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    • Not only does islam not endorse the Golden Rule, it actually commands muslims to do the exact opposite. I’m not sure of the textual source, but it tells believers ( in islam) to be merciful toward fellow believers and harsh toward non-believers (like Jews and Christians).

      • as someone here stated before, muslims are ” nice” 😈 when in weak position.For us civilized folks it is hard to bully a person behaving nicely.
        Has anybody here a strategy to spank a ” nice” person, knowing it is only deception, without being too gross or rude?
        One thing I observed when shopping with locals in Morocco:they are never nice with slimy merchands.They would say when offered an item: is there anything better you have? Or: are you putting me on with that garbage? Do that to a hardware store owner in central Virginia!
        They are really rude among themselves.My friend even beat up a self appointed carpark gardian who asked too much money.

    • And also prohibited to you are all married women except those your right hands possess (4:24)

      Indeed, those who disbelieve in Our verses – We will drive them into a Fire. Every time their skins are roasted through We will replace them with other skins so they may taste the punishment (4:56)

      When you meet the unbelievers, smite their necks, then, when you have made wide slaughter among them, tie fast the bonds (47:4)

      It is not for a Prophet that he should have prisoners of war (and free them with ransom) until he had made a great slaughter (among his enemies) in the land (8:67)

      If somebody (a Muslim) discards his religion, kill him (Bukhari 4:52:260)

      I have been ordered to fight the people till they say: ‘None has the right to be worshipped but Allah (Bukhari 1:8:387)

      Treat women well, for they are as domestic animals with you (Farewell Sermon Al-Tabari, Vol. 9, pp. 112-113)

    • If anyone desires a religion other than ………., never will it be accepted of him;
      Koran 3:85

        • The apostle in the account is the Apostle of Allah himself, the Messenger of Allah, the so-called Prophet. It is one of his appellations in the stories about him. The quote can be used.

    • The Isle of Lundy was used as a slave-holding base by adherents of which religion?

  1. Too bad Soros’s 18 billion that went to several dozen hate charities wasn’t used to put these on the sides of all public busses throughout the world, or as web ads, and TV spots, too. Or that if someone else, of Godly intent, to fight pure evil, stepped up with the funding. Worse is that so many are so cowardly and ignorant, both, as to forbid that “TRUTH, that will set people Free”!

    And Matt Brackens posters are pure unvarnished TRUTH. Except that it truly is a cult-gang, no more so. A cunning creation of a mad desert cretin, a miscreant, or the people who wrote it all up 2 or 3 centuries later!!!!!

    Freedom is the fundamental desire in every human’s soul, no matter what. Control by others of the totalitarian style, will always, always be wrong, and resisted. Always.

    If that were not so, so many of the totalitarian and evil regimes would not have fallen, eventually, after long suffering, throughout history. And God, it states in the Bible aided such endeavors, in ancient times, and in post Biblical time.

  2. Matt, perhaps you might bring out the admonition to lie, by adherents, taqiyya, or how allah is the best of deceivers, to make it clear to those curiosity seekers to not trust those who actually know the islam cult-gang’s rules, and not go to the muslims to learn how evil it all is, but rather to seek the source material. Each adherent, if even read in the gang, is a liar never to be trusted with the actual basis.

    Lets face it, many a Christian is not an expert in the actual scripture, nor in knowing many of the guides and principles of our general or specific beliefs.

    Most muslims have not read or studied the whole of the koran, hadiths, sura, yet. In their language, and many so called converts have been lied to and think only the first part applies, not that the first part is mostly erased, in effect.

  3. Greed for power, greed for land and wealth belonging to others, etc are also noted to be some other characteristics of Islam, besides their tendencies to deceive using Islam and their obsessive and devious Islamic communities to riot, abuse, exclude and intimidate us nonbelievers at every opportunity.

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