Viktor Orbán in Bavaria: “2018 will be the year in which the will of the people is restored”

This weekend Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is meeting with leaders of the CSU (Bavarian Christian Democrats, the sister party in the “Union” with Angela Merkel’s CDU) at the annual CSU party conclave held in the Seeon Monastery in Bavaria. The video below is an excerpt from the press conference given yesterday evening by Mr. Orbán and Horst Seehofer, the leader of the CSU and the Minister President of Bavaria, along with other leaders of the CSU.

If you’re not tuned in to the intricate political currents of the European Union, the earth-shaking nature of the event may not be apparent at first glance. However, the temblor at the Seeon Monastery registered 9.0 on the political Richter scale — you can bet that Angela Merkel and Martin Schulz felt the ground shudder beneath them in Berlin.

I’ll provide some additional context for this historic moment, but first let’s watch the video. Many thanks to Anton for translating the voice-over from the German, to Egri Nök for fine-tuning and timing it, to CrossWare for verifying that the German version accurately reflects the original Hungarian, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Background provided by Anton:

Hungary’s charismatic Prime Minister Viktor Orbán came to Germany this week to meet with Horst Seehofer (CSU), the leader of Angela Merkel’s sister party in Bavaria.

His speech is a condemnation of the illegal immigration policies practised by Merkel and the EU. Orbán has once again basically called Merkel’s actions illegal, and has dug his heels in. Hungary is currently subject to a judicial review by the European Union for refusing to allow illegal Muslim immigrants into his country.

He also demanded the forced removal of the million Muslims from the Schengen Area back to their home countries (the Schengen Area is a common region within Europe where people can move from country to country without passport controls). Terrorists have used this area to launch mass murder attacks across the continent.

Merkel is currently attempting to form a Government 100 days after she lost 25% of her voters in the national election. Nobody wants to work with her.

This short speech by Viktor Orbán is truly ground-breaking.

Additional context supplied by Egri Nök:

The situation is explosive in Germany, with ill-contained political anger and animosity. In the German press it is clear that people are at each others’ throats — we’re just totally torn apart inside this country.

People in Germany are even divided on the new censorship law. Even the Left hate it.

The CSU typically invite international politicians to the conclave in Seeon. This time it was criticized that they did not invite French President Emmanuel Macron, but instead chose Viktor Orbán.

In the press conference, Horst Seehofer says Bavaria will start a new initiative for better cooperation with the Central European states and Hungary; he calls it a new “Central European alliance”.

Alexander Dobrindt, the head of the Bundestag group of CSU parliamentarians, leads the joint CDU/CSU group with his co-chair from the CDU, Volker Kauder. At the press conference on Friday evening, Mr. Dobrindt said, “Hungary, together with the Visegrad states, is one of the closest economic trade partners with Germany. The trade balance with the Visegrad states is markedly higher than that of Germany with France.”

Mr. Orbán’s sentence about “We built a fence, while in other places chaos and illegality ruled” is quite a slap in the face for Angela Merkel.

Now it’s clear why the papers emphasize how angry Martin Schulz (SPD, Social Democrats) is: the SPD and CDU/CSU are even now negotiating another Grand Coalition. So the SPD consider Orbán’s visit a provocation.

My own take on these events, gleaned from our correspondents and from reading media reports: Horst Seehofer is trying desperately to save his political skin. A rebellion has been rumbling in his party for months. Bavarians in general are opposed to the CDU’s immigration policy, and blame the party leader of the CSU for going along with it. If Mr. Seehofer continues any further down the Multiculti Road, the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) will filch a substantial portion of the CSU’s votes, and he will find himself out of a job.

Hence the Central European Alliance. This is as close to secession as he can get without declaring independence from Berlin and establishing Munich as the capital of a new sovereign Bavarian state.

In addition, inviting Viktor Orbán instead of Emmanuel “Toy Boy” Macron is an act of open rebellion against the EU oligarchy. No wonder Martin Schulz is furious.

There’s no telling what will happen next. Stay tuned!

A translation of the entire press conference is currently underway, and will eventually appear here as a longer subtitled video.

