Understanding Abrogation: The Koran in Reverse Chronological Order

An anonymous emailer contacted us about a version of the Koran which has been compiled in reverse chronological order, so that abrogating verses appear before abrogated ones. The abrogated passages are struck through, to make it clear that they no longer apply. There is also a system of color-coding to provide the reader with additional information.

The text of the PDF document is too long and the formatting too complex for it to be converted to HTML. However, I’ve uploaded a copy of it here (1.45MB).

Below are excerpts from the introduction:

This translation

The Koran reproduced here was translated by the convert to Islam Muhammad Marmaduke Picthall (b.1875 d. 1936). It was published in 1930, with the title “The Meaning of the Glorious Koran”. It was authorised by Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt. This University is acknowledged to be the foremost in Islamic scholarship in Sunni Islam.

This translation is no longer restricted by copyright, as more than 70 years have passed since the death of the author. Unfortunately the style of English is old-fashioned. There are numerous more recent translations freely available online, which can be read in parallel if a particular verse is unclear. Also, some authors, including Picthall, seek to minimise the full impact of the violent instructions, by somewhat disguising the meaning. For example “Then smite the necks. “ Koran 8:12 rather than the actual meaning, which is to behead the disbelievers: “Therefore strike off their heads…”

Note that there can be discrepancies of verse numbering between translations. If reading another translation it may be necessary to search a few verses before or after the corresponding number, in order to find the same verse.


The concept of Abrogation is the single most important point to understand when attempting to study Islam. Simply stated, it is that the chronologically more recent verses supersede the older verses, wherever contradictions exist. Verses which have been abrogated are shown crossed out, and the abrogating verse number is noted.

The Koran itself describes the principle of abrogation:

Koran 2:106 Nothing of our revelation (even a single verse) do we abrogate or cause be forgotten, but we bring (in place) one better or the like thereof. Knowest thou not that Allah is Able to do all things?

The sura (chapters) in this copy have been arranged in reverse chronological order (i.e. the most recent first). The conventional numbering of the sura has been retained. If you have limited time, then start by reading the most recent sura (110, 9, 5 etc.)

Mohammed’s career started in Mecca. Initially his movement was weak and had few followers. At this time he was more conciliatory towards other religions, particularly Christianity and Judaism. He was attempting to persuade the scholars of those religions that he was a genuine prophet. However they rejected him. He became increasingly unpopular in Mecca, and had to flee to Medina, over 200 miles distant. The Medinan sura became increasingly intolerant, violent, and uncompromising, as his power increased. The citizens of Medina had initially welcomed him into their city in order to act as an intermediary arbiter between competing factions. They soon came to regret this mistake. Intolerance and violence are the features of genuine Islam that we see today. It has superseded the more tolerant Meccan phase.

Today political leaders are desperately trying to avoid any criticism of Islam itself. They repeatedly tell us that the latest terrorist atrocity is nothing to do with Islam, and that it was only a lone individual with mental health problems. Unfortunately for these politicians, such excuses are not credible. Not if you have read the Koran for yourself. Do they not see that being obliged to believe the Koran with its instructions to violence and religious hatred and inhuman attitudes might lead to such mental health problems? Nevertheless a proportion of Jihadis may not be clinically insane. The most straightforward explanation is that they genuinely believe the teachings within the Koran – the teachings to kill nonbelievers.

Abrogating verses

The verses listed here abrogate one or more other verses. Note that these abrogating verses are generally the most intolerant ones, commanding violence against nonbelievers.

Download the current version (PDF) for the rest of the introduction, and for the entire annotated Koran:

The Koran in Reverse Chronological Order, translated into English by Muhammad Marmaduke Picthall (b.1875 d. 1936), with commentary and annotations by non-Muslims, second edition. To check that you have the latest edition, visit http://blueprintislam.bravesites.com/.

