Culture-Enrichers in the Banlieues Celebrate the New Year by Beating up a Policewoman

Germany wasn’t the only European country to experience the joys of a multicultural New Year’s celebration last Sunday night. In France the traditional culture-enriching New Year’s custom of torching cars was celebrated in various suburbs, but this year there was a new wrinkle: beating up cops. In particular, a policewoman was beaten by “youths” in the Parisian suburb of Champigny-sur-Marne.

The video below shows snips taken from cell phone videos of what happened in Champigny. Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

In related news, President Emmanuel “Toy Boy” Macron has promised to hunt down the evildoers and bring them to justice. From France24:

Macron Vows to ‘Find, Punish’ Those Behind New Year’s Eve Attack on Police

The French government vowed a crackdown on urban violence Tuesday after shocking video footage emerged of a policewoman being beaten on New Year’s Eve.

She was one of two officers attacked by a crowd of youths after police were called to a party in the Paris suburb of Champigny-sur-Marne, in an assault President Emmanuel Macron called “a cowardly and criminal lynching”.

A third officer was beaten up Monday while trying to inspect a stolen scooter inside a sprawling housing estate in the suburb of Aulnay-sous-Bois.

More than a thousand cars were burned across France on New Year’s Eve, a ritual for youths living in deprived high-rise suburbs.

“This violent society cannot continue in the years to come. It must be stopped,” Interior Minister Gerard Collomb told Europe 1 radio on Tuesday, calling the attacks against police “unacceptable”.

Video transcript, section 1:

00:00   Yes. Yes.
00:04   [unintelligible] Oh yes, yes, yes.
00:08   [unintelligible]
00:33   Oh, yes, yes.
00:41   Start the fire, start the fire!
00:45   Chanting: Start the fire! Start the fire!
00:49   [unintelligible]

Section 2:

00:00   And the evening is
00:04   [French slang, unintelligible]

Hat tip for the article: Howard.

26 thoughts on “Culture-Enrichers in the Banlieues Celebrate the New Year by Beating up a Policewoman

  1. The French tolerate that which deserves intolerance. Not all French. Just most of them.

  2. These events embolden the savages, and shall continue until the islamic clerics declare sovereignty over their ancestral lands. At which point, the nuclear weapons are pointed at us.

  3. “Come sweet death!” said the Legionnaire. (Sven Hassal) We cannot be far off from public revolution now surely? People I know in France and Germany say the public is near boiling point. Let us pray so.

  4. France is lost completely, and with this useful idiot Macron , this country is finished soon..

  5. That video is horrible. How can the French not realize what is happening to their country? I am sure some do, but many (like other Europeans) refuse to recognize that there is a problem.

  6. The scene reminds one of Africa rather than Europe. I wonder if even the army is capable of dealing with this infestation, or is it the end. The usual modus operandi to deal with plague in the Middle Ages was to cordon off the area, and not let anybody out alive.

    • To be clear eyed at this point there is only one solution left and that involves the Armed Forces and allied paramilitaries given no holds barred orders and support to clear metro areas of all non native French.

      We further know that is not going to happen unless a new Republic is established via a hard coup.

      Look at sub Saharan birth rates and than watch the video again – makes me so sad. France is the 70s was enchanting.

      • By the 1960s those colonial “French” had already begun to arrive in France:

        In 1962, upon the conclusion of the Algerian War 900,000 pieds-noirs (the European colons in Algeria, but also Maghrebi Jews) were repatriated to France, as well as most of the 91,000 Harkis (native Algerians who fought with the French army during the war).[1] The latter were put in internment camps, while the pieds-noirs settled mainly in the south of France. For example, the city of Montpellier experienced population growth of 94% between 1954 and 1975 (97,501 to 191,354).[2] Harkis were not officially given permission to migrate, but some French military officers helped facilitate their migration to France in order to save them from certain reprisals in Algeria. After being freed from the internment camps, many harkis went on to live alongside other Algerian and Maghrebi (both Berbers and Arabs) immigrants in shantytowns. In 1963, 43% of French Algerians lived in shantytowns.[3]

        There were many areas in France that weren’t so enchanting.

  7. And they coming to Europe for “ better life “ , outrageous, where are Europeans to finish this horror madness ????

  8. I see unofficial police deathsquads in France’s future.

    Horrendous, yes. But necessary.

      • Perhaps, but something along the lines of Brazilian police deathsquads is bound to happen. The sheer brutality that the French police encounter will sooner or later result in a radicalization of the police.
        You only need a few to form a deathsquad. How many police officers there are in France? 100 000? 200 000? I bet quite a few of them are already considering it…

        • The culture of Brazil is founded on Portuguese culture. That is profoundly different from the French culture…though the French do have their bloody Revolution to fall back on as a guide to behavior. We’ll see – they’re not nearly at that point…yet.

          I remember back when we first began reporting on the banlieues a decade or so ago. I was sure they’d have done something then. But these ghettoes don’t affect most Frenchmen so I doubt anything much will happen unless they begin to infiltrate the real France. As, say, the Sudanese seem to have done in Melbourne.

          • For those who have followed `Engrenages`,the French-noir crime thriller, the 6th series has been released .It is now on BBC tv 4 / BBCiplayer;and reportedly will be on MHzChoice (USA) in Spring 2018.
            From episode 2 : Herville is now in charge of a notorious banlieue.
            Herville:”Here crime fighting means emptying an ocean of `merde`with a teaspoon”.
            Laure (Captain,Police Judciaire):”You wanted Seine-Saint-Denis;you got it”.
            Herville:”The good thing is the bosses leave me alone,and no one wants my job”.

            Google can translate the following:

          • Dymphna, “Engrenages” (“Spiral” to the BBC) has English subtitles. It’s on DVD here; Amazon in the US list series 1-5, but they’re Region 2/PAL, so you may not br able toplay them.

  9. I hope our armchair warriors don’t do any more predicting. The chaotic future holds unknowable twists and turns. Nowhere in history is that truer than in La Belle France.

    • No unicorns, bunnies or rivers of chocolate at the end of this event horizon.

      France entered the demographic end game around 2010.

      The rest is just a death rattle.

  10. “This violent society cannot continue in the years to come. It must be stopped,” Interior Minister Gerard Collomb told Europe 1 radio on Tuesday, calling the attacks against police “unacceptable”.

    Goodness me. We cannot have unacceptable beatings of the police. M. Collomb has come up with a stunning new solution: stop it. That man should be given a medal! What a brain. Sheer genius. Bravo M. Collomb.

  11. Coming soon to a city or town or village near you, especially in the rest of Europe and here in frosty Southern Ontario, Canada!!

  12. How can we be sure that Macron is not vowing to punish the “Islamophobists” behind the attack and not the actual moslems who did it? After all, we now live in an upside down world.

    • Good question. Among the leftists, the belief that punishing the islamophobes will cure their self-induced problems is widespread. They’re kind of like a cargo cult at this point.

  13. The Police will not draw their guns to protect themselves from these ….
    you can be 2000% sure that if they are sent against patriots, Generation Identitaire they will not hesitate even ONE second to draw their guns.

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