15 thoughts on “Matt Bracken: Question of the Day #1

  1. Just playing the opposition advocate here but isn’t “strike terror in their hearts” exactly what Moses did to Pharaoh? And Jesus did to Satan? Not to mention David to all those Philistines, Joshua to the Jericoites, Solomon to those arguing women, Lot to the Sodomites, etc. Of course they didn’t actually SAY those words, they just did those things. But then we don’t actually know what Muhammed said either, since no one wrote anything down until he had been dead for 300 years. Hell, we can’t even agree on how to spell his name.
    Unfortunately, I can’t comment on anything Buddha did, or didn’t do. He’s always been fake to me.
    I like where you are going with this though.

  2. That was a nice one. I know another:
    “I have never planted a tree. I have never put a brick. I am the messenger of sword.”
    (The Pearl Canon, S.Hedayat)

    Actually only the last sentence once could be found in Islamic books. Now disappeared from every book, at least where I live. The first two sentences are added by the writer in pursuit of further clarifying the meaning: In Saracen culture working with hands is considered dishonour, only plundering or living on the back of slaves is honourable. Kidding? Not at all.

    Deport! I beg you. Deport every Muslim before the supremacist savages conquer the whole world.

    • In Saracen culture..work with hands as dishonour, only plunder or slavery has honour….

      Why they prefer to attack advanced cultures …of course, but it seems easy to liken them to our own bureaucrats as well. How many of our bureaucrats ever wanted to work as plumbers for even one minute? As farmers? At production or at any service of any kind? Not to compare them too closely but…consider what we have seen….

  3. In communism this is a tendentious question with a islamophobic answer. You must be set under surveillance. Your attitude is against the working class needs. Comrade.

  4. Which religions were founded respectively by a man who allowed himself to be crucified and a man who ordered crucifixions?


  5. To be fair, you could also ask:

    The founder of which major world religion said: “Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him.”?

    (Hint: It wasn’t Jesus or Buddha.)

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