deficit is notably lower than 3 percent. If you fairly assess us, we are doing quite well.

Bild: But that is not what the criticism was about. How fair is it to be a member of the EU but not to stick by the rules? Hungary was supposed to accept just 1294 refugees. You refused, went to the European court, lost, called the verdict “a shame”, and still refused.

Orbán: More than 20 states did not adhere to the quota, yet it is only we who are being criticized; this is a case of applying double standards. The fact is that the verdict only referred to the EU resolution that basically expired at the same time… there must be new discussions.

Bild: Would you otherwise have accepted the verdict and accepted the refugees?

Orbán: Yes. We stand on the basis of the rule of law.

Bild: But the EU is not only based on law, but also on solidarity. Why can Germany accept 2 million refugees, while Hungary can’t accept 2,000?

“Christian and Islamic society will never blend”

Orbán: The difference is: It was you who wanted the migrants. Not us. We do our job by protecting the outer Schengen border with Serbia. This has cost us about 1 billion additional Euros since 2015, and Brussels is not paying a single cent of that. The solution to the problem certainly isn’t to distribute people, who reside in the EU illegally, across the entire EU territory. We think one should help where the problem lies, and not take immigration here.

Bild: Why don’t the Hungarians want refugees?

Orbán: We do not view these people as Muslim refugees. We view them as Islamic invaders. For example, in order to arrive in Hungary, from Syria, you have to cross four countries, all of them not as rich as Germany, but stable. So, already there, they aren’t running for their lives. This, too, proves that they are economic migrants, looking for a better life.

Bild: You say that you represent the will of the Hungarian people.

Orbán: I can only speak for the Hungarian people, and they don’t want migration. According to my understanding, it is not possible for the people to have an opinion on such a profound topic, while the government refuses to act accordingly. We are talking about the sovereignty and the cultural identity of the country. We need to reserve the right to decide who can live on Hungarian territory.

Bild: No Muslims, apparently…

Orbán: We believe that a high number of Muslims necessarily leads to parallel societies, as Christian and Muslim society will never blend. Multiculturalism is just an illusion. We don’t want such a thing. And we don’t want to be coerced. Take Budapest as a positive example: a cosmopolitan melting pot without parallel societies.

What does Viktor Orbán think about Brussels, Europe, freedom of press in his country? Read the whole interview on


The full interview in German is here; you will need a monthly subscription to read it.

Bild is the largest German-language newspaper, the best-selling non-Asian newspaper, and has the eighth-largest circulation worldwide.

40 thoughts on “Viktor Orbán: “We do not view these people as Muslim refugees. We view them as Islamic invaders.”

  1. “We believe that a high number of Muslims necessarily leads to parallel societies, as Christian and Muslim society will never blend. Multiculturalism is just an illusion.”

    And the proof of what he says exists in numerous Muslim no-go enclaves throughout Europe, yet his critics say he’s out of line.

    “A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying, ‘You are mad; you are not like us.’” St Anthony,

  2. Illegitimate by the methods he employed to be elected Pope ; Bergoglio is a “wrecker ” of Christianity; and when the RC Church goes down….the Protestant faiths will follow. Merkel presents herself as a affable, concerned leader. Just like Joe Stalin; who had a wonderful manner face to face as he planned the execution or gulag for the people he had dialogue with. Geert Wilders and leaders of the Visograd group { along with the “Christian” Putin } are the few sane voices in the world. The insouciant Americans are too dumbed down to even realize what is going on. The Trump TV show just went National….nothing else.

  3. There are no socially redeeming qualities to moslems. None whatsoever.

    The eastern Europeans understand this. So do the Russians.

    The world is beginning to have some [testicular fortitude] and is beginning to push back.

    Leadership of Donald Trump has emboldened others in the West.

    • It’s good to see you here, Sgt.

      Russia has its own problems with Islam, especially in the military…

      and Islam is making inroads [again] in Eastern Europe. Remember when we supported all those poor Bosnian Muslims and again in Kosovo? We bombed Serbia because of Kosovo…more Democrat addled foreign policy.

