YouTube Does Everything Possible to Suppress the Truth About the Polish Independence Day March

As we reported last month, Polish patriots marched en masse in Warsaw on November 11 to commemorate their National Independence Day. Predictably, the event was billed by most mainstream media outlets as “neo-fascist” or “neo-Nazi”.

Guy Verhofstadt, a Belgian politician and EU apparatchik, repeated the same slander on the floor of the European Parliament. A young Pole named Stefan Tompson responded by recording a video to correct the record, and put it on YouTube.

YouTube went even farther than it usually does when it interferes with politically incorrect opinion: it sent the Polish video to “YouTube Jail”. When a video doesn’t violate any of YouTube’s rules, but is considered politically unacceptable, it is to relegated to a state where it can’t be embedded, can’t be “liked”, won’t pop up as a suggested video on any sidebars, and can’t have its number of views tracked.

I’ve embedded it below, but when you try to play it, you’ll see the notice:

To see the video directly, go here. If YouTube actually takes it down, Vlad has uploaded a BitChute copy.

Everyone should click one of these links, watch the video, and then pass the link on to their friends, to help create a Streisand Effect on this one.

Here’s what Vlad had to say:

This is important. This video is only, and nothing more, than correcting a MSM slander of the good people of Poland.

YouTube has responded to a video showing proof that the MSM and European Union narrative on Poland’s independence day marches is pure anti-nation-state propaganda, by making it almost impossible to find, and no way to interact with it. Please spread it, and please add your thoughts on it under this video, since YouTube decided not to allow it on their platform.

25 thoughts on “YouTube Does Everything Possible to Suppress the Truth About the Polish Independence Day March

  1. Dennis Prager/ Prager University are suing You Tube for this kind of arbitrary conduct.

    The Hill has an adequate article about it, but there are numerous others.

  2. Strangely enough, I was able to watch it via Sweden. Got a warning like, but clicked on through it.

  3. Very moving. The resurrection of the nation-state scares those in power, in Belgium and at YouTube. The combination of ignorance and power is chilling.

  4. Why would anyone want to visit lot live in any West European country? They are repulsive ‘liar states’. In Britain this video can’t be accessed at all, apparently. The nation’s of Western Europe are as Orwellian as google or facebook. This use of neo-Nazi, far right, supremacist is done by cowards to slander people they don’t agree with, and is used as a replacement for argument and proof. And British, French, Germans, Belgians, Dutch do this almost as a reflex now, even as they NEVER take the slightest exception to actions by Muslims that are worse than real fascism. Isn’t it self-evident — western European nations are fascist in their fear of Islam, in their slander of ‘truly free’ Poland, and eastern Europe, in their pre-emptive capitulation to Islam, in their authoritarian EU, in their undemocratic EU Parliament (as impotent as the Iraqi parliament under Saddam).

    It suddenly clicked for me today how terrified western Europe is now. And weak fatuous politicians stand up and slander a nation that is 10 times what cowering EU serf-states will ever be. Seriously, they’re driven by fear, lying to try to cover up their fear and failures, and lashing out at the real democrats outside their countries (and inside). Isn’t it sort of obvious? Islamization is a judgment on what they’ve become, an earned and deserved karma. We shouldn’t regret, or condemn any Islamic terror attack know Europe. It’s what they’ve chosen, passively.

    I don’t wish western Europe ill, but they’ve betrayed the West. It’s clear to me suddenly, after watching Stefan Tompson’s excellent video. Of course there are courageous individuals in Europe seeking to ‘woke’ their countrymen. They should consider emigrating, seriously, before the deluge. Sadly, their nation’s have become an object lesson in how fear, hypocrisy, and moral cowardice can eviscerate a once-great people. Europe is a huge museum (and future mausoleum) with fascist munchkin squatters cowering in its moral ruins. It’s not worth saving. We should feel nothing after the waves of terror attacks begin in earnest.

