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If you’ve been keeping up with posts here at Gates of Vienna in recent months, you’ll probably have noticed that our coverage has been weighted heavily towards Germany and Austria.

Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Dresden, Kiel, Kandel, Cottbus, Freiburg, Vienna, Graz, and lots of other places whose names don’t come to the top of my head — that’s what we’ve been covering. Rapes, assaults, murders, rapes, theft, groping, rapes, threats, intimidation, rapes: those are the stories of Modern Multicultural Enrichment that have been emerging from the lands of Goethe and Mozart.

One of the reasons for this Germanocentric coverage has been the Streetlight Syndrome — that is, the light’s better over here.*

We have an abundance of German-speaking translators who are more than willing to provide material about what’s going on in Germany and Austria (and, to a lesser extent, Switzerland). Every day there is another report on some new abomination — rape, beating, stabbing, murder, arson, you name it. As long as someone is willing to do the hard work of translation, Vlad and I are willing to post it. Video can be especially difficult — due to the need to time the translation — but people volunteer to do it. So we post it.

But it’s also because the most important news of our time is coming from Germany. Ever since the “Refugees Welcome” crisis began in late 2015, Germany has been the epicenter of the great shuddering quake that is transforming the Western world into a modern multicultural hellhole.

Actually, Sweden was first through the door — everything that is happening now in Germany has already been road-tested in Sweden. But Germany is so much larger, and has such a greater geopolitical significance, that any account of the Islamization of the West rightfully accords Germany the greater role.

In contrast, Austria seems to have turned away from the German model and towards the Visegrad Four. With the establishment of the ÖVP-FPÖ coalition government in Vienna, Austria has shown the German-speaking world that things can be done differently, if the political will exists (and the voters decide to shift in that direction). It’s doubtful whether Berlin will ever heed the Viennese example, but there it is.

Anyway, that’s the context for all this German-heavy coverage. In a lot of ways, we’ve become the German Desk for the Alternative News Network of the Anglosphere.

We owe a great debt of gratitude to our volunteer German translators. And especially to Egri Nök, who has worked tirelessly for more than two years to keep up with all the appalling news from her homeland.

But she’s not the only one: Oz-Rita, Nash Montana, Ava Lon, and Anton have also chipped in. Not to mention JLH, Rembrandt Clancy and Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, who have done so much heavy lifting with the longer and more complex material.

There are probably others I have forgotten. If so, please send an email to bug me, and I’ll insert your name in the list.

Dymphna and I are grateful for all the hard work done by our German translators, and to Vlad Tepes, who subtitles the videos.

*   A reference to the old joke that goes approximately like this:

A man encounters an elderly gentleman looking for something intently along the gutter under a streetlight.

“What are you looking for, old fellow?” asks the younger man.

“My car keys,” says the old man. “I know I dropped them somewhere in the park.”

“The park!? The park’s across the road! Why don’t you look for them over there?”

“The light’s better over here.”


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  1. Well Baron, how did you meet/ come accross so many German- Eng translators who also happen to be right wingers and have time to do this for your site? To date, I have never bumped into such a one. Most professional translators are multiculturalists, as can be imagined when one us good in languages and cosmopolitan in nature, etc.

    • They use the site’s email address; they get in touch. And none of them are professional translators. Just ordinary people, but somewhat smarter than average.

        • And they are unusually interested in language, which the Baron also enjoys. So they spend time discussing why some words work and some don’t. And why some words in one language don’t have an analog in another…just because the need never arose.

          Seems like the French are the only ones who get defensive about this fact.

          • this derives from an ancient french saying, by Vauvenargues, if my memory serves me well:
            Si ce n’ est pas clair, ce n’ est pas français.
            If its not clear, then its not french.
            Kind of special view on the world.

          • It’s many years since I read Solzhenitsyn’s “The First Circle, set in a prison for low-risk “offenders”, but I recall that one inmate was working on an “improved” form of Russian. He called it the “Language of Maximum Clarity”, but his real purpose was to eliminate words of foreign origin.

          • When you consider that French was the language of the White Russians and that the French loathe any Anglo-Saxon intrusions into ‘real’ French, the notion of a pure form of Russian isn’t so different, is it?

  2. don’t be surprised when germany turns right , they just need a ‘push’ and islam is the match …….

    • Well, the state-sponsored media in Germany is certainly doing its damnest to ensure that it doesn’t happen. The propaganda is getting refined down to blatant.

