Alessandro Meluzzi: The West is Marching Right Into Ethnic Replacement Without Even Realizing It

Alessandro Meluzzi is an Italian psychiatrist, writer, politician, and academic. In the following interview, the ever-popular Dr. Meluzzi discusses various topics that fall under the general heading of “Political Correctness”.

Many thanks to Elle Bowlly for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

01:32   Alessandro Meluzzi owes his fame to his extraordinary ability to expose
01:37   political correctness’ hypocrisies to the thawing wind.
01:42   First of all, greetings. I wanted to ask: what does “Ingrippo
01:45   (seize-up) Web” evoke in you? What’s a “seize-up”?
01:48   A seize-up is: all that doesn’t work according to the orderly and harmonious rhythm
01:52   of things linked together by a logical relationship.
01:55   It represents a link, entanglement, mess, confusion and chaos; that is:
01:59   all that isn’t the correct principle of the application of logic
02:03   Because logic is an ethic of thinking, exactly as ethics are the logic of behavior.
02:08   Logic teaches us to think well or badly, but
02:12   not due to the contents of the thinking (because one can freely think what he wishes),
02:16   but because it illustrates consequentiality between thoughts.
02:20   That is: if a thing is the cause of another, you can’t say the two are independent of each other.
02:24   Or if one thing has nothing to do with another,
02:27   you can’t say one is the cause of the other. So logic is a method.
02:31   Unfortunately, a certain culture of ours, tending towards
02:34   entanglements and seize-ups, stubborn and daft,
02:37   tends to avoid logical consequences, if these have conclusions
02:41   that disturb a certain common sense which is
02:44   instead rather stagnant, morally corrupt, unable to look at truth
02:49   with that taste for the unmistakable and inebriating
02:53   perfume of truth; which we oftentimes don’t actually seek out.
02:57   Well, we (with you, and like you) have engaged in a duel against
03:02   the sappy mellifluous hypocrisies of political correctness.
03:06   As you know, there’s a group of hard-core zealots whose only obsession
03:11   is to hunt down words in order to tame them into
03:15   the cage of the slimiest hypocrisy. Let’s start with terrorism:
03:19   as you said, things are no longer called by their name.
03:24   Words have become a sad, melancholic babble. Why?
03:29   Because things called by their name link matters with their causes;
03:33   they lead us to see things with clarity
03:36   within what Weber would define as the “ethic of responsibility”,
03:40   which says that when we do something, even if we think
03:43   that it’s good and well-done, if we don’t take all the consequences
03:47   of that certain thing into consideration,
03:50   we risk entering that situation which opposes the ethic of responsibility,
03:53   which is called ethic of intentions,
03:56   that is, those good intentions with which the road to hell is paved.
04:00   Therefore, if I said, “I’d like for all Africans to be able
04:04   to come to Italy to be tended to,” you only have to look at
04:07   the land surface area of Italy vs. that of Africa.
04:10   Or the number of Africans vs. how many people Italy
04:13   (the most densely overpopulated country in Europe) can hold,
04:16   to understand that this is impossible. So, that outstanding intention
04:19   unfortunately can’t be followed in practice,
04:22   but only in babble. Or better put, with a babble that
04:26   opens up eerie scenarios, because those who act don’t take all
04:30   the consequences of their actions into account. —So the clerics
04:34   of information, or the guardians of neo-progressive virtue,
04:38   when the violence of Islamic fundamentalism bursts out onto
04:43   the worldwide proscenium, begin to falter,
04:48   saying “it’s just a violent incident”; how do we set things straight?
