Heinz-Christian Strache: “Israel of Course Represents a Front Line”

Heinz-Christian Strache is the leader of the FPÖ (Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs, Austrian Freedom Party). He spent a number of years in the wilderness as a “right-extremist”, but then the political winds shifted: he is now the Vice-Chancellor of Austria, in coalition with Sebastian “Boy” Kurz and the ÖVP (Österreichische Volkspartei, Austrian People’s Party).

The following interview with Mr. Strache serves as an appropriate follow-up to last night’s translation by JLH of “The FPÖ and the Jews”. The interviewer is a superstar in his own right: Michael Stürzenberger of Politically Incorrect, who in the intervening years has been prosecuted for “hate speech” multiple times by both the German and Austrian governments.

This interview was recorded during a visit to Israel by Mr. Strache in December of 2010, when the Socialists were still in power in Austria. My, how times have changed!

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:04   PI-NEWS — The whole Truth
00:12   In Austria you have, as everywhere in Europe,
00:16   problems with integration, which are increasingly
00:20   focused on the Muslim population,
00:24   where one already speaks of the problems of Islamisation.
00:28   Do you see certain parallels with the problems
00:33   that appear everywhere in Europe, in the figurative sense,
00:37   with the problems which the Israelis have?
00:41   These are not the same problems, but can it figuratively be compared with the problem of Islam?
00:45   Well, if we talk about Europe today, we have to be aware, and we are
00:49   aware that we are shaped by a Germanic-Hellenist Culture
00:53   formed by the Enlightenment, characterized by a Christian-Jewish consciousness of values
00:58   in Europe, and this imprint makes
01:02   Europe today. Unfortunately, we have also experienced various totalitarian aberrations
01:06   in Europe, but we left them behind us, we have today ensured
01:10   a Western liberal democratic development in Europe,
01:14   where we also represent a Christian European Occident,
01:18   but observe now similar undesirable developments through a completely undifferentiated and
01:23   irresponsible mass immigration from the Islamic world
01:27   to Europe, where our established parties allow this. And so today we experience
01:31   Parallel— and counter-societies in Europe, where Islamism is firmly establishing itself,
01:35   and where the anti-Semitism takes hold again because of Islamism,
01:39   and established parties remain silent about this, and we
01:43   experience that Islamism exhibits a total intolerance
01:48   towards European culture, even towards people of other faiths.
01:52   We Christians are defined as “non-believers”,
01:56   and I must say, if I am defined by another religion
02:00   as “non-believer” rather than “other-believer”, then the basic foundation
02:04   for a level of dialog is already missing.
02:08   And when people in Europe build parallel societies with
02:13   mosques that are not of purely spiritual character, but are multi-purpose
02:17   facilities, where religion, politics, social
02:21   and legal systems merge into one another,
02:25   and all this is inextricably linked, then we get a development
02:29   where we not only have to be careful, but where we have to enlighten people, fight against it
02:33   because this development, I’m saying,
02:37   shows a political misuse of a religion, and this has no place in Europe,
02:41   in an enlightened society. Nor has the oppression of women any place,
02:46   nor the oppression of people of other faiths,
02:50   and we must be vigilant and from this perspective, there are similar
02:54   problems here. We have demographic-political problems where we are in danger
02:58   of dying out because of bad and negative family policies,
03:02   yet at the same time the established parties
03:06   do not invest in family policies for the European peoples, but instead bring immigrants from
03:11   the Middle East from Islamic countries to Europe, and we are in danger of becoming a minority.
03:15   And I say we are faced with the situation: either the fall of Europe,
03:19   or the salvation of Europe, and I fight for the salvation of Europe.
03:23   And one must recognize that, compared with Israel and the problems on the ground,
03:27   that because of the common Christian-Jewish roots that we have,
03:31   and this structure of values that connects us, Israel of course represents
03:35   a front line, if you will,
03:39   in this conflict [unclear] this “clash of civilisations”,
03:43   which actually exists. You spoke about
03:48   the misuse of religion. In the case of Islam, this was actually already
03:52   the case at its origin that the prophet Mohammed himself was also a warrior,
03:56   and also used
04:00   religion to seize power. It is actually difficult
04:04   for Islam to separate power from politics
04:08   and the spiritual. It is a difficult field. It is a very difficult field.
04:13   And of course one will have to deal with this field more closely.
04:17   In contrast with other religious communities, we have no
04:21   pope here, nor any higher representatives who
04:25   could prescribe this single religious direction, as it were,
04:29   but we always have to deal with different muftis,
04:33   different interpretations, and that of course makes
04:38   it particularly difficult. Of course, in the Islamic world, we also have a very broad,
04:42   state political development, where some states
04:46   are more open, more Western than others.
04:50   In some countries of the Islamic world there is a ban on building churches.
04:54   Christian churches cannot even be built, and we’re not even talking about a cross,