23 thoughts on “Understanding Abrogation: The Koran in Reverse Chronological Order

  1. Thank you Baron.
    This is another great resource to know the truth of the sayings of Mohammad that became the ideology of islam that all muslims follow.
    It is great in exposing islam and Mohammad with truth.
    It is good that the koran is shown in chronological order, to that the reader can more easily see its intent, that also exposes the abrogation verses.

    “A Declaration of Peaceful Intent”
    A simple declaration for muslim leaders to sign publicly, that they oppose the terror verses. (best videoed and put on Utube) It can be waved about by any body, (including us) showing the signature, confronting all muslims, how they do not support terror, or that they really are following a warring Mohammad .

    In signing or not signing, it exposes how the terrror verses work.
    Importantly it gets our public to become more aware and questioning, of the problem, and may even get a number of muslims see the truth of their ideology.

    Just look how al qaeda and hamas are in conflict for not being muslim enough, over Jerusalem having an USA embassy.
    http://www.newsweek.com/gazas-next-war-looms-isis-vows-defeat-hamas-failing-stop-trump-770694 I do think they will patch it up anyway.

    Sure their may be some taqiyya, but the “declaration” needs to be pushed, on to imams, community muslim leaders etc.. When there is a breach of contract, then even the public can bring a challenge through the courts, and have something to work with.
    The public will more quickly see a breach of contract too, so will have more effect on local politics and bring on more pressure to all government departments.

    We need to use every tool that have to bring the truth to all, about islamic ideology and to keep it exposed.
    It is a peaceful way, as we need to break islam’s credibility by bringing truth, via chronological order, exposing the abrogation and verses, showing the warring intent that all muslims are suppose to follow.

    • Since the document and the web page contain no details about publication date, and the web page has had no more than 372 visitors at this point in time, it appears they are ripping off the idea behind the book I produced with Tommy Robinson, “Mohammed’s Koran – Why Muslims Kill For Islam” which was published in July 2017.


      I checked in archive.org’s Wayback Machine, and there is no past copy of their homepage, so there is no way of finding out if they came up with this idea of reverse chronology without intending to rip off our work. Working copies of “Mohammed’s Koran” were circulating in private circles as far back as 2016.

      Whilst 19th century experts were putting the Koran in chronological order, the all-important 9:5 gets hidden somewhere in the last 25% of the Koran. By reversing the chronological order, 9:5 is brought to the fore, emphasizing the key role it plays in abrogation (when we discussed this idea, we could find no evidence that anyone else had considered doing this before us). Keeping the Koran in it’s traditional order is a form of encryption, making it a huge effort for the ordinary man or woman to find out what Islam is really about. Unlike this rip-off, our book contains nearly 600 footnotes, citing the authority for each abrogated verse.

      In the 100 page Introduction we explain the logic behind what we did and also demonstrate that throughout the 20th century the educated elite knew that Islam was the opposite of “the religion of peace”. It was only after 9/11 that the media and the political class started to use the Grand Lie “Islam is a Religion of Peace”, their complicity in the current phase of the Jihad. Many readers point out that “Mohammed’s Koran” is two books, and that 100 page Introduction is worth the cover price alone.

      We know that our book has been read by well over 20,000 people in the last 6 months (the total sales plus the 1250 we gave away at the book launches that the police/antifa kept forcing to be cancelled). We are now preparing a delivery of 650 copies, one for each MP in the UK, so that people can go to their MP and demand that the MP act on the evidence contained in the book. There is also going to be a Dawah Tour, where Tommy (plus security) will turn up in random towns on unspecified dates, handing out free copies to members of the public. If he cannot do this but Muslims can, it is just further proof that the elite are actively Islamizing the West.

      The website which accompanies “Mohammed’s Koran” (www.mohammeds-koran.com) provides 5 different translations, connected by chapter/verse, so that anyone who thinks there was some mischief in choosing the Pickthall translation can see for himself that the other translations are in agreement with Pickthall.

