“ISIS Followers in Hamburg Wanted to Behead Me”

The man in the video below seems in his own way to be a German version of Aldo Sterone, the auto-pundit. He’s an ex-Muslim convert to Christianity who describes, among other things, a visit to Hamburg, where Muslims wanted to behead him in a restaurant.

Many thanks to Anton for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   Yes, I greet you, dear viewer. May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you.
00:06   Yesterday I was doing missionary work in Hamburg-Steindamm.
00:10   There were some Muslims there who knew me, and so we talked a lot.
00:14   Unfortunately, I regret to note that many, many of the Muslims there are really ISIS supporters.
00:23   Germany is a country which is tolerant and tries to build bridges, which is very reasonable.
00:30   And I am also in favor of caring for others and loving others for all,
00:36   as Jesus once taught.
00:39   Nevertheless, these people will eventually break this tolerance.
00:44   And you, good people from the Greens and the Left.
00:48   I am not politically active because I proclaim only the Lord Jesus Christ.
00:51   But I would like to state my opinion.
00:55   I am an ex-Muslim, and I know the Koran thoroughly. And I know how the Muslims think.
00:59   Not all Muslims are radical, but what I have seen there —
01:03   I have to say with regret that many there are just like ISIS.
01:12   For example, there were people who really try to communicate Islam as tolerant.
01:20   But one who knows about Islam knows that these aspects of this Koran are not true.
01:26   And then they again show their ugly faces.
01:32   Germany speaks of tolerance.
01:35   The Greens and the Left too. I am not an AfD supporter in any way.
01:42   But I have to confess, honestly, at some point, these people will break this tolerance.
01:49   These people will follow you someday.
01:53   We have about 50 million Muslims in Europe, and once they stand up there will be a civil war.
01:59   And then just remember those of you from the Left and Greens, who have not read the Koran, yeah,
02:05   they do not even know what the Koran says, but they have a big mouth.
02:10   In Saudi Arabia, where Islam first came into existence, people are publicly executed.
02:17   There, people are flogged.
02:20   This is where people are discriminated against.
02:23   Why does the Left does not start any demonstrations in Saudi Arabia?
02:28   Because they misunderstood Islam.
02:31   People who speak perfect Arabic and come from where the Islam came from.
02:37   There is no peace at all. Thy should think about this well, occasionally.
02:42   How long do you want to think when you have children?
02:46   Do you really think they will eventually become Left- or Green-supporters, or whatever?
02:55   Definitely not. At some point only Islam will be here. Of that I am sure.
03:00   The birth rate of the Muslims is constantly increasing. And I also do not
03:05   want to have hate of Muslims now, or against the [Muslim] people.
03:10   But the Green and Left here, it should be burned into their skulls
03:14   that you must differentiate. Yes, accept the human being, but don’t accept the teaching.
03:20   Because you stand up for Islam.
03:23   And if you stand up for Islam then you support a prophet, a pedophile,
03:29   a mass murderer. You support such people.
03:34   You should just understand that I’m an ex-Muslim myself, that I am an foreigner myself, yes.
03:40   And do not come with these Nazi accusations.
03:43   Because your only argument is just “Nazi!”. You do not have anything else to offer.
03:46   But I do not want to spread hatred now.
03:49   Yesterday I understood with chagrin how many ISIS followers there are,
03:54   and people who feed off the Kuffar.
03:57   Why do not you actually make the Hijra? No, they feed from here they take your money,
04:02   until someday they will be in front of your door, and then they will break this bridge, yes.
04:07   What you try to build will eventually break.
04:11   I urge domestic security, appeal to domestic security; you look, but you look on too much.
04:18   But you are not to blame. The politicians are to blame.
04:21   And I urge all domestic security officials and politicians
04:25   to be more strict against such suspicious Salafists.
04:30   There are many Salafists who plot in secret,
04:33   and the next time, someday, might even bring about an attack.
04:37   Because I realize that through their writing, because I have a lot to do with Muslims.
04:42   And I can just finally appeal to the politicians:
04:47   Do something, because I have see countless writings
04:51   in which the Muslims publicly emphasize themselves.
04:55   They insult my family. They want to kill me.
04:58   They want to find out who I am. We live in Germany.
05:02   Freedom of opinion — they s*** on your opinion.
05:05   They s*** on the constitution, because the Sharia is important to them.
05:09   Sharia does not allow for a politician, does not allow for a constitution.
05:14   It only allows a Caliph to live in the Islamic state.
05:17   And there are many who would like to have that dominate, in any case.
05:22   They want to have Shariah law.
05:26   They will not vote either. And not all Muslims are radical.
05:30   But the 20 percent of Muslims, yes, who really practice Islam,
05:36   really true Muslims, we must be glad that such liberal Muslims exist.
05:41   Even if they are only lying and spreading that which has nothing to do with Islam.
05:44   They still try to remain peaceful. Nonetheless, I just say Germany should be warned.
05:52   Because at some point a big assault will occur.
05:55   And then these domestic security people will say: ‘Yes, we always suspected this,
05:59   but we had no evidence.’
06:03   A state must always protect its citizens.
06:07   And when these people write radically —
06:10   or anyway you have to take it and analyze again what they are really doing in the background.
06:17   But I do not want to play the politician, because the Lord Jesus Christ has already said
06:22   that in the end, love will grow cold.
06:27   And I cannot get upset. I’m just sad about the Muslims. Sad.
06:32   I was with my wife yesterday. Yesterday I was in an Islamic restaurant.
06:35   I was thrown out of there. The shopkeeper called out the Arabic oath
06:40   because I just wanted to tell them something about Jesus.
06:43   I did not do anything; these four Salafists were 100% ISIS followers.
06:47   They wanted to behead me.
06:50   They were so aggressive with, as if I insulted their families.
06:54   Because I just said: Now love each other.
06:57   They exploded like a rocket, and this on German soil.
07:01   Poor Germany. Poor Germany. What has become of you?
07:06   I wish you God’s blessings. May Jesus Christ’s love prevail.
07:10   And one day my words will meet the good people [Lefts and Greens].
07:14   God bless you.