04:59   but we are talking about that, for example, in Turkey, as part of the current Islamist
05:03   development as it is taking place under Erdogan, Christian churches may not be built,
05:07   Christian houses of worship. We are not even talking about a
05:11   steeple with a cross, but where suppression of other faiths takes place,
05:15   where priests are persecuted, even murdered, where in
05:19   some countries of the Arab world people are even threatened with death if they are
05:23   born a Muslim and then convert to Christianity.
05:28   And therefore many people from this region flee to Europe and ask us today,
05:32   “Please, what are you doing with your Europe,
05:36   we have fled to you to live democratically, Western and secular
05:40   and then you bring the Islamists to Europe and we are confronted by those who persecuted us at home
05:44   and threatened with murder, even in your own countries.”
05:48   And that must give us food for thought, and I say we have
05:53   to become enlightened, we have to wake up, we have to replace the old
05:57   encrusted establishment of Europe. I think that is
06:01   necessary now with this new generation of politicians, who have, with
06:05   Filip Dewinter or other representatives from Sweden and Germany
06:09   during this visit for the international conference,
06:14   finally become visible. As Islam is now gaining more and more ground
06:18   in Europe and is spreading, people have their own experiences, and
06:22   Islam is also more often discussed and more facts have
06:26   become known about the connection between violence-
06:30   power-killings-submission and so on,
06:34   but we do not yet have this important, public, taboo-free discussion.
06:38   Do you think it would be necessary here for us to seek
06:42   such a public discussion in Europe, to perhaps come to
06:47   a modernisation of this religion?
06:51   I am convinced that what we have experienced in Christianity,
06:55   namely an enlightenment, the separation between religion and state,
06:59   the secular state, that of course is completely lacking in Islam,
07:03   and therefore we are dealing with a development in this area, which has not
07:08   come out of the Middle Ages, which lacks an enlightenment,
07:12   and I say the attempt is worth it, because I think
07:16   that we all have a responsibility in the sense of our enlightenment
07:20   and humanistic tradition. We should not
07:24   slide by that. And of course there are enough people, Arabs
07:29   and people in the Arab world who
07:33   want to live a different form of social coexistence and are often
07:37   under massive pressure not to live that way,
07:41   because they are afraid of perhaps even
07:45   losing their lives, also of being threatened
07:49   with reprisals and violence. And we must take this very, very seriously,
07:53   and must therefore never make the mistake of judging the populations wholesale
07:58   but must mercilessly expose the systems behind it,
08:02   and not only criticise these systems, but combat them.
08:06   We are here in Jerusalem, visited Yad Vashem today,
08:10   looked at this museum of remembrance, and
08:14   saw what a totalitarian ideology
08:19   that has internalised this racial hatred can do.
08:23   Now, if you compare: in Islam there is also this racial hatred, Jews are also
08:27   denounced, they are likened to apes and pigs, so there are
08:31   comparable components, you also can hear in Muslim demonstrations
08:35   “Jews to the Gas”. “Mein Kampf” is a bestseller in the Arab
08:39   World. —Do you believe that there could be a new danger,
08:43   a new anti-Semitism that could threaten the Jews of the world
08:48   in much the same way that National Socialism
08:52   did back then? —You know, that is exactly what is happening
08:56   in Austria. We have a social democrat party, a socialist party
09:00   that supports terrorist organisations
09:04   in Austria, namely the “International Humanitarian Aid Community”,
09:08   an Islamist terrorist organisation where donations are collected for
09:13   concrete projects in the field of terrorist activities,
09:17   which we have uncovered in Austria, and supporting
09:21   this is our official ruling party; the chancellor’s party stands behind it.
09:25   and then we have Islamist MPs running for the SPÖ (Socialist Party of Austria)
09:29   such as Mr. Al-Rawi in Vienna, and they are protected, and there are mass demonstrations
09:33   in Vienna with up to 10,000 Turks, who carry posters
09:38   that were documented photographically, which say:
09:42   “Hitler awake” and (other) monstrosities of anti-Semitic developments,
09:46   while we are the only party in Austria that sharply criticises and also fights it.
09:50   And of course you are right: what we have seen today in Yad Vashem,
09:54   in the museum and at the memorial, that is
09:58   a tragedy that is unimaginable
10:02   for our present generation, where totalitarianism can lead to,
10:07   where a delusion of superiority of people can lead to,
10:11   when ideologies give the impression one is
10:15   better than others. No, we are all human beings,
10:19   as peoples we have our peculiarities that we can be proud of, even should
10:23   be proud of, our own traditions, our own culture, our own language
10:27   that we want to maintain and pass on, and where “Heimat” (homeland) is a human right,
10:32   but that does not mean that we should exalt ourselves or feel superior
10:36   to other peoples. And that is, I believe, this important, necessary
10:40   respect in the field of tolerance. Tolerance can and must never be
10:44   a one-way street. Tolerance must always flow in both directions,
10:48   not be one-sided.