      My guess is this ripoff doesn’t like the idea that we charge for the book. But we couldn’t give away 1000s of copies without the cover price covering the cost of the free copies.

      Just as they give no credit to you for your colour-coding of the Koran, so they give no credit to us for the idea of putting the Koran in reverse-chronological order to demonstrate how abrogation cancels any interpretation of Islam as peaceful or tolerant. Still, if people want a shoddy, unconvincing version of our book, Gates of Vienna has kindly pointed them to it.

      • Mr. McLoughlin,

        With all due respect to you and Tommy for your crucial work, you don’t know that this is a “ripoff” of your book. It could well be “steam engine time” in the West for an awareness of the Doctrine of Abrogation, and this effort may be just one instance of it.

        For the sake of his own safety, the person who wrote to me requested anonymity, so he is apparently not in it for personal fame. Nor is he in it to make lots of money, obviously. It’s possible that he was unaware of your work, simply came up with the same idea that you did independently, only with a less extensive coverage of the topic.

        He wrote to me and asked for help, which I was happy to provide. If you had written to me with a similar request, I would have done the same for you (and Tommy). Tommy knows we’ll help him out whenever he asks.

        So if you’d like some publicity for your book, by all means send me some material on it — a short essay, perhaps, or a review written by a well-known figure. I’ll find some appropriate graphics to go with it, post it here, and help give it whatever boost our modest traffic might bring.

      • It’s unfortunate that we didn’t know about your book before you left this comment. We are great admirers of Tommy Robinson; the B has met him several times in trips to the UK and we both have worried about his safety in The Korrupt Kingdom. In a dark time where there are few people of heroic stature, TR’s great courage and tenacity are a beacon. We deeply admire him.

        For our readers, this is the GoV portal for the book:


        And here is my favorite comment:

        This is disgusting. How does a book like this make it onto Amazon?!? This is teaching people how to hate others. Nothing in this book is true about Islam. If you want to know the truth then reading the Quran or going to a local Mosque to get your questions answered. Be careful, don’t always believe what you read or see. Do your research.

        Yeah, sure: I’m gonna head to my local mosque to get the truth. Roger that.

        Here’s another:

        No Muslams killed any one by the name of Islam, If some one did it.they didnt belong to Islam, Islam is arabic word and its mean peace,hate speech!! I do not believe free speech which is hurting others is a good thing. Words can be more hurting than knifes and swords. Legally hateful speech or writings should not be allowed. If you curse someone he / she will curse you back. If you hate others religion , they will hate yours . You get what you give. Let’s make this word peaceful for every one and love each other. Writer does not know ISLAM means peace and prophet did not kill anyone and did not attack others , only defended.

        A true believer who wants to outlaw free speech so we can love one another, just as they love one another in Islam.
        These one-star reviews remind me of those left on Diana West’s book – short on intelligence, long on vitriol.

        We’ll buy the Kindle version. [with some trepidation about whether we’ll be permitted to keep it permanently. Amazon’s Kindle rules specify that they can remove the Kindle version whenever it suits them. Obviously, the service agreement is more carefully worded than that, but the removal of books is a risk. Fortunately, Bezos is more focused on his bottom line.]

        The print version is probably beyond my eyesight or I’d get that.

        The book belongs on our homepage sidebar. I’ll ask the B to put it up in place of another but it may take a while for that to happen. Do you have a sharper image available?

        • I was pointing out that, from the information available, I was unable to ascertain whether or not this was simply ripping off our work (without even acknowledging what we’d done). That the colour-coded Koran is the basis of this reverse-chronology without any acknowledgement of that fact would seem to indicate the person who constructed the PDF has no regard for such innovations.

          A mutual friend told me long ago that she was buying the Kindle version of “Mohammed’s Koran” as a gift for Ned (I have no doubt that you have met her in person). I remember distinctly because she said that you would not be able to read the print copy (she’d seen an advance copy in January 2017). But from your surprise it sounds like she never got round to buying you that gift.