      Maybe the logic is that if all convert to the religion of peace (Shiite or Sunni), then we’ll be assured of everlasting peace.

      Oh, wait a minute; Shiite, Sunni and peace in the same sentence … !!

      • Shi’ite/Sunni/peace?? Them are some right bloody borders. Ever ancient, ever new: remember when ISIS moved through Iraq, killing all the infidels? But they had to stop to annihilate all the apostate Shi’ites first. Because apostasy is a worse sin. Those people are even good enough to pay the infidel jizyah.

      • The problem with propaganda is that the more it is out of line with what individuals can observe for themselves, the more unbelievable it becomes. I can’t watch CNN or MSNBC and accept anything they say as being factual anymore. In the end the blatant propaganda is very self defeating, and ultimately creates even more support for the opposition.

    • Unless they decide to make Islam their new thing, and we end up with a “German Islam”. Anyone who thinks that the Saudi version is bad had better be waiting for this “alternative”, which could be infinitely worse than anything from the Middle East…

  3. That is the irony about the typical “right winger” smear from the PC crowd. Fact is, you can not get much more right wing than islam.

    Just google for the happy relationship between the Fuhrer and the Mufti of Jerusalem (and later teacher of Hassan al Banna, founder of the muslim brotherhood)

    • Hilter was a left winger. What part of National Socialism do you not understand?

      Same goes for the majority of murderous ideologies of the 20th century.

      • Spot on, Dymphna. The left/right paradigm is actually one of the rights of the individual vs. the oppression of the collective. Hitler, islam, and Communists are all collectivists. That’s why they all get along so well (for a little while anyway, until one group demands supremacy).

        In contrast, Democratic conservatism and Christianity emphasis the individual’s responsibilities. You are judged on the basis of your own actions and are responsible for your own actions.

      • Hitler was a left winger.What part of National Socialism do you not understand?

        Yes, indeed. The Bolshevks were the International Socialists (like in Workers of the World, etc.), while the German style of socialism was specifically Germanic-Teutonic, e.g., National Socialism.

        A most instructive book: The Vanquished: Why the First World War Failed to End by Robert Gerwarth.

    • Looks like the Marxists succeeded in turning the meaning of the words right and left around. And it is our duty to change them back. It’s not “Nazi”, it’s National SOCIALISM. I began with myself; I no longer use the “Nazi” word.

    • Being “right wing” isn’t the reason to be hated by the PC crowd. It’s being a right-wing pro-German/Christian etc. Which essentially means you don’t have a lot of subversive tendencies, hence you’re not the enemy. Have the same views as an Islamist, and you’ll be just fine.

      • Nazi Germany had leftist, socialist traits and extreme right wing traits. To deny the clearly extreme right wing elements is not correct or honest.

          • Right wing traits of the National Socialists:
            -it was a militaristic nationalistic state under Hitler
            – promise to restore ” order” in Germany and national “unity” through using war
            – goal to eliminate the racial “other” through terror etc
            – against the Jewish ” globalists”
            – Nazi Germany remained capitalist
            – were anti communist

          • Gretel:

            Almost none of the things you list exclusively belong to what you call the right wing. If you understand history, all in fact are more associated with collective, totalitarians than with American right wing politics.

            Is Soviet Russia or China Communist if it embraces the following?:
            -is a militaristic, nationalistic state
            -restores social order through militancy (see Gulags, Tiananmen square)
            -eliminates or marginalizes the racial other (see Uighurs in China, Chechens in Russia)
            -is capitalistic (even North Korea has embraced some Capitalistic principles)
            -Your last point was made mostly by Stalin who defined Nazi Germany as “right wing” in order to differentiate himself from Hitler, but are the two systems that much different? If we consider Hitler as a Socialist, then Stalin was an “anti-Communist” as well. China, Vietnam, and Russia have all engaged in border battles with each other. Are they “anti-Communist”?

            Right wing politics emphasis the importance of individual responsibility. Christianity emphasis the that the individual acknowledge his own faults, be aware of them, and be responsible for them. These concepts are far from any form of centralized collectivism. We embrace Capitalism because that is what works best (but does not work perfectly for everyone because it requires individual responsibility, and of course there is always just plain bad luck involved in personal failures). Pure Communism has failed completely where ever it was tried. That should bother everyone who has this delusional fascination with it.