12 thoughts on “Heinz-Christian Strache: “Israel of Course Represents a Front Line”

  1. “….a modernisation of this religion”. No, can’t be done. A false hope there, Herr Stracher.

  2. I remember years ago when Little Green Footballs bad-mouthed Filip DeWinter, a Belgian-Flemish counterjihadist. That was when I began realizing that LGF was turning against the counterjihad.

    God bless Filip DeWinter, Geert Wilders, Tommy Robinson, Donald Trump, the interviewer in this video, Michael Sturzenberger, the interviewee, Heinz-Christian Strache, and all of the counterjihad everywhere.

  3. Unfortunately, Stracher applies the Enlightenment principles of universal human values to populations that do not share those values. I understand him when he says we must extend tolerance to all people, but I do not agree.

    There is a difference between extending tolerance to people and refraining from destroying those people. In other words, we can view the Afghan society as intolerant, barbarian, and murderous (less so before European/US-installed governments), but that doesn’t mean we could, or should, intervene in that government. We tend to see oppressed populations in terms of the Swiss tyranny ended by William Tell, rather than as savages tamed by vicious security services. So, western military interventions have almost universally turned out badly.

    We should not extend the least toleration to normal Islamic practices or government. It’s true that science developed in Islamic countries when the European church was suppressing science as an alternative to paid indulgences, but in the present, there are no redeeming features to Islamic laws. That means, no Muslims coming in to western countries. It does not mean that we interfere in the governing practices of Muslim rulers, as long as they represent no threat to western countries.

    • @ Ronald B.

      I think Strache would agree with Ayaan Hirsi Ali when she says “Tolerance of intolerance is cowardice.” I have a feeling he HAD to make a few token motherhood-kind statements to appease the peanut gallery. I certainly dont think he is a coward.

      You say: “…We tend to see oppressed populations in terms of the Swiss tyranny ended by William Tell, rather than as savages tamed by vicious security services. So, western military interventions have almost universally turned out badly….”

      I have rarely ever seen it put so succintly. Where were you, when successive Western Leaders screwed up – they could have done with your advice !

  4. I can’t listen to Strache too long, as I have a crush on him, yet I’m married.
    I love his dialect, his smoothness, his appearance, and everything he says. I pray he saves my beloved Vienna, Austria, where some of my relatives once lived and where I lived for a time many years after them as well.

  5. In my not-so-humble opinion, Mr. Strache is certainly no Nazi as suggested in this news item, which actually incensed me:


    Strache and the new Austrian Government will do more to save the Jews than their islamophiliac socialist predecessors and Merkel’s Mafia.

    I’m just reading up on Sigmund Freud: The warnings were writ large and the Anschluss was imminent, yet even a man of the Genius of Freud refused to see the danger. Although he fled to London at the last minute, had he listened to the warnings (the same which now emanate from the likes of Strache), his 4 sisters then in their 80ies would have been allowed to die of old age and not have perished in the concentrations camps as they did: Marie and Pauline went to Treblinka, Rosa to Auschwitz and Adolfine to Theresienstadt.

    In his diary in March 1938 Freud wrote: “Finis Austriae”. – And, if we had no gutsy politicians on the “right side” (in more ways than one) as hopefully Kurz and Strache will turn out to be, we may well say pretty soon, yet again: “Austria is Finished”.

    Why can people not recognise Evil, just because it has changed dress !!! Arrrrghhhh
    End of rant.

    • Good post! I didn’t know his sisters stayed behind and perished. Yes many of the time refused to believe their beloved fellow Austrians would do that to them. I agree that though Strache was a bit of a bad boy in his youth, he is on the right track now and means well.
      The current Jews of Austria need the FPÖ, the same way the German Jews need the AFD, even if undoubtedly there is still some Jewish hate or dislike of certain members of both parties. It’s the best the Jewish communities have right now and they
      need to show their support for the populist parties and come
      together, but we all know here- it won’t happen until it’s too late, and they will instead have to leave Europe and migrate to Israel or the US (again).

    • May I add that for every “Nazi” accusation I will in the future reply as follows: “In Austria you can actually go to prison for being a National Socialist. Since you are accusing me of a crime, I would demand proof that I committed a crime.” Case should be closed.

  6. They say “no good deed shall go unpunished”. So I probably will now embarass the Baron:

    He is always thanking Translators etc. for their work, yet his consistantly great work in editing (for example my rather imperfect English) seems to go unmentioned and unnoticed. So, herewith: Thank YOU, Baron !

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