04:52   —Well, it’s an age-old vice in that one progressivist culture,
04:55   which in the ’70s, when the Red Brigades were going on, said that they weren’t Red, but Black.
05:00   That they weren’t comrades bringing about a revolution,
05:04   but were masked fascists, secret services (the Strategy of Tension);
05:09   then they became “erring comrades” once it was known that they were comrades, tout court,
05:14   and at the end, once this was revealed it evidently produced some kind of blowback on the so called
05:19   “culture of the left”. On Islamic fundamentalism: it’s first and foremost Islam, tout court.
05:23   Because there wouldn’t be fundamentalism if there were no Islam. And Islam
05:27   by its very own nature is fundamentalist because more than being
05:31   a religion, it is a huge sum of judicial rules in which sin and crime
05:36   coincide, and social rules are also religious.
05:41   And where, for example, it’s not possible for one to decide
05:45   to change faith/religion without incurring a death fatwa,
05:48   or to blaspheme the prophet Muhammad without getting killed
05:52   by a death fatwa. So, unlike the culture of
05:55   Western democratic Enlightenment, it unites religion with rule of law.
05:59   Therefore, in such a context, not calling things by their rightful name
06:04   means exorcising an existing problem. Because it’s useless to say there’s a moderate Islam.
06:08   Islam can be moderate, that is, dissenting from the foundational aspects of Islam
06:13   (but only when protected by our Constitution, our laws and our law enforcement).
06:16   But as soon as the so-called
06:19   “bad Muslims” (that is: not-so-faithful Muslims/those who are good from our standpoint),
06:23   when they find themselves in their own environment, they too must become “good Muslims” to
06:27   keep appearances up with the other Muslims. That means: bad for us and bad to us.
06:31   In your opinion, is the West high and dry? Because while
06:34   Security Committees wonder which measures should be implemented
06:38   to stop terrorism, any worshipper of
06:43   Muhammad boarding an SUV or a truck can easily get to
06:48   a whole lot of us; let’s just say it. Are we defenseless?
06:53   We might well have defenses, but the problem is,
06:57   in our inability to see the whole of the issue we keep letting half a million people
07:01   into Italy of whose identities we know nothing. We don’t know whether they came from
07:04   a village, jail, prison or wherever. Also, they’re all Muslims,
07:08   and this creeping (progressive, rather) Islamization
07:12   of Europe (as the poor Oriana Fallaci had already prophesied)
07:16   is promptly becoming reality. Alas, what we’re
07:20   therefore seeing is the exercise of repression…the constant exercise of denying facts.
07:27   As far as our civilization vs. the Islamic one…
07:30   Voltaire’s principle applies, which stated that a liberal culture can only
07:34   exist because I am ready to die for your right to express your opinions, even if they oppose mine,
07:39   but if the opinion of that other person/culture is that of exterminating me, it’s the end for me.
07:45   So it’s clear that in this symmetry we risk having a showdown between a culture of weakness and
07:49   a much more overpowering one; therefore, in order to not be weak
07:54   we have to enter the field of willingness, having the moral duty
07:58   to defend our culture, way of speaking, rights, aesthetics and civilization,
08:02   and to do this even if it goes against other points of view.
08:06   Because the dialectic of history is such because it’s not like there’s one who always has
08:10   to succumb while the other has to win just because he screams louder.
08:13   Certainly, when exposed to widespread terrorism
08:16   where dormant cells can suddenly awaken, ours is a vulnerable culture.
08:20   That’s why we’ll have to coexist with this terror for a long time to come.
08:25   On the contrary, I believe we’re only at the very start of this journey.
