Geert Wilders Speaks in Hungary

Geert Wilders was in Hungary over the weekend to launch a Hungarian translation of his book Marked for Death and speak at various locations. Below is a speech that was given by Mr. Wilders and posted by the Hungarian news portal Pesti Srácok. His talk is interspersed with a consecutive interpretation into Hungarian:

Hat tip: CrossWare.

3 thoughts on “Geert Wilders Speaks in Hungary

  1. Great speech, geert wilders is a super hero, and dutch people better wake up and get rid of mark rutte, and vote wilders into power asap.

    Hungarians are awake, but also in hungary there are many brainwashed leftists, and soros ngo orgs who are working to undermine the hungarian peoples.

    George soros must be arrested, and all sociliasts should be arrested and deported to the middle east and afica or to a faraway island.

    • There are some Leftists in Hungary, it’s true, but their numbers are not numerous. But they have an overwhelming majority in the media and lot’s of George Soros’ money in their pockets, which makes them very dangerous

  2. A bit off topic, or not entirely… IIRC, he’s got a link to Hungary. I recall reading somewhere, around the time he started having a bodyguard (more than ten years ago!), that his girlfriend was Hungarian.

    Maybe they are still together. If so, I cannot imagine what it’s be like for that woman, having to constantly fear that her partner risks being shot. There’s no way you can have a normal life, not even in your home.

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