Video transcript:

00:00   I have said that the migration problem has become a democracy problem.
00:06   The Europeans have a clear will; you might say the will of the people is unambiguous.
00:16   They do not want to live under the threat of terrorism.
00:21   They want safety; they want the borders protected.
00:28   And they want those who have no reason to live here in the Schengen area to be removed
00:39   and sent back to where they can again begin their new life.
00:46   In previous years I have asked whether it will be possible for us to assert the will of the people.
00:58   In Europe leading politicians in many places have not done what the people wanted.
01:08   This is a violation of democratic principles, and this conflict must be resolved.
01:17   I have told our Bavarian friends that 2018 will be the year in which the will of the people is restored.
01:30   And that the European people will step-by-step ensure that decisions
01:40   made in relation to immigration must serve their interests.
01:49   I have learned a lot from Mr. Seehofer. One of the things I learned
01:57   was that legality cannot be based on illegality.
02:04   For this reason laws must always be abided by. The higher the pressure,
02:14   the bigger the problem, the more these laws must be adhered to.
02:18   I can modestly yet proudly say that Hungary is a country that understood this rule.
02:29   From the very beginning we stood for protecting the border and Schengen.
02:38   We built a fence and maintained border controls,
02:48   whilst elsewhere in Europe chaos and illegality was being celebrated.
02:57   I have made clear to our Bavarian partners that Hungary operates on the basis of legality,
03:07   and now, just as then, two years ago, consider me your border patrol captain.
03:17   Because the southern Bavaria border runs along the Hungarian-Serbian border,
03:25   and when we protect this border, we protect Bavaria, too.
03:30   We have acknowledged the statement [you made] with appreciation
03:35   that Bavaria is a Christian country and that it will remain so.
03:41   And from my point of view our future relationship enjoys a common cultural foundation.

50 thoughts on “Viktor Orbán in Bavaria: “2018 will be the year in which the will of the people is restored”

  1. One sane man in Europe, Orban who cares about European people, if they will listen to Him from the beginning, they wouldn’t be this horrific invasion of savages, He knows what Hecus talking about..

    • +1000. Again, if I were in any other European country, as a white woman, I’d be learning a new language and looking to emigrate.

  2. This is good! Sounds angry, looks angry, he’s exposed with truth publicly that these other EU leaders are criminals, have broken the law, and it’s now going stop. We want these millions of muslims removed [redacted].

    It is illegal to open the borders! [redacted].

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    • Not so fast … those “European criminals” get to cast their ‘vote’, too. They won’t just roll over.

      Expect Orban to be vilified … expect the active subversion of the Hungarian State.

      Regime Change … with a little help from our ‘friends’ in the State Dept of you-know-who.

      It’s entirely possible that Hungarians will need the support of Russian forces, if they are to prevent the incursion of European Armies.

      That might sound dramatic, but the stakes are high. Make-or-break for the EU … many thousands of sinecures are at risk.

  3. Victor Orban is shaping up to be the saviour of Europe. Cometh the hour cometh the man

  4. Good. Now, the election map does not add up for Merkill. If the lefties insist on family reunification, the outcome could only be another elections in Germany. That would mean two: local elections in Bavaria this year, too.
    Unspoken but implied, Europe on Christian tradition also means Russia, that has always been part of Europe, through thick and thin. Only been pushed into Asia by the usual suspects.

    • With all due respect, much of Russia lies within Asia; notwithstanding Peter the Great’s wish to face more towards the West, it is part of Russia’s ethnic and cultural heritage.

      • This is a non sequitur. What separates Asia from Europe is an arbitrary line. Ever read a book or watch a movie about travelling on the trans-Siberian. It was European society all the way to Vladivostok. I suggest, reading W.S.Maugham: Ashenden as a start.

        • Nazi Germany was in Europe, too.
          would you welcome it as ally?

          Putin’s Russia is full modern analog.
          a hybrid between Gestapo state, criminal mafia and Asian-style, half feudal, half caste-based imperial tyranny.

          on “Christianity” there, – you can google Chechnya, who is in charge there (“Putin’s loyal soldier” as he calls himself), how many non-Muslims are left there, how it is funded, and how it influences the rest of the country.

          • Russia is not the enemy.
            The enemy is the military industrial complex that Dwight Eisenhower warned against. They will always sacrifice your young men. They will always portray Russia as the enemy. They need an enemy to make money. In their greed they will never make America great again, only themselves richer.

        • I loved Maughan’s books on Ceylon and other British colonial possessions of that era.

