R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Part Two

Last Sunday we posted a report by Egri Nök about culture-enrichers in the German town of Cottbus who assaulted a couple for failing to show them sufficient “respect”.

The following video is a brief excerpt from a feature on Austrian TV. It’s not new, but still apropos: it concerns the plight of young refugees — they hang around in the shopping centers all day long and use the free WIFI.

Anton, who translated the brief clip for subtitling, explains the context:

The youth speaks to the woman in an ungrammatical form of German, akin to pidgin English. It is also impolite: “Du” is reserved for when adults address children. The youth should have said “Sie” when addressing an adult to show his respect. This is extremely impolite in German, regardless of what he is saying.

But as you can see from his body language, the Muslim — part of a gang of Muslims — is in charge.

This [epithet] came to her country uninvited, can’t even speak her language, and now has the audacity to tell her how she has to behave.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Excuse me! You are woman. —Yes, I am a woman.
00:04   Must show more respect. You woman. Must show respect.

12 thoughts on “R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Part Two

  1. I wonder which she voted before?

    Which way will she vote now?
    Or will she simply vote the same way.

    After all those young fellows did not intimidate in physical way, so will she believe they deserve respect?

    He was only doing his duty, by calling/warning her to submit, before he can take further action, according to Mohammad’s rules.

  2. If this happened in Austria, where is the new FPO interior minister, or is the infection spread to the second generation?

  3. Uncanny, to say tbe least..and (at least!) 230,000 MORE a year and every year after that. Hmmm..Methinks they’s done.

  4. Overdue to drop the free wifi.
    Put aside for later attention to the smart phone screen when in public places. Be aware of what is around you. Be realistic. At present, the appearance of a safe environment is an illusion.

  5. This is not new. It’s from 2016 or 2017.

    I sincerely believe that the German woman in question—regardless of particular time-frame or actual event sequence—demonstrated a supreme degree of unmerited “respect” by refraining (for even a millisecond) from immediately kneeing this insulting little piece of Islamic filth directly in his “family jewels”.

    The more often that this kind of abrupt retaliation happens, the less frequently that such offensive encounters will occur. Please correct me if I am wrong, but males of any age or ethnicity tend to exhibit a rather abrupt reaction to receiving forceful, corrective “nudging” in the general direction of their nether reaches.

    It is for this reason that I continue to encourage Lorena Bobbitt to please consider volunteering her services (be they demonstrative or merely instructive) throughout the Muslim Middle East.

    After all, just a few dozen incidents of the sort she has gained such notoriety for would likely tend to discourage all further spousal abuse and so forth (blah, blah, blah, blah…).

    If not, a few dozen more would most likely be all that it would take. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    Warmest regards to all Muslim gang members of this same sort,


  6. It could be that the illusion of security is one of the worst aspects of our various modern cultures.

    Working age people offer what security they can to their children and their parents if they are fortunate enough to have both. This is our job. Reality is not easy and it cannot be secured by virtue signalling.

    Security may exist only as in a beautiful landscape painting, for example, in which the artist has seen fit to exclude the bear and the rattlesnake. Let us not forget the bear and rattlesnake when we are out in the woods.

    • I’ve lived and worked in various European countries for over 30 years.
      I can attest several cities such as Amsterdam, Athens and Brussels were actually safer and in some cases, markedly so, just a few decades ago.

  7. How should the woman have responded? I really don’t know what I would have done in that situation.

    • Hard to give an advice but my feeling is – erupt with contempt and show this POF who he is – POF.

      Any other *civil* response is utterly inadequate, IMHO.

      • And get kicked, punched and stomped for her troubles? This would have been the immediate result of not showing respect.

        The immigrant in the video was being very mild mannered and polite. He very gently reminded the lady to be more respectful, but make no mistake, the threat of immediate violence was there, right under the surface. As it always is with these people.

  8. Unbelievable! This short clip shows in a nutshell what is wrong in contemporary Western. Europe. HE should respect HER!!! Not vice versa.

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