          FYI “Mohammed’s Koran” went straight to No.1 on Amazon UK and stayed there until the first print run of 5000 copies ran out. For months afterwards it was the best-selling Koran for both Amazon US and Amazon UK.

          Tommy regularly posts things on Facebook and Twitter about the book, and has discussed the book on the shows of Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson (and others), and Tommy has made videos about the book for Rebel media. Positive comments about the book were tweeted by Geert Wilders and others.

          I’m surprised that it went unnoticed in the US that the UK Police forced the cancellation of the book’s launch, costing the hosts and the attendees considerable loss of money. Tommy turned up and personally gave out over 1200 free (signed) copies to try to compensate for the injustice. Such cancellations happened not just once, but at three different venues in three different cities (profits from the Manchester launch were to go to the victims of the attack on the Ariana Grande concert). With 24 hours notice that the Manchester event could not proceed we hired a double-decker bus with a massive video screen down the side of the bus, and the launch was held in the equivalent of a huge car park. Tommy spent 3 hours on a dark, cold night signing book after book. There were multiple people who put up videos on YouTube of Tommy and the ad hoc launch in Manchester. The book launch must have been surrounded by 100 police officers.

          I have previously left messages about “Mohammed’s Koran” here when it seemed appropriate. But I wasn’t going to make a pest of myself. At some point one just makes the judgement that some people are not interested in this particular subject. I think it was some six weeks ago when I left a message expressing my bemusement at how sites like this seemed to be unaware of the existence of “Mohammed’s Koran”.

          I would probably not have mentioned the book here again except I had people messaging me today saying “you must be ticked off at what they have posted over at Gates of Vienna”.

          After dealing with printers too scared to print the book, fake copies designed to mislead readers, Muslim attempts to get the book banned, Amazon suspending sales for a month,
          distribution companies who refused to deliver it, police who caused chaos by cancelling the launch events, etc. that the counter-jihad movement was unaware the book exists was one of our minor problems.

          Judging by approximately 600 five star reviews at Amazon, we succeeded in making it easy to understand a very complex subject. That has to be our satisfaction.

          • I can understand your consternation. I’ll look on our list of Kindle books to see if it somehow came in and we didn’t see it. Since I often loan out Kindle books, I’d be surprised if it got by me.

            There are 234 reviews on the U.S. Amazon site. The U.K. version must be delightfully lit up.

            I want to put it on our sidebar when the B can get a good image. Meanwhile, I will read at least the very long introduction. I noticed quite a few people particularly recommended it.

            Thank you for yanking this chain…sometimes it’s the only way to get Ned’s attention. He works 12-14 hours a day, 24/7, with time off for meals and driving me to the doctor…

          • When people email me asking me for help with publicity, I generally do so if I possibly can. And I would especially make room for something from Tommy, which is ALWAYS welcome.

            Just send materials to gatesofvienna (at) chromatism (dot) net.

      • Mr McLoughlin

        The PDF does in fact credit Koran-At-A-Glance. It’s on page 7.

        To give some background, a few months ago someone asked if they could use KAAG for a project of their own and I sent them all the HTML files. I heard no more so I was surprised to see the PDF here, especially as I believe it was created by a different person to the one who asked. Come to think of it, they might have said it was a friend of theirs who had the project in mind. I can’t honestly remember.

        I was delighted to see it (although I still don’t see the advantage in reversing the chronology, just as I wouldn’t start a whodunit at the last chapter, but each to their own). One of the KAAG group first saw the idea of colour coding the Koran on the site of a Dutch blogger called Red Bee. We extended his version and now someone else has extended it again. I think colour coding is such an effective way of showing different facets of the Koran that I would love to see other, all singing all dancing, presentations with much greater technical sophistication than we had at our disposal, with many more themes and perhaps dynamic links to other sources.