          So I will certainly order Ashenden

  5. one needs to be careful when supporting such initiatives.
    breaking European unity, weakening or dissolving NATO are the goals of Putin.

    there are not one but two hostile forces infiltrating and disfiguring Europe today:

    1) Russia. the modus operandi is through divide-and-rule, and intimidation:
    – “controllable chaos” – support of separatist and radical movements of all sorts
    – oil and gas blackmail
    – bribing/intimidating political elites into supporting “Putin-versteher” narratives
    – nuclear blackmail
    – anti-American propaganda
    – fomenting inter-state conflicts (eg Britain-Spain over Gibraltar)
    – political assassinations (Litvinenko)
    – “friendship societies” – defacto intelligence/sabotage headquarters
    – organized crime, eg money laundering
    – armed invasions, occupations, annexations (Georgia, Pristina, Crimea, Donbass)
    – weapons smuggling (Donbass)
    – orchestrated mob violence (Russian spec-ops “football fans” tour in Marseille)
    – Russia as the “conservative Christian white men’s saviour” propaganda

    2) Sunni Islam. similar tactics
    – oil/gas blackmail
    – building no go islamic enclaves as defacto terror bases (Molenbeek)
    – weapons smuggling
    – mass invasions of low IQ, conservative muslims: criminalized, fighting age males
    – spectacular terror acts, including mass casualties bombings/truck-jihad attacks
    – attacking churches and synagogues
    – sexual violence against women
    – islamic mob rule e.g. street prayers, dawah actions
    – stealth jihad – halal, islamic finances, sharia courts, FGM, praying rooms, school curricula
    – universities infiltration “(Islamic law”, “Middle Eastern studies” departments)
    – building new mosques, converting churches to mosques
    – infiltrating/co-opting equality/diversity industry
    – infiltrating and islamizing museum/heritage protection establishment
    – anti-Semitism normalization
    – direct nationalist, diaspora based fifth column politics (Turkey in Germany, Morocco in the
    The Netherlands, Pakistan in the UK)
    – anti-Americanism, again

    Mr. Orban, on the one hand, is building the fence against migrants, but, on the other, he never criticizes Putin. He’s just shut and silent on that; as well as Milos Zeman BTW. oh, and Marine Le Pen. and AfD leaders.

    Or they are useful idiots (which is doubtful), or the conscious agents of Putin?

    • Don’t you think Merkel’s refugee policies have broken European Unity? What about Hungary and the V4, aren’t they European, too?

      And about Putin – isn’t strengthening bonds between Germany, Poland, Hungary, etc. working *against* Putin?
      The blanket accusation of every oppositional German being a “Putinversteher” is just as intellectually honest as calling everyone “Nazi”.

      • unfortunately “Putinversteher” phenomenon is as real as “stealth jihad”, – and as nasty.. and related; one tactics borrows from the other.

        yes you are right – in particular Brexit is mostly a result of Merkel’s madness.

        Europe should discover (and re-vitalize old ones) relevant ways of unity.
        that first-foremost must involves meta-politics.
        For example:
        – secular humanism
        – rational, de-ideologized educatoin
        – right balance of inclusion and exclusion
        – maximizing circle of confidence within
        – charity without

        West has all these components installed but they are abused, disfugured and exploited as we already know.

        Mr Orban as far as I can see, talks about “Christianity” quite a lot and never about rejecting realpolitik.
        still that is better than Merkel and all that parasitic champaignons of Brussels, – but still not the best.
        There is some hope on Kurz, though.

    • I don’t care about Putin. He has done Europe no harm. He has provided stable leadership for many years now. He stands up for his people. Merkel is the wrecker. She should be jailed for what she has done.

      I am coming to see the Russophobes as the useful idiots now. Europe NEEDS leaders like Putin.

    • It is not an either or choice- you present a straw man argument.

      People have the right to their own society, culture, language and borders.

  6. 02:38 We built a fence and maintained border controls,
    02:48 whilst elsewhere in Europe chaos and illegality was being celebrated.

    Whom does he mean? Germany, Bavaria (Munich was one of the “refugees welcome” hotspots)?

    Great speech of Viktor Orban.

    The Establishment in German politics and media is going mad about the issue that the CSU invited him at all to its annual conference. Orban is viewed at as a provocation as if the CSU would have invited somebody from the AfD.

    • Munich was one of the destinations for migrants, due to policies with which the CSU disagreed. Yes, there were “refugees welcome” nitwits in Bavaria, but overall the population was opposed to Merkel’s migration policy.

