Miloš Zeman: “The culture of these migrants is basically incompatible with European culture”

The following video is an excerpt from an interview with Czech president Miloš Zeman from a Prague TV station. Many thanks to Xanthippa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

42:27   Mr. President, there were two things from beyond our borders that have interested me this week.
42:30   One of these is that in France: there are increased attacks on police officers,
42:35   and these officers even assert that they are afraid to enter certain neighbourhoods.
42:40   And, it was clearly stated that these… that the majority of these
42:44   attacks on police officers are committed by gangs
42:49   or groups of people who are either migrants themselves, or
42:53   the descendants of settlers, in the second or third generation.
42:56   Is this what multicultural Europe is supposed to look like?
43:00   And, how do you perceive the situation in France? —I have already,
43:04   a few years ago, spoken about the existence
43:07   of so-called ‘no-go-areas’, where police officers are afraid to enter at night.
43:12   And one enraged reader wrote to me that I am making it up,
43:18   that the ‘no-go-areas’ do not exist. So, I wrote back to him
43:22   that when he is in Brussels, he ought to visit Molenbeek,
43:27   and when he is in Paris, he should visit St.-Denis, that…
43:32   and I could, of course, find many others.
43:36   Look, I asserted, from the beginning, that the culture of these migrants
43:41   is basically incompatible with European culture.
43:46   And I think that even the migrants themselves realize this,
43:50   and that the rise in criminality is caused precisely because
43:57   we have opened space for these migrants, including attacks on the police.
44:02   Apart from others, official studies from Lower Saxony assert that the rise in
44:06   criminality in German Lower Saxony is in direct proportion to the growth of the migrant population…
44:11   Well, that is wholly evident. Yet, as I have already stated, we ourselves are to blame.
44:18   Yesterday, I pored over a study which says that — I don’t believe it; I am simply quoting —
44:24   that in Africa, there are 100 million migrants who want to reach Europe.
44:33   Let us divide that by ten, Mr. Soukup [the interviewer].
44:36   And that could be a rather realistic number.
44:40   So, imagine that another 10 million migrants were to arrive in Europe.
44:46   Through Spain, through France, it does not have to flow through the traditional paths.
44:54   And I think that unless the European Union
44:58   does not, at last, find the courage to strengthen its outer borders
45:02   which it incessantly prattles on about, but does almost nothing about…
45:06   Well, in such a case, we will have gained, in a few years, those ten million migrants.
45:14   This may be happening because the Eurocomissionneress Federica Mogherini
45:18   stated that Islam has a place in the European…
45:21   in the European milieu and in European Culture, to…
45:24   It certainly has a place in European history, because Europe and Islam,
45:30   specifically the Ottoman empire, waged war for centuries
45:36   before we succeeded in defeating Islam!

48 thoughts on “Miloš Zeman: “The culture of these migrants is basically incompatible with European culture”

  1. Thanks, Xanthippa: you help link us to the only leaders speaking common sense.

  2. Strange, we all know that EU commies have utterly no intention of closing our borders, fo their intention is precisely that to destroy Europe, and genocide its people, the kalergi plan!

    So it’s utter nonsense, this Milos Zeman talking like this. Because does he not know that the flooding of Europe is intentional from day one? And if he does know, then he should declare war on the EU commissars in Brussels!

    Because they are out to destroy all of us!!!! Wipe out our nations, peoples, histories and culture!

    Wipe out white people!!!!!

    This man is talking nonsense about borders??? The commies, Merkel opened them, and will never close them, until we arrest them, and detain them all for trial, like the Nazis they are.

    We are at war now with the EUSSR!

    They all must be arrested, EU commisoners, Juncker, Schultz, Merkel, the whole gang of these perverts, cockroachees, verhofstadt – all of them must burn in hell.

    • You might wanna check your spelling next time, but anyway the thing is, president Zeman supports a united Europe. His point of view is that the EU needs to be reformed, but kept (at least as far as I know). And, in a sense, he’s right. While my idea of those reforms might be different from his, it’s true that the idea of a united Europe was beneficial for big and small economies alike for decades. It went south the moment someone decided it’d be cool if the EU worked like the USSR.

