“Reichsbürger” Planning to Build an Army

A group in Germany seems to have morphed from Hitler fanboys into something more ominous for the Federal Republic. Anton has translated a brief news segment and written a report.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

“Reichsbürger” planning to build an army

by Anton

GERMANY. Tension is growing in Germany, Europe’s largest country, following Angela Merkel’s disastrous abandonment of the German national border. Since September 2015 millions of predominantly illegal immigrants have entered the country, living off German state welfare payments and occupying newly-constructed housing estates the German government has been building for them.

In reaction to the waves of rapes, — especially gang rapes, where the victims have included both men and women — daily stabbings, murders, nail bombings, suicide bombing and attacks using heavy goods vehicles, a right-wing group known as the “Reichsbürger” has grown enormously.

In the last 12 months, this group, which refuses to recognise Angela Merkel’s government, has grown officially from 10,000 to 15,600 in a single year. As violence continues to spread across the continent, new members are being recruited weekly.

The German Federal Homeland Security Agency (Verfassungsschutz) has indications that the “Reichsbürger” (named after Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich) are armed and dangerous.

Many members of the group have military training, having served their national conscription, a six-month term of compulsory national service in the German state army. Forced military conscription was launched in 1956 and abandoned in 2011 under Chancellor Angela Merkel.

According to police records, at least 20% of the group have a license to legally carry firearms.

Similar movements — such as “Sons of Odin” in Scandinavia, “Golden Dawn” in Greece and the Sardinian Action Party in Italy — can be seen expanding along Europe’s front line to meet the threat posed by uncontrolled migratory flows from the Islamic Middle East and Africa.

Civil unrest has been growing in time with the demise of domestic security, as rising crime statistics underline the public fear caused by the European Union’s political agenda of supporting, legalising and carrying out mass illegal immigration into Europe.

Video transcript:

00:00   The number of so-called “Reichsbürger” has grown nationwide from 10,000 to 15,600 within a year.
00:07   FOCUS [Online Magazine] quoted a homeland-security agent. The right-wing group
00:11   are said to be building their own army.

39 thoughts on ““Reichsbürger” Planning to Build an Army

  1. Thank God-The Fatherland woke up & smelled the coffee. The European Union is dead-the corpse simply needs abandoned.

  2. Good for them. At least there are a few men remaining among German males.

    • To litle to late. They ar already outnumbered. It’s like a tea bag in a super tanker.

        • These small armies are going to fight passionately for something they love–their countries and their cultures. The Muslims can only fight against something they think they hate–civilization. That will work to level the field.

  3. To paraphrase the left’s famous axiom: Those who make peaceful resistance impossible, make violent resistance inevitable.

    Their chickens are coming home to roost.

    • Excellent! But it may well be the excuse that merkel and the eu have been waiting for: to use military force to crush the opposition as they always knew it would start in the old EG. It cannot be vigilantism as that is what they are waiting for. It has to be peaceful and unified expansion until civil war is possible and just how many in the west are prepared to risk that and especially so if not armed?

    • I agree. I distance myself from each and everyone who harbors nazi sympathies, but if it takes these men to stand up to the calamity deliberately unleashed over Germany and by extension Europe, so be it.

      Merkel reaps what she has sown. That includes these men.

    • Your “left’s famous axiom” is actually attributable to President John F. Kennedy in a White House speech he made in 1962 entitled “Address on the First Anniversary of the Alliance for Progress” for Latin American diplomats.

      Quote – Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

      It was directed against leftist cabals. It wasn’t a leftist rallying cry. Leftists (Marxists) have no desire for anything peaceful. Violence has always been their trademark.

  4. «Reichsbürger» doesn’t reflect on the third reich, but on the allegedly missing legality in dissolving imperial Germany and its emperors. In other words, the second reich, if you will.

  5. the article requires few smaller corrections:
    the national service was most of its time 18 months, so three times as long as mentioned in the text. I learned to use all kinds of light arms from hand arm over machine gun to light grenade launcher. Good thing in retrospect.

    As for the Reichsbürger: the term refers not only to Hitlers Reich, but to the Reich of 1871, henceforth mutilated by the victorious powers after two wars.The present constitution from 1949 was planned and literally designed as provisory until a German state was to be reunited (this would imply the borders of 1937) and had peace treaties with all the nations involved. This is not the case to this day.The Potsdam communiqué divided Germany until a definite peace treaty, nonexistent till today. So from an awkward point of view, the Reich could be seen as the only rightful shape of a German state. This, of course, is totally off track with the reality of historical processes and thus qualifies the Reichsbürger as crackpots.

  6. There are two claims in the article that are not correct in my opinion:

    1) ” … that the “Reichsbürger” (named after Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich) … ” This is not my understanding of the movement. The German Wikipedia article states:

    “The Reich Citizens’ Movement and the groups attributed to it deny the existence of the Federal Republic of Germany as a legitimate and sovereign state. They refuse to pay taxes and fines, among other things, or to comply with court orders and administrative decisions. Reichsbürger “(” Citizens of the Reich “) cited the fact that in their opinion, the German Reich continued to exist, in accordance with their ideology, either within the boundaries of the German Empire or in those of 1937, which was represented as an organization by a” provisional Reich Government “(KRR) or similar, each of which claimed different groups for itself. The Imperial Citizens’ Movement is sometimes referred to as the “Imperial Citizens” -scene or followers of the “Imperial ideology”.

