Taking a Machete to Meals on Wheels

On Saturday night’s news feed we featured a story about a culture-enriching fellow who attacked an elderly woman at a homeless shelter in Vermont. The woman had just driven a batch of Meals on Wheels food to the residents of the shelter, when she saw the “youth” vandalizing her car.

The following video shows a TV news report about what happened next. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Below are excerpts from a news article on the same topic:

Man With Machete Attacks 73-Year-Old Woman

A man armed with a machete assaulted an elderly volunteer worker at a homeless shelter in Shelburne, Vt., Friday morning, according to local police.

32-year-old Abukar Ibrahim attacked a 73-year-old Meals on Wheels volunteer while she was delivering food to Harbor Place, which provides temporary emergency housing to those in need. While in the office, the female victim reportedly saw Ibrahim vandalizing her car. When she confronted him and tried to intervene, the man became violent, assaulting her with a machete.

The woman was taken to the University of Vermont Medical Center with multiple injuries, including a “significant leg wound.” She received treatment and was later released.

7 thoughts on “Taking a Machete to Meals on Wheels

  1. Oh where are Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys when you need them?

    Who am I kidding? Vermont is overrun with crunchy granola libs that will eagerly invite more Somalis so they can tolerate them harder.

  2. One can see him as a migrant farm worker, in possession of a sugar cane harvesting implement used in the January Sugar Harvest for which New England is widely noted.

    Note how the White people, jobless with plenty of free time, can travel about in luxury automobiles, while non-Whites labor in inhospitable weather wearing only their dashikis as they languish in the troughs of depression caused by the intersectionality of the institutional racism that oppresses them.

    Note how the running dogs of the literate elite omit the relevant facts to portray the Workers disparagingly. Well, they aren’t fooling me with their fake news. I see right through them.

  3. Taking a Machete to Meals on Wheels

    Gotta have some knives to go with the forks.

  4. Meals on Wheels used to feed elderly shut-in people who could not get out of their homes or cook for themselves. Now, the elderly are delivering meals to young, able-bodied males. Insane.

  5. Americans able to get conceal & carry permits should do so! I live part-time in California to be near my son. Almost impossible to get CCR permit in this liberal, sanctuary state. However, my other residence is near Columbus Ohio which is a dumping ground for Somalian refugees. I am getting a lightweight 22 handgun, 10 shooter with laser grip. I will not think twice about shooting a Muslim savage below center mass. Eliminating his ability to rape women or breed other savages! As a Christian I am grateful that a few intelligent refugees (most from Syria, Iraq) have seen the truth with their own eyes! The West has beautiful landscapes, modern buildings and offers equality for both genders. Many have converted to Christianity in Europe & America. Zero tolerance for the rest! If they commit one crime or do not have employment and/or language skills then back home they go! Lost papers no problem. Pay Russia to house them in Siberian labor camps. Free Internet to show the folks back home what happens to criminals & liars!

  6. The government officials, politicians, and “charities” who brought Ibrahim into this country should be held responsible. If only this woman could sue them in a criminal court, justice would be served.

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