    • Churchill, I cleaned this up as best I could…

      If you are going to continue using your phone to send comments, please take the time to clean them up before hitting “send”. It would be a courtesy to our readers.

      As far as Miloš Zeman is concerned, the Czech Republic is under constraints arising from its debt to the ECB…just as the PIIGS are (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain). Hungary got out from under their debt but other countries are not so fortunate. Zeman is caught between a rock and a hard place.

      After all your invective, do you know what his economic choices are? Come on, make a sensible comment that lays out in a little detail what the Czech Republic actually faces.

      • Zeman should refuse to pay anything to EUSSR monsters, default! And simply pull out of the EU. what are they going to do? Launch invasion of the Czech Republic? They already have an invasion going on!

        What can the dictators in Brussels do if a country simply pulls out of the EU, refuses to pay, puts back its borders? Because it’s clear it’s all a scam, the EUSSR is using money to blackmail and buy the sovereignty of whole countries, and flood them with millions of muslims and African 3rd worlders. This is not legal!

        The EUSSR is defunct, a criminal organisation, null and void! They are using economics- money, instead of tanks – to overthrow the nations of Europe.

        No referendums! Simply leave the EUSSR and continue on in your own way.

        The EU is dead!

        • If the Czech Republic were to default on its ECB debt, it would then have a problem: it would still have to borrow money in order to fund its current level of functioning, but no Western lender would be willing to lend to it. That would leave Russia and China as possible creditors. If you think the ECB attaches strings to its loans, wait until you see the terms demanded by Moscow and Beijing.

          It’s a hard road that the V4 have to walk, all except for Hungary, which is free of ECB debt.

        • What you propose, Churchill, is impossible. Czech Republic is not 100 percent against the migration, so Zeman doesn’t really have a “people’s champion” dictatorial position, and Czechs would probably be very upset if we went full out economic war against the EU, because it would be like a five year old challenging Mike Tyson in his thirties…

          Czech Republic is most of all a German colony, so all it would take would be to take the Germans out of Czech economy, and Czech Republic would be doomed…

          Moreover, the migrants don’t want to go to Czech Republic, all that we took in escaped west to Germany, for better pay you see… So – since Czech Republic currently has pretty much zero problems with Nafris and Afghanis, all that Zeman can do is to lobby for Fortress Europe…

        • Ohhhh dear….
          ..”what are they going to do? Launch invasion”..
          They will close the Borders…shut down Czech export ,impose sanctions an those who willing to help ..Trust me in half of the Year Czechia will bag for mercy..
          I/m stating this with my personal sympathy for Czechs..
          But Czech Geo-politics are not favorable for them at least..

  3. He may not be perfect, but I’m still proud to have Mr. Zeman as our president. Wish us luck in the preliminaries of presidential elections next weekend! If we’re lucky (and the majority of people prooves they still got brains) he’s going to win in the first round.

    • You deserve to get out from under the EU…not much different than the fist you were under before. However, unless Mr. Z comes up with a plan to reduce the debt to the ECB, y’all are in for a heap o’ trouble…from the criminals in Brussels.

      • As far as I’m aware our debt is still pretty low compared to other countries. In the EU only Luxembourg, Bulgaria and Estonia have a lower debt to a GDP ratio and Hungary is more in debt in total numbers (roughly 22 billion USD more). Of course that doesn’t mean you’re not right overall.
        It would be best if the V4 formed it’s own union. The problem is, we (all of V4) are all heavily dependant on German economy for exporting goods (roughly a third of all our exports). So I think unless they try really hard to flood us with immigrants nobody is going to try to have a referendum or decide by other means that we’re leaving.
        President Zeman is voluntarily using part of his monthly income to pay off the country’s debt, btw. Though it’s not making that much of a difference, but it’s a pleasant gesture.

        • Unless I’m mistaken, though, Hungary’s debt is not to the ECB.

          Being in debt to the ECB is like being in debt to the Saudis: The master yanks your chain, and you turn in the direction indicated.

