The Lügenpresse and the Violence at the Wurzen Asylum Center

As we reported here on Sunday, a serious brawl between native Germans and culture-enrichers broke out last Friday night in front of an asylum center in Wurzen. Below is a follow-up report on the incident.

Many thanks to Anton for translating and annotating this DPA article from the German Telecom homepage:

Violence eruption in Saxony — Foreigners and locals clash

In Wurzen, Saxony, scores of foreigners and locals clashed in a violent conflict. Two men were seriously injured. The German state security service [responsible for politically motivated crime — translator] is investigating.

In a confrontation between foreigners and locals in Wurzen (Leipzig) two men were severely injured by knife wounds to the thigh. As the police in Leipzig stated, another man was attacked with a taser gun.

The incident on Friday evening was preceded by a war of words between the two groups at the station. The dispute escalated when locals later beat down the door of the foreigners’ residence and a window pane was broken.

About twelve foreigners attacked the thirty or so local people with clubs and knives. Two men were injured during the incident. According to the investigation, several Germans retaliated by storming the foreigner’s residences, and there were further physical attacks. Policemen were finally able to end the disturbance. The state security service is investigating.

The investigation by the state security service is due to a particularly severe breach of the peace. It could not yet be ascertained whether the incident was related to an extremist motive. Nobody was arrested, but the identities of those involved were recorded.

No information was as yet available concerning the nationality and residential status of the foreigners, nor the exact locality from which the locals came. The cause of the conflict and how the dispute unfolded have yet to be determined.

Translator’s Notes


DPA is a state-funded German Press Agency that selectively decides which news to publish and actively diverts any and all information about the nationality and ethnicity of criminal perpetrators from actually reaching the German readers’ eyes.

German Press Council Code of Conduct

They refer to the following non-legally-binding, self-imposed, politically correct code of conduct:



When reporting crimes, it is not permissible to refer to the suspect’s religious, ethnic or other minority membership unless this information can be justified as being relevant to the readers’ understanding of the incident.

In particular, it must be borne in mind that such references could stir up prejudices against minorities.

Foreign nationals are proportionally overrepresented within German prisons, where Islamic preachers, so-called “Imams”, tend to the needs of the Muslim prison population.

“Lügenpresse” / NetzDG

Police have been known simply not to publish any details of a crime that has taken place and to deny the suppression of such reports; for example New Year’s Eve in Cologne, 2016 when mass sexual assault and thefts took place.

The carrying of guns is Germany is generally banned, only security services are legally armed.

Indigenous German people therefore do not carry weapons when they leave the house. Germany has traditionally been a very safe country. Terrorist activities, assaults, rapes and murders increased recently after Chancellor Angela Merkel allowed the illegal mass migration of at least 1.7 million Muslim migrants into the country, 80% without passports.

Crime statistics which the government vehemently tried to deny. After police statistics were published, even the police had to admit, that 91% of the increase of such crimes is attributable to opening of borders.

The above article states that knife wounds were inflicted, but not by whom, nor who the victims were.

Generally, reports of crime committed by foreign nationals are often hidden deep inside online news outlets and are sometimes very difficult to find. Other the other hand, crimes committed by German nationals against foreigners often find their way to page 1, where they can remain in the limelight on for many days and weeks consecutively.

This has caused many Germans, who are aware that open, truthful and professional journalism is a far cry from what they receive, to call the press “Lügenpresse”, literally the lying press. They often chant this term during public demonstrations.

With the rise of the Internet and social media, events have become more difficult to keep under wraps. Information is leaked and rapidly spreads across Facebook and Twitter.

Germany has recently introduced new laws (NetzDG) to heavily censor freedom of speech on the German Internet, threatening both Twitter and Facebook with draconian fines if the do not delete materials which are “hateful”.

Just as in Adolf Hitler’s time, the German people are once again being denied their constitutional rights to both freedom of speech and a proper judge and jury.

9 thoughts on “The Lügenpresse and the Violence at the Wurzen Asylum Center

  1. The only silver lining is that historically, such oppression usually does not end well for those doing the oppressing. When the dam finally breaks, events will overtake their plans to control such demonstrations, and hopefully, Merkel & Co. will receive their just desserts for their treasonous actions against their country and their countrymen.

  2. It is really important that the awaited civil war happen now and not later. If it does not happen until 10 years from now, the police and other official services will be highly infiltrated my the local enemy.

    Imagine you call the police for a serious ethnic disutrbance by the new Germans on your block. You wait with anticipation but who finally shows up to help/protect you, and take your witness information is a trio of dark haired men with big orthodox beards dressed in German police uniforms. So, you decide to hop in your VW (Volksmobil) and drive like a bat outta hell to the nearest police station, only to be greeted by a grinning female in full head covering at the reception counter.

  3. “When reporting crimes, it is not permissible to refer to the suspect’s religious, ethnic or other minority membership unless this information can be justified as being relevant to the readers’ understanding of the incident.”

    The “minority” restriction means that in a prison where the majority of inmates are Muslims, a reporter is allowed to identify a suspected Muslim criminal as a Muslim.

  4. Eh, Germans will be Germans: always carrying knives with them. When I visited in the 1970-ties, they used to be the most organized, obedient sheep you can find on the planet. It must be the new arrivals that made their lives more exciting. Now it must feel like in a Hollywood action movie.

    Where is Wagner? Could have composed “The rise of the sheep”.

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