Bedlam on the Spree

Germany has been without a government for three months, with no end in sight. The differences between Angela Merkel’s party (the CDU) and the Social Democrats seem all but insurmountable. Yet the coalition talks between Mutti and Martin Schulz sputter on fitfully, notwithstanding the audacity of Mrs. Merkel’s “Union” partner Horst Seehofer, who dared to invite Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to the CSU conclave in Bavaria.

JLH, who translated the report below about the current political hayride in Germany, includes these prefatory notes:

This will fit right in with the CSU’s inviting Orbán under Merkel’s nose, the murder of 15-year-old Mia, and the headline that AfD has lost support because of Beatrix von Storch’s Islamophobic comments. Which sounds to me like CNN complaining that Trump is destroying freedom of the press.

The translated article from Preußische Allgemeine Zeitung:

Once More With Feeling — Into the Hullaballoo

The Week in Review, by Hans Heckel
January 6, 2018

Bored? We have the perfect job for you. Not somewhere in the sticks, but at the country’s pulse, in our capital, Berlin. There, as is well known, four prisoners broke out of the prison at Plötzensee, all the while under the watchful of eye of a security camera.

Why didn’t anyone at Alarm Central notice that? Oh, sighs the facility’s director, Uwe Meyer-Odewald, there are 30 monitors running in the alarm central. Somebody takes a look when they get bored. And that is the problem. The facility’s personnel apparently don’t get bored. What could they have been doing during the entire three minutes when this spectacular breakout was running across their screens? Playing Skat?[1] Comparing Christmas gifts? Sipping mulled wine? It was almost three-quarters of an hour before the security personnel caught on that they had missed something. The manhunt did not become public at first, out of consideration for the escapees’ personal rights.

Yeah, Berlin! Where fanatic Islamist murderers are declared “martyrs” and drug dealers are elevated to everyday heroes. (Let’s not talk about the airport.[2]) Anyone who gets bored in a metropolis is hopeless. Hardly a week goes by without our capital city offering up some new expression of the human comedy. Yet, in the process, it commands respect — how straightforward, how unswervingly consistent is the expansion of narcissism and mental incapacity on the shores of the Spree. And all that in an ingenious blend of fervor and frivolity, unmatched anywhere in the republic.

The incoming year has all kinds of tension in store for the republic. Great upheavals are presaged. It almost seems as if the CDU is beginning to comprehend that the Union [CDU/CSU] really did not win the election.

In the upper reaches of politics and the media, the conviction had prevailed that reality is insignificant for what they themselves say and do. In this spirit, the responsible politicians have restyled the bloody nose of September 24th into a voter mandate to “keep on keeping on” and casually moved to try out a Jamaica[3] coalition. But everything has been going bad since the end of November.

There are things to worry about. The political-media complex is unsubtly distancing itself from Angela Merkel. Some possible successors are even being named, and polls taken, according to which, the perpetual chancellor has worn out her welcome with a majority of voters.

Thus galvanized, the FDP dares to tread the stage again. Maybe there could still be some discussion of Jamaica, comes unexpectedly from the Yellow.

What have they been smoking? Presumably the liberals are suffering from a lack of attention. Understandable, considering what had just transpired. After four years of being closed out of parliament, including a near-death experience, Christian Lindner and Wolfgang Kubicki fully enjoyed being in the limelight since October, because of the Jamaica negotiations.

After they blew the project up, the attention lasted another week or two, if not quite so friendly as before. Anyway, talks went on.

After that, though, silence descended around the FDP stars. Nobody’s scratching them behind the ears or even cussing them out. They were out of the headlines again. And that must have wounded the vanity of a Kubicki or a Lindner.

Luckily for the Free Democrats, the renewed black-red preliminary negotiations were immediately revealed to be a pathetic gag-fest, so any enthusiasm for another Groko[4] died aborning. And the opportunity presented itself for the FDP to insinuate itself into view again.

So as not to tread In dangerous terrain, the liberals put up a firewall of conditions that protected them from actually being asked if they were interested in governing: There must be new elections and Merkel must go.