          • I’m not 100% sure about this, but I believe Hungary did have a debt at the ECB during the crisis and has paid it off now. Czechia has no debt by the ECB either. Both have other general debts towards the EU. Our countries are, after all, pretty similar in economics, history, as well as people (though our economy is stronger because we are heavily industry oriented, while they are more patriotic).

    • I agree. Zeman is very intelligent and given all the circumstances of his tenure, we can hardly ask for a better president …

      The ECB debt Baron mentioned is something needing perhaps more clarity – I, for one, was not aware of this burden (if it is a burden at all).

      • ECB debt is routine and normal in most circumstances. However, when a political leader becomes a hindrance from the point of view of Brussels, then the gloves come off.

        I first realized this after the resignation of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi in the fall of 2011. There were rumors at the time that Mr. Berlusconi was pressured to step down by ECB. In a later interview, he publicly confirmed it — he said he had been told that if he did not resign, when it came time to roll over his ECB bonds — an absolute financial necessity for Italy — the central bank would jack the interest rate up by a percentage point or two. This would have been disastrous for the Italian economy; it would have tipped the country into recession. So Berlusconi resigned, and a Brussels-approved apparatchik (Mario Monti) took over.

        This is the way control can be exerted by the center without sending in troops or tanks.

        I don’t know how much Czech debt the ECB holds. If the amount is significant, there’s no reason why Brussels couldn’t use the same tactics on Prague as it did on Rome.

        Zeman is the president of a country with a parliamentary government, so his office is mostly ceremonial. He can talk all he likes, but the Prime Minister and the Cabinet control policy. Everyone should watch the PM carefully now, since he is new at the job.

        Viktor Orbán, on the other hand, is the head of government in Hungary. He very shrewdly got his country out from under the yoke of ECB debt. Until Brussels is ready to send in the tanks (which it won’t be able to for a while yet; the EU army is just getting started) Orbán has plenty of maneuvering room.

        If Hillary had been elected president, events might be unfolding differently. It would have been quite conceivable that a propaganda war in the media would have been ginned up against Hungary, and specific mob attacks against migrants arranged inside Hungary, so that the intervention of NATO would be required “to protect vulnerable minorities”. Central European leaders undoubtedly keep in mind what happened to Serbia in 1999.

        But this is not going to happen while Donald Trump is president. So, until Trump is impeached, declared metally unfit, assassinated, or otherwise forced from office, Viktor Orbán can afford to act boldly, and that is exactly what he is doing.

        • I believe Czechia has no debt by the ECB, but some by the EIB. Beats me if ultimately there is a difference, both are still involved with the EU.
          The thing is, almost all countries in the world have some form of debt nowadays, so the EU won’t even need tanks to force Hungary into submission. Considering Hungary needed lots of money during the crisis and isn’t doing that well economically (it’s getting better, but not good enough), they will probably have a lot of trouble if the EU decides to drop it’s support.
          However, the difference is that Hungarians will probably stick it out rather than agree to take immigrants. And then it’s a waiting game: will Hungary give up before a civil war or genocide breaks out in the West or will it be the other way around?

        • “But this is not going to happen while Donald Trump is president. So, until Trump is impeached, declared mentally unfit, assassinated, or otherwise forced from office, Viktor Orbán can afford to act boldly, and that is exactly what he is doing.”

          I concur with this assessment. There is other link between my birth country and USA – his children. Three of them are 50% Czech … this blood bond is there, important or not. As an American of Czech descent (I do dislike the hyphenated Americans as Teddy Roosevelt did) I see a renouveau of relations between the Czech Republic and America.

          God save Donald Trump … funny that an atheist as I has come to that statement.

          Tempora mutantur and nos mutamur in illis.

  4. “The culture of these migrants is basically incompatible with European culture”

    Hardly news to the “migrants.”

    • But when it is said by a nation’s leader, it means more than if you or I said it. We get an idea of what he might try to do, within the constraints he faces.

    • Isn’t that Henry Stamper’s arm you’re holding up?

      Or is this a more subtle irony than we, the unlettered, can grok?

      • My apologies for expressing myself so poorly. What I meant by “no surprise to the ‘migrants,’ was that the migrants are fully aware of the incompatibility and that they intend to rectify it…by displacing the present one. I’ll try to be less cryptic with any future comments.

