Silvesternacht in Salzgitter: 12-Year-Old Girl Shot

The following report by Egri Nök was published earlier at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

Egri added these comments as an afterthought:

My guess is that Turks or Yugoslav Muslims were firing randomly. The detail that it was a “sports bar” tells me it could be Yugoslavs — only Africans and Yugoslavs go to “sports bars”. There are no sports there, of course: it is betting. It used to be illegal in Germany; then it was made legal, and now it pops up like cancer everywhere.

New Year’s Eve Germany: 12-Year-Old Girl Shot

by Egri Nök

An original translation from Braunschweiger Zeitung:

12-Year-Old Girl Badly Wounded by Bullets During Silvester Night

SALZGITTER — The girl is not in critical condition. Police arrest three suspects in Thiede.

January 1, 2018

[Photo caption (not shown): Several people celebrated the New Year with gunshots. A 12-year-old girl was shot.]

A 12-year-old girl was gravely wounded in the Salzgitter district of Thiede when several men fired indiscriminately with handguns during Silvester night. The child was hit in the upper body, and underwent emergency surgery in a Wolfenbüttel hospital. According to the Salzgitter police spokesman Matthias Pintak, the girl is not in critical condition.

Police only learnt about the gunshot wound in hospital. “The full police force went into action immediately,” said Pintak. With the help of witnesses, his colleagues swiftly identified three suspects who were lingering near the crime scene, and immediately arrested them. “Their involvement in the crime is currently under investigation and is not yet finally determined,” says Pintak. A large area around Diesterwegstraße, where the crime occurred, is still cordoned off around noontime. Police went in with tracking hounds to search for ammunition. According to information that our newspaper has obtained, on the street, in the cordoned-off area around a sports bar, more than 20 shell casings were found. Neighbours told our newspaper that shortly before midnight, “firing in all directions” began there. Some of the projectiles appear to have hit a house.

It has not yet been finally determined which types of guns were used. It is also still unclear whether all of the three suspects were involved in the crime, and which of them used a firearm. “We are still investigating into whether the three suspects will appear before the committing magistrate,” says Pintak. Not much is known about the identity of the three men. One of them is 65 years old.

New Year’s Eve 2016-2017 in Thiede had previously made nationwide headlines. Two volunteer firemen (33 and 28 years old) who were off-duty rushed to support their colleagues near the station house, and were beaten up. One of the two men still suffers from the aftereffects. Among other things, unknown persons broke his ankle multiple times. The perpetrators were never apprehended; the prosecution closed the case in May.

12 thoughts on “Silvesternacht in Salzgitter: 12-Year-Old Girl Shot

  1. It’s obviously the case that while yes, New Germans /Enrichers bring with them their own behaviours, attitudes etc. etc. etc., if only WE work hard enough to integrate THEM, everything’ll be fine and dandy and lo and behold we’ll have millions of hard-working and responsible “new citizens”. (Though the way I always saw it, come to think of it, is that newcomers THEMSELVES initiate and are responsible for the integration, while those already here – in the case of Germany, in Merkelspeak, “those who happen to live here now” – do there bit by helping along its way this process that the enrichers have already started.)

    Thus it’s all our fault that we haven’t taught these particular lovely people who’re firing off their guns at New Year that here .. er .. well.. we don’t do this. Shame on us. C’mon Germany, you can do better. More integration classes, please.

    • It is always interesting to read this kind of stories involving guns – in a clean, super gunfree zone of Deutschland.

      How on earth there are guns aplenty among this vermin and completely verboten for native Germans?

      Anyhow – to me, it either shows police incompetence or their massive overload. The worst case would be that the police was given instructions to turn blind eye to these crimes and firearms illegally used … I believe the latter.

      • This just proves the old American saying: “when you outlaw guns, then the only people with guns will be outlaws”. The huge numbers of illegal firearms in Chicago is a (lethal) joke when you consider Chicago’s strict gun laws.

          • A nice lady indeed, but when it comes to facts, it is more a ” man in the street” view of historical events.
            Unfortunately, reality is more complex and hard to describe. Had one of my students depicted the events like her, I would have had a word with him.In the case of an elderly eyewitness, the flaws are to be excused.

      • Lu, some of the locals who comment under the original article mention that they are already unnerved by “all these weddings where gunshots are fired”.

        Makes you wonder – firing guns? Since when is that a German wedding custom?

        The locals also mention that police do nothing. I tend towards overload, though.

  2. So here sport bars and casinos and all those things popped up everywhere after the revolution and of course all those on benefits waste most of their money there.

    When they wanted to give them the benefits on a card that would be accepted only in grocery stores and energy providers, it was called racist.

    But anyway now they are slowly banning the casinos and stuff, because they’re mostly places infested with crimes. There are big taxes on owning a one-armed bandit and many contracts for running them aren’t getting prolonged by the authorities anymore. Of course some will always stick around, but point is, the authorities are fighting the problematic ones.

    Used to be Germany was among the countries we really looked up to. Unfortunately not anymore and this is just another reason.

    • As Milton Friedman said, a welfare state is incompatible with immigration. Of course, domestic welfare cases always are likely to abuse welfare, but at least the agencies are used to dealing with them.

      Amazingly, there are some people of intelligence and knowledge who don’t see the migrations as the profound disasters they really are.

      In this interview, Conrad Black, an intelligent conservative, considers Merkel “courageous” because she expressed doubts, eventually, about the benefits of the open immigration. Black simply doesn’t understand the explicit war the European governments have waged on their own peoples. He thinks the primary issue is the government enforcing assimilation on the immigrants.

      At the least, European governments will have to bypass whatever traditional rights remain. When immigrants are involved, they will always pretend to not understand the German language, whether they do or not, so translators are always necessary. Besides being extremely violent, they will pretend to not understand the most basic procedures. Thus, the police have a major motivation not to deal with these immigrants.

      • Sadly, RonaldB, Conrad Black is a member of Conservative, Inc. He first proved this when he backed David Horowitz and Ron Radosh in their deliberate (and ugly) attempt to marginalize Diana West. As did many others at National Review.

        I’m agnostic on whether or not Black deserved to be convicted of fraud, but convicted he was. I do know (or rather, have been told by someone who has dealings with them)that his money at least partially props up National Review, which marginalized itself with that whole issue they devoted to NeverTrump.

        [This wiki on Black contains the many legal rulings in his case:

        It looks like he served six+ years for obstruction of justice. Or maybe it was reduced from that, but he definitely spent time in gaol for his dealings.

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