      • There is already a Three Seas Initiative, containing all the former communist member states of the EU plus Austria. Below you find the wiki link, but there are much better links, which are however not introductory but more specified in their discourse.
        In its initial stage, this cooperation started off mainly about economic cooperation, but it may hopefully develop into a political bloc as well within the EU (if the latter survives its current internal political turmoil, that is).
        Trump supports this initiative and was present at its summit last summer in Warsaw, as was the Chinese president before him.
        It is often misunderstood as an initiative against Russia, but in fact a good partnership and cooperation with Russia will be essential for this initiative to succeed, and for Russia as well, as Putin rightly realizes. This would also bring in the other (mainly or partly) Orthodox countries, like Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Georgia and Armenia.
        The hope is that this bloc will also pursue a roll-back strategy, inviting more EU states that are reluctant to Brussel s open-door policy into its ranks. One may think of Finland and non-EU Switzerland to join soon, as well as future independent German states of Bavaria and Saxony and independent Italian states as South-Tyrol, Padania and Venice, before more countries will join.
        The first challenge is about integrating the nations further west in Europe, which are, with few positive exceptions like Ireland, mostly “liberal” and “multi-culti”. Even if the majority of their native populations would finally wake up (which is still doubtful whether they will), we will be stuck with a large group of foreign and hostile residents, many of them even citizens, who will not leave by themselves.
        Another challenge is overcoming past resentments between member states.
        The last challenge is finding a working language that all participants can understand and can agree on.

        • you overlooked some problems, like annexation of Crimea and 3 years of Russian colonial war against Ukraine, resulting in more than 10K only Ukrainian casualties, among them about 2 thousand non-combatants.

          what else “Putin rightly realizes”?
          probably, how to brew polonium tea for dissidents in London, organize insurgency in Montenegro, buy European politicians and beat English football fans in Marseille.

          • AY, Thank you for your response.
            I certainly did not “overlook” the catastrophe in Ukraine, although I did not address it in my brief posting (in fact, I have many contacts in Ukraine and happen to visit there very often). The reason for this omission is, that this topic is so vast and complicated that it would need a complete book of its own, and even then it will be difficult to address it sufficiently.
            At the end of this posting you will find a link to an Italian documentary about the tragic events of 2014, with English subtitles.
            This horrible and dirty war was in fact sponsored by economic lobby groups (read: Soros & co.), acting out their diabolic plans under the quasi-“legitimate” cover of the Obama adminstration, and aided by ultra-corrupt EU-politicians like Verhofstadt and Timmermans, who also saw their chance to further expand their area of power. A peaceful demonstration of idealistic young Ukrainians for open and fair elections was captured by these agents mentioned above, and directed towards violent radicalisation, rapidly escalating into a horrible war with many casualties. To every ones horror, a Pandora box was opened. The lobby groups did not even hesitate to fund fascist groups with a pitch-dark history in WW II, whose forebears had collaborated with the German Nazi s in the mass-murder of Jews, Russians and Poles, and which could not wait to start hunting down Russian speakers again. It goes without saying that these criminal gangs had absolutely nothing to do with the original democratic movement of the Majdan. The simple fact that these violent groups were anti-Russian seemed to suffice for Soros & co. It is here that Putin was forced to act on behalf of the Russian speakers, although of course he also made several serious mistakes in this. About the annexation of the Crimea one may debate, but the fact remains that the overall majority of the Crimeans voted for reunification with Russia. The aim of Soros was the ultimate destruction of Europe through division of our continent along one of its achilles heals, the centuries-old cultural fault line between the mainly Catholic and Protestant West and Centre and the mainly Orthodox East of Europe (f.ex. Samuel Huntinton, Arnold Toynbee, Oswald Spengler and Nikolay Danilevski have written extensive works about this reality and its risks through mutual misunderstandings). The reason why they would want to throw Europe into a mess my triggering intra-European wars is the same as why they usher millions of hostile foreigners of a violent pseudo-religion into our continent. It is in Europe, and after that in Russia, that a new consciousness is going to develop, which will be necessary for the future of all Mankind. One can read more about this in the works of Rudolf Steiner, Sergej Prokoviev, Nikolay Berdyayev, and also Edgar Cayce mentioned this about Russia etc. By destroying our continent through flooding it with hostile low-IQ strangers and making us fight each other, this consciousness will not develop or will be delayed. That way the forces behind these lobby groups can hold on to their power. It goes without saying that other Western nations, like the USA, Canada, Australia, Israel, parts of Latin-America etc will also have a hard time surviving if Europe collapses. We can be lucky that Donald Trump won the US elections, because he is willing to drain the swamp that is on the way of killing us all. This will be an extremely tough job, but lets hope that he will succeed in this.