        Good luck with sending your book to the MPs. A year or so ago a friend of KAAG decided to send the link to all their Facebook sites. He got to “H” I believe before he was banned from Facebook for life.

        • Ah, Facebreak. That’s why GoV isn’t there anymore. An evil black hole sucking in all the energy around it.

          Twitter is so much more sophisticated. It just shadow bans “rednecks” of whatever nationality.

        • “I was delighted to see it (although I still don’t see the advantage in reversing the chronology, just as I wouldn’t start a whodunit at the last chapter, but each to their own).”

          Then clearly the manufacturers of this PDF have failed to justify their project. Since nearly every verified purchase on Amazon gives “Mohammed’s Koran” five stars, I take it we did not fail in explaining our revolutionary take on the Koran.

          A whodunit has a narrative structure intricately designed to entice the reader to the end. The Koran does not. Even when the chapters of the Koran are placed in chronological order, it does not have a narrative structure designed to lead the reader by the hand to some final revelation. Many of the apologist Introductions in English translations of the Koran say that it is a highly confusing book.

          Many years ago, when I first I sought out an account of the chapters of the Koran in chronological order, I found the resulting three column list confusing (column 1 was the traditional chapter name, column 2 was the traditional number of that chapter, column 3 was the number of that chapter name in chronological order). Every time I returned to that list, I had to do some mental gymnastics to re-orientate myself. So we confine such columnar presentations of chronology to an Appendix at the end of the book.

          When one sets out to understand the question “why are devout Muslims so drawn to killing other people”, then seeing the Koran chapters in reverse chronological order answers that question immediately. Trying to look at the Koran in any other ways means one must spend hours (maybe hundreds of hours) wandering through a maze in order to answer that question. Normal people will lose the will to live long before they have understood why Muslims kill for Islam.

          As Allahu Ak-barriers go up around Christmas markets, cathedrals, government buildings, etc. this question is the most important question of our time. If someone follows the instructions in the first paragraph of “Mohammed’s Koran”, and then puts down the book and reads no more of it, I am confident that for the vast majority of the Kuffar population we will have answered that question. The rest of the book exists for those who are determined they do not want to believe what they see in our book and in the news.

          Only the most blind will get to the end of the book and refuse to believe what they have been shown. One of these blinded readers wrote a refutation of MK. After calling us names, his refutation continued by explaining what the Arabic writing on the front of the book said, and he then proceeded to claim this Arabic writing is not something we explain to the reader anywhere in the book. In fact, it is explained in the very first page of text which follows the title page (exactly where any standard book would give attributions and explanations concerning the front cover). Only someone so ideologically blind could read MK and not understand why Muslims are killing us for Islam.

          Despite politicians and Muslims and police and the so-called “antifa” doing everything they can to stop people reading “Mohammed’s Koran”, we have many accounts of people passing the book around in pubs, lending it out to friends and family, or even buying copies for those who do not believe what they have been told about Islam by those close to them who have put their lives at risk to expose Islam. One man in the UK – who has been imprisoned for his mild jokes about a state-funded Islamic deception organisation – bought 200 copies of MK to distribute to family and friends, saying he knew of no other work which explained the problem with Islam so well. It is exceedingly gratifying to know we produced something that he felt would easily wake up those who could not understand why he had risked so much.

          We’re wide open to suggestions for improvements. But the book has greatly exceeded our expectations. We expected the first print run to sell out in four months, but it sold out in four days. Such is the hunger to have an answer to the question of our time.

          • Yes, I was surprised to see that the PDF did not explain the reasons for reversing the chronological order as far as I could see, but I did not find your reasons as detailed in your posts convincing.

            I haven’t read your book but I looked through the PDF and thought “Where is the structure that helps me to understand what’s going on? It’s all, well, back to front”. The point about Medina is that it came after Mecca and the point of the abrogating verses is that they came after the abrogated ones.