            The people you saw marching with the Tiki torches in Charlottesville are mostly extreme reactionaries to all the leftist political violence and demographic shifts happening today. If you asked them, most of them would fully embrace a constitutional republic, and would reject centralized power (there are some who would not however, and they are as equally bad as the so called Progressives).

          • I think you will talk yourselves in circles here, as right/left has different connotations, depending, e.g. :


            Anarchy is not political, unless you claim being not political is a policy, as all policy demands segregation into hierarchy or subsumption into a set. This is all we are talking about really at this level – the creation of sets… national, egalitarian, religious, shared resource, shared hierarchy or command. Want to escape that and you have anarchism or libertarianism, minarchism as close. Anarchism is often associated as left because it often reacts to strong hierarchy, which is a trait often associated as right, but in reality it is neither… maybe pure left in terms of recognising all have equal importance, but that could be pure right in terms of the individual being author.

            Btw. Nazi is not derived from national socialist as far as I have studied, it originated as a German derogatory term for locals who had the habit of naming themselves Ignacio, were considered ignorant, joined the national socialist movement, and were locally labelled ” Ignazis “, later picked up by the UK/US etc. Sorry no links, the timeline and story is well enough documented though if you are prepared to search up on it.

  4. The focus on Germany makes sense: they seem to be the most recalcitrant and unapologetic of the civilization-killers. It boggles my mind to think that Germans are throwing their cultural heritage away. Long ago I said that Brandenburg Concerto # 6 was the high point of Western Civilization. Of course, that was when the fundamentals of Western Civ weren’t as threatened with extinction as they currently are. I’d probably choose something different now.
    But Bach! Mann! Goethe! Kant! Mozart! Handel! Are Germans actually foolhardy enough to think that their invaders have the capacity to appreciate these extraordinary instances of human creativity? That they are going to be caretakers of these cultural artifacts? Ha!

    • One of the various things that causes me to care about the fate of Germany in this respect is that, supposing Germany were to become majority Islamic, I would expect classical music there to begin to fade into desuetude – I mean the practice and teaching thereof. I remember going to concerts in Erlangen held by the Bamberg orchestra which were astoundingly good. And the university orchestra was also a presence in town, I think; I have some recollection of them playing P. D. Q. Bach for entertainment at the Orangerie. And the Brahms _Deutsches Requiem_ at a church on the south side of town… well, I could reminisce more, but who wants to read it all? Anyway, I would hate to see that go away. But you know, who would be left to play it under such circumstances?

      And then there are the churches and museums, of course. I fear for the museums more in the Netherlands, I guess, since the Rijksmuseum and so on are mostly in the larger cities (or so I would imagine), where Islamization in that country is most advanced. If the Islamic population of the Netherlands were to reach some critical mass, it would not surprise me to begin to hear of arson attacks on art museums there.

      • Last year in Austria just going to Mass was a treat as the choir and musicians were incredible. We do not have ordinary, everyday beauty like that here n the US in my opinion.

      • I read your essay. Very well done, and exactly what I was getting at. You painted a vivid picture of all that I love and then some. That’s the tragedy I find unfathomable–the loss of great works of literature, art, and music to a people who seem capable of only the basest human emotions.

        But what are these cultural elites GETTING for this betrayal? What’s the use of money if the world in which you would spend it becomes a [sump]?

  5. It’s very interesting that German and Austria, with the same language and mostly the same customs and culture, but not completely.

    Germany is traditionally focused on nationalism, building the German identity, while Austria comes from the remnants of the Austrian-Hungarian empire, a multicultural entity if there was ever one. So Germany wholeheartedly accepts the multicultural globalism, rejecting German identity, while Austria seems to be rejecting multiculturalism.

    In my opinion, thinking deductively, there is some real, organizational factor accounting for the differences. Germany is ten times larger (population 81,000,000) than Austria (8,000,000). My suspicion is that the size of government and of bureaucracies, determine the responsiveness of government to the people. With 81,000,000 and a tradition of entrenched bureaucracies, it is almost impossible for a smaller group of people to change or influence the German government. In Austria, the inertia against change is much less. So, once the people see what’s in front of their eyes, the government is quicker to respond.

    I’m offering a first-order guess. I think it would be extremely productive to try to determine analytically what factors are associated with governments that turn on their own people as opposed to governments that eventually respond to the public interest and opinion. And most important, what are the critical factors involved in the governments that actually turn themselves around or reject international pressures in the first place.