      • I remember watching a documentary about Kosovo all those years back, I believe it was actually made by a Czech, but maybe it was translated/subtitled to English, full of testimonies of Serbs and Gypsies, who had to leave if they didn’t want to get killed.
        What sticked to me the most was the fact that Albanian (aka muslim) neighbours, who knew the surrounding families for decades, if not longer, suddenly had no problem going after their throat. And as the Serbs and Gypsies said: “they were shooting us on a daily basis and the UN didn’t care, so everyone was leaving, everyone made sure their wive and children were in safety first, some left with them. Then the UN said Kosovo should be Albanian, because there majority of people are Albanian. Of course the majority was Albanian, everybody else left or was dead by that time!”
        And I think that might’ve been the first time I thought there’s something bigger at play. It wasn’t about stopping the fighting, it was about taking the land and history of the Serbs.

        • Yes what happened in Kosovo convinced me that Putin was the defender of Christendom while the U.N and the E.U were the defenders and useful idiots of Islam.

          The U.S , Western Europe and the
          U.K now suck up to the Saudis (which if you are trying to stop the onslaught of Islam is a tactical error.)

          Iran belongs to the 20% Shia minority of Islam .Saudi belongs to the 80% majority of Islam.
          We should be sucking up to neither ,but it would make more sense to diplomatically support the weaker element.

          Certainly we should follow the divide and rule strategy,but only in the diplomatic sense.

          But it’s good that there are 2 warring factions with the Islamic world.It’s just a pity they are not( demographically speaking) more evenly matched .

          A fifty fifty split would mean that they would be so busy killing each other that just like the two cats of Kilkenny ,soon there wouldn’t be any.

          • Sorry first sentence of 2nd to last paragraph should read

            “It’s good that there are 2 warring factions within the Islamic world”.

    • “The eastern Europeans understand this. So do the Russians.”

      they understand it to such extent that Putin keeps (and arms to the teeth) his own pet jiadi kingdom as part of Russian Federation.
      google “Chechnya, Kadyrov, Putin”.

      also you can google with whom Putin’s Russia is allied in Syria.
      “Hezbolla, Iran, Syria, Putin”.

  4. Can I hear an ‘Amen!’ Imagine, a national leader who acts in the best interests of his nation.

  5. Delay it all you want, America, Europe, non-Muslim countries generally. Kick the can down the road, whistle by the graveyard, and all that. But at one time the question is gonna have to be asked and answered. Is Islam compatible with American culture, with Western trains of thought? When it comes to Islam, it’s not simply a straight question of worshiping whatever god you might choose. Islam comes as a package, a big package, and part of that package is controlling what non-Muslims are allowed and not allowed to do. That is to say, Muslim believe that in practicing their religion they are entitled to control non-Muslims, and to deny them that control is denying them the right to exercise their freedom of religion.

    • Not only incompatible with Amercan and “western trains of thought”, but incompatible with all of human culture at this stage of our development….unless people have decided that one ideation is superior to all other ideations and we should be willing to kill each other to advance one cause.

      It is so retro that it should have been hooted out of existence a month after its garbage was thrown at us, 1400 years ago.

      • It [Islam] is so retro that it should have been hooted out of existence a month after its garbage was thrown at us, 1400 years ago.

        Back then, had there been nuclear weapons which were similarly apportioned (as today) between Islamic and non-Muslim countries, Mohammad’s obituary would be a one sentence footnote in modern history books.

    • That’s where the problems started all those decades back: common Brits, French, etc. didn’t know about this package and weren’t told (maybe even the authorities in charge back then weren’t told by the big players), so even though they didn’t want the immigrants initially, they used the European/Christian line of thought and decided that hey, if it somehow worked out with Jews, why shouldn’t it work out this time too.
      Now there’s much more awareness of the “all-inclusive”, but at the same time it’s nearly impossible to do anything about it without breaking some kind of protection law.
      And simultaneously, at least that’s my guess, the problem still isn’t at the front porch of most people, so they are looking for ways to solve it without starting a (civil) war. Let’s not forget the UK has a history of appeasement, Sweden of neutrality and France of cowardice. The countries deepest in aren’t ones to draw a clear line from the very beginning.

  6. God Almighty the father of our Lord Jesus Christ has blesst Mr. Orban. He will not compromise; is wise, brave and loves his country and people. He is a real man…………………not some willy nilly who goes with the flow. He knows the truth about Islam! How we need many more like him; Tommy Robinson, Geert Wilders, Paul Weston, Admiral Lyons, Franklin Graham and Cliven Bundy and his sons. God help us to stand strong!