This wall will hold for now. The socialists fear new elections more than ever. The Christmas goose was barely digested when Forsa dropped a polling score of 19% on them. The Union, too, has not escaped its awful September result, so the Black could also end up worse than before. Truly gripping is the question of the future of the perpetual chancellor. Could it be that Merkel’s time is coming to an end? It is hard to imagine, but as we have noticed, a growing number of people are doing it.

When a regency approaches its end, the toadies of the old regime are well advised to hit the road fast, to put distance between themselves and the guttering flame of power. Otherwise they will be swept along into the abyss. Noticeably many local politicians have recently gone public to tell us how much they are suffering from the consequences of the Welcoming Culture. Are we sympathetic? Uh-huh. Let’s recall the CDU convention in Karlsruhe in December 2015, or the 100% for Martin Schulz [SPD] at the beginning of 2017. Weren’t some of those local politicians, who are now crying in their beer, at those occasions? Wasn’t there a 1,000 to 2 result in Karlsruhe when the CDU delegates almost unanimously supported the Welcoming Chancellor? And how did they deal with those who predicted in detail — long since confirmed — how that all would end?

Oh my! And now? Was the “Right” right? If so, how can we stop that from leaking out?

The mayor of Kandel knows how. 15-year-old Mia was killed by an Afghan in his town. She had gone out with him at first, but then she dropped him, which he took as an unforgivable injury to his manly honor. After the terrible act, Kandel’s SPD mayor immediately addressed the most urgent problem — the danger of xenophobic comments that might result from the act. And so he removed the asylum policy from the line of fire, and declared the Germans to be a dangerous pack.

This trick has been around for some time. The more obvious the results of open borders become, so much more valuable is this strategy. Accordingly, we can assume that the “battle against the Right” will achieve new dimensions. After every new “incident” involving “men,” “youths” or “groups,” the plan of silencing people who raise political questions will be pursued that much more fervently.

For the rest, there are well-practiced clichés. For instance, when someone asks why no one listened to the people sounding a warning in 2015, we just say: “No serious observer could have foreseen the extent of the problem” that would come upon us with an uncontrolled flood of asylum seekers.

In saying that, we are giving to understand that anyone who at that time knew and said something, was not a serious person and therefore doesn’t count. And that is how you can turn even the most monstrous, guilt-ridden failure into proof of a noble attitude.


1.   Three-handed German equivalent of bridge. This is a considerable oversimplification.
2.   And its reputation for flub-ups and mistakes.
3.   Union + Greens + FDP Free Democrats, represented respectively by the colors black, green and yellow — which also happen to be the national colors of Jamaica.
4.   GROsse KOalition = Grand Coalition

9 thoughts on “Bedlam on the Spree

  1. Gee, and I thought the soap opera that was playing in Washington D.C. was frightfully interesting. The plot of the German soap opera pales by comparison. It all leaves one to wonder who REALLY is on charge, Hollywood script writers maybe?

  2. It now seems that separation of church and state is not enough, Germany has a nasty history of fanatical political religions too, and we are now seeing the birthing pangs of another one.

    When political party dogma become inviolable and supersedes any democratic compromise then politics is getting truly religious. In the current EU form of socialism, the religious dogma is settled and no longer open to question and the democratic element, if any, has no influence on the party religious doctrine. Elected politicians supposedly carry a mandate from the voters, but if they are secretly members of a political religion then once elected, that mandate becomes just so much fantasy.

    The religious element of the EU ‘poligion’ is now dominant, it does not matter what the people want, it is what the priesthood dictates that matters and unfortunately the catechism is that of Marx not that of Jesus.

    Interested readers should consider Richard Wurmbrand’s thesis than Marx was a Satan worshipper not an Atheist – see

    Get over the fact that Wurmbrand was a clergyman and look at the evidence he collected during his years as a victim of the communist religion.

  3. In an ideal world Catholic Bavaria, Austria , Hungry, Poland, Italy, Slovenia; the semi-Catholic Slovaks; and the atheist Czechs should form a new Holy Roman Union.

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