Viktor Orbán: Protect the Borders, or Schengen is Dead

Below is the teaser for an interview with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in Die Welt am Sonntag:

According to Egri Nök, the teaser under the picture says:

“It is silly to demonize Putin,” says Viktor Orbán. The EU simply doesn’t understand Russia, Hungary’s Prime Minister criticizes in the interview. He demands a determined protection of the borders by Brussels — otherwise, Schengen would be irretrievably dead.

Egri says she has to buy the print edition to see the interview, and hopes she will be able to do so later.

3 thoughts on “Viktor Orbán: Protect the Borders, or Schengen is Dead

  1. The attitude of Mr Orban towards Russia is even more valuable, if we consider the universal hostility of Hungarians towards Russia that is based on the latter’s imperial past – Russian troops helped to crush the Hungarian Revolution 1948, and Soviet (=Russian for many people) tanks in 1956 brought to a bloody end the Hungarian anti-communist uprising. Still Mr Orban doesn’t follow the visceral animosity towards Russia, that makes nowadays Polish leaders look funny at times.

  2. Orban is positioning himself to progressively remove Hungary from EU rules, diktats, and financial coercion. In my opinion, he is not only preparing the Hungarian population, but is testing the waters for an indication of a military response, always a possibility with the globalist EU and its NATO support.

    I don’t believe Hungary is, or will be, friendly to Russia, but recognizes the insanity of surrounding a nuclear power like Russia with hostile military bases and missile emplacements. I don’t really understand why the Trump administration has continued the insane sanctions against Russia, based on a purely local action Russia has taken, with no security implications for the rest of Europe.

    I think perhaps the real motivation for the Russian sanctions come from oil oligarchs who want to squeeze cheap Russian gas out of the European energy market. The real power behind the ongoing Russian investigations of the Mueller kangaroo court proceedings may actually be to tie the administrations hands concerning a rational policy towards Russia, which would result in the dangerous, costly, and counterproductive sanctions being lifted.

    Getting a bit off-topic, I think there is too much being made of Hillarys past lucrative deals with Russian oligarchs. Simply because Hillary took their money for favors before doesn’t mean they would get any special consideration. They would have to take their place in line to buy Hillarys favors, like everyone else.


    “We cannot help the world while destroying our own people”
    14. 01. 2018. | source: MTI
    In an interview published in the conservative German Sunday newspaper Welt am Sonntag, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has said that the EU must help refugees, but “we cannot help the world while destroying our own people”.

    In answer to a question on what it means for him to be European, Mr. Orbán said that being European is part of Hungarian identity, which is a combination of Eastern traits and Christian and European culture.
    Europe, however, is “not in Brussels, but in Berlin, in Budapest, in Warsaw and in Paris”, he stated, although he added that

    “I do not criticise Brussels, but Brussels politicians and bureaucrats – who act as if they were the centre of an empire”.

    Instead, he said, the Government of Hungary wants an EU with a parliament of limited powers, with “a strong Council” of heads of government, and with a “Commission which, rather than making policies, should remain the guardian of the Treaties”.

    From his website one can read an overview of the interview in English as well as other interviews he has given both in Magyar and English

    Elections coming in April. Things will get more interesting…I just pray he stays healthy and safe.

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