    Translated with http://www.DeepL.com/Translator

    2) ” ..According to police records, at least 20% of the group have a license to legally carry firearms…”

    Nobody, besides some VIPs, has the right to carry firearms in Germany. Members of shooting clubs and “licensed hunters” can own firearms – in their safes at home – and bring them to the shooting rage under very strict conditions.

  7. The Reichsbürger are NOT like the Sons of Odin.
    In 1973 the highest german court said that the German Reich continues to exist in the borders of 1937. (Berlin declaration of the Allied powers 1945 anybody?)
    And the Reichsbürger say that therefore the german state (Federal Republic of Germany) is illegal and that the German Reich still exists. It is that is has no Offices or employees.

    I know it is Wikipedia, but they give some Information about them:

    In the Wikipedia article it is said that the FRG is not a successor of the Reich but according to an old info the FRG said so to avoid the reparations issue.

    But I think they are right in one thing at least.
    According to the german Grundgesetz (Basic law) article 146:

    “This Basic Law, which since the achievement of the unity and freedom of Germany applies to the entire German people, shall cease to apply on the day on which a constitution freely adopted by the German people takes effect.”

    When will we have this election???

    • That is exactly why I use the term ‘basic law’ in translations, when the German original says ‘Grundgesetz’.
      Readers suggested I should use the word ‘constitution’ instead, because that was the correct English expression, and it was awkward to read the phrase ‘basic law’.
      But affairs in Germany are awkward, I can’t help that!

  8. This “Reichsburger ” movement is interesting, but it must avoid a dangerous obstacle: its probable antisemitism. The members of the group are evidently good German patriots, and should be supported, but what is their angle on Israel and the Jewish people in general? Traditionally the Right, in Europe has been antisemitic. It started way back, in the Middle Ages supposedly. Recently the Nazis were the worst and the Shoah was the result. There was no excuse for the Shoah or for the antisemitism that was its fuel. But it must be understood that since the Diaspora, the Jews had no country. Leaving their land in Judea, they became landless and Nomads. Having no home country to defend and preserve, they developped other needs and options that made them look different intheir host countries in Europe and Russia. A violent anti-Jewish feeling ensued… But a most important event occurred in 1948: the Jews finally reclaimed their land. Suddenly the landless ” erring” Jews got a country to defend. That made the Jewish people ” one of us”, so to speak! Not only that, but they were immediately confronted to an enemy: The Islamic world. That same hegemonic, conquering and warlike Islam now trying to conquer Europe. This make Israel our ally, in fact our best ally. Israel and its people are on the front line in the old war against pushy Islam. Some of us in Europe, members of the patriotic Right, have understood this. The Reichsburger people and all other European patriots movements must get it also: The Jewish people are our best friends and our future comrades in arms in the coming war of liberation in Europe. Old age antisemitism must end. Long live Israel and the Jewish People… If you are antisemitic and claim to be a patriot in Europe or anywhere in the West, you are in fact a tool in the crafty hands of these damned Islamists trying to conquer and subdue us.

    • Traditionally the Right, in Europe has been antisemitic. It started way back, in the Middle Ages supposedly. Recently the Nazis were the worst and the Shoah was the result.

      Nazis were of the left, ergo National Socialism was leftist, as is Communism, as are all political entities that believe in a planned, central economy.

      • Not just a central economy but an entire society based on central planning. Education, rearing of children, way of thinking, attitudes toward sex, every aspect of life under central command.
        One big happy bee hive.

        • We are the Borg.
          Lower your shields and surrender your ships.
          You Will be Assimilated.
          We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own.
          Your culture will adapt to service us.
          Resistance is futile.”

        • To Dymphna,
          Regarding the Nazis coming from the Left and not from the Right, you are right Dear Dymphna. I stand corrected.
          Sincerely yours, ER

          • If my reminder appears to be nit-picking, please note that all the murderous “Revolutions” in the 20th century were from the Left.

      • The interesting discussion whether the Nazis were left or right notwithstanding, I think Ernst Rudiger raises an important point there. Maybe it is a German issue.

        In 2016, the author Rolf Peter Sieferle urged the AfD to address the problem of anti-Semitism. He argued that it started out as a ‘progressive’ view in the 18th century, and then became a right-wing view in the 19th and 20th century:

        “[The] German right-wing, in the 19th and early 20th centuries, was always also anti-semitic. This requires a little digression to explain.

        In the 18th century, at the time of the Enlightenment, the Jews were still regarded as sinister traditionalists and reactionaries who fought against the new age of reason and tried to continue practicing their ancient Mosaic faith unreformed.

        In the 19th century, after the emancipation, i. e. the equality of the Jews as citizens, many of them had an unexpectedly great success in the emerging market economy and capitalist economy.
        Not only did they occupy a disproportionately large number of freelance professions and positions in science, but they also held important positions in the economy, especially in finance.