15 thoughts on ““ISIS Followers in Hamburg Wanted to Behead Me”

  1. A sad but real story, which no politician, neighbor nor even family-members wants to begin to believe.

  2. But I still don’t want this man in Europe. Yes, he’s less worse than the others, but even so, in the long run he can only harm the West and its peoples. Sorry.

    • manatthepub, I’d like to ask you to explain what you mean. (It’s not that “I don’t agree”, I don’t understand. Though when you’ve explained and I understand, I might not agree.)

      • stop the philosophy and get it:we do not want ANY muslims or ex muslims or any africans in Europe and USA

    • Well said, manathepub.
      They need to sort out their own problems just as we need to sort out our own problems. As it is their Muslims related problems has already greatly affected us financially and emotionally. We can’t afford to help others when we are even more vulnerable to devious Islamic agenda.

    • He is not a Muslim. He is a Christian. He is behaving like a Christian. He is brave and he is warning native Germans. He is an asset to Germany. He would be an asset anywhere.

    • You’re wrong. He’s actually better than the average “native” German. The brainwashing of the average “native” German is a large part of the reason why Merkel got re-elected. I’m sure that this guy wouldn’t have voted for that. He’s much better than the “Greens” and “Reds” that he refers to, NO DOUBT.

      More like him, and there wouldn’t be a problem at all, actually.

    • “But I still don’t want this man in Europe.”

      I absolutely, positively, do not understand this statement.

      He’s already in Europe, already a German citizen, rejects Islam emphatically, and warns publicly against Islam.

      So, you’ve got a good thing going. He’s valuable, productive and safe. Also, he’s on your side in the fight against Islam.

      Now, I agree that no more Muslims, or supposed ex-Muslims should be admitted. Even assuming the government were interested in protecting the citizens, which is absolutely untrue, the government would not be able to distinguish Muslims from ex-Muslims. Do you think Muslim are above lying about converting to promote hijrah? You absolutely cannot distinguish, from naive questioning, what a person’s beliefs or intentions are.

      But this man has been through the fire and has shown his mettle. Saying he should not be there is like saying the ancestors of the Mexicans who fought for the Americans in the Alamo should not be in the US. Just because no additional Mexicans should be allowed in doesn’t mean that no person of Mexican ancestry should be in the US.

      So, I absolutely totally disagree with your statement.

  3. I appreciate this man’s heartfelt sincerity, but he’s no Aldo Sterone. Sterone is in a class of his own.

  4. That’s someone I wish I could contact and have a long discussion about what the political left really believes, because I would point out all the benefits to Germany, and Arabs like him, that his support for the AfD would achieve. It would destroy the arguments of the real Nazis that probably do exist in the AfD because their racial presuppositions about race and culture would be greatly damaged by his presence in the organization. His failure to support the AfD means that the country will eventually divide on racial lines, which is exactly what the real Nazis want. If he truly follows Christianity he would understand where loving what seemingly hates you heaps ashes on the heads of their beliefs.

    What the leftist parties professes to support is merely a means to the end for them to take total political control. They do not care about individual freedom, but only believe in the absolute superiority of their own ideas. Eventually the most ruthless and dictatorial of them will assume control out of the ensuing chaos, and kill off the rest. Truly a Darwinian proposition that exists in total contrast and denial of the teachings of Jesus.

    Identity politics have mostly replaced the older division of society on the basis of economic class, but the end goal remains the same. The left realized that class divisions were not effective enough as the workers had a fairly good life that they did not want to ruin, hence they created additional victim groups in addition to class divisions. Islam furthers that by creating religious division. All exist to further disruption of the functioning society, so all are beneficial to the Marxists.

    • Identity politics have mostly replaced the older division of society on the basis of economic class, but the end goal remains the same. The left realized that class divisions were not effective enough as the workers had a fairly good life that they did not want to ruin, hence they created additional victim groups in addition to class divisions.

      The Marxist dogma of a worker’s revolution was just one linchpin in the post-modern religion. But you’re right – the far left then rose up to divide by identity and the far right fell into their hole.

  5. This is all very nice but what did this man, knowing that jihadists are there and going – with his poor wife yet!- into an ISLAMIC RESTAURANT to spread the Gospel? What was he thinking? That maybe someone else there wanted to commit suicide with him?

    We need fewer preachers and more Christian warriors. We will never defeat this unspeakable evil with words. Jihad understands and cares not about words and if they are finally victorious all words will stop except the fatwas of the Caliphs. We should NOT “love” these people as long as they subscribe to Islam. There IS no “moderate” or “radical” Islam and the so-called religion has NOT been “hijacked” by radicals. Jihadist who kill and maim and oppress all non-Muslims are just fundamentalists who are trying to return all Muslims to the teachings of Mohammed and the Qu’ran.

    So enough of the “kind words”. Enough of these “bridges”. We should disassemble the bridges our enemy uses to reach us and our families. Maybe with fewer of these “kind words” in our politics and our schools we might not suffer daughters going off to join jihad and sons bound for ISIS training.

    Enough of so-called “Christian charity” and love of the enemy. God didn’t intend to create a race of wimps.

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