Yet Again, “Days of Rage”

After President Trump announced that the United States would recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the “Muslim street” predictably exploded. Street violence broke out, especially in Israel. “Palestinians” fired rockets from Gaza into Israel. A Jewish synagogue in Gothenburg was firebombed, and a number of “kill the Jews” demonstrations took place in Sweden. Then today a Jewish funeral home in Malmö was firebombed (see the Swedish-language report in Sydsvenskan [hat tip Steen]). This morning’s pipe bomb attack in Manhattan may be directly related to the Jerusalem announcement, but there’s no hard evidence for it yet.

The phrase “Days of Rage” has popped up again in the media to describe what is currently going on. The MSM would have you believe that these are spontaneous outbursts of righteous Muslim anger, but this is hardly the case: Muslim street actions such these are carefully planned and orchestrated, usually by entities associated with the Muslim Brotherhood.

The following video contains excerpts from a longer presentation on the “Days of Rage” phenomenon given in 2012 by Major Stephen Coughlin. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for editing and uploading this clip:

6 thoughts on “Yet Again, “Days of Rage”

  1. Days of Rage can be quite productive. Remember the D of R concerning the Mohammed cartoons? This was obligingly covered by the compromised BBC as a righteous protest against blasphemy, when it was a sinister attack on freedom of speech. What the dear BBC did NOT emphasise was that the carefully orchestrated D of R took place FOUR MONTHS after the publication in Denmark – Oh so spontaneous.
    The D of R achieved the desired end – self-censorship of cartoons. It just so happens to arrive at the same result as Sharia restrictions. Isn’t that curious?

    See “And Take Their Wives As War Booty” at Liberty GB

    • Thanks for bringing that up. An imam with Danish citizenship traveled in Muslim countries ginning up anger and chaos. A number of Muslims were killed during the chaos.

      • The lying imam also added slanderous pictures that were never in the original Danish newspaper.
        As to the Rage-filled “protestors”, were they convincing?
        Would Hollywood engage them as extras for crowd scenes?
        Remember their instructions:

        “The only power the muslim community possesses is to acknowledge and obey.”

        Ruling by AMJA, Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America

  2. There is no way to tell the difference between a Muslim day of rage and an ordinary one .Muslims have been chimping out since the days of Mohammed.Like spoilt rotten, entitled brats they have been beating up everyone else trampling on other’s holy sites ,toppling buildings ,killing maiming and blowing things up since approximately 660 AD .

    If their behaviour had ever been peaceful we would be able to distinguish between a day of rage and an ordinary day ,but it never has been.

    • Because it is what they live for.

      Their scholars, imams, and holy books tell them this is the express route to Paradise.

      Why wouldn’t they follow it?

    • I am reminded of Dorothy L. Parker’s quote on being told of the death of Calvin Coolidge when I hear about Muslim Days of Rage:’How could they tell?’

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