08:28   Let’s just hope that this will serve to build a net of reasonable opinions on these matters.
08:33   I’ll pose a question to the psychiatrist, since the identity
08:37   of Alessandro Meluzzi is multifaceted, and within the same
08:42   identity multiple souls are bundled. Is it possible to diagnose the state of the soul of the West?
08:50   No, but if we were to diagnose it we’d have to say that it consists
08:54   of some kind of syndrome of repression.
08:57   Kind of like an ill person who after finding out that he has leukemia,
09:01   tells himself that he has the flu instead. It’s not a good thing.
09:04   As the saying “out of extreme pity the doctor doesn’t touch the wound and it gets worse.”
09:07   At the start of any good therapy there’s a correct diagnosis (which is lacking right now).
09:10   The risk in Europe or the West is that of marching right
09:13   into an ethnic replacement without even realizing it.
09:16   Not only to the beat of attacks by Islamic fundamentalism, but also to that of demography.
09:20   Because if Italy is to be inhabited by 20M Muslims
09:24   by 2040, I think (based on demographic projections) it will not be a place where
09:28   one can peacefully drink a glass of whiskey in public.
09:34   Do you have some ideas about how to break that
09:39   stagnant power-sharing in politics? How do we tear this down?
09:45   Culture and ideas come first, politics follows. Of course,
09:50   as long as there’s a Pope of Rome who supports unbridled immigration,
09:55   and we have parties of all kinds and points of view who don’t factor reality in…
09:59   as long as we have intellectuals who refuse to tell it
10:03   like it is so as to avoid losing positions, editorials and TV appearances,
10:06   the danger for our civilization is enormous. Just calling things
10:10   by their name and describing reality with intellectual honesty is already a revolutionary act.
10:14   Chesterton, a great English intellectual (first an Anglican and then Catholic),
10:18   said that a time would come when to say that
10:21   spring grass is green and rocks are grey, swords would have to be drawn.
10:25   Well, such a time has come. —What can we do concretely?
10:30   Is there a viable path? —Reasoning, thinking, communicating and
10:34   not letting yourself be stopped or inhibited by this culture of blackmail,
10:38   laden and totalitarian as no other culture in recent history.
10:42   More totalitarian than fascism, Nazism and Marxism, which is: the culture of
10:46   politically correct do-goodism. A poisonous do-goodism that puts us at risk
10:49   of being consigned to the worst possible world.
10:52   In closing: the semantics of political correctness entails awful terms like “femicide”
10:56   which may kick womankind back into the ghetto.
11:04   How to say, derived from the Latin “femina”. Do you like this term?
11:08   No, because women aren’t pandas. They don’t need to be
11:15   defended by the WWF as if they’re an endangered species; they aren’t going extinct.
11:19   I’d also say that they’re the most evolved species
11:23   on this planet at the start of this millennium. Also because homicide
11:26   is already fully criminal, as you’re taking a human life, so to connote this
11:33   to that other type of element is done purely for ideology, as it has no real penal effects.
11:37   On the other hand, “femicides” have decreased by about 12 times
11:41   in the last 100 years, so there’s no quantitative emergency.
11:44   Of course, a woman murdered every three days is already huge.
11:48   We’d like there to be none. However, the issue is not so much preventing
11:52   “femicides” with these words but to try to give an ideological substance
11:56   to things that they simply don’t have. —Thank you!
11:59   Thank YOU —Three “Meluzzian” words to conclude with for
12:03   Ingrippo Web… —Liberty, liberty, liberty. —Thanks.
12:07   Three times liberty. Bye.

