6 thoughts on “Occupy This!

  1. The Palestinian deep hatred for Iran is not a secret. A year ago a blood bank there refused to take blood from Iran because they assume it dirty. I’ve never heard American or Philipinese blood looks dirty to them too, we are exceptional and we must be reconquered and re-raped in their very Islamic views. The time these philistine Lebanese, Palestinians, Iraqis and the libtard palestinophilic White rats will be rewarded with a punch on their mouth will surely come. They cannot get away with all their crimes forever.

      • Inês, maybe I used the post to say a relevant fact that may reveal lies of the MSM and Anarchists’ propaganda sites. Please let me explain more: I noticed these sites are advertising that the slogan “No Gaza, No Lebanon” are not the voice of people, but what “Isareli spies” taught them (and what a horrifying thing an Israeli spy is in their childish imaginations). But the mutual hatred between Iranians (more accurately: the cowards who think they are Iranians but most are not) and Palestinians is true, and the dissatisfaction about spending money on them has been around for decades. The base of lefty propaganda is nothing but lies.

        Anyway, thanks for your kind reminder.

  2. Ha! Maybe he remembers the Fakestinian Thugs who were brought in to torture and beat and kill demonstrators at the first attempt at freedom in Iran.

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