    • May I offer the American “Deep State” Civil Servant bureaucracy as a case study? These ’employees’ think they are in charge of the country, or for that matter municipal officials who insist upon being worshipped prior to addressing what you are bringing to their attention.

    • This is why on German blogs, I always advise the German patriots to move to Austria now if they are able. The Germans however are not really keen on this in high numbers from the responses I get.
      It’s obvious that Germany will not stop the islamization in time. It’s a lost cause. Even if Austria still has more Muslim newcomers per capita than Germany, Austria will be better off, those backward provincial Catholics are more down to earth I guess.

      • …” those backward provincial Catholics”….
        Waw !!!…Mr Gretel…I/m a backward provincial Polish Catholic…
        Can be anything worse in this World ? name it…

    • I suspect that a part of it is that the Austrians didn’t get “guilted” about the Nazis quite as much and also were a neutral country during the Cold War, and as a result aren’t as badly brainwashed and subject to being made to think that anything to the right of centre is Naziesque (despite the Nazis being left-wingers for the most part).

      In truth, they’re just as responsible for the Nazis as the Germans are, in my view – but that’s yesterday’s threat and not relevant to the present situation, which is what I really care about now.

      • Also: Austria was occupied by the Soviets until 1955. The Soviets didn’t do de-Nazification; it wasn’t in their interests. The same was true of the DDR.

      • It’s painful for me as an Austrian to say this: Austrians were the most fervent National Socialists, even before the “Anschluss” in 1938.

        • My father was a Jewish refugee from Nazi Austria and he said the same thing. But, it’s water over the dam now, and I wish the Austrians every luck in maintaining their national identity, culture, and independence from the EU tyranny.

      • But they should feel guilty about theirs past and what they did , like Germans ..don’t they ?


    Some days ago the brave German harbi Michael Mannheimer titled (above): “Sensation: Sweden, the great power of humanitarianism, abdicates and says goodbye to its immigration policy”.

    But as far as I see currently, the Anglo press mentions only PM Lofven’s readiness to use the army to fight gangs, eg:

    Mannheimer mentions reintroduction of compulsory showing of ID at all Swedish borders, reduction of payments to “migrants”, family reunion-type settlement applicable only to children (ie not aunts, uncles and the rest) and quotes PM Löfven as saying: “Sadly Sweden was naive.”

    What does this mean? Is it mere spin? Who can provide an Anglo source? Or was this news suppressed in English?

    • »»Who can provide an Anglo source?««

      Da haben Sie ein dickes Faß angestochen (You have opened a big barrel). Skipped through Mannheimer’s article; think he is not really wrong but nevertheless the picture he draws isn’t faithful; e.g “völlig von radikalen Moslems unterwandert” (infiltrated by radical muslims; the Greens) is wrong, though they had/have some problems in that direction. I can’t cite a really good English-language source on current Swedish politics but here is some hopefully useful material.

      Some weeks ago Swedish Minister of Finances, Magdalena Andersson, Socialdemocrat, talked about immigration/integration:
      Integration doesn’t work as it should

      Here I translate a few sections; the abstract:

      »»Minister of Finances Magdalena Andersson thinks Sweden should not accept more refugees than we are able to integrate. At the same time she suggests to asylum seekers to apply to another country than Sweden.««

      »»Integratiion does not work as it should. This also was not the case before autumn 2015, but for me it’s clear we can’t accept more asylum seekers than we are able to integrate. This won’t be good for the people who are comming and that isn’t good for society as a whole, says Magdalena Andersson. <<

      »»In recent years we see that it takes too long time for people to find work. We lack very much flats and we lack very many teachers. I think this we could have seen and made clear earlier than autumn 2015.««

      There were protests against Andersson's utterances from the left wing but immigration and failing integration are ranked high by voters (Andersson may hope to become prime minister one day). From the eight parties in the Riksdag (parliament), only the Greens and part of the Left (communists) want to go back to open borders.

      Now some IMO good English sources on current Sweden:

      Keep in mind that Sweden has a total police force of just under 20000 — at a total population of 10 millions and an area of that of California or one and a half that of Germany (From memory). This police force was sufficient for what Sweden used to be — mostly decent and reasonable people — but now with all that MENA fools that's no longer the case. And it's impossible to recruit and train 5000 more personnel within a few years. (An analogous problem is with teachers of course; not to speak about IQ.)