8 thoughts on “Alessandro Meluzzi: The West is Marching Right Into Ethnic Replacement Without Even Realizing It

  1. Well said. Not bad for a psychiatrist. He summed it all up rather nicely. What is even better is that he has called the proverbial spade a spade in public. The powers-that-be have no excuse now in the face of the indictment that has been presented before the bar. As with Galileo, he has challenged the thinking of the day. Unlike Galileo, I doubt that he will beck down or recant. Stay tuned, this ought to be rather interesting.
    Who would have imagined in the aftermath of World War II that all of Europe would become a fascist gulag?

    • My favorite European psychiatrist was Italian: Roberto Assagioli. He worked successfully with drug addicts, using simple methods.

      Here’s his book on “psychosynthesis”, his term for his own philosophy:

      He was a contemporary and colleague of both Freud and Jung and had studied the work of both schools associated with them. He saw psychosynthesis as an evolution of the psychological thinking of the time to include all of a person’s body, mind & spirit in the process of psychiatry, psychotherapy and self knowledge. This book contains many of his early writings describing psychosynthesis and its application to psychotherapy…

      There are clinics in Italy which use his methods.

      [My favorite American psychiatrist is/was Karl Menninger. His book from the 70s, Whatever Happened to Sin? was a voice crying in the wilderness of the 70s do-your-own-thing zeitgeist.

      One commenter said he used the book as part of teaching an ethics class.]

      • Yeah, right is no longer right, and wrong is no longer wrong. I watched all the values and mores that I was raised with torn down simply because someone said that they were passe’. The least they could have done was clean up the mess that they had made but no, they blamed that on me as well. I no canna get no respect.

  2. It beggars belief that politicians have been so short sighted as to willingly consign Western civilization into oblivion, along with everything that Western civilization has done for humanity…Is marxism/fascism, the politics of envy?.. I believe so..The general rule seems to be that everybody must be equally miserable..Everyone must be the same. everything must be shared, whether you work for it or not… Of course we know that there are always some who are ‘more equal than others”.. These people, referred to now as the New World Order, with globalist elite ruling over hordes of low intellect people who will be consumers of what they are selling when they have replaced the European populations. However this also poses a problem… Who will be doing the producing of goods? The new “Europeans” have no inclination to work, or even have the ability.. This is now showing up into the 3rd generation migrants to Europe who still lack the skills to be productive… But in 30 years time, the menial jobs these people could do would all be done by robots… Europe will have shrinking workforces due to AI. And what jobs produced by AI are going to required workers of skill, intelligence and innovation.. We DO NOT NEED replacement populations to pay for our old age people.. Japan has solved its problem… Besides statistics are showing that the baby boomer generation are only around 16 -18% of the total population.. We are being told a lot of lies about the baby boomers.
    Apart from anything else, the ideology of Islam will not bow to any master except Allah, and he’s back in the 7th century..But, it would seem, Europe is doomed by demographics of muslim immigration, so the future for non muslims in Europe is very bleak.. Still, the powers that be will not admit that this “invasion” of 3rd world migrants to Europe has been anything except a disaster… Does Western civilization have to die because of the hubris of short sighted and stupid politics… The so called NWO may think that they will be in charge of the production of goods ( I use this in the widest possible terms)..But who will do the producing? China? If you want things to remain in statis then okay.. The thing is, while the Chinese can make things, they are not innovators…The goods they produce are all Western inventions, the Chinese can tweak them around..
    I just have one more thing to say about population replacement… Western civilization has improved the the quality of life for the majority on this planet.. Our scientific advances have benefited all. We are the inventors, the innovators, the helping hand to every developing nation in the world… Once we are gone, we can’t be brought back.

  3. “…because things called by their real names link matters with their causes.”
    The simplest explanation of the whole Tower of Babble that is P.C.

  4. Actually, the West isn’t marching right into ethnic replacement. It’s marching left into ethnic replacement.

  5. Below is a link about a Croatian man who moved to Sweden as a child. He enjoyed the peace and tranquility of former Sweden. Although he is telling Swedes to “Stand the F@ck Up” in 2018, he cites “family safety” as his main reason for departure:

    Native Swedes with financial means & common sense are leaving the Swedish hellholes. Take heed Europe, Northern America, and other Western countries. After reading this article, I was sadly reminded of how the average person or family copes with unwanted change. They simple move elsewhere. But within a few years, the people or culture you wish to escape follows you.

  6. The solution is obvious. First, all of the ‘refugees’ of the last several years will need to be rounded up and returned to their countries of origin, using whatever force may be necessary for the round up and for the subsequent repatriation. Next, all muslim no-go areas will need to be pacified, again using whatever force may be necessary, up to and including full military assault. Then, all muslims allowed to remain will need to publically renounce islam, and then swear absolute fealty to the laws of the nation they reside in, with those who violate said oath dealt with swiftly and severely. Finally, all mosques will need to be closed and torn down, or the buildings put to other uses.

    Unfortunately, at this time Europeans do not have the stomach for what must be done. But rest assured, sooner or later, when things get bad enough, they will overcome their squeamishness and rise to the occasion.

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