      • Dymphna,I’m confused. The late Henry Stamper was a Scottish actor, or am I missing something?

        • Hank Stamper was the main character in Sometimes a Great Notion by Ken Kesey.

        • In the Ken Kesey novel, Sometimes a Great Notion, there were two characters – father & son – who were named (respectively) Henry and Hank Stamper. Henry loses his arm in a logging accident, and Hank holds up the severed arm. [Yes, a grim scene in a grim novel].

          Interestingly, the title of the book is taken from a song that was often used to signal the end of the evening at rural dance halls: “Good Night, Irene”.

          I’d say I liked Kesey’s book, “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” better, but I didn’t like either one. The film sure has somewhat of a cult following, though. The fact that it does is rather disturbing…I dislike any aesthetic exercise that offers no redemptive aspect in its view of the human condition.

          • Seems I’ve made a bad impression, and I lament that. I took that name because I posted my first comment on this forum some time ago just after watching the film and it was the first thing that came to mind. Like you Dymphna, I like stories of redemption, and love films (novels) like East of Eden (I’m a Steinbeck fan and love the way he and William Porter would humanize and give dignity to people on the margins). I don’t necessarily agree that there’s nothing redemptive about Sometimes a Better Notion, but that’s not important. Please don’t give up on me…I enjoy your forum. I’ll change my screen name to Thomas More’s Backside if it will get me back in your good graces. I couldn’t help being born a fool, but I put a lot of effort into being a well meaning one, and like you, I appreciate good manners.
            While it’s somewhat off topic, I do share your appreciation for Al Stewart’s music, but I’ve never understood “Angel of Mercy.” If you can help me with that I’d be grateful.

          • RE: Angel of Mercy…Look at the lyrics and pretend you’re saying them to a formerly good friend who deeply betrayed you. Anyone who has encountered a psychopath up close can relate:

            Every evening you come
            Around here
            In your cloak of lies
            Half-believing I sit and listen
            As you offer up the prize
            Pick up your smile
            Just go faithless friend
            There is no pleasure
            Waiting here for you
            Pick up your smile
            Just go faithless friend
            I don’t see you anymore
            As an angel of mercy

            Imitations of the good life
            Were your stock in trade
            Pale imitations you run for cover
            When the promise starts to fade
            Pick up your smile
            Just go faithless friend
            There is no treasure
            Waiting here for you
            Pick up your smile
            Just go faithless friend
            I don’t see you anymore
            As an angel of mercy
            You play the game well
            You’ve got the knack
            Your hand in the till
            And the knife in the back
            Head for the hills
            Leaving them flat
            How come you treat
            Everybody like that

            Spaced invader of my privacy
            Be on your way
            Tricky trader in webs of fantasy
            The bank is closed today
            Pick up your smile
            Just go faithless friend
            There is no pleasure
            Waiting here for you
            Pick up your smile
            Just go faithless friend
            I don’t see you anymore
            As an angel of mercy

            Pick up your smile
            Just go faithless friend
            There is no treasure
            Waiting here for you
            Pick up your smile
            Just go faithless friend
            I don’t see you anymore
            As an angel of mercy…

            A wise friend once told me that betrayal is the commonest experience we have, but each new one inevitably blindsides us because our trust in another has been violated. In spite of that we have to continue to trust – to carefully check and verify – or what is the point of friendship??

          • No, don’t change your nic! Though Thomas More’s backside (or his head) would be a fine name.

            I’ll discuss more of your comment later after we’ve taken down the Christmas tree. The 12 Days of Christmas are over. Sigh.

  5. This politicians like :Juncker , Merkel, Schultz , this Macron puppet , Gabriel , Islamic Greens in Germany, they all have the go , ASASP !!! This people destroying Europe deliberately, You can see in Your own Eyes what is happening, , another murder in Germany, by Illegal Muslim migrant who lied about the age , they have blind eye on this , like nothing happens , it’s just unbelievable..

    • Yogi, I think you need a new song. One with fewer exclamation points and less outrage. We understand your anger and frustration, but please find a more informative way to express them. Leave some information for the rest of us, eh?