            The Koran does have a simple narrative structure (despite its intentions) although it has to be brought out for the reader, especially the reader coming new to it. It consists mainly of the progression from the peaceful suras of Mecca to the warlike ones of Medina. Another aspect to this is Mohammed’s growing egomania as he got hold of power on his own account rather than having to rely on Allah’s threats and promises. In Mecca Mohammed is a just a warner and Allah’s slave, but in Medina he accords himself equal billing (“Those who disobey Allah and his apostle” etc). It wouldn’t surprise me, had Mohammed lived a few more years, to find him taking top billing himself or even dispensing with Allah’s services altogether, declaring himself divine like Alexander.

            What we tried to do with Koran-At-A-Glance was to show the difference between Mecca and Medina because the first thing naïve readers (like MPs) need to appreciate is that it is two effectively two books which allows Muslims to confuse the kaffir with peaceful sentiments from Mecca covering Medina type violence. To our way of thinking the text was secondary to the home page which shows the difference in a graphic way. We hoped that all a reader would need to do would be to glance down the page and see the mass of mauve down there and twig. That is why it is called Koran-At-A-Glance.

            This appears to be the core of your argument:

            “When one sets out to understand the question “why are devout Muslims so drawn to killing other people”, then seeing the Koran chapters in reverse chronological order answers that question immediately. Trying to look at the Koran in any other ways means one must spend hours (maybe hundreds of hours) wandering through a maze in order to answer that question. Normal people will lose the will to live long before they have understood why Muslims kill for Islam.”

            I completely disagree. Spending hundreds of hours wandering through a maze applies only to the conventional order. All readers need with a chronologically ordered Koran is to be warned “The bits which really concern you start with sura 2 on page… and come to their culmination with sura 9 on page…”

            I am just explaining why I take a different view since it seems to matter to you to convince me. But it doesn’t matter what I think does it? I am glad that the paying public agree with you. May your book wake up many of those currently asleep.

          • ‘I completely disagree. Spending hundreds of hours wandering through a maze applies only to the conventional order. All readers need with a chronologically ordered Koran is to be warned “The bits which really concern you start with sura 2 on page… and come to their culmination with sura 9 on page…” ‘
            … and then some Muslim/Quisling comes along and tells your readers that your website is provided by a biased nobody (their view) who only cherry-picked the sections to justify his prejudice; that you provided no proof for abrogation (except to point to some other website with no authority, etc). The conviction your reader had has then been undermined or destroyed. We tried to anticipate such attacks and to ensure that the reader had a surfeit of authoritative evidence included in the text.

            We make no bones about it in the Introduction: there are scores of people more intelligent and better-versed than us. We didn’t try to out-do them, we tried to look at why their message is failing to take hold, to fix this such that readers would be able to grasp the truth in minutes and would be repeatedly able to hold their own in an argument. We attempted to provide a multi-layered defense for the reader, so that they could spend as little or as much as they needed taking arguments and evidence from the book. Certainly some readers have provided feedback that makes us believe we achieved this aim. One man (a total stranger to us) bought 200 copies to give to everyone he knew, saying that after many years in this fight (including him being sent to prison) MK was the only book he knew which made such a persuasive case. The single most common response to the book was “it opened my eyes”.

            We did pre-launch market research, where ordinary towns were seeded with a few copies. The contacts in those towns would take a book to the pub and leave it lying on the table. Discussions would ensue, people would peruse the book. Even months later we were told that the not-yet-published book was being publicly discussed in that town. This was another sign to us that we were managing to communicate some very complex ideas in a way that people found understandable and engaging.

            The state and a variety of organisations have attempted to stop this book. That’s yet another sign we are on the right track.

            ‘I am just explaining why I take a different view since it seems to matter to you to convince me. But it doesn’t matter what I think does it? I am glad that the paying public agree with you. May your book wake up many of those currently asleep.’

            I don’t need to convince you. As far as I’m concerned, let a million flowers bloom. People are persuaded by different approaches. The more people who are persuaded the better.