        Conservative critics of this new development therefore saw the Jews as an embodiment of the monetary economy, of lack of tradition, and of the destruction of traditions. Anti-Semitism was to some extent the original form of anti-capitalism.”

        Quote taken from:

        • There was some fellow who said thaThe t antisemitism is the socialism of fools. And of course the inverse is true, socialism is the antisemitism of fools.

      • This is a common refrain [redacted for incivility].

        To begin with, the left-right dichotomy originated as a distinction between commoners and those who were more amenable to the preservation of the royalty during the French Revolution. This idea was transposed to the debate over liberalism in the late 19th/early 20th century. Marx criticized liberalism from the left, ie. the position of the common masses of people/workers. Fascism, the ideology which the NSDAP followed, also criticized liberalism but from the right, ie. not solely from the position of the masses of workers, and in fact was largely defined by being able to cooperate with rather than antagonize the landed and capitalist class.

        In other words, right and left has absolutely zero to do with state control of the economy vs laissez-faire capitalism inasmuch as laissez-faire capitalism is liberalism and not a critique of liberalism and thus does not need to be categorized as left or right for it has been and still is the dominant ideology in the entire world (albeit having evolved due to the influence of the aforementioned ideologies which critiqued it).

    • “The Jewish people are our best friends and our future comrades in arms in the coming war of liberation in Europe.”

      Not just that – best friends: perhaps more like parents or older brothers. They belong to a culture of “forefathers of the West”, if I may say so. The more I am getting into their history and accomplishments the more respect I feel.

      And – they are (and have always been) the proverbial canary in a coal mine of the Western democracies. Watch what is happening to them – and you will see the same happen to you in some time.

      I am digressing now, but I have a story to share at this point … during an estates sale event in Houston my wife and I visited a house of a Jewish family – with literally thousands of books about everything from history, arts, philosophy, geography, education … the sheer amount of books and the breadth of interest of that family have left me speechless.

      I spent hours there, returned again today to buy some more books. But here is the last part of that “cultural shock” I had today – in the backyard, there were several machine shops with milling equipment, car engines, electrical equipment of all sorts, just name it. Handyman’s paradise.

      How can you be so universal, so smart, so bent on arts and all that lofty ideas of the best minds of all times and run extensive mechanical and electrical enterprise at the same place?

      To sum up my story: some say they are the “chosen people”. I do not know, that sounds a tad smug to me. However, if it comes to real accomplishments they have achieved throughout 5 millennia, yes – they are. I have no doubt about it.

    • Wonderfully irrelevant. The Reichsbsburger “probable” anti-Semitism? Please. Could you refrain from sounding this alarm until there is evidence of this anti-Semitism?

  9. When the “government” does not support the citizenry then it becomes illegitimate. The people must take charge or lose the country.

  10. Nothing this big will work!

    Let us remind ourselves that Germany has very extensive and efficient secret police services with thousands of undercover informants. Ever since the beginnings of the NPD (a more or less neo-nazi party) roughly 50 years ago, the state has infiltrated nationalist and rightist groups, infiltrated their leadership and gathered information about plans and members.
    There is a persistent rumor that 1 in 3 members of right wing organizations in Germany is an undercover agent of the government.

    So, yes, work needs to be done but – be careful where you step and who you trust.

    The German resistance needs to be organized in starfish fashion, not as a top down hierarchy with tens of thousands of members. Small groups, only very loosely connected and planning their own actions is the way to go.

    Think IRA!

    And look at the history of the German republic and tell me which organization has had the greatest impact on the state by its actions …

    • COINTELPRO A federal and state level penetration of student and anti-government groups during the 60’s and 70’s in order to spy upon and counter those groups. Some groups had a majority of cops and informers in their ranks. Actual troublemakers were sometimes outnumbered by the moles and agitators who had penetrated the groups.

  11. Burn empty (or emptied) buildings designated as ‘refugee centers’ before the people arrive. It is a humane, powerful policy.

  12. It seems that nobody on this thread is very surprised by this development. Who ever would have expected that!
    Well, nobody ever said that the wages of sin WEREN’T death.
    The depraved politicos and their idiot apologists have brought the forces of history down on their own heads.
    One genuinely odd outcome though … I certainly never expected to find myself cheering for the Nazis. But who else was going to come to the rescue? Not the good nothing-burgers of domesticated, emasculated old Deutschland.

  13. Very sorry to pop this balloon, but this is a complete propaganda show.
    Nobody even remotely supports these vanishingly TINY number of guys.

    This is only designed to push through even more draconian anti-gun laws, effectively disarming even the latest armed German citizens.
    Of whom there aren´t that few, as especially these last years there has been a veritable RUN on sport-shooting clubs and the arduous Hunter certificate.

    The ONLY remaining ways of legally owning a gun.
    The Germans are yet still just watching.

    • ISIS only needed roughly 30,000 to gain the land that they did and arabs have lower IQs. When the house of cards falls in Europe, many more are going to join when we get the ball rolling.

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