      • If You have problems to read my comments, I suggest don’t read it , I’m expressing my self like everybody else , not need to pick up on somebody else comments , ,.. that’s the way how I feel , don’t like ??, don’t read it it’s simple like that ..

          • yes she is,they are.
            And if you are ” out of here”, Yogi,
            who will hence provide the syntactical and orthographical challenges for the readers fond of decryption?

      • Listen Dymphna (God knows what this asexual name may be)
        Yogy has an opinion, it may sometimes be with spelling mistakes, or sometimes too radical for your liking…
        I remind you that your agitated comments against Yogy and others here sound more like an OCD persons…all needs to be within boundaries and such…
        Reminds me of censoring.Are you Merkel?
        Are you Stalin?
        If you really want some donations and some attention, abstain from defecating on other people’s yards and let them speak freely.
        By that I don’t mean rudely, but freely, honestly.
        If not, what is the point to even have comments here?

        • If you look up my name, you’ll find it is anything but “asexual”. Dymphna was a courageous Irish woman who fled her father’s demands that she marry him. There is a church in her name in Belgium. She is the patron saint of (among other things) lunatics and there are several mental asylums named after her, not to mention the barroom in New York City. Which is the joke…

          I don’t mind Yogi’s illiterate comments, in fact, I often take the time to clean them up so others can more easily read them. However, I am weary of his increasingly repetitious Johnny-one-note outrage against Germany. One or two or ten such rants would be okay, but the incessant outraged anger never varies. No information, just anger.

          Your insults about our commenting guidelines – i.e., that I “sound like” an OCD person, am Merkel and Stalin (you forgot Pol Pot), that this is censoring, etc.- are all actually against our stated guidelines (look them up) re maintaining civil discourse in this arena. I only let this comment through because it’s a good example of the mistaken opinions people sometimes put forth as arguments.

          This is not an arena where speech is “free”; of course, we censor. Otherwise, we’d have to put up with the uncivil comments such as this one. This is our yard and anyone who comes here has to play by our rules, which were established more than a decade ago and have worked quite well since then. So to liken me to Merkel or Stalin is a reductio ad absurdum. I’m simply the gatekeeper. And to make the claim that I am defecating in someone else’s yard when I am but maintaining my own green space is to miss the point entirely.

          The point to having discussions here is to allow others to add information and exchange ideas. There are hundreds of thousands of comments accumulated here; someday they will be an archive for future scholars to peruse to get an idea of the times in which we lived. So I do the work of maintaining it, your insults aside.

          I don’t “..want some donations and attention”…But what are you implying in that declaration?
          Are you now going to demand that all your donations be returned? Or had you planned to set up a foundation to meet our on-going expenses and now you’re going to give it to the African missions instead?

          Your comment is so far off the mark, so ugly, that it didn’t deserve letting in. But you demonstrate for others the kinds of remarks we don’t allow, so you serve as an example of sorts.

          I meant what I said to Yogi (that is the proper spelling of his name, by the way, NOT yogy). He needs to expand his repertoire of commenting styles to include something beyond outrage. I am sure he has some ideas to share. Having now seen your notions about this comments section, I’m not sure you do. In angrily, insultingly coming to his defense, you have fallen on your own sword.

          • Don’t worry Dymphna, you do a good job, and I am sure I am not the only one who appreciate Gates of Vienna, including the comment section 🙂

          • Thank you, Barn Swallow. The notion of “free speech” is so broadly misunderstood. I hadn’t realized that until we set up this section. I can still recall the vituperative, profanity-laced rant of a Swedish academic who was furious that we wouldn’t allow his comment re Fjordman/Breivik to see the light of day. The niceness/consensus-based Swedish culture (the same one that infests Minnesota with all its Somali refugees) can turn ugly in a New York second if it’s thwarted.

            I no longer trust nice, nice Norway, either, after the unconscionable way they treated Fjordman. That was beyond mere “ugliness” into some depraved realm. Their state TV actually ran a “satire” series about a fellow named “Fjordland”. He was a paraplegic, strapped to a wheelchair and dressed in a Nazi uniform. This was supposed to be humor.