            Any knowledgeable person will look at your koran at a glance and say “yup, that sums it up in an instant”. We just tried to destroy objection after objection as to why people might not be convinced by work like yours. And we tried to get the public to understand that it is only in the last couple of decades that people have been systematically deceived about the nature of Islam.

            It is important for the public to realise that the state and the elite have turned against us, that they are wilfully complicit with the process of Islamisation.

            I’m not at all convinced we can even stem the tide of Islamisation. But we have to give it our best effort. Various predictions were made after 7/7 and after the beheading of Lee Rigby that “now things will change for the better”. But they didn’t. They just got worse. So in that sense, we are all failing.

          • The only place where the tide of Islam continues on is India. I hope we’re not following in India’s wake.

            When you say

            Various predictions were made after 7/7 and after the beheading of Lee Rigby that “now things will change for the better”. But they didn’t.,

            you remind me of my attempts to find any mention of 7/7 on its first anniversary. The gaping silence left me disheartened for the future of England (no, not the UK. It happened in England). That whole year following, I would contemplate all the dead from that deliberately murderous scene. I couldn’t help but think of all those dead people whose loved ones would never see them again. It was much the same way I envisioned the dead from 9/11…

            …but from “the dog that didn’t bark” silence of the 7/7 anniversary, I lost hope that England will ever be “Brittania” again. Something is missing now. Tommy has become the rara avis, the canary in the coal mine…how long will his oxygen hold out?

  2. It is, indeed, puzzling as to how the earnest, though perhaps annoying, Warner of Mecca metamorphosed into a bloody-minded and ruthless warlord. It is almost as if two different men went by the same name. Perhaps what happened to Darth Vader of modern mythology happened to old Mo. Unable to overcome his ego and his negative emotions he fell into the “dark side of the force” and all his spiritual attainments turned into a never-ending curse for humanity.

  3. [1] Great Dane! I always liked the surname of this translator, but who knew that he had such a canine middle name?

    [2] What gives with the spelling of his surname? The cover of this book spells it Picthall, but elsewhere, including in Wikipedia, it is spelled with a “k”:

    [3] How is his surname pronounced? Not even Wikipedia will tell us. Maybe it’s “PICT-hall”, evoking the image of a medieval hall full of woad-blued Picts. Or maybe it’s “PICK-thall”, evoking the image of hunter-gatherer thallus pickers.

  4. Downloaded it; not very useful as clicking on headings or highlighted links doesn’t work.

  5. Another helpful aid.
    “Blogging the Qur’an”
    by Robert Spencer.
    The idea is the approximate 87 sections are in bite size, so take a day or 2 and then go onto the next.
    Also links to Czech, Danish, German and Italian.

    commentaries — all Muslim ones — on the Qur’an.
    I’ll try to explain how mainstream Muslims who study the Qur’an will understand any given passage…..
    …..Qur’an’s general (but not absolute) pattern of being organized not chronologically or thematically, but simply running from the longest to the shortest chapters, with the exception of the Fatiha (sura 1), which has pride of place as the first sura because of its centrality in Islam.

    Possibly good to recognize the chronological order as well, or rather the Mecca verses, and the Medina verses with the all powerful abrogation affect.

    All of these are useful tools, and thanks to “koran at a glance” as both use the same colour code.

    Supporting Tommy Robinson as he has a book about the koran launched last year.
    On amazon so it can be put on kindle.

    Knowledge, truth, is where the brittleness of islam is.
    We must use that and spread it far and wide.
    Thanks to Baron & Dymphna, like W. Churchill, keeping the fire of knowledge and truth alive.

  6. Many thanks for the helpful comments. I have adjusted the latest edition accordingly:
    – Corrected the spelling of “Pickthall” (oops!)
    – Made the table of contents hyperlink to the chapter headings.