  7. White Christians are under attack. Why do these non-white, non-Christian hordes not swarm into China, India or the Muslim countries? The invasion is always aimed at white Christian countries. Once established there they start breeding and before you know it “democracy” ensures the loss of that country. Just take a look at what happened to the white Christians in South Africa. They have been delivered to the tender mercies of a Communist-led terrorist organization masquerading as a political party. Take heed – this is the plan with all (I repeat: ALL) white Cristian countries.

    • Why “white Christians”, Willem? Here in the UK, I would suggest that there are proportionately more Christians among the black Afro-Caribbean and African populace than the natives; a few have even tried to save my soul!

      • In the U.S., the term “white Christians” would be considered not only insulting but historically wrong. Even now, the black churches in those dismal Democrat urban hellholes are bastions of civilization. Some of the more notorious black “leaders” in this country tack “Reverend” on their names to gain respect…

        The Baron and I held our marriage ceremony in a black church that abuts our property. It’s been there in some form since Lincoln freed the slaves – probably began as a “brush church” or a “brush arbor church” with the first congregation. The brush arbor – sometimes “bush arbor, has a long tradition, dating back among whites to the Second Awakening…(there were three, possibly four, of these “Awakenings” from the 18th through the mid-19th century. They were antecedents for the Pentecostal and Evangelical movements which spread through the South and West at the turn of the century and continue today).

        There have been attempts to integrate churches in the U.S. Only the Catholic and the Anglican congregations have succeeded at all, and that very limitedly. However, the white church has borrowed some of the gospel music of the black congregations. In fact, many Episcopal churches carry African-American hymnals.

        But we’re going off topic, Mark. This post is Viktor Orban, this is Central and Eastern Europe. Long may they thrive.

    • Because Western society, and Europe in particular, carries a self-imposed double-cross of being the bastion of civilization and culture. If East Asia (in theory) accepted migrants, they would rather return home than go there.

    • They swarm into China, too. It is a massive problem, but not reported in the Western Media.
      You will find the odd report on how China is tightening security, how “unfair” they treat Uyghurs, or how they are for no reason at all 😉 refusing to issue Visas to Turkish students, tourists and businesspeople.

    • Willem: Easy answer: The West is more welcoming, more comfortable, provides lots of free stuff, and, besides, that’s where all the nice beaches are located.

    • Yes it’s noticeable that the slaughter of white Christian farmers is ignored by the overwhelmingly black clergy of the South African chapter of the worldwide Anglican communion.

      They were vociferously active in campaigning for the rights of black Christians in South Africa.

      Their silence now that white Christians farmers are at the pointy end of things is deafening in the context of their previous human rights

      Clearly a case of black lives matter more than white lives.

      • Oops sorry 2nd to last paragraph should read

        “Their silence now that white Christian farmers are at the pointy end of things, is deafening in the context of their erstwhile enthusiastic human rights activism”

  8. Earth shaking event? Are you kidding me?

    IMO, Mr. Seehofer is on a mission to save his own skin and that of the CSU, the Bavarian sister party of Merkel’s CDU and, sadly, that’s all there is to it.

    Let me explain: Seehofer is a lifelong career politician. He has never done a day of honest work in his life. He wants immigration restricted to only (!) 300,000 invaders per year. Bavaria holds state elections in 2018. In the (state) elections of 2013 the CSU has lost a very substantial part of their base and they are scared to death to lose more this year. During the 20th century the CSU mostly had an absolute majority in Bavaria and they are on their way to become insignificant if the present trend continues.

    As we speak, the CDU, CSU and SPD (social democRats) are coming together for another 5 day round of coalition talks and, once again, the will of the people is going to get thrown under the bus of political convenience. All of the above have had substantial losses during the 2017 elections. The German people has clearly withdrawn its leadership mandate from that entrenched elite but they will STILL and AGAIN get business as usual.

    If Seehofer was honest he would withdraw from national coalition talks and enter a coalition with the AfD in Bavaria.

    If Orban and his colleagues were serious they would hand the EU an immigration ultimatum and eventually exit the EU and NATO.

    Seehofer is parading Orban in front of his potential Bavarian voters to keep them from supporting the AfD and that’s all there is to this “earth shaking event”.