            Ugh. I’ve lost my respect for both countries.

          • I, for one, immensely appreciate the way Baron & Dymphna are managing this site. Their remarkable erudition and historical knowledge is something I value each time I read their comments …

            I have never realized until now that one of the ramifications of our exchanges here may be that “someday they will be an archive for future scholars to peruse to get an idea of the times in which we lived.”. I would not be shooting so high … but judging the overall level of the contributions Baron and Dymphna are posting: the bar is set quite high.

          • Yea I know that the Scandinavians can be like night and day when it comes to emotions, you can see that by the way they drink: Smash the bottle as fast as possible, make some big noise, and quickly pass out in the midst of the chaos…

            The Scandinavians die at around midnight, while the smart discussions in Czech pubs usually continue on till 5AM 🙂

            But not all is lost in Scandinavia, I believe…

            While in Scandinavia there sure is a “caste” of “Refugees Welcome” types, and also a Nazi “Morgen die Welt” caste, majority of Scandinavians live out in the forrests, never encountering any no-go zones which are far away… What I mean to say is that I have not lost respect for Scandinavia, I very much like the outdoor, rural type, which is very nice – away from the rush hours of Oslo or Stockholm… The further North you get, the more friendly the people become.

  6. The market place of free ideas does not always sell fresh fruit, apparently.

    When Hungary rid itself of the IMF and deftly sidestepped the havoc to be suffered by Hungarians owning Swiss Franc-denominated mortgages, they released themselves from debt slavery. I’m only sorry the other members of the V4 did not have an Antal Fekete, or other clear thinkers, to avoid such compromise.

    It was likely not the intended utility of peripheral EU states to threaten the demise of Brussels. Debt slaves were created to feed interest payments and cheap labour to the EU industrial heartland. They also provide a buffer to swarthy outsiders. I could be wrong and overly cynical about this point, but the perpetuation of Greek debt is a case in point. Too bad for the Greeks that they choose to live a tragedy of their making.

    Now the EU has these pests, Orban and Zeman, who simply won’t shut-up. While they’ve got Soros doing his utmost to dispose of Orban, one would think Orban would confine his defenses to his own spring election, and to Soros’s illiberal NGO’s. Instead, he goes on the offensive in Bavaria like the ghost of Janos Hunyadi terrorizing the Ottomans. The difference this time, however, is that we don’t have a Pope who will declare Orban one of the great men of history and command all church bells to ring at noon forever in his honour. No. Instead we will see every weapon available in the communist playbook deployed to destroy Orban.

    And, since the V4 seem to be stammering to their post-Soviet feet with disappointing speed, you can bet Brussels is looking for ways to expand its territory. What better solution to their problems? By including the Balkans and Romania they would reopen the Balkan route to migrants so rudely corked by Orban. Through expansion, western manufacturing may seek still-cheaper labour than the V4, hampering these countries’ budding rehabilitation.

    Hungary’s recent blockage of Ukrainian EU aspirations perhaps was not just about its own diaspora. Maybe it prefers, strategically, its position as a peripheral Schengen state. After all, the fact that no other nation built a wall to protect itself begs loaded questions. Yes, it was necessary. But does it speak to the Hungarian character? Why does this little country of linguistic anomaly continue to set itself aside only to be pummeled by bullies? There can be little sport in the game of survival, so why not more fences by more countries? Regardless, by the EU capturing the Balkans and Romania in debt slavery, Orban would have a much harder time keeping Hungary Hungarian. I am sure he has apprised the leaders of those non-member states of the perils of easy money.

    Maybe, in the end, it is all about “easy money”. The European Union would not have been possible without Keynesian hocus-pocus. Deficit financing and marginal bank reserves make anything possible, I guess, until real money shows up. Hard money.

    Then all bets are off. No country will pull this until it has no choice. As someone else here said, “Comes the hour comes the man…” Well, comes the hour also comes the counterparty risk-free currency. And I don’t really mean to imply here what I seem to be implying here. But given the stakes, and the kinds of smart, courageous people that such times create, be ready for surprises.

    Zeman and Orban speak confidently and seriously. Maybe they know something we don’t about 2018.

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