Cottbus: Opposing the Multicultural and Multi-Criminal Society

We’ve posted several times recently* about culture-enriching violence in the German city of Cottbus, and the local residents’ reactions to it. The video below shows excerpts from a speech given at an anti-migration rally in Cottbus on January 22.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

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Video transcript:

00:00   First of all, one must have his own people’s back. This is the Christian commandment to love
00:05   one’s neighbor. And for that reason
00:10   churches should defend their Christian country, damn it, instead of
00:15   supporting the construction of mosques. And the authorities should identify the stabbing Arabs.
00:20   instead of sending [unintelligible] district. That’s what the love of neighbor commands!
00:30   Love your neighbor like yourself, dear friends, also means: love yourself!
00:35   Respect yourself! Don’t consider yourself a criminal! Don’t consider your people
00:40   as criminals. Whoever allows himself to be guilt-tripped cannot judge
00:45   impartially between strangers and his own. But
00:50   strangers and one’s own people are the basic categories in everybody’s lives.
00:55   He who can see no difference between his own and a stranger is immunodeficient.
00:59   He won’t resist any threat. On July 18th one of our protesters in Cottbus wrote on a banner
01:05   “Do I lock my house because I hate the people outside? —No!
01:10   I lock it because I love the people inside. They are important to me
01:15   and I want to protect them. For that reason doors have locks and
01:20   countries have borders.”
01:25   My dear friends, this is the bottom line: loving your own
01:30   and defending them has nothing to do with xenophobia.
01:35   This is a sine qua non condition for the unbiased and just treatment of strangers.
01:40   And whoever call us a xenophobic alliance here
01:46   is a provocateur or a [unintelligible] or both.
01:56   Dear friends, we will turn the experiences in the focal point Cottbus into the starting point
02:01   for an intellectual and moral confrontation with the advocates
02:06   of the multicultural and multi-criminal society. And this includes creating
02:11   a contact point for victims of violence against the locals.
02:16   We have a strong will here in Cottbus to contribute our part so that in the end
02:21   politics in Germany reaches a turning point. Germany is the very tiny splotch
02:26   of the Earth that belongs to us. We have the f***ing duty and obligation
02:31   to future generations to hand an unspoiled German country over to them.
02:36   Anything else would be treason against our ancestors and our children.
02:41   I thank you!

5 thoughts on “Cottbus: Opposing the Multicultural and Multi-Criminal Society

  1. Absolutley right!!! Spot on,

    Now go after merkel, haas, schultz, the belgium Nazi g. verhofstedt, all germans should rally together now and simply just STORM the locations where merkel sleeps at night, and capture the stasi commie nazis, seehofer, capture all the cdu Nazis, round them up, [redacted].

  2. “Dear friends, we will turn the experiences in the focal point Cottbus into the starting point for an intellectual and moral confrontation with the advocates of the multicultural and multi-criminal society.”

    I pray to God that Cottbus will be the catalyst for change.

  3. Thank you. Germany is the home of my ancestors. I had thought the country would be handed over without a fight. This shows me there is hope !

  4. around 0:20:

    And the authorities should expel (ausweisen) stabbing Arabs instead of sending them into a resilient (belastbar — not totally sure) district.

    But please don’t get exited about this speech; you won’t see Germany on the barricades in foreseeable future. That’s “just” some flames leaking from the glow in the underground. Greetings from NE-Bavaria.

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