Alessandro Meluzzi: Reason and Faith, an Indispensable Synthesis

Atreju is a youth event that is held each September in Italy under the sponsorship of the political party Fratelli d’Italia. Alessandro Meluzzi, an Italian psychiatrist, writer, politician, and academic, was a featured speaker at Atreju on September 23, 2017.

Many thanks to Elle Bowlly for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   He’s a psychiatrist, writer, political storyteller; histrionic and self-reflective.
00:15   He’s able to be non-biased and biased at the same time.
00:20   We’ve learned to know him and his mad but brave thinking.
00:26   At Atreju 2017, here’s Alessandro Meluzzi!
00:36   Dear friends, or should I say brothers, because this is what it’s about.
00:42   My thought is this… I’ll dare to let my heart speak,
00:47   as I’m perhaps the one with the whitest hair amongst all who have spoken here previously,
00:51   also because Monsignor Haddad’s hair can’t be seen, since it’s covered. I’d like to forgo
00:55   what I planned to say in advance to let the depths of my heart do the speaking instead.
00:58   You see, when you find yourself gathering
01:01   like this, on a day such as this, you come to understand this joke
01:07   that I heard some time ago: that the elite call the people
01:12   “populists” when they manage to escape from their clutches.
01:16   So a people stands with its subjectivity,
01:20   its freedom and its strength and is able to measure itself
01:25   and its own potential beyond what the great social planners
01:30   (those who elaborate documents from the Club of Rome to the UN),
01:34   who talk about an African migration
01:37   of 15 million people before 2060… delusions of this nature.
01:44   When the people discover their identity it hinders
01:48   that awful social planning (which stunned me today).
01:53   Because I thought that for that mystery of the freedom of spirit which is the heterogeny of ends…
02:00   In light of these ruthless planners, who would have thought that
02:06   out of post-Marxism a young thinker like Fusaro could emerge?
02:11   Or that in the secrecy of his little room,
02:14   a blogger could do what no nation’s secret service could?
02:17   Or that a military man would be able to express patriotic values
02:20   of liberty, which have been forgotten
02:23   by some (often traitorous) generals? This is called freedom of spirit.
02:28   When the planning of planners no longer works,
02:33   because the liberty of mankind, individuals and subjects prevails.
02:38   So you see, no wonder the gnostics of the chaos of nothingness
02:42   have thought first and foremost of annulling mankind’s liberty;
02:46   of canceling all distinctions,
02:49   distinctions between male and female, father and mother, family and non-related, of nations.
02:58   so that we become scattered, blind, deaf, obtuse plebs unable to resist.
03:03   Unable even to see our capabilities,
03:07   potential and concreteness! And this, unfortunately,
03:12   has spread even to those intellectual, spiritual, religious elites
03:18   who should have been the garrison for the peoples and their values.
03:25   Where have they gone, Monsignor Haddad? (We are united by an Eastern Christian faith.)
03:30   Where have the unalienable values of which Benedict XVI spoke strongly about gone to?
03:35   Defending the value of life against abortion! The family!
03:40   Fatherhood! Tradition! The faith! Liturgy!
03:44   They’ve been replaced by a Bergoglian vision
03:47   (I’m using this expression to avoid using more offensive ones)
03:51   under which we’re forced to digest things that
03:55   just can’t help but look like dramatic aberrations.
03:59   “Parent 1 and parent 2”, the anti-discrimination plan
04:04   of “philo-gender culture” of Trieste, where groups of
04:10   teaching assistants paid by the superintendency make
04:13   male and female children swap clothes so that boys learn
04:17   to feel like girls and girls learn to feel like boys.
04:20   Or the reduction in birth rates! A couple has only one child if any at all in Italy!
04:25   Of course it’s not because young people don’t want to have children, but because the difficulties
04:29   are huge. Dear Giorgia (Meloni), you know this well. The destruction of the family…
04:34   A dimension in which the liberalization of drugs
04:37   needs to serve as a numbing agent to consciences, too!
04:40   Becoming so completely stupid through free pot as to
04:44   no longer being able even to think of yourself and your own values!
04:48   Why has this happened!? How could this have happened!?
