Oliver Flesch: “Today the criminals are in the government and the patriots are in jail”

In the following video, a German vlogger named Oliver Flesch talks about what happened on New Year’s Eve, and the supportive reaction from police officers who have written to him.

Many thanks to Ava Lon and Egri Nök for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

02:17   What touches me much more than the number [of subscribers]
02:22   are separate people. Of course, they touch my heart.
02:27   I have, after the New Year’s video,
02:32   I have gotten an unbelievable amount of support,
02:35   also from many police officers. We have —
02:42   I don’t want to say anything wrong, but certainly ten to fifteen police officers
02:47   who wrote me independent of each other.
02:53   Positive feedback, no exception. I would like to read you the letter,
02:56   the message, which touched me the most deeply.
02:59   It’s possible that I may be crying again, just like
03:08   during the video about the dog murdered by the migrants,
03:13   but when it’s about such subjects, when it’s about my homeland,
03:18   that’s the way it is.
03:23   “Good morning, Oliver, I have seen
03:28   all your videos concerning the refugees, and I have to tell you that even I got chills.
03:33   Just like you, I don’t want any more… I don’t want those people here any longer.
03:38   I hardly know anybody who would have a different opinion.”
03:43   — this is great, but there are two possibilities: either you know only a few people,
03:48   or our opinion will spread more and more.
03:54   “I found your videos very cool.” — thank you very much — “ I would like
03:59   you to make more of them. You have my support. Of course. I’m in.”
04:04   — And now it’s coming. Until now I was
04:09   — it was a standard message. “I could, concerning your video,
04:14   when you’re showing the images of Jungfernstieg in Hamburg” — there is a New Year’s video, right?
04:19   The way New Year’s Eve went [unintelligible] Again: “I can only say, concerning your video,
04:24   in which you showed images from Jungfernstieg, that it was MUCH worse,
04:29   than what was in the pictures.
04:34   I…
04:39   I , damn it, was one of the police officers
04:45   who were on duty and who took the blame.”
04:50   And now
04:55   an incredible sentence is coming:
05:00   “At the end of the shift, many colleagues were standing
05:05   and crying together and said that things can’t continue like this.”
05:15   “The worse part, however, is
05:20   that we aren’t allowed to do ANYTHING!” —just a reminder:
05:25   we are talking here about a police officer from Hamburg.
05:30   He’s not one of my friends, who I talked about in the video about that dog;
05:36   I didn’t know him before, but now he is my friend. Again:
05:41   “What’s worse, we aren’t allowed to do ANYTHING. Politics
05:46   Wants it that way. Right now
05:51   there are untenable conditions in play.” I’ll repeat:
05:56   “Right now there are untenable conditions in play. At some point the officers
06:01   will be forced to rally. Be happy that you live in Mallorca.
06:07   I didn’t want to chew your ear off, but I just wanted to show you that you are
06:12   being heard, and that we support you. I have your videos in my private” —oh yeah, [unintelligible]
06:17   “I have shared your videos in both my private and work
06:22   WhatsApp groups, and I got only positive feedback. Please, make more of your videos.”
06:27   This is a German police officer, my friends.
06:32   How much more proof do you guys need? Here I’m especially talking
06:37   to the people who disagree with me. Who think I’m a piece of s***. Who perhaps,
06:42   who perhaps give a thumbs down. I consider them incendiary.
06:47   I have said it before: I am not incendiary. People like Merkel are incendiary, and the
06:52   other criminals who have brought those people in this country. Those are incendiary people, not me,
06:57   not that police officer. Because he is the one who deals with the s*** that Merkel
07:03   created. Not Merkel, it should be otherwise.
07:08   It has to be otherwise. Man, before, it was like that:
07:13   Back then there were patriots in the government and the criminals were in jail.
07:18   Today the criminals are in the government and the patriots are in jail.
07:21   Think about it, what’s going on here!
07:28   The problem is that they are so powerless, they cannot do anything.
07:33   When they would even… at one of those migrants…
07:38   even look at them the wrong way, then we have a
07:41   disciplinary procedure against us. It can’t go on like this!
07:44   We need a totally different mindset from the police! We need to give them freedom [to do their job].
07:49   With these people — you need to understand… First you need to hit them and then ask questions.
07:54   I will [unintelligible] this video
07:59   [unintelligible] See you later, my friends.