    I had already acknowledged the Koran at a Glance website within the NOTES section. It is extremely useful, and I wrote: “The colour scheme has been borrowed from “The Koran At A Glance” website, and extended: http://www.koran-at-a-glance.com/ This website is exceptionally helpful, please link to it from your own website, blog, or via social media.”

    It was not at all my intention to cause annoyance or upset to anyone who is also battling away to highlight the evils of Islam. In particular I did not set out to upset Peter McLoughlin. I have not yet read your book – I will do but I have a long “to do” list. In order to be helpful, I have added this to the “Further study” section of the NOTES chapter:

    “This NOTES section is intended as a brief introduction to Islam. You may also like to read “Mohammed’s Koran: Why Muslims Kill For Islam” by Peter McLoughlin and Tommy Robinson, available via Amazon.”

    Different people do come up with the same idea independently. It makes logical sense to arrange the sura in reverse chronological order. If you look at my old “Sola Virtus” website you will see that I did that back in 2010: http://sola-virtus.blogspot.co.uk/2010/07/chronological-koran.html

    My intention is to send “The Koran in Reverse Chronological Order” to as many politicians and influential people as possible. It is a free PDF document. If anyone can help with this task please do so. Check that you have the latest edition available here, then email it to them:

    • Different people do come up with the same idea independently.

      For many years the B has called this phenomenon “steam engine time” since that particular breakthrough occurred in different places simultaneously. Which must have been upsetting for some of those who worked so hard to produce their own version.

    • ‘Different people do come up with the same idea independently. It makes logical sense to arrange the sura in reverse chronological order. If you look at my old “Sola Virtus” website you will see that I did that back in 2010’

      Then it is I who owe you an apology. We had no knowledge of your book. If there is an opportunity to produce a 2nd edition of Mohammed’s Koran, a reference to your pioneering idea will certainly be added, and the book will be added to the bibliography. We gave credit to a modern (totally apologist) chronological Koran, just to show we weren’t insane in seeing the importance of chronological ordering. So we should certainly ensure that your work is acknowledged as having anticipated what we did.

      We could see that even after we’d cancelled every abrogated verse that having the Koran in chronological order still didn’t bring out much clarity to the reader (we always kept the idea of the ordinary man as our target audience). We only came up with the idea of reverse order after about a year of working on the book. It was when we put it into reverse order that we could see that 9:5 came to the fore (as you will know the expert view is that is the pivotal verse for abrogation in the Koran). Suddenly everything fell into place: abrogation and chronology are interlinked.

      Since your idea of reversing the chronological order precedes ours, please feel no need to refer to make any acknowledgement. You are clearly smarter than me (I thought we’d hit on something no-one had ever considered before). It is indeed a great pity that your Sola Virtus book has not been well known since 2010.

      By way of apology I will send you a free copy of Mohammed’s Koran. I’ll contact you via your website and ask for a delivery address.

      • Peter, thankyou.

        I have a huge admiration for Tommy, and it is great that you and he have produced such a useful book, and that it has a wide readership.

        The Sola Virtus website is still available but not being maintained. Back in 2010 I was sending printed copies of my booklets to MPs and Church leaders etc. (at my own expense) in the hope that they would start to tell the truth about Islam. My efforts clearly did not have much impact, as Cameron, Clegg etc still deceived the public after every terrorist atrocity.

        My effort now is to try to get the current crop of politicians up to speed on Islam. They are busy people however, and so my Notes section is as compact as I could make it, without missing out on the main points. I do not expect them to read the entire Koran, however by putting the worst parts first they will hopefully get a flavour of the horror of it, even if they only read a few pages.

        I am fascinated by the alliance of Islam with left wing politicians. Saving western countries will require driving a wedge between them. That might buy us a few years however it would not be sufficient in the longer timescale. We also need to encourage Islam itself to implode. This will take longer to achieve. The Notes section is a taster of this idea, which is discussed in more detail in “Blueprint for the Destruction of Islam” e-book, downloadable for free!

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