04:53   And it unfortunately happened within a cheesy and poisonous do-goodism,
04:59   Poisonous do-goodism… which is the opposite of goodness. It’s the opposite of goodness.
05:03   Do you know what distinguishes do-goodism from true goodness?
05:07   It’s that which a thinker (who my friend Fusaro
05:10   surely knows well) called Max Weber (a great German sociologist
05:13   and political philosopher) calls: the distinction
05:16   between the ethic of intention and ethic of responsibility.
05:21   The ethic of intention is that of good intentions, those that
05:24   (as is well known) pave the road to hell.
05:27   Which the current Pope of Rome seems to know well,
05:30   since he decided to open the doors of San Pietro to hobos
05:34   and then deciding to kick them out as soon as the stench of piss had become unbearable!
05:41   Because the ethic of good intentions HAS to include that of responsibility!
05:48   That is, the ethic in which we know that every move and action
05:52   of ours has a corresponding measurable effect,
05:56   for which we should give an account, not only to the present generation, but to history as well.
06:02   And also to the future and the coming generations.
06:05   Therefore an irresponsible migration policy made
06:09   in the name of fake generosity, that instead was made to trample
06:14   on Europe and its Christian, liberal, Enlightenment values.
06:19   Because, you see… it’s not by chance that the thinking of
06:23   Voltaire, Diderot, d’Alembert and the Enlightened to whom we owe “la raison”, civility…
06:29   My speech was supposed to be on “reason and faith”… of course reason and faith can go hand in hand
06:35   but on the grounds of Christian culture! Surely not on the grounds of Islamic culture!
06:42   Where sins are crimes, and there’s no distinction between God’s laws and those of the State!
06:47   Where a secular state has never arisen, and never will be able to!
06:50   If not for the bravery of men such as the Alawites
06:53   of the much-reviled Assad; who like many other Nasserian generals
06:58   were able to make Coptic Christians and
07:03   Muslims coexist because a superior State power existed!
07:07   But when that is no more, and you need the army
07:11   to enforce it instead, it’s simply the massacre of Christians.
07:14   It’s the triumph of ISIS and of fundamentalism.
07:17   That’s why when I had the honour of being ordained as a deacon
07:21   at Homs in Syria, I saw that Christians LOVED and APPRECIATED
07:25   President Assad! Beyond the chatter that was fed to us like toxic poison by a certain
07:29   “Obamism” and “Sorosian” globalism!
07:34   Not even letting us read who the good guys and bad guys were
07:39   in the Middle Eastern geopolitical match. I’ll conclude… you see,
07:45   dear Giorgia, “Mamma Rome”, I feel like saying one thing:
07:51   we’re in an extraordinary city, marked by an extraordinary destiny
07:57   which I don’t want to call “fatal” lest I be arrested right away by… Mr Fiano or whatshisdamnedname.
08:04   I recall “Fiano Romano” only because there’s a sign on the highway.
08:08   So, I won’t call it fatal, but I kind of like to think that
08:12   this city has an important destiny. From 2000 years ago until now.
08:17   Well, I think this is an important meeting, dear friends.
08:20   Dear brothers of Italy. Because I think that the destiny of Europe,
08:24   of our civilization, of our children… swamped by an Afro-Islamic invasion
08:29   designed to get a couple of million people to come
08:34   (as Oriana Fallaci predicted not long ago);
08:37   that’s why we founded a movement called the “Anti-Islamization Party”,
08:40   which is a cultural movement. Which takes note of this:
08:44   just on the current birth and marriage rates in Italy, do you know
08:48   what the population of the Islamic faith in Italy will be between 2040 and 2050?
08:53   From 18M to 20M even without any further migratory influx!
08:58   And do you think you’ll be able to eat Ariccia Porchetta (pork) on the streets in such a society!?
09:03   Therefore, dear friends, brothers, I wish and hope that the future
09:10   of our people, our population and of our children will be
09:17   decided more here in Rome than in Berlin or the Teutoburg Forest!
09:22   Because I think that it’s truly HERE that our future lies!
09:26   And from Rome, we have the duty to launch a Christian,
09:30   liberal and intense revolution throughout Europe
09:33   in order to defend our nation, our homeland; trampled and offended
09:37   as never before. Thank you all.