    • Well, yes, that’s exactly what I said, or did you miss that part? Mr. Seehofer is desperately trying to save his political skin.

      However, in doing so, he has given a serious poke in the eye to both Merkel and Macron. And if his party joins a new coalition with the SPD — which is demanding a continuation of open borders as its price for participation — then Mr. Seehofer is likely to be toppled by an insurrection from within the lower levels of the CSU. So in the next few weeks he will have to play his cards very deftly indeed.

      Meanwhile, Viktor Orbán has gained a well-publicized public forum for his contention that the entire Great Migration was illegal under EU law (and under German law, too). This will be his primary defense when he is eventually hauled before the ECJ or whatever court of “justice” that the EU charges him in. He will get the opportunity to expose to public view the specific statutes of EU law that Frau Merkel’s actions violated. And all this will be done under the bright lights of intense media publicity. It can’t be something that commissars in Brussels are looking forward to.

      So the next weeks and months should be very interesting indeed.

      • Oh please – Seehofer pokes no-one in the eye that’s not politically SAFE to poke.
        He just today entered the fresh coalition talks saying he was “ready to compromise”.
        The public image of Orban will continue to be defined by the MSM and you know what THAT means. This little stint gave him no advantage whatsoever.
        You have an altogether way too optimistic perception of European media and parliamentary politics.

        • I’m telling you, Seehofer risks being ousted from within his own party if he negotiates a coalition on terms that support continued mass immigration. He is quite vulnerable if his leadership keeps the CSU on its current path.

          Wait and see — I predict that either a significant change will occur, or Seehofer will leave the political stage. Which is a major change in itself, of course.

        • I feel you are right.
          While watching the video I actually look at the people behind Orbán.If you look attentively you will see their scummy faces, their deep disrespect.
          They where forced to be there, nasty people that they are.
          They put up with it but they know it is temporary
          Just watch carefully.I would slam their nasty faces with their smug expressions if I could.

    • “If Orban and his colleagues were serious they would hand the EU an immigration ultimatum and eventually exit the EU and NATO.”
      The sensible strategy would be to exit NATO and sit on the fence with regard to EU (Austria is in EU, not NATO). That would create a Europe that Bush Sr. offered Gorby. And yes, Gorby was a clown to believe in the word of honour.

    • This is just a side-note, but it was a 200,000-per-year-maximum that the CSU propose(d). Still way too many for any sane person. The size of an average German regional capital town.

  9. Life in hitlers germany, i just saw this old documentary on youtube,

    Its incredibly like the germany merkels created today, watching this documentary is scary, it depicts what went on in 1930s in the leD up to ww2, its very remniscant of what merkel and her stasi traitors have turned germany into today, censorship, arrests, fear of speaking out, jailing people who tell truth, german news media operating total blackout of facts and reality.

    I reccomend to take look this.

    Its a eye opener, its clear the Nazis are back in germany, they wear suits and ties, talk economics instead of warfare, but their aim is same as adolf hitler!
    Totalitarian rule, angela merkel and cdu afe the Neo Nazis in 2018

    May God save germany and germans, and all european peoples from merkels blitzKreig.

  10. Hitler youth! Old Documentary,

    Must see, its like exactly whats going on now with the left, books, inverting history and science, these documentarys eere made in 50s, as a warning,

    Hitler is like Allah, and the activity of the nazis, is very simular to islam, ie, getting hold very young kids, brainwashing them.

    Watch, and see how much its like whats happening right now in eussr.

  11. About that Seehofer:

    Personally I’d call him “Merkel’s Handbag”. Some more witty Germans described him as:

    “Springt ab wie ein Tiger, aber landet immer als ihr Bettvorläger ”
    “Springs up like a Tiger, but always lands as her bedside rug”.

    If I may mix my metaphors: he is a “handbag” that has as much “blood on its hands” as does Merkel. I hope that when he comes to collect the little crumbs that Merkel will throw to him, she won’t be able to throw any crumbs to anyone and will be breaking her teeth on hard bread in prison.

    Have a look at the “body language” between the both, when Merkel visited the CSU convention in Bavaria recently – Merkel and Seehofer…sitting in a tree

    PS: dont take ANYTHING even slightly decent and going in the right direction, coming from Merkel/Seehover now as ANYTHING else but blatant, shameless and terminally opportunistic electioneering – they are dead-scared of the AfD.

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