Right-Wing Extremist Violence! The AfD Made Me Drop My iPhone!

German MSM journalists must be SJWs of the first order. They get appalled and astounded when anti-immigration demonstrators — gasp! — call them names.

Background: In the city of Cottbus, more than 1,500 people demonstrated yesterday against the rising crime rate and the violent behavior of asylum seekers in the city. German State TV turned the coverage into a right-wing witch-hunt against the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) — which is described as an extreme right-wing group by the usual TV “expert on right-wing activism”.

Egri Nök sends this summary of the coverage of the Cottbus demo:

After two stabbing attacks by Syrian refugees in the town of Cottbus, thousands of people took to the streets in protest. The city announced that they won’t take in any more refugees for the time being.

From the start, the state broadcaster RBB commented on these events rather unfavorably, portraying Cottbus as a city of xenophobes and right-extremists.

The young RBB reporter in this feature, who was at the protest, stammers in disbelief. They criticized him! He was even insulted!

The “attacks” on journalists that he mentions are that two journalists got shoved, so that one of them dropped his iPhone.

Many thanks to Anton and Egri for translating this news video, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   From Cottbus, the capital of Lausitz, the year begins in a very tense mood.
00:03   There were violent attacks. First refugees were attacked by residents of Cottbus.
00:09   Then adolescent refugees injured indigenous people. The Minister of the Interior
00:13   increased the number of police patrolling, and has stopped refugees from moving to Cottbus.
00:18   Everything this week, and everything to calm the situation there.
00:23   A right-wing populist alliance calls for demonstrations
00:26   against refugee policy. Friedrich Herr was there today.
00:29   The mood in Cottbus is heated.
00:33   More than 1,500 people came to the demonstration at the shopping center
00:38   to “defend the public space,” according to an Internet posting.
00:43   The four of us are from Berlin, and we are quite concerned about the two knife attacks.
00:48   This is why we’re demonstrating our solidarity here.
00:52   I have something against such people who are here using our social system,
00:56   and want to tell us what we must do and what we can’t.
01:01   What is the state’s purpose in this immigration of these people?
01:06   The organizer is the right-wing populist “Future Home” alliance,
01:11   which was founded in 2015 in Spreewald to protest against a refugee shelter.
01:16   Attacks are taking place, attacks on our children, on our wives and on the disabled,
01:20   handicapped people — as we just learned today.
01:23   What are the consequences of all this from people in charge in the town hall?
01:29   Nothing at all! —Particularly noticeable is the strong presence of the AfD.
01:33   As spokesperson, the deputy chairman Birgit Bessin appears.
01:37   The AfD denies any closing of ranks between the party and the xenophobic alliance.
01:42   There is no cooperation between “Future Home” and the AfD.
01:47   “Future Home” hosts the regular events.
01:52   And if someone from the AfD is requested, and it suits us, then we will speak here too.
01:59   Today it seems to suit them in Cottbus, in any case.
02:02   In this region the AfD is an integral part of the tough right-wing extremist scene.
02:08   We were able to observe this again today at this big demonstration in Cottbus.
02:13   The AfD is a movement party, is part of the right-wing extremist movement
02:17   that has gathered today from the entire region, here in Cottbus.
02:22   From the podium there are also verbal attacks against the RBB [TV Team].
02:26   Two newspaper journalists are attacked after the demonstration; both of them are uninjured.
02:32   Live from Cottbus, Sebastian Schiller.
02:35   He’s a radio colleague from Antenne Brandenburg, and was there at the demo from beginning to end.
02:40   Sebastian, what mood did you find at the demonstration?
02:45   I would describe it as trepidation more than anything else.
02:49   Well, we found out very quickly this afternoon, that we are one of the enemies.
02:53   There was chanting from the stage. An RBB colleague’s report was savaged and likewise commented on.
02:58   And of course the crowd often chanted “You lying press!” and similar slogans.
03:04   I have been attending many demonstrations in Cottbus for many years,
03:07   in extreme right-wing, also left-wing demonstrations, and I have to say
03:10   that I have not experienced that myself until today.
03:13   We were really insulted every minute from left and right.
03:18   Apart from the personal attack, when you step out of the role of observing journalist, Sebastian,
03:22   can you sympathize to a certain extent, as a citizen of Cottbus?
03:29   Well, in the beginning of the protest, I did perceive some legitimate concerns.
03:35   It was discussed. Of course, citizens are insecure now after we’ve had some “incidents” in Cottbus.
03:40   What I have no understanding of at all, is just what happened on the sidelines.
03:44   Of course, yes, you have to admit that not everyone started to hurl insults
03:48   at the journalists, the people who live there, and other observers.
03:52   But it really was a lot of people. And when strangers say
03:55   right to my face — people I don’t know, and they don’t know me —
03:58   that I am “scum” or that I am “trash”,
04:02   then I absolutely don’t understand it. —Those were the assessments of my colleague, Sebastian Schiller.
04:06   Thanks for the impressions. Thank you, and good evening to Cottbus.

8 thoughts on “Right-Wing Extremist Violence! The AfD Made Me Drop My iPhone!

  1. Oh shock horror! The People do not like the lying Press. Wow what a surprise! Who would have thought such a thing? People angry over a plot to turn Europe Moslem….What a terrible thing! These snowflakes are going to have a rough and rapid education.

  2. It will be hilarious to see how such special snowflakes deal with real violence against their person when they fall under the rule of the caliphate.

  3. Off topic.

    [url=https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-01-18/sweden-preparing-civil-war-pm-wants-deploy-army-no-go-zones] Sweden Is Preparing For A “Civil War”: PM Wants To Deploy Army In No-Go Zones [/url]
    [quote]or the first time since World War II, Sweden is preparing to distribute a civil defense brochure to some 4.7 million households, warning them about the onset of war.

  4. But could Cottbus be the beginning of something bigger, a nationwide awakening? Imagine five demos like this, then ten, then fifty, then …… . History hasn’t been written yet! We the people write it! It’s up to us. If there are enough of us, they can’t stop us. Don’t give up hope!.

  5. The most ironic (and tragic) part of the situation is, that these left-winged snowflakes are condemning the only people who could protect them against the threat of the caliphate taking over.
    By the time that we, who do not belong to the elite, and who dare to speak up, will be killed, the arms of the caliphate will also creep into their lush and wealthy neighbourhoods, and then there will be no one left to defend them.

  6. In the meantime Antifa beating the excrement out of conservatives in USA, Canada and Western Europe, which is of course democracy at its best… Vibrantly colorful and tolerant expression of freedom.

  7. Who is that guy speaking from 2:25? Is it only by accident, that he wears a dark-blue jacket and police cars can be seen in the background? My guess rather is this is an attempt to fool the viewers; making them think this is an “expert” from the (neutral) police; also his kind of speaking is exactly that you are used to from the police.

    »“scum” or that I am “trash”,« — ever heard of echo?

    • I suspect he is one of these “experts” who feed from the €100 million/year government fund to combat “right extremism”.
      I hope the AfD will sue him for libel, for calling them hardcore violent right-extremists.

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