15 thoughts on “Alessandro Meluzzi: Reason and Faith, an Indispensable Synthesis

    • What a kind offer, Ilia, and posed in your inimitable style. We’ll have to shoot our some-time Italian translators to make room. What a jolly crew you will make.

      • They have made a graver mistake so far. 150 million Africans coming to diversify Europe, not 15 million. Now this will soften you up to give me the coveted job.

      • 08:12 this city has an important destiny. From 2000 years ago until now.

        Better translation: (3000, not 2000 is the biggest transgression. Our civilization didn’t start with Christ. It started with Greeks, Athens, and Etruscans, then Rome.)

        08:12 I like it a little bit that this city has an important destiny from 3000 years ago, and ongoing.

    • Thanks. I told ’em to change it.
      1. I have autocorrect 2. Sometimes I’m too tired/over it after working on snippets over a span of days (during my free time) to notice. If someone who’s more efficient/cultured would kindly contact the people who run these sites and volunteer, I’d gladly send ’em the material to translate.

  1. Hope and faith spring eternal! A Christian revival is a necessity, as I have long stated.

    Europe Arise!

    • Sadly, socialism makes for a lazy, indolent populace. Very few can “arise” at this point, your Excellency. Think of them – or the large majority of them – as inhabitants of Plato’s Cave.

      It is the same here for those whose existence depends on the largesse of the government.

  2. So Confucius was asked : If you had to eliminate one, which one would you get rid of the three : Army, Faith, or Food?

    Confucius : Army
    And if you had to choose between foo and Faith which would you winnow out?

    Confucius : Food.

    I see that’s why Traitors, who are as clever as Confucius , and even more, stick to their Pirate Faith.

  3. “The ethic of intention vs. the ethic of responsibility”. How clearly that describes liberals and their delusional policies of fantasy multicultural utopias.

    I heard on the radio this AM that Switzerland passed laws protected lobsters from being placed in boiling water while alive. How about some concern for placing your own citizens in the boiling water of multiculturalism?

    • “The ethic of intention vs. the ethic of responsibility”. How clearly that describes liberals and their delusional policies of fantasy multicultural utopias.

      Indeed….a true gem to quote often.

  4. I was impressed by the part of the speech where he lauded Assad of Syria. Melluzi recognized explicitly that a decent society in a Muslim country cannot be democratic. It must be ruled by a dictator, autocrat, or minority identity group. In Assad’s case, Assad was the dictator representing the minority Alewite Islam sect. Under the Alewites, the Christians (and others) were protected.

    Going to my own extrapolations, which are not part of the speech, it is obvious that part of the cultural Marxist design is to eliminate successful regimes in Muslim countries, based on dictatorships. This was explicitly done, by the Obama administration as well as the globalist European governments, in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Syria. Fortunately, in Egypt and Syria, the military and the Russians were able to thwart the US support for Islamic rebels. And, I’m not at all happy at having to favor the Russians in any dispute with the US.

    The US government still maintains the fiction that Assad needs to leave the Syrian presidency, once again profusely illustrating that the US has no business whatsoever interfering in foreign affairs that don’t directly affect the physical security of the US.

    Syria was a genuine problem for the US. It was aligned with Iran (not nearly as much as now, however) and presented a latent security threat to Israel. Instead of engaging in creative diplomacy to neutralize the real problems, the US supported Islamic rebels, which is like taking large doses of arsenic to treat the flu.

    The only reason I can think of for the Western leaders to topple successful dictatorships in Muslim countries is that chaotic Muslim countries add to the ideological and spiritual chaos in the West. Ultimately, the EU super-government aims at exactly that form of government: unaccountable dictatorship in the midst of a predominant Muslim identity group. They seem to be more interested in the tools of climbing to power than the consequences for wielding the power.

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