Syrian War Breaks Out on Germany’s Streets

The following clip shows excerpts from a Russia Today video. In it you can see the behavior of Turks and Kurds who have brought their Middle Eastern war to the streets of Stuttgart.

Many thanks to Anton for editing and uploading this clip:

Anton includes this commentary about the video:

Scenes taken this week in the city of Stuttgart, home to Germany’s car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz.

In the town center, groups of flag-waving Turks and Kurds clash as Turkish President Erdogan invades Syria, sends in German tanks and American F-16s to destroy Kurdish forces in northern Syria.

The Kurds fought tooth and nail to successfully destroy ISIS. Erdogan wants to prevent them from creating their own state on his border. Angela Merkel seems quite happy with this situation, as she has sold German tanks to the Turks and anti-tank rockets to the Kurds. She renounced the German border in September 2015, and the streets are now full of aggressive Muslims fighting for sovereignty in German cities, territories which used to belong to the German population.

This is another example of cultural enrichment after other cities across the country gained worldwide fame due to the mass gang-rape of woman during New Year’s celebrations in 2015/16, 2016/17 and again in 2017/18.

The burning of Israeli and American flags and the waving of the Turkish, Palestinian, Syrian, Iraqi, Iranian, Syrian Freedom Army and ISIS flags is becoming a popular pastime in Germany. Especially during the week, when the indigenous German population is hard at work paying €50 billion a year of tax money to house these traumatized “refugees”.

10 thoughts on “Syrian War Breaks Out on Germany’s Streets

    • I’m sorry but it’s the Turks who have brought this war to Germany. Turkey armed to the teeth by the West, has invaded Kurdish regions in Syria. Drawing a moral equivalence between the Turks and the Kurds is no different to drawing a moral equivalence between Hamas, the PA, Hezbollah, and Israel.

      The West as usual betrays the Kurds, because of their continued arming of Turkey, just as Trump betrayed them at Kirkuk. Who is pointing this out? Just the Kurds really.

      • While I think it’s good that you have empathy for the oppressed. I would never forget that if the roles and power structures of the two groups were reversed, would the Kurds have any more empathy for us or the Turks? Playing the role of victim to gain sympathy has long been a hallmark of islam.


        The link to the video appears broken for me. Could you provide a different link? I’ll blame YouTube.

  1. According to the commentary, Merkel’s policy is to sell weapons to both sides in the conflict. Profiting from death and destruction. That is monstrous. The sooner that Merkel leaves office, the better.

    • I think it was Lenin who said “the capitalists, in the end, will make and sell us the rope by which we hang them.”

      It is my impression that the whole Western Military Industrial Complex is involved in selling arms to all sides of all conflicts, and I am afraid that its gonna backfire big time. They will be trained, experienced, and equipped with our latest weapons, because “we” sold them to them. What could go wrong?

      The love of money is the root of all evil.

      • You are correct the MIC is happy to sell to all sides that are willing to pony up cash.

        However, the MIC and federal governments are pretty scrupulous about ensuring that non-native customers receive ‘export’ models with reduced or less-effective feature sets. These models also have concealed vulnerabilities, backdoors, or kill switches that are ready to be exploited by the native military.

    • she has red the bible so deeply that she gained so much wisdom from
      time-tested situation and lessons of the world that she wants to apply that to Germany and make it a perfect Utopia even the envy of Sweden and Hitler.

  2. 100 years ago, Turks and Kurds joined hands and staged a genocide of Christians in Anatolia, with the consent of Germany.
    The historical metamorphosis, however.

  3. Glad I saw it before you tube appears to have taken it down. The time of this comment is when I noticed it. I had seen it a few hours earlier, or late last night.

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