      Another good source is Tino Sanandaji. He came from Iran with his mother at an age of ten, a "western" family, father had studied in the US. He is an economist, maintains a blog (mostly in Swedish); here are some interviews with him:
      (On his book "Massutmaning", where he shows mass immigration is unsustainable for purely economic reasons (among others).) This video is subtitled in English but may be a little confusing to follow. There is even a Wikipedia page on the book:
      An English language interview with Tino in two parts.

      BTW: Tino's "little brother" is also a remarkable person; he has written " Debunking Utopia: Exposing the Myth of Nordic Socialism". Look it up at Amazon or search for Nima Sanandaji on Youtube.

  7. […] About labels like “left” or “right”: Fact is, in the mind of the PC crowd, Hitler represents the extreme right. And therein lies the irony that I pointed out.

    “There are great similarities between German national socialism and islam; monotheism, the unified leadership, the struggle, the peoples, the family, and the children. The relationship to the Jews. The glorification of work and victory.” (Hassan al Banna, 1944)

    • These months in the Landsberg fortess were however sufficient to enable him [Hitler] to complete in outline Mein Kampf, a treatise on his political philosophy inscribed to the dead of the recent Putsch. When eventually he came to power there was no book which deserved more careful study from the rulers, political and military, of the Allied Powers. All was there—the programme of German resurrection, the technique of party propaganda; the plan for combating Marxism; the concept of a National-Socialist State; the rightful position of Germany at the summit of the world. Here was the new Koran of faith and war: turgid, verbose, shapeless, but pregnant with its message.

      Churchill, Winston. The Gathering Storm: The Second World War, Volume 1 (Winston Churchill World War II Collection) (Kindle Locations 948-953). RosettaBooks. Kindle Edition.

  8. »»Actually, Sweden was first through the door — everything that is happening now in Germany has already been road-tested in Sweden. ««

    Exactly! I am German, but reading news articles rather in Swedish than my native language — you can exercise a foreign language even when reading nonsense. Sweden was the pilot project; culturally very similar to Germany. I am looking at Sweden when I have to guess the future for Germany.

    Now I want to point out an interesting coincidence: In mid 2015 the public debate in Sweden had changed direction. While previously it was claimed “no problems with mass immigration; great win for Sweden …” the tone started to turn: integration does not work. What you could expect at that point was that the Swedes would throttle the experiment (as they did at the end of the year) and sort out the mess over the years (seems, pressure on the “suburbs” has started to get built up now) — goal of those who want to make Sweden multicultural failed. At that point Merkel opened the gates …

    • Yes. It was Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt who first said that Sweden would welcome all “Syrian” “refugees”, with no upper limit set. I don’t remember exactly when he said that, but it was before Mutti did the same thing, maybe a year or two earlier.

      All these things that happen in Germany happened in Sweden first.

      • Of course there’s an upper limit. There are, what, maybe 20 million Syrian citizens? Probably 5 million are happy with the regime. So that leaves an upper limit of 15 million.

      • It was Reinfeldt who coined the phrase “humanitär stormakt” (humanitarian superpower) during the campaign in summer 2014. He lost elections in autumn and retreated from politics. But in spring 2015 the tone started to change; first among his party friends.

  9. Bottom line:

    If he/she is the same size as you, negotiate a deal.

    If he/she is smaller than you, you can tell him/her what to do.

    If he/she is bigger than you, jump as commanded until you can figure out how to escape.

    And, remember, size may not be what is assumed (or even perceived) by either him/her or you as there is always the “x” (or unknown) factor.

  10. Well, let me try this a second time, mentioned because the first try seems to have disappeared, due perhaps to overlooking the fact that my name and email were not automatically installed in the “Reply” section. (There’s a time limit on that?)

    Bottom line:

    If he/she is the same size as you, negotiate a deal.

    If he/she is smaller than you, you can tell him/her what to do.

    If he/she is bigger than you, jump as commanded until you can figure out how to escape.

    And, remember, size may not be what is assumed (or even perceived) as there is always the “x” (or unknown) factor.

  11. Right now less news coming out of Hungary, – with the exception of STOP SOROS law draft -, the country and Orbán’s party the Fidesz is preparing for the national election, which is on April 8th.

  12. Thank you for your hard work
    It means a lot to us .
    For me the culture is in the second place.
    For me the nuclear power is the main problem

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