    • Stephen, when Hitler won the 1933 election, it was partly due to intimidation of potential opposition voters. And even subsequently, only 10% of Germans joined the Nazi Party. Did they all really deserve what happened to them?

      Western Europeans may not be subject to the same pressures, but much of our media is biased, leaving many unaware of the threat, and at my age (69), living on a pension, I’m in no position to relocate; also I really enjoy the museum!

  5. The trouble with Poland now is that so many of its citizens with internationalist/liberal opinions have emigrated to other European countries to find work, for example, the United Kingdom.

    Thereby leaving a concentration of nationalists back in the home country.

    • Actually the ones with the most nationalist opinions are the Poles who’ve come to Britain! (Where the first and third-placed parties at the last Polish elections were Kukiz and Korwin, both regarded as “far right” , and picking up a far bigger proportion of the vote than among Poles back home)

      Whether that’s because “nationalists” are more inclined to emigrate to find work, or whether Poles become “nationalist” after seeing the glorious success of multiculturalism in action, in places like Birmingham, Luton or Tower Hamlets, is anyone’s guess…

  6. I watched that video when it was still watchable (saw a link to it on FB). Didn’t think it contained anything so controversial. Amazing that it should be sent into Youtube jail…

    And perhaps even more amazing is Youtube’s explanation – who exactly decides what is “offensive or inappropriate to some audiences”?

    They say the Truth hurts… so could that be what’s so “offensive”, sometimes? And evidently, the mere suggestion that the Warsaw Independence March was not a march of “60,000 fascists, white supremacists and neo-nazis” is offensive to some… to who though, and for what reason? That is the question…

    • Btw, visiting Britain from my home in Poland, in the next few days. Looks like I’ll have to sort myself out a VPN, to show my friends there how they’re being misled by Theresa & co.

      • Perhaps you should explain VPN a bit more thoroughly. VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a service you can use to access the internet. The benefits of going through the VPN is 1) you can surf anonymously, hiding your identity 2) you can make the server think you are from any number of countries. So, if you’re trying to access this YouTube video with a Polish IP address, it blocks you, but if you access YouTube with an American IP, it gives you a warning, but lets you through.

        There are a number of VPN providers to choose from:

        They run about $7 to $12 a month. Although you have anonymity, there are generally records kept at the provider, so if you engage in something really bad, like terrorism or child porn, the authorities can identify your session from the VPN provider records. But, it generally is not worth the trouble to them for picayune stuff like accessing forbidden videos. Some VPN service providers dump their session records after a short period, so they cannot be subpoenaed in a fishing expedition.

        • You could also use the Tor browser.

          And yes, certain VPN operations are better than others, regarding the keeping of records etc.

          Another thing to consider might be where the company is set up. If say, British authorities are seeking to access the records of a company in Britain, that would be far easier for them to do than if the company was based in Outer Jibrovia …

    • I would have said that the politician’s comments at the beginning were what was offensive – to the people who went on the march!

      • Well, I guess the feelings of those people don’t count so much. If they’re still seen as “people” by those who decide what’s offensive, that is…

        I was one of those “60,000” , btw.

  7. Dear Baron,
    By linking to Bitchute I was able to watch this wonderful video.
    I wonder if like me you had a sense of déjà vu? Reading your site feels like the old days in the 80s with my Hungarian wife and I would sit in cafés in Budapest. People would come in and quietly distribute home copied samizdat news telling us what was really happening in the world.
    You are part of the modern samizdat for the EUSSR.
    Thankyou from a fellow dissident.

  8. I watched it on YouTube (with warning), and am amazed that the censors banned it. Apart from the initial outburst by Mr. Verhofstadt, there is nothing offensive about it. It reminded him to look closer to home when it comes to intolerance. Hope, he can watch it in Belgium to see how ridiculous he sounds.
    If this is where censorship is heading, it’s time to look for an alternative platform. After all, it’s just Adobe Flash videos hosted by YouTube.

  9. Incredible that Youtube would treat this video as if it were something abhorrent, when it only tries to honor those who actually gave their lives fighting Nazism.

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