  7. To be willing to accept Islam in our societies is the same as saying you are willing to have its believers kill those who believe in other things.

    We need to advance away from nonsense, not toward it.

  8. Viktor Orban is blessed with exceptional clarity of vision, exquisite mental acuity and an unswerving purpose .

    He has accurately identified the interests of the Hungarian people.

    And he stands foursquare in the landscape as solid as the Rock of Ages to defend them.

    Contrast and compare with the mindless ,bumbling ,virtue signaling ,porridge for brains leaders of the U.K ,Canada and France.

    In contrast Orban is a towering giant among intellectual pygmies .

    Surely he must prevail.

    • The case for democracy, or even representative government, dissolves when you have a radically diverse population with completely different value systems. Identity politics predominates, and our ideas of abstract justice are simply not used.

      Minneapolis is a case in point. The Muslim organizations are so strong there they are able to control the election and administration of city officials. We think of the police as being under the control of the government, which is reasonable in a relatively homogeneous society. If the government has an interest in accommodating an identity group, the police will follow. The Somali identity group has two or three constituencies: the Somalis, the leftist gaggle supporting immigrants, and the politicians who want to keep a lid on their own abominable decisions in the past.

      The Visegrad countries have the next 3 years, possibly 7, to prepare for the physical attacks on them planned by the socialist tyrants in the EU. My own feeling is that a bit of identity politics of their own concerning their own migrants in Belgium and Germany would pay big dividends, as well as more than a bit of espionage.

  9. Jesuit Priests by their own precepts are supposed to be converting muslims to Christianity. Where are they? Pope Francis is a Jesuit Priest, Where is he? Somebody tell the Jesuit leader of the Holy Roman Catholic Church what he seems to have forgotten he is supposed to be doing.

  10. I recommend to read about the occupation of Buda in 1541. The Muslim forces pretended to be tourists, infiltrated the castle while the Sultan had “peace talks” with the Hungarians…
    That’s why we are not falling for them again!
    “The Ottomans then occupied the city, which in its turn was celebrating the liberation, with a trick: Suleyman invited the infant John II Sigismund Zápolya with the Hungarian noblemen into his tent, meanwhile the Turkish troops began to slowly infiltrate into the fort as “tourists” seemingly in admiration of the architecture of the buildings. However, at a sudden alert they wielded their weapons and disarmed the guards and the whole garrison thereafter. At the same time, the Hungarian noblemen felt uncomfortable in the sultan’s tent and wanted to leave. In that moment, on the outcry of the sultan “The black soup (coffee) is still to come!” (“Hátra van még a feketeleves!” in Hungarian) the Turkish soldiers disarmed the Hungarian envoy. All of them were allowed to leave with one exception: Bálint Török, whom Suleyman considered a possible powerful opponent. He was taken into captivity and was transferred to Yedikule Fortress, where he spent his remaining life. The Royal Court, the noblemen and citizens of Buda were allowed to leave the city with their possessions unharmed.”

    • Reading the story, it just seems unlikely as told. The Turkish sultan just won a huge battle outside the city, and then next few days, they’re allowing hoards of Turks inside the gates as “tourists”?

      It’s significant that most of the Hungarian nobles were allowed to leave the city with their possessions. One wonders if a deal was struck. The city was surrendered, so the Hungarian nobility really didn’t have to suffer further losses, but kept their wealth and reputation (I guess) intact.

      It kind of sounds like our own “leaders” does it not?

      • Exactly! It was standard tactic from invading Muslim forces to bribe the elite to betray their people. My hometown Székesfehérvár was an example if such betrayal.

        In 1543 Captain György Varkocs defended the city. The wealthy elite agreed to hand over the town to the Muslims and closed the gates behind the fighting forces of the Captain. They all fought to the death. The Turkish commander was so disgusted by this betrayal, he executed the traitors once he taken the city.

  11. Hungary was occupied by the Ottoman Empire for 150 years. Greece, Bulgaria and the countries formerly comprising Yugoslavia were occupied even longer. It seems the countries that have had the most exposure to Muslims are the countries that are the most resistant to accepting “migrants,” or as Orban would say, “invaders.”

    • They were in Hungary for 150 years, at that time they killed half the population (Hungary was 3 times bigger that time) and stunted growth and development. They robbed the country blind. The collective memory of these events are still alive.

