8 thoughts on “Matt Bracken: Question of the Day #3

  1. My pure opinion: when you must do this in order to speak, it is already very late. And if we continue to sleep, we will wake up dead or Muslims.

  2. In which kind of law is female circumcision considered a mere courtesy to the husband?


    (from The Reliance of the Traveller section e.4.3)

  3. “Islam” couldn’t possibly be the answer. It is a religion of love and peace because Muhammad was loving and peaceful.

  4. sooner or later ……. islam will have to dealt with … and we all know what actions will have to be taken … we have for to long now inserted or collective ‘heads in the … ‘ and kicked the can down the road ( so to speak … ) the ‘ bill is coming due ‘ ……. when do we fix the problem and rid us of the ‘plague’ ? , ech when … how much more will it take ? what fools we have as leaders leading us down the path of ‘suicide ‘ by cowardice and stupidity … we have earned what is coming for western civilization unless we stand up and rid this planet of the ‘plague’ that we have allowed to not only live among us but have invited in ? , ech when ?

  5. Catholic, as a heretic. We were burned at the stake until it was discovered that social ostracism was easier and cheaper. Check out Mexico and South America.

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