11 thoughts on “Oliver Flesch: “Today the criminals are in the government and the patriots are in jail”

  1. Videos like this highlight the insanity of those who say we need arms to protect us against the tyranny of government by fighting the army and the police. The army and police, by and large, are on our side. There may be special units, and they may be forced into positions that make them appear to be oppressive, but the very worst action possible is to shoot at the indigenous soldiers and police. It may make you feel good and may seem like it validates your principles, but in reality, fighting the army and police is a road to failure. This is an exact analogy to the attack on Fort Sumter by Jefferson Davis. It seemed to validate the Confederacy, but in reality it gave Lincoln the occasion to conquer and destroy the Confederacy.

    Most western governments are, in fact, becoming tyrannies, and arms are solely needed. But arms should be used against the surrogate, unofficial arms of the government. In the case of the US, it is the Black Lives Matter street gangs and Antifa. In western Europe, it is the criminal migrant hoards. In both cases, the government uses their surrogates to dissolve the social and cultural bonds of the country but cannot support the gangs too openly. Thus, the arms are useful in fighting criminal gangs.

    But, even if the police carry out oppressive and illegal actions, they should not be fought. The police and army will be rift with sympathizers providing intelligence and covert support, which will be lost if patriots use their impulses rather than their heads.

    • No advocate of an armed citizenry assumes that troops, police, and officials have no sympathizers in their ranks but nor do they overlook the fact that there are enemies in those ranks as well. I well remember the photo of Flip Dewinter being arrested in Brussels where the one police officer enthusiastically squeezed the testicles of the non-resisting Dewinter. That was no sympathizer. The upper ranks of the British police also seem to be particularly contemptible establishment diversity toads to a man. Exhibit A: any public statement they happen to make.

      Too, one must take into account the insane efforts to recruit Muslims and sexually-confused people into the security forces. It has been said that the Bolsheviks, then acknowledged holders of the title of Scum of the Earth, initially consolidated their power by recruiting the village drunk and other outcasts into the police. Instant loyalty.

      Nor do such advocates assume that the highest priority must be given to attacking security forces and that only deadly force must be used from the very beginning. Rather, it is as the rest of your comment states that an armed citizenry would discourage or neutralize unofficial threats that are overwhelmingly the greatest (immediate) physical threats to decent society.

      It is the political and legal authorities who are our primary enemies. They and they alone betray us. Elections seem pointless when, as the Chicoms said in 1930s Shanghai, the masses have not acquired a revolutionary consciousness. Were it otherwise, the parties reviled by the elites/Deep State/transplanted agitprop cadre/globalists/legacy media/living constitutionalists/Chamber of Commerce traitors, subversives, liars, and opportunists would sweep all before them. Elections are underrated. The people’s capacity to put up with complete ________ is not infinite.

      Other ways: A massive withdrawal of popular support would cause many a government to fall (mandate of Heaven) and local manifestations of opposition to mosques and refugee centers are effective though exhausting and expensive. The beating of local politicians has been effective in France or Germany in one instance I’m aware of. I’m surprised there has not been more of that, frankly, not to mention other more numerous minor actions indicative of citizen grumpiness. I in no way endorse such methods, of course.

      No, it’s not about taking on the organs or the army. But the slightest economic hiccup will go a long way toward getting citizens to make inquiry about who it is the government is supposed to serve. The unofficial answer at this point in history is, of course, foreigners, parasites, perverts, feminist lunatics, hate-filled minorities, bankers, hedge funds, and your mortal enemies. That answer is quite acceptable to citizens just now so we’ll just have to see if that is true for much longer.

      • It’s important to remember that enemies are present not just within the police and the armed forces, but also within the organized movements that have formed to reclaim liberty. Infiltration of patriotic groups is a standard procedure for police, and especially for the FBI. To their credit, they also infiltrate the antifas and other left-wing groups.

        The infiltrator may be a simple provocateur, placed in the group to incite unlawful behavior, and thus invite an operation against the group by law enforcement.

        Or he may have a long-term mission — infiltrate early, become a dedicated, valued, trusted activist, and then gradually move up to the top levels of leadership. At a crucial moment he then pushes for actions that cause a crackdown by law enforcement, or discredit the group with all but a narrow base, or induce factions within the group to fight with one another and split the group, destroying its effectiveness. Or some combination of all three of the above.

        Never have I seen a more instructive example than the occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge by the Bundy people. When it finally came to trial, the FBI was forced to reveal how many agents it had had in place in the group. It turned out that there were a number of them, with at least one at a leadership level able to make significant decisions and affect policy. The entire operation was stupid and ill-advised, and probably never would have been undertaken without the influence of those infiltrators.

        This is a widespread phenomenon in the Liberty-oriented movements, and they don’t seem to be as aware of it as they should, nor able to deal with it effectively. Organized counterintelligence seems all but unknown to them.

  2. Unfortunately a sad situation in which we all were brought into by our ‘governments’. Even more sad is the fact that the majority of our society, even in circles of family and friends, refuses to see how deep we sunk. Deeper than in the thirties of the last century, because this type of political correctness is worse than during the nazi-era.
    How to survive? I have no answer. Respect for vlogger Flesch.

  3. Incredible.
    Day by day the continent of Europe is not only changing but is losing any possibility of a soft solution in response to such madness.
    Some day, and I predict some day soon, Europe is not much more than one terrorist attack, one rape or one brutal assault away from the rules of the game changing completely. When that happens, the backlash will be terrifying.

  4. I’ve never yet seen this Herr Flesch, but he seems interesting. Is he part of a trend of German expats in the Mediterranean who watch from a safe distance and comment? I’m not saying it that way to criticize, not at all. I think that often, gaining a certain removal can enable a very useful perspective – eine gewisse Entfernung kriegen, um ein entsprechend umfassendes Beobachtungsvermögen zu gewinnen, sagen wir mal bequem. (It’s funny that after watching the video snippet, somehow it makes it easier to say it in German. 🙂 And I have to stay in practice, right?) I’ve long followed the work of Joel Hirst, Michael Totten etc. for similar reasons.

    And he doesn’t seem like some rich jet-set type who just lounges around on the islands for fun. More like a regular Kerl.

    But now to the substance: It sounded like he was reacting to something that happened this past New Year’s (i.e. 31Dec2017, not 2016). I mean indirectly through the vicarious eyes of the police officers who wrote to him. I think it didn’t quite get captured in the generally quite good translation and subtitles, but where he says – I now notice that there’s a mismatch between the timestamps cited in the transcript above and those occurring in the clip as displayed, so I need to transpose it a little bit… let’s see here… if you go to what the above embed shows as 3:17, he says “den kannte ich vorher nicht, der ist jetzt mein Kumpel – der ist jetzt mein Freund.” That says to me he feels a very sympathetic connection with the police who have to go through that situation, more than is captured with merely “friend”. He speaks here of a buddy, or I guess as Englishmen would say a ‘mate’.

    Baron, you do bring out some interesting things, to be sure!

    • The time stamps are off because Ava started in the middle of the original video. I should have mentioned that.

  5. This guy comes off as a bit weird to me with the giant tatoo on his hand, the hippie clothing, the wiping his nose with his bare hand a number of times while being filmed and his about to start crying acting, while he relaxes and holds his audience somehow spellbound from some faraway shore. If he wants to play cultural and political analyst, maybe he should try a little harder to look the part.
    Sorry, but it’s hard for me to take my news from such a one without laughing, even if the subject is not very funny.

  6. Steven King said he had this idea that the writer would flourish if he could work in a cabin in the woods where someone would quietly bring a sandwich and lemonade to his door at noon and the birds would sing quietly. For him it happened thar he wrote his first stuff on top if the washing machine with a typewriter.

    Pat Condell is most persuasive with nothing but a bare wall behind him and I love that French-Algerian gent who holds forth in his car with just a smartphone.

    The Sergeant Yorks and Audie Murphys come from nowhere it seems but achieve greatness. I embrace effectiveness wherever it can be found.

    I know what you mean by off-putting behaviors and dress. Joe Biden needs a media consultant on that score. One wonders why, if the speaker can otherwise show such insight, he can’t see obvious ways to improve.

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