  12. We do not view these people as Muslim refugees. We view them as Islamic invaders.

    Finally, the truth outs. At day’s end, Orbán will emerge from Europe’s smoking ruins as a hero of the highest order. A comparison can be made to H.C. Andersen’s, “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, in that all it takes is one vocal disbeliever to break the spell.

    However, in this case, with EU propaganda running so strong (e.g., KIKA Rapefugee Paean – Hat Tip: Miss Piggy at Vlad Tepes), it will take more than just a single truthful protester to reawaken The Continent’s slumbering masses.

    Fortunately, Victor Orban is not a lone voice in the wilderness. Others, like Poland’s Andrzej Duda, Czech Republic’s Milos Zeman, and Slovakia’s Andrej Kiska, are all fearlessly raising the roof with equal vigor.

    May the lot of these brave and defiant leaders see a once-again free (and de-Islamicized) Europe within their lifetimes.

  13. I think the leaders of the EU already had a plan worked out with the US and the Democratic-Republican establishment globalists. NATO forces would work as a source of front line troops when some incident in the East European countries was engineered to justify armed intervention in the governments of those countries. Think of Bosnia and Kosovo.

    In other words, armed force would be use to establish the hegemony of the EU bureaucracy dictatorship.

    The election of Trump threw a monkey-wrench into the plans. Whereas Hillary is a predictable, sociopath policy wonk who would do anything for money, Trump was an unknown factor. This made it too risky to attempt to proceed with the plans for military integration. This, in turn, tied the hands of the EU dictatorship to toothless court rulings. The fact that they look comically weak now belies the fact they had a perfectly good plan for the military invasion of the Visegrad countries.

    • is it RT again, about “aggressive block NATO”, “engineered incident” and “military invasion of the Visegrad countries”?

      that all doesn’t hold water.

      first of all, these countries are members of NATO themselves.
      neither Bosnia nor Kosovo are.

      then, NATO troups are stationed there, – what “invasion” are you talikng about.
      when Americans sent reinforcement about year ago to Czech Republic, people of Prague greeted them with banners “you are 70 years late”.

      I reiterate – Islamic threat isn’t the only one West is facing today.
      and I don’ t mean “globalists” and Illuminatis.

      • “first of all, these countries are members of NATO themselves.
        neither Bosnia nor Kosovo are.”

        This is totally irrelevant. My point is that NATO forces served as troops for the globalist plans. Whether Bosnia or Kosovo are NATO members is completely unrelated to my point.

        “then, NATO troups are stationed there, – what “invasion” are you talikng about.”

        I am speaking of a physical invasion of the Visegrad countries to enforce the diktats of the EU totalitarian dictatorship. The international courts are finding Hungary in violation of EU law. They are leveling fines. You think the EU dictator won’t think of a physical invasion if Hungary simply refuses to comply with the EU regulations and the kangaroo court decisions? NATO undertook an invasion of Serbia over the flimsy pretext (if one was needed at all) of Serbian aggression.

        It would be easy to engineer a massacre by Muslim “immigrants” in any country. The response would be criticized as inappropriate, and invading troops sent. Exactly the case in Serbia.

        You think that Russia is as great or a greater threat than masses of Muslim “immigrants”. If Russia is poked sufficiently, it certainly is a threat. If NATO puts missile emplacements on Russia’s borders, supplies arms and support to Ukrainians fighting Russia, and continues the endless and useless boycott of Russian markets, Russia could really be a physical threat. If Russia is not threatened, what motivation would there be for a Russian invasion? It would be expensive and draining of the Russian economy and people, just like the USSR and the Russian invasion of Afghanistan.

        The Baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia just love NATO troops. The troops allow these countries to thumb their nose at Russia. My attitude is, they have to learn to get along with Russia on their own. That might include, refusing the use of their territory for NATO military emplacements.

        • well, people in former Soviet republics (now sovereign states), and in the countries of former Warsaw pact, will somehow decide on their destiny.

          for now, they definitely choose Europe and the West, which means they reject fascist, neo-imperial, archaic, aggressive Russia. yes, the whole unattractive bunch.

          in particular, Ukrainian army is holding the front during 3 years.
          Thousand are dead.
          (But, you have “attitude”). 🙁

  14. The election of Trump threw a monkey-wrench into the plans.

    Of which (insert name >here<) nation?